Six ways to naturally relieve back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/for back pain

Method 1: massage the back

1. Massage yourself

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Pressing on sore or tight muscles can reduce muscle tension and help you relax. Find the trigger point and, if you can, massage it with your fingertips or fist. As far as possible with the circle movement, or back and forth knead action, massage pain point.

,You can also try pressing the pain spot with your fingertips, maintaining this pressure, and counting to any number between 10 and 100.

,Can't reach the pain spot? Ask a friend for a massage.

2. Use the foam shaft

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Self-massage or relax the aponeurosis with a foam shaft to relieve muscle and tendon pressure. Back against the wall against the foam axis, rolling back and forth to massage the back. If your back is really painful, choose a softer foam shaft. When the back muscles are stronger, use a harder foam shaft.

,To massage the upper and middle back, press the foam shaft between the middle back and the wall. Continue to press hard against the foam axis, squat down and stand up again, let the foam axis massage back, and exercise leg muscles.

,Don't massage your back with a foam shaft. Lower back pain is most likely due to tightness or strain in other parts of the back, legs or other areas. Massaging the lower back can temporarily relieve the pain, but it can also worsen the condition that causes it and make the injury worse.

3. Find a professional masseur

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They can work with you to identify the problem areas. Regular massage is good for back pain.

,Check to see if massage is covered by your health insurance.

4. Consult a chiropractor

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They specialize in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, especially problems affecting the back, neck and joints. He will assess your condition and, through a series of adjustments, correct your spine naturally.

,A physical therapist or osteopath can also help alleviate back pain through therapy.

Method 2: support the body

1. Use a waist pillow

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The waist pillow is placed between the back of the waist and the chair to help the back of the waist maintain its natural curvature and ensure proper posture. When sitting at the table, might as well in the back of a lumbar pillow. If you are driving for a long time, you can also wear a back pillow while driving.

Support your knees with a pillow

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When sleeping on your back or back, place a pillow under your knees to straighten your back and relieve pressure on your lower back.

,If you're lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees so your thighs don't fall down and put pressure on your spine.

Adjust your workspace

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Adjust the height of tables, chairs, computers and other common items to ensure ergonomic work Spaces. Proper adjustments can support the body's overall posture. Adjust the height of the table and chair. When sitting on the chair, your feet must be flat on the ground, your arms on the table, elbows at 90 degrees. When using a computer, the screen is at eye level.

Method 3: stretch back muscles

Wear comfortable clothes

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When you're ready to stretch your back, remember to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. This allows you to stretch your muscles more easily and mindfully, without being distracted by the discomfort of your clothes.

Stretch the upper back

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To reduce pain, the most important thing is to relax your back muscles. Compensatory movements that occur when spinal muscles are injured are often the real cause of back pain. In many cases, injuries do not cause severe pain, but rather the back muscles tighten, causing pain and continuing to put more pressure on the spine. Try these upper back stretching exercises:

,Sit or stand up straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades as far back as possible. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds before relaxing.

,Sit or stand up straight. Put your hands behind your neck, arch your back back slightly, and look up at the ceiling.

,Sit up straight in your chair. Cross your arms across your chest and twist your body to one side, then slowly and gently turn to the other.

3. Stretch the back

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Do a stretch that targets the back of your body. Try lying on your back with your knees bent close to your chest. Raise your head and reach toward your knees. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat as necessary until the tight muscles relax. You can even move it from side to side and massage your kidneys.

The following exercises can further soothe your muscles:

,Children:Sit on your knees. Lean your upper body forward until it touches the ground, arms straight in front of you. Stretch the back.

,Threading:Lie on your back. Rest one leg on the knee of the other. Lift the lower leg up until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position and stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

,Double knee twist:Lie on your back. Bend your knees close to your chest and rest them on one side of your body. Extend your arms to the sides. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

4. Stretch the side waist

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Lie on your back, arms straight to the sides. Bend one knee and roll slowly to the other side. Roll as far as you can, but keep your arms close to the ground. Hold position for at least 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Stretch alternately until the tight muscles relax. This exercise can effectively relieve the side pain.

Stretch your neck

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Sit or stand up straight with your head forward until the back of your neck feels pulled. Turn your head in a circle, keeping your chin close to your chest and your left ear to your left shoulder. Slowly turn your head in a circle until your right ear is close to your right shoulder and back to the starting position.

Method 4: do the motion that reduces back ache

1. You must stretch your muscles and bones before doing any exercise

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Stretch all your muscles well before you start to do vigorous activity or exercise. Stretching increases blood flow to the target area and helps prepare the muscles for the next move.

2. Do not start exercise until the acute pain subsides

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As long as your back no longer feels excruciating pain, you can do some exercise to strengthen your back muscles and relieve pressure on your joints and ligaments.

3. Use swimming to relieve back pain

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Swimming, water walking, water aerobics and other water sports impact is very low, can strengthen a lot of muscles at the same time. Make sure you exercise correctly to avoid more back pain.

,If the crawl is too intense for your back muscles, try a side or backstroke.

Exercise your core muscles

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The main muscles of the trunk affect the rest of the body, especially the back muscles. Keeping these muscles strong will help ease back pain and prevent future recurrence.

Try these core strengthening exercises:

,Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Bring one knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lie on your back with your legs straight out against the ground. Slide your heels slowly toward your hips and return to the starting position. Tighten your abs while exercising. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lying down. Make a push up (plank) position. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Work slowly until you can hold it for a minute or two.

,Keep your hands and knees on the floor and tighten your abs. Lift one leg off the ground and straighten it back. Don't let your hips fall down to sprain your back. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times on each side. When lifting one foot and keeping your body even, try lifting the opposite arm and stretching it forward.

,Pilates is a great workout for core strength.

5. Avoid sports that strain your back

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Avoid high-impact sports, such as basketball, to avoid aggravating existing injuries. Sports like golf and tennis, which involve a lot of bending and turning, can also strain the back.

Tip 5: change your habits

1. Drink more water

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for maintaining and promoting muscle relaxation. Women should drink about 2,250ml of water a day, while men should drink 3,250ml. You don't have to just drink water, but you can get it from fruits and vegetables.

Get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium daily

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These nutrients help regulate nerve impulses, maintain water balance in muscles, and play an important role in muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles do not tighten on the spine, which reduces pain.

,Get calcium from dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and cereals.

,Eat dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and protein, and get more magnesium.

,Eat foods like avocados, bananas and leafy greens to get more potassium.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to allow your body time to recover. Having trouble falling asleep? In the evening, do something relaxing, like listening to a calming music or taking a warm bath.

Method 6: try other natural methods

1. Meditate regularly

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Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness help the body relax and reduce back pain. Back pain may increase emotions such as anxiety and anger, and meditation can relax the mind and release these negative emotions.

,Try to meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. Sit in a comfortable chair and take deep, focused breaths. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4. Focus all your attention on your breath. When your mind starts to wander, refocus on your breathing.

Use homeopathy to relieve back pain

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Apply ginger puree to the sore area, followed by eucalyptus or st. John's wort oil to help ease the pain. You can find these products in the natural food store. Follow package instructions to ensure proper usage.

3. Reduce inflammation with ice compress

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Wrap an ice pack or towel around the ice. Ice compress back three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

,If back pain starts, apply it every hour for 10 minutes for the first day and every 2 to 3 hours for the next 2 days. Then ice compress back three times a day for 1 to 15 minutes.

4. Try hot compresses

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Some people find that applying heat to sore areas relieves pain. Use a hot water bottle or spray hot water on your back for 15 to 20 minutes while bathing.

,If you use an electric pad, don't fall asleep during a hot compress. Turn the heating pad only to low or medium temperature.


When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees as far as possible and use your leg strength to lift the weight and transfer back pressure. Move slowly and steadily. Hurrying and jerky movements can lead to injury.


When lifting heavy objects, do not rely solely on the belt to protect your back.

There is no scientific evidence that belts prevent injuries.


The constant sensation of back pain may be an alarm your body is giving you to pay attention to – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/reduce back pain/lumbar disc herniation

Speaking of physical pain, it is often a common thing in life, but we can not ignore it, often the appearance of pain, also indicates that there is something abnormal in the body. And different parts of the pain, may reflect the problem is not the same. Take your back, for example. If you have frequent back pain, it may be your body that is causing the problem.

So, what's it like to have back pain all the time?

The appearance of rheumatism

When our body has rheumatism, it is often a bad thing. In general, the elderly in the body is very prone to this phenomenon, and especially in the more humid areas, is more prone to the phenomenon of rheumatism, which may cause your back very pain. Second, when we have neuronal pain in the back, it can be difficult. And back pain is worse, often the back of the shoulder blade nerve suffered compression, which may cause back pain.

Lumbar disc herniation

Many times, in life, we often feel back pain is very serious, and often because of lumbar disc herniation caused by. Currently, lumbar disc herniation is a relatively common phenomenon, especially for some middle-aged people, perhaps engaged in more manual labor, or in young age, back load is overweight, so it will be more likely to cause lumbar disc herniation. And when it does, it can be so painful that you can't move.

back pain

Lung problems

Sometimes, when we have a back pain, also need to consider whether the lung problems, such as whether the cancer, if appear lung cancer, then it is likely to lead to the spread of cancer cells, and then may infiltrate into the lymphatic tissue, when reach back, will affect the back of a strong pain.

Therefore, when we have back pain, should not be ignored, first to see if it is the above problem, and then continue to choose scientific care, to play a role in relief.

So, what should you do when you have unusual back pain?

First of all, for some people, if they feel a lot of back pain, they can try yoga first. We can combine yoga with stretching the back first, which can also help you reduce the pain of back.

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Next, we can also choose to stand against the wall, which can help relieve back pain to some extent. When we stand against a wall, it helps the body move the shoulder blades closer to the wall, which can reduce back pain.

For some sedentary office workers, you can try to stand up after working for a period of time, exercise muscles and bones, stretch waist, so that can play a role in relieving tight waist, is also more conducive to alleviate the pain in the back. We can also choose the way of massage to relieve back pain and pain, but remember not to massage casually, it is better to go to the traditional Chinese medicine museum and consult professional doctors, because they may know more about our body's acupuncture points.

back pain

By now, we've learned what causes back pain, and what causes back pain can often be caused by problems in those areas. Whether it is the lumbar vertebra or the lung, we need to pay enough attention to it. Only by timely relief can we avoid the aggravation of pain, and then we can better protect our bodies.

Stretching postures to relieve back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/lower back/to relieve back pain

2. Knee stretch

Stretch hips, hips, lower back

Action: hold for 20 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

Skills:Maintain abdominal adduction, and if possible straighten and press against the side legs.

sore base of back

Spinal torsion

Action: stretch lower back and oblique muscles. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Technique: close the abdomen before twisting.

sore base of back

4. Hip flexors stretch

Action: stretch hip, front of thigh (quadriceps) hold 30 seconds, change sides to repeat.

Skills:Keep your stomach in, your shoulders down, and your back extended.

sore base of back

5. Stretch your back

Action: stretch your entire back and hold for 1 minute.

Skills:Keep your legs firmly on the floor and extend your back as far as possible.

sore base of back

6. Side stretch

Action: stretch back, shoulders, arms, hold for 10 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

Skills:Feet hip width apart, adduction abdomen

sore base of back

Postpartum lumbago? It's not that the moon didn't sit well, which most people don't know – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/to relieve back pain

How should lumbago alleviate? 1. Pay attention to breastfeeding posture

Nursing posture is not appropriate, will bring extra burden to the waist. Suggest treasure mom chooses to have the seat that the waist supports as far as possible, or put a hold pillow in the waist, let the waist have support.

2. Bend as little as possible

Heavy lifting, changing diapers, and frequent low backs can all affect your psoas.

Postpartum should avoid frequent low back, weight as far as possible to allow the husband to lift, choose the height of the right maternal and child platform for the baby to change diapers. Remember to bend your knees more and bend less to reduce the burden on your waist.

3. Stick to recovery training

Walking and swimming are great ways to build muscle groups.

It is recommended to exercise 2 to 3 times a week at the beginning, and then gradually increase according to physical conditions.

4. Stick to your core

After the body ADAPTS to exercise, if you can't relieve back pain, you can strengthen core strength training.

Preparation: lie flat on the mat, knees bent, feet flat, palms down.

Training: inhale, buttocks up, feel the whole pelvis to the body in front of the square top, hold for three minutes.

Training frequency: 15 times per day, 3 times per day.

5. Hot compress therapy

Bubble hot bath, hot pack can make a muscle relax in a short time, relieve back pain. If the above methods have been tried, or it is difficult to relieve back pain, you can go to a professional medical institution, let the doctor evaluate the waist situation, choose the appropriate treatment.

How to treat kyphosis surgically, and to distinguish different surgical methods (ii) – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/to relieve back pain

The preceding paragraph introduced, two kinds of big surgical method that treats spinal kyphosis, follow small make up, look at other surgical method together.

how to cure lower back pain

Congenital kyphosis

It occurs mainly due to the formation of wedge vertebra (type I) or posterior hemivertebra (type ii) with congenital anterior vertebral segmental disorder (anterior parallel vertebra) and anterior vertebral developmental disorder.Ninety-five percent of patients develop rapid exacerbations between the ages of eight and fifteenThe posterior hemivertebra should be operated on as early as possible because of the predisposition to paraplegia. Then there's the hybrid.

1. Simple posterior fusion is only suitable for patients before the age of 5 years with kyphosis less than 50°. The fusion includes one normal vertebra above and below the malformed vertebra.

Age greater than 5 years, before and after surgery, 2 deformity 60 ° above, should be done before and after surgery first as former road, remove half adjacent vertebral bodies at the same time as the upper 1 ~ 2 segmental anterior release, and then in half vertebral resection of vertebral side behind the back to insert the needle was one to connected with half vertebral body joints, with instructions for the posterior spine lamina excision, the patient is relatively robust skilled doctors surgery, can be a front and posterior surgery at the same time, the front half after vertebral resection, gauze is temporary closed wound incision, patient position to skew prone position, and then enter and a half from posterior vertebral posterior spine vertebral plate attached to the pedicle resection, Then the posterior incision was sutured and the patient was transferred to lateral position for anterior bone grafting and fixation. It is generally safer to do posterior surgery after 3 weeks. Complete decompression should be done to remove anterior compression of spinal cord in patients with paraplegia.

Treatment of senile kyphosis

Surgical indications are: having neurological symptoms, back pain, or progressive kyphosis. The aim is to relieve back pain by fixing the spine in an appropriate physiological arc to prevent further deformity. Surgical procedures include anterior and posterior approaches. Anterior approaches are used only in the presence of neurological symptoms.

The special requirements of the operation are as follows: because the patient has severe osteoporosis and the lesion itself is not easy to control, the fixation range during the operation should be beyond the upper and lower ends of kyphosis, and internal fixation devices (two sticks) should be used on both sides of the paraspinal spine, with larger hooks and multiple rows of hooks, so as to scatter the fixation stress and prevent lamina fracture at the fixation site. In recent years, it has been suggested to use pedicle screw for fixation, but with osteoporosis, pedicle screw is just as easy to loosen. We adopt PRSS method of Chinese general equipment and get satisfactory results. When it is placed, it does not need to cut bone, does not destroy the firmness of the vertebral plate, and the fixation on the vertebral plate is not easy to come out. The operation is easy to operate, which can reduce the operation time by more than one hour compared with the European and American methods and reduce the surgical risk of the elderly.

The management of traumatic kyphosis

In this disease, the main characteristics of the operation are to remove the anterior compression of the spinal cord caused by traumatic kyphosis, and to correct kyphosis is the collateral purpose of the operation.

1. Anterior decompression and supportive bone grafting: firstly, the fractured vertebral body is excised to compress the anterior spinal cord — decompression. In the past, many authors have described a groove in the posterior portion of the vertebral body near the spinal cord to remove bone protruding from the posterior portion of the vertebral body into the spinal canal. We found the method to operation, showing bad, prefer more widely known, and removal of vertebral body fracture first intervertebral disc tissue, up and down until it is loose, and then by the former will fracture vertebral body back pieces of resection, with a curet, alternately in the posterior and pituitary power drill bit forceps resection at the back of the bone cortex, and then to support the bone graft, and will cut bone fragments to implant, reoccupy anterior fixation, such as z – plate steel, kenada steel plate.

2, posterior trephine decompression and internal fixation orthopaedic fixation method via the posterior spine vertebra bone cutting board, with concord trephine by fracture vertebral body two side pedicle greater in vertebral bodies, hollowing out, vertebral cancellous bone after vertebral body, scrape thin into spinal canal bone cortex, and then use special DaQi embedded shot forward, make thinner cortex forward collapse into the vertebral body empty place, spinal cord decompression, then use PRSS and the PRFS orthopaedic fixation.

Tuberculous kyphosis

Combined with drug therapy, lesion removal and internal fixation, it can avoid the long-term bed disease of tuberculosis patients in the past, and correct kyphosis deformity at the same time. Anterior lesion removal — bone grafting and internal fixation (Armstrong steel plate, Chinese ads type I, ii and z-plate plate, etc.). Conditions in front of the bone graft and internal fixation for the front pus, lesions cleared completely, without leaving any visible tuberculous granulation tissue, caseous organization and dead bone, and as far as possible to remove hardened bone to bone wound appear haemorrhage, and then wash the wound, hip implants block and take with gelatin sponge 2 ~ 3 piece 1 g streptomycin, fill in the gap and then the internal fixation, such as anterior lesion is broad, infection, soft tissue is not very healthy, it is best to posterior bone graft fixation, fixation posterior correction, with PRSS, TSRH and other orthopedic fixation.

This is a brief introduction to several common surgical procedures for kyphosis. However, what does postoperative rehabilitation need to pay attention to? See the following article. I wish you good health.


Without equipment, find a wall and use 4 movements to relieve back pain and increase flexibility – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/lower back/to relieve back pain

Front bend with back to wall

Stand with your back to the wall, feet shoulder-width apart.

Bring your chin to your chest, tighten your hips, and slowly bend your body downward until your fingers touch the mat.

3. Hold this position for a few seconds, depending on your situation, then slowly raise your body up until your back is against the wall.

Repeat 5 times.

Kneel to the wall in baby pose

1. Kneel at arm's length from the wall, keeping your feet apart so the distance between your legs is wider than your hips.

2. Place your hands on the wall and relax your chest and shoulders.

3. Take 10 breaths, releasing your neck, shoulders, back and hips with each exhalation.

stop back pain

Lie on your back up the leg

1. Lie on your back with your hips at a certain distance from the wall. Bend your knees to form a 90-degree Angle with the wall.

2. Keep your left foot firmly on the wall for stability.

3. Hold and take five deep breaths before switching legs.

stop back pain

Lie on your back with your legs against the wall

1. Lie on your back about 0.9 meters away from the wall. Lean your legs on the wall and open them outwarsely.

2. You can try to move your body to find the right position and adjust to your position without straining your lower back!

3. Hold for at least 3 minutes.

— it's about persistence —

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Do you belong to low back pain group? Methods to relieve back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

Self-test do you belong to back pain group? Methods to relieve back pain

For office workers and car owners, holding the same position for a long time has become a matter of course, so how to relieve lumbar pain? There are many ways to relieve lumbar pain, small make up today here to recommend several ways to relieve lumbar pain, a look at you.

Where does backache come from

Women's physical characteristics and physiological characteristics, so the incidence of back pain than men's many. And the pain of the waist also has different, also representing different circumstances.

Kidney deficiency lumbago: kidney deficiency lumbago is the most common lumbago in women. Its pain for the whole waist continuous pain, dull pain, soft and weak. Fatigue or room after aggravation. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the organ of the kidney, the main reproductive and female menstruation. The most common is the back pain caused by kidney Yang deficiency, which is characterized by cold pain in the waist, weakness and weakness in the waist and knee. The female monthly menstruation loses blood excessively, at the same time gestation, production can injure kidney gas. Women who have had children and who have had repeated abortions are more likely to have this type of back pain.

Cold and wet lumbago: this kind of lumbago is mainly caused by wind and cold attack on the waist, and the pain is local (upper waist) pain, manifested as cold pain, aggravated by rainy days.

Blood stasis lumbago: lumbago strain or sprain causes local blood stasis and qi and blood dysfunction and leads to blood stasis lumbago. In this case, the first rule out organic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, and so on. Low back pain caused by organic disease can last for a long time, and early stage is difficult to distinguish from blood stasis. It should be examined.

People with lumbar pain

1. White-collar workers: white-collar workers suffer a lot of pressure on their lumbar vertebrae due to their long-term desk work, either at the computer or at the desk. In addition, exercise is often neglected due to busy work. There is also no correct sitting and standing posture during rest, which makes white-collar workers become the common crowd of lumbar pain.

2. Drivers: drivers are also a common group of people with lumbar pain. As a result of driving waist bad posture for a long time, the seat and the steering wheel height is not in harmony, and the lumbosacral area received a long period of bumps and shocks, very easy to cause lumbar pain.

3, manual labor: engaged in manual labor, the increase of the amount of labor, the lumbar disc load, easy to lead to lumbar injury, lumbar pain rate is very high. However, weightlifters may suffer multiple injuries due to long-term overloading, which leads to excessive pulling of the waist, weakening of the role of protecting the ligaments and interlumbar joints, and thus causing lumbar injury and possible lumbar pain.

4. Showers: many people like to take a cool shower after exercise, so they feel refreshed. But experts say it is not a good habit, the spine in a sudden irritation is easy to cause lumbar disease, so it is recommended to wait until the sweat on the body after exercise before taking a bath.

Methods to relieve back pain

1, breathing,

Proper breathing will help you concentrate, locate your workout area, and get twice the result with half the effort. Injury recovery exercise should not be too hasty, please take a deep breath, in the slow exhalation process to complete a static confrontation.

Soothe your neck

A, lateral neck

Main point of action: look straight ahead, keep your trunk motionless, and slowly lean your head to one side (use the same hand to add strength according to your own situation), hold it for 8 to 10 seconds and then slowly return to the original position.

Tips: instead of holding your breath, focus on the stretched muscle and feel the movement.

B, the pressure head

Action: this will stimulate the trapezius muscle and the muscle tissue between the shoulder and neck. As shown in the figure, put your hand behind the side of your head, and then slowly push your head toward the inclined bottom to the pole — and then use your head to force, and return your hand to the original position.

Why can backache backache? 8 tips to relieve back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/back problems

What is the reason of backache backache after all? Nowadays, with more and more people suffering from backache, it is difficult to relieve the discomfort. What can we do about it? Today, to find out more about some of the best ways to relieve back pain in traditional Chinese medicine, don't miss it.

The cause of backache

The first is back pain if there is a heavy stone in the waist, not pitching, pitching is pain. This kind of low back pain, by labor is due to the bedroom or too much, and sense of rheumatism, when hurt kidney kidney, but the key is a lot of people, eating the medicine of the kidney, but more and more pain, this is why, because did not understand that is actually a waist umbilical qi not out, the cause of the rheumatism shall not go forth into the kidney, so must first sharpen his waist umbilical qi, functions of lishi, then kidney, can be recovered.

The second is movement on the back pain, and then feel empty in the waist. This kind is kidney Yang empty normally, but cure method, must Yin and Yang namely ji, fill Yang when, add fill Yin medicine, so-called does not have Yin to be insufficient to give birth to Yang reason.

The 3rd kind is lumbago day heavy night light, urinate hard at the same time below, and diet does not change. This kind of backache, a lot of people think is kidney empty, it is the water of bladder closes actually also, namely bladder has Yin cold, Yin closes, Yang money opens, bladder Yin closes and make kidney makes painful.

The fourth type is people after a major illness, as if the back pain is broken, it becomes bent (back bending) after a long time. This is moisture into the kidney palace, usually because of the mistake of taking the medicine of filling up kidney Yin and cause, but this is kidney clearly empty, and take the medicine of filling up kidney Yin but damage kidney? The key is the back pain after a serious illness, often is the spleen wet, at this time to ziyin with fill, wet on the wet, where indolence?

The fifth kind is the back pain caused by a fall or injury, which should not be treated as back pain. This is blood stasis, but treatment can not be added to remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation medicine, because the kidney is a supplement without diarrhea, add blood medicine, will hurt the kidney.

The sixth kind of people because of air conditioning, fans or outdoor camping, feeling cold and wet gas waist pain. This is the cold evil into the bone marrow, very difficult to scatter, treatment to tonify the kidney Yang to drive away cold evil.

So, how does Chinese medicine relieve back pain?

The traditional Chinese medicine method of relieving backache

Adjust posture: more than 80% of people don't sit or sit properly, putting more or less strain on their spine and lower back. It seems, not only to look good, more is to health. Of course, is not to say that all day long to make like a soldier on guard like brother, or should relax a little pelvis forward, straight, knees slightly bent, two legs open, with hip width, feet toes slightly apart, this is the best standing posture. And the shoulder opens back, natural droop, can effectively prevent hunchback.

Massage and massage: massage can stimulate muscle and tissue, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, at the same time relieve muscle and nerve, help bone marrow and muscle absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will strengthen your back and make it harder for pain to creep in. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light posture, improve muscle tension or spasm. Although not covered by medicare, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

Stay warm: staying warm can also relieve tension and pain: taking a hot bath or sauna will improve circulation and relax muscles and nerves. Irradiate infrared ray lamp, apply the ointment that promotes blood circulation, the effect is quite good also. However, avoid heat therapy for rheumatism and sciatica, which can backfire and exacerbate symptoms, while cold showers are a good idea.

Try acupuncture and moxibustion: recently, acupuncture and moxibustion fever is rising quietly in the clinical treatment of back diseases in modern medicine at home and abroad. Disc joint nerve block, vertebra joint strain, lumbago sacral pain and so on are all suitable. Acupuncture and moxibustion at home can help people with headache and fever, but the effect of backache and backache is not so ideal. After all, professionals know more about acupoints and severity. Most acupuncture treatments within half an hour are covered by medicare.

Flex your muscles: the best way to nip back problems in the bud is to say two words: exercise! In principle, any kind of exercise will do, and the most important thing is not to sit still all day, or the bones will become rigid. Find your favorite activity and stick to it every day. While working, can also consciously stretch, twist neck, nod.

Balanced diet: it's not just your body's internal organs that are affected by a good diet. Copper, zinc, and vitamin c transfer nutrients better and faster through the collagen fibers of connective tissue to the cartilage and bones of your back. So eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains every day is vital to your back health. Conversely, sugar, alcohol, white flour products and animal fats can acidify connective tissue, age joint cartilage, and dull back pain.

Smart rest: only regular exercise, ensure blood circulation, the spine can better absorb nutrients. It's a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. For example, when taking the elevator, waiting for traffic lights or standing in line, you can put your arms by your sides, relax your waist and stomach, and straighten your head. Lift your body up and feel as if you are being led by a rope, but don't shrug your shoulders and keep them as close to your ears as possible. After each vertebra stretches, it slowly shrinks. The whole process is repeated three times.

Relieve stress: physical and mental stress can cause back problems. This is when yoga or other relaxation exercises can be helpful, especially for acute pain. Stretch your muscles, then slowly relax, and work out for 30 to 40 minutes, either at home or with a professional trainer.

If you want to relieve back pain effectively, you need to find out the cause.

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Repeated abortion easy kidney deficiency lumbago relief lumbago try 5 therapeutic prescription – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar disc herniation

A lot of women often can say oneself lumbago, some people are lumbar faint ache, the person that still has is lumbar some place is prickly and needle prick ache, what does these lumbago have after all? How should treat lumbago? Do not be nasty, recommend a few for everybody today about female backache dietotherapy square.

Female kidney Yang empty backache is the commonest

Women's physical characteristics and physiological characteristics, so the incidence of backache than men's many. And the ache of backache also has different, also representing different case.

It is the most common back pain in women. Its pain for the whole waist continuous pain, dull pain, soft and weak. Fatigue or room after aggravation.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the organ of the kidney, the main reproductive and female menstruation. The commonest is the backache that kidney Yang xu causes, lumbar cold pain, lumbar knee acid is soft and weak. Women lose too much blood every month, at the same time shoulder pregnancy, production, will damage the kidney. Women who have had children and who have had repeated abortions are more likely to have this type of back pain.

Cold wet back pain

It is the waist suffers wind chill to invade to cause basically, painful feeling is local (the waist is partial on) ache, performance is cold painful, overcast and rainy day aggravates.

Blood stasis back pain

Lumbar muscle strain or sprain causes local congestion and qi and blood to run not free, this kind of lumbago is more common also, painful expression is local pricking painful and needle pricks painful.

In this case, the first rule out organic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer. Low back pain caused by organic disease lasts for a long time. Early stage is difficult to distinguish from blood stasis and should be examined.

Lumbago caused by inflammation of the pelvic cavity

This kind of backache is completely different from that of men and is more common in women of reproductive age. Pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis caused by backache, clinical more common. Pain for the bottom of the waist acid pain, accompanied by abdominal pain, leucorrhea increase.

What does female lumbago eat good? Recommend 5 food therapy prescription

Women who want to relieve back pain can actually eat more goji berries, pork loins, pig feet and other foods. Recommend for everybody below 5 dietotherapy square, everybody can try to do.

Chinese wolfberry pork loin soup

Ingredients: 200 grams lean meat, 20 grams wolfberry, 2 pork loins, 2 slices ginger, 1 spring onion, salt, pepper, cooking wine.

1. Clean pork loin. Cut pork loin in half, remove white fascia, wash, marinate with salt for 10 minutes, wash and cut into small pieces, then soak in cooking wine for 10 minutes;

2, wolfberry, ginger, onion, lean meat wash, green onion cut, lean meat slice spare;

3, pour a bowl of water into the pot, put all the ingredients, fire to boil for 5 minutes, change to slow fire for 20 minutes, add salt, pepper seasoning can be.

Efficacy: according to Chinese medicine, Chinese wolfberry has a pleasant taste, which can relieve liver, lung and kidney channels. Its main function is to nourish liver and kidney.

Pig's foot soup with cuttlefish

Ingredients: dried cuttlefish 1, pig feet 1, 20 grams of beans, 50 grams of lettuce, ginger slices, white onion, pepper, salt 1 spoon, 1 spoon cooking wine.

1, pig feet wash and cut into pieces, dried cuttlefish, flower bean wash and soak, dried cuttlefish cut into pieces, lettuce skin wash and cut, hob;

2, flower bean, pig's feet, cuttlefish dry into the pot, add adequate water to boil after skimming floating foam, into the pressure cooker

3. Put ginger slices, scallion white, add wine and pepper and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Cook asparagus lettuce, remove ginger and spring onion, season with salt.

Efficacy: pig's foot has the effect of strengthening waist and filling knee, which can cure waist and knee ache caused by kidney deficiency.

Lean meat soup with radix rehmanniae ginseng

Ingredients: 12 grams of panax notoginseng, 30 grams of raw land, 4 dates, 300 grams of lean pork.

1. Break panax notoginseng.

2, and raw, jujube, lean pork into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, fire boil.

3, change the low heat to cook for 1 hour until the lean meat cooked rotten, put appropriate amount of salt. Eat meat in soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, relieve pain. Indications qi stagnation blood stasis type acute lumbar disc herniation.

Aconitum porridge

Ingredients: chuan wu (research end) 5 grams, amount of honey, 2 pieces of ginger, japonica rice 50 grams.

The above ingredients into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water slowly boil into thick porridge. Morning, evening take food, 1 dose 1 day.

Function: dispel wind, dispel cold and dehumidify. It is mainly used in treating cold and damp arthralgia of lumbar disc herniation.

Angelica ginger and mutton soup

Ingredients: angelica, ginger each 30 grams, 500 grams of mutton, mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube 10.

1, angelica, ginger cut large.

2, mutton into boiling water, cool, cut. Mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water Fried, boiling after skim foam, change the slow cook to lamb cooked rotten. Eat meat with soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: warm after cold, huoxue dingtong. Yin cold internal sheng, qi and blood stagnation type of lumbar disc herniation.

Yoga for back pain: back twist – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Our thoracic vertebrae form the midsection of the spine and attach to the ribs, which makes this part of the spine naturally less flexible than the upper cervical and lower lumbar vertebrae, making the upper back more prone to tension.

Often sitting, standing and playing with your phone or computer at your desk can lead to severe tension and pain in your upper back muscles.

stop back pain

And practicing yoga is the most effective way to solve these problems, especially yoga back twist.

It has special effects on relieving muscle tension, helping to relieve back pain, building back muscles, and giving your abdomen a more streamlined look.

So, today small make up to learn with jia people, how to do a good supine spinal torsion, to alleviate the effect of physical pain.

Back twist

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Stretch the spine and shoulders to strengthen the lower back;

It can effectively relieve lower back pain, dysmenorrhea and sciatica.

Stretch chest and hips to improve digestive and circulatory function; Exercise the neck, make the neck more flexible;

Relax the spirit, make the mind more clear;

Helps relieve depression, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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The wrong position

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The mistake in the image is that the shoulder is pulled off the ground as the leg rotates to one side.

Such a wrong position does not allow the spine to stretch effectively, and can easily cause too much pressure on the cervical spine, unable to relax effectively.

Is a skill

stop back pain

When your arms twist your legs to your side, your legs are relaxed, and your hips and spine move as your legs rotate,

Keep your shoulders open, Withers in, chest extended upward, keeping them close to the ground, not raised;headThe neck is rotated in the opposite direction from the eye to extend and become flexible.

Take a few minutes each day to practice this gentle and powerful yoga movement, and stick with it to relieve back pain and improve bad habits.

stop back pain

Insist, choose, believe, take a lamp, calm down to do what you want to do, go the way you want to go.Namaste ~

stop back pain

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