sore back muscle relief – Learn these 4 tips to strengthen your shoulder muscles and make them wider and bigger

1. Practice push-ups first

Starting position we recommend that you sit on a bench with a back and lift the dumbbell up at an Angle of 80-90 degrees. The dumbbell shoulder push begins with the dumbbell at eye height, elbows open to both sides, forearms vertical, keeping straight and even bending forward in the waist, feet firmly supporting the floor; While breathing hard, push the dumbbell upward and return to the starting position smoothly when inhaling. Control the movement track of the dumbbell when doing exercises. The dumbbell must be close to the head to increase the strength of the muscles.

2. Train the entire deltoid muscle completely

The deltoids are very difficult to train and are not as active in large complex movements such as bench presses, power presses, pull-ups and rowing. The anterior deltoid band produces a very high level of muscle activity in the bench press, almost as high as the pectoralis major, and the superior oblique press is more intense. There's no need to be too technical, just use a bench with about 30 degrees and the widest grip without adversely affecting your strength and joints.

sore back muscle relief

3. Change target muscles

When found little effect after a period of training, this time we need to convert ideas, change the target muscle, if after the deltoid muscle bundle is weak, so should stimulate the deltoid muscle bundle then practice before the deltoid muscle bundles or beam, if you want to focus on the deltoid muscle bundle, wants to make the shoulders more wide, the most common action is prone levelly obeying.

sore back muscle relief

Strengthen weak links

This is a classic "short board effect" response, and our training results will ultimately be judged by whether the weak spots are strengthened or not. After we know the deltoid muscle bundle in general is the weakest of the site, so we are in it, for example, as an introduction to methods, the preferred choice a fixed appliance or cord action, each group of 10 to 12 times practice, but this action requires you to move the power is concentrated in the weight, in addition, the reverse birds and standing rope birds are good options.

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stop back pain – Chopsticks on the back of the gesture can cure? There are so many experienced old people! | sore back muscle relief

Mr. Huang said the store is located on longhua road, yuxi town, fuqing city, fuzhouKanges healthy living pavilion. At about 6 PM, the shop is still brightly lit and old people enter from time to time.

back pain remedies

You can cure a disease by recharging it,

What kind of device is this?

The reporter entered the store to learn about the situation,

As soon as I entered the store,

I saw two men sitting in a chair,

The old man with chopsticks in front of him gesticulated with his back.

back pain remedies

Before long,

The chairs were filled with elderly people who came for free experiences.

According to the clerk,

Treatment begins.

back pain remedies

Is "recharging therapy" really that magical? How does it work? When the reporter asked the clerk, the clerk himself said not clear. As for the efficacy of the product, the staff did not say, but repeatedly stressed to experience.

back pain remedies

Older people who have experienced it say,

Every time I come to class,

Shop staff are

Claiming the wonders of the instrument,

And indicated that they wanted to buy the instrument.

back pain remedies

This high-potential therapeutic apparatus

Is it that magical?

The reporter went to connes' official website,

I looked for all the instruments that we had on potential therapy,

The findings do not indicate the specific therapeutic effect of the product.

back pain remedies


The website's customer service staff was contacted by phone.

However, customer service representatives have been vague about the specific efficacy of the treatment.

back pain remedies

Reporters learned that the formal treatment of insomnia, neurasthenia, analgesia has a certain auxiliary effect, but the effect is not claimed so magical. On the contrary, many diseases are not suitable for this kind of treatment.

back pain remedies

At present,

We have a look at the conens healthy living pavilion

To fuqing market supervision administration,

Officials say they will investigate as soon as possible.

High-potential therapeutic devices like this,

It's been reported many times on the gang,

At this point,

We want the old people

Never believe such claims,

It cost me money.

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sore back muscle relief – Get the world's best fitness male model back muscles | how to get relief from back muscle pain, back muscle pain remedy

The same muscle training, fast to pioneer fitness claim 50 yuan/session "personal training storm course!

Here's his back workout

Warm up for 5-10 minutes and start training

1. Row on t bar

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Keep your back straight. If you feel pressure on your back, lower your weight.

2. Row with unilateral t-bar

sore back muscle relief

Main points:If your lower back isn't working, your spare palms can support you on the bench

3. Lift the barbell

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Similar to the abdominal wheel, the core test is larger, but back training effect is also excellent.

4. Row with barbells

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Close to the lower edge of the pectorals, body more parallel to the ground, difficult, for the upper middle back muscle group.

5. Row on a single steel line

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Do not feel the latissimus dorsi muscle working too fast.

6. Row on steel lines

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Due to movement restrictions, the weight should not be too large.

7. Dumbbell rowing

sore back muscle relief

Main points:Use 3 different weights on each side to row continuously, then switch to the other side when you finish.

Back muscles, as the largest muscle group in the upper body, can make you look more powerful. These moves are also relatively new. I recommend you to try them for a change.

sore back muscle relief

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back pain care – Back pain turns out to be more than just muscle strain. Could it be? | what to do to reduce back pain, sore back muscle relief

The cause of back pain

1. Pulled muscle or ligament

Repeated lifting or sudden movements can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments, and if you're in poor health, repeated back strains can cause muscle spasms.

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2. Disc lesions

The disc serves as a cushion between the bones of your spine (vertebrae). The soft material in the disc may swell or rupture in the nerve, however, in this case you may not feel back pain and disc disease is often found by accident when you are receiving spinal x-rays for other diseases.

back pain care

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3. Arthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can cause the space around the spinal cord to become smaller. This condition is called spinal stenosis.

back pain care

4. Bone deformity

If you have scoliosis, you may also have back pain.

back pain care

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As your bones become weaker, compression fractures may occur in the vertebrae of your spine.

back pain care

Common ways of dealing with back pain

Most acute back pain only takes a few weeks to heal at home:

Use over-the-counter pain relievers and use a hot compress or ice compress to relieve the pain. Bed rest is not recommended and continue your activities as long as you can tolerate them. Try some light activities such as walking and daily activities. Stop any activity that may increase pain if possible, but don't let fear of pain keep you from doing it.

back pain care

If you don't feel better after several weeks of treatment at home, use stronger medications or other treatments.

In rare cases, back pain can signal serious medical problems. If your back pain is accompanied by any of the following conditions: incontinence, fever, back injury from a fall, seek immediate medical attention.

back pain care

When you suffer from pain trouble, please do not suffer silently, please give pain to us, let us work together with you, as far as possible to eliminate pain trouble, let you return to leisure, comfortable life, enjoy the joy of life!

back pain care

Blockmans d

Consultation expert of Shanghai international medical center

Chief physician of pain department, Oriental hospital affiliated to tongji university, Shanghai

[at]:Back pain, neck and shoulder pain, perineal pain, chest pain,Herpes zoster pain and backward pain, diabetic pain, postoperative pain treatment.

[personal introduction]:Chief physician, professor, director of Shanghai east hospital affiliated tongji university pain, anesthesia and intensive medical director, doctoral supervisor, pain branch of Chinese medical association standing committee, the Chinese medical association branch of the pain of the spinal pain source sex group leader, in order to promote regional anesthesia and pain medicine branch, deputy director of the committee members, pain medicine branch chairman of Shanghai social medical institutions, the Chinese non-public medical doctor association, vice director of professional committee of the pain, the Chinese physicians branch standing committee of the pain, pain, former director of professional committee of the Shanghai medical association member, deputy director of the China traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with anesthesia branch Chairman of Shanghai integrated Chinese and western medicine anesthesia and pain branch, vice chairman of the acupuncture anesthesia council of the Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion society, vice chairman of the acupuncture anesthesia branch of the Shanghai acupuncture and moxibustion society, chairman of the rehabilitation committee of the pudong medical association, China pain medicine journal, Shanghai medical editorial committee. In 2017, BBS, the first national famous doctor peak, was rated as a national famous doctor — excellent demeanor.

Outpatient service time:Every Friday starts at 10 a.m

Booking hotline:021-60236000

The end ~

Author: wang xiangrui

Edited and compiled contributions:Liu Lili

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stop back pain – Back after scrapping the matters needing attention of ‼ ️ | what to do to reduce back pain, sore back muscle relief

Back scrapping is based on the twelve meridians and eight strange meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, following the principle of "cure the symptoms with urgency", using some techniques to strongly stimulate the meridians and make the local skin red and congested, so as to play a role in regulating the body. So what are the benefits of doing back scrapping?

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis:Scrapping can regulate the contraction and relaxation of muscles, relieve the pressure between tissues, promote blood circulation around tissues and increase tissue flow, thus playing the role of "promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis" and "removing blood stasis and generating new"

Relax muscles and relax collaterals:Back scrapping can relax the tense muscles, and the pain and compression symptoms can also be significantly reduced or disappeared, which is conducive to the repair of the lesion

stop back pain

Detoxification:Scrapping can make local tissue highly congested, vascular nerve is stimulated and blood vessels dilate, at this time the blood flow increased, phagocytosis and transport strength is strengthened, so that the body waste, toxins to speed up elimination, so blood purification, the whole body resistance increased

Matters needing attention:

(1) scrapping is suitable for all seasons of the year, and there are a lot of important matters to pay attention to. It is normal to have some slight pain in a day or two after scrapping, but you should pay attention to if the pain is not too small and gets worse. In addition, after scraping in summer, do not blow the scrapping parts directly to the fan or air conditioner, and pay attention to keep warm the scrapping parts in winter.

(2) scrapping is not a casual look can give yourself a scrape, this is a craft, very emphasis on technique and strength, if the operation is not appropriate it is easy to appear some unexpected situation, not only the team body is not good, may also make the original illness worse. So scrapping is best to go to a professional place, do not operate at home.

(3) patients with bleeding tendency, skin hypersensitivity, extreme weakness, and severe heart failure should avoid or be careful to shave.

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sore back muscle relief – Neck pain, stiff stiff neck? This pillow can straighten the spine!

Cervical vertebra is curved, whole person posture becomes ugly

As the saying goes, nine out of ten people have spinal problems. Because the problem is so common, most people think it's a normal glitch.

However, cervical spine problems once serious is also a lot of people can not imagine the terrible.

In the earlyLike most people, shoulders and neck appearAcid bilges,Stiff painfulAnd occasionallyNeck stiffness;

Mid –The curvature of the cervical spine causes compression of the blood vessels and nerves to begin to appearnumbness,Dizzy and sick,Giddy tinnitusThe symptom such as;

In the lateSome people doUrine lossThe forbidden, evenQuadriplegia, breathing pain;

It's more serious laterAt this point, the cervical spine straightens into a back arch, the lower limbs become weak,Muscle atrophy.

sore back muscle relief

Do not feel this is in alarmist, because a lot of people do not attach importance to cervical vertebra problem at the beginning, to later period already neededSurgery is the answer.

Your cervical vertebra problem is about to begin to take seriously to rise from now!!!

sore back muscle relief

How many kilograms is your neck bearing?

Small make up is to listen to colleagues about the seriousness of the matter, panic colleagues to small make up the recommendationGrandpa cheng's cervical spine relief pillowBy simply lying down, the sore neck will gradually return to normal.

sore back muscle relief

Happy to take home a trial period of time, these days foundNeck soreness has really gone down a lotI feel more energetic when I write

Bone-setting and chiropractic works inherited in 69 years

Lie down 8 minutes in the morning and evening to restore healthy cervical vertebra

The inventor of the cervical spine soothing pillow is grandpa cheng, said to be scattered in the folkBone-setting and bone-setting master. In the bone-setting and chiropractic industryIn 69,.

sore back muscle relief

And this cervical vertebra relieves the backrest, also is precisely cheng grandfather after 69 years of time, developed together with his students disciples inheritance work.

The chiropractic methods that we have seen before are all enforced braces like the one on the back.

Grandpa cheng's cervical spine soothing pillow completely abandoned the mechanical correction, and adoptedYour own weight naturally traction cervical spine, sharing the cervical spine support burden, so as to achieve cervical correction.

sore back muscle relief

This method is more comfortable to correct, and can makeUnblocked vertebral arteryTo promote blood supply to the brain and avoid excessive pressure on the nerves from the head to the cervical vertebra.

Spatial pressure supports the weight of the head and stretches the neck in a fixed state,Ease shoulder and neck load,Eliminate so-called "soreness".

Correction doesn't take time, justLie down for eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the eveningYou can stay relaxed throughout the day.

Five functions

Solve cervical vertebra distress

Restore physical curvature of shoulder and neck

sore back muscle relief

By natural traction to enlarge the neck space,Effectively relieve joint stenosis, joint capsule and ligament calcificationWait for a problem.

You can lie downShoulder and neck return to normal curve, can also improve the lack of blood supply, relieve cervical discomfort and other symptoms.

Correct overstraightening of vertebral sequence

Some people's vertebral bodies are tilted forward too much, which will cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life. For example, they often feel neck pain and cannot lift their head.

Grandpa cheng cervical vertebra pillow can correct vertebra sequence, restore the space of interspace, let cervical vertebra no longer suffer compression.

sore back muscle relief

Cervical spine straight, even the height also followed back ~

Reduction of hyperplasia to control atrophy

Reduce the friction between vertebrae, make the force balance, inhibit the growth rate.

sore back muscle relief

Relieve compression of nerve vessels

Increase the gap to eliminate the compression of nerve and blood vessels, stimulate the normal circulation of qi and blood,The acid and numbness are gone.

sore back muscle relief

Restore natural health

Restore natural physiological curvature, nutrition and moisture into the vertebral body. Cervical vertebra is normal.Every day is full of vitality~

sore back muscle relief

Accessories precision, professional attitude

Eight gears, free and flexible combination

Grandfather cheng's cervical vertebra relief pillow, built-in Japanese seiko IC, the United States Texas instruments microcontroller IC.Intelligent upgrade, slow upgrade.

The 18 sets of accessories inside look like Jane instead of Jane. Each set of accessories is full of medical significance.

69 concentrated professional essence, cervical vertebra problem never treat as a joke.

sore back muscle relief

Join the neck regionFar-infrared composite fiber,10 minutes time preheat temperatureTo relieve neck stiffness and pain.

sore back muscle relief

Three heat selection,Automatic shutdown stops when time comes. Flexible combination of eight gears, pressure difference from weak to strong.

sore back muscle relief

You can choose the most suitable gear according to your degree of shoulder and neck pain.Natural comfort and tractionFor the best.

sore back muscle relief

Gear adjustment method is also very simple, just a little move can be.

sore back muscle relief

Base of 100 dense line segments, so that pillow tightly grasp the ground, useNo slippageThe phenomenon.

sore back muscle relief

At the same time has two national invention patents, can be assured to buy use.

sore back muscle relief

Lie down for a few minutes before going to bed every night. Because the intervertebral space is opened, blood flows smoothlyeasilyGo to sleep.

sore back muscle relief

Use it twice in the morning and twice in the eveningWill make you feel comfortable and natural.

sore back muscle relief

Should be tall and erect youth and prime years, but the shape of a bent old man,Cervical spine problems are urgent.

Not only can you use it, buy it and give itParents and elderly people with severe cervical pain, is a manifestation of filial piety.

sore back muscle relief

As the New Year approaches, it is not expensive to take home such a gift, but it is enough.

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sore back muscle relief – Strengthen back muscles and reduce pain | back pain clinic

1. While sitting or standing, place your thumbs on the bottom of your chest and your little fingers on the sharp bone on the front of your waist. Use the distance between your fingers as a measuring stick.

2. Chin back and chest forward. Complete three deep breaths as follows.

3. The distance between thumb and little finger should increase with inhalation.

4. As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles so your torso doesn't sag. This is the most important step: when you exhale, don't let your torso fall back toward your pelvis. It's hard to do, but be sure to use your abs as you exhale.

The purpose of each breath is to increase the distance between the thumb and the little finger and to increase the width of the upper back. You can do this when you elongate the back of the chest. Expand your chest with each inhalation and stretch and tighten your abdomen with each exhale. This way, you can fill your chest with each inhalation and maintain the height and width of your chest with each exhalation.

Repeat for five to ten rounds, holding three to four breaths in each round. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your posture will improve.

Quick back pain relief: 6 simple stretching techniques for back pain relief

Stretching is also crucial in addition to core strengthening exercises such as basic training, as tight and stiff muscles and a lack of flexibility can lead to back pain. There are countless ways to stretch, including the six highlighted below. If these stretches cause pain, stop immediately and consult your doctor, chiropractor, or chiropractor before continuing.

When you start to practice these stretches, you may feel a slight discomfort, especially if you are just starting or have long intervals between workouts. My advice is not to rush, but to build up your tolerance for these stretches gradually.

Baby cobra —Lie on your stomach with your legs together, arms bent, palms on your chest and pressed to the floor, elbows bent. Lift it off the ground from your forehead for the first time. Breathe in and lift your chest, keeping the back of your neck stretched and your chin relaxed. Exhale and return your forehead to the mat. Repeat several times and focus on your breathing.

lower back cramps

Bird hound —This stretch works your back, hips, and posterior femoris while working your core muscles and shoulders. Support with both hands and feet, then lift and straighten one leg and the opposite opposite arm. Hold three to five breaths in this position. On the other side, lift and straighten your hands and feet on the opposite side, holding three to five breaths.

lower back cramps

Cat/cow —Begin by landing on your feet and knees, placing your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees just below your hips. As you breathe in, lower your belly and look up toward the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your spine upward, letting your tailbone fall between your thighs and your head rise between your arms. Repeat several times, slowly, to increase spinal activity.

lower back cramps

Psoas major lungeYour psoas stretch from the bottom vertebra all the way to the top of your thighs, and if this muscle gets tight, it puts pressure on your lower back. The best way to stretch your psoas is through lunges.

Start with your left foot in front and your right knee on the floor. Place your hands on your left knee or hip. Move your hips slightly forward, holding three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

lower back cramps

The squat –Spread your legs slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees close to the ground.

Place palms together at chest level. Use your elbows to separate your knees. If this hip pose is too difficult for you, place a block, bench, or book under your hip. Hold three to five breaths in this position.

lower back cramps

Reverse –Twisting is good for rotating and lengthening your spine and can be practiced while sitting in a chair, in bed, or on the floor. First lie on your back with your knees up to your chest. Gently place your legs on one side of your body, while turning your torso to the opposite side and extending your arms. Maintain normal breathing for 30 seconds on this side, then repeat on the other side.

If you practice in a sitting position, lift your arms and gently rotate your torso. If you are sitting in a chair, you can hold the handle of the chair with one hand and place the other hand on the opposite leg. Extend your spine as you inhale, and twist as much as possible as you exhale. Repeat on the other side.

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what to do to reduce back pain – To train your back, introduce 3 warm-up moves to increase your back's sense of power | sore back muscle relief, to relieve back pain

There are a lot of people who can't feel their back when they're practicing their back. In the case of back exercises, the flexibility of the joints determines the results to a large extent. By warming up, we can improve the flexibility of the joints and help us work the back muscles better.

Our inability to feel our back is largely due to inadequate or inadequate warm-up preparations. A lot of people who work out just jog a few laps or do some joint work beforehand, but this is not going to help us warm up the joints completely. It's not going to work out very well, so our back muscles work very poorly.

lower back exercises

Here are three exercises to help you move your joints, feel the power of your back, and get the most out of your workout.

1. Make shoulder loops

The flexibility of the shoulder joint can determine how well we exercise our upper limbs. If the shoulder joint is not flexible, then our upper body exercise program is difficult to carry out properly. So, when doing back exercises, we must do shoulder warm-up first. The shoulder joints are warmed up to the greatest extent by going around in a circle, which is usually done with a stick and involves swinging your hands back and forth from side to side.

Shrugging your shoulders is the act of doing something on the horizontal bar, which puts a lot of pressure on your body. The shoulder blade is subjected to the pressure of its own weight, will move a lot, can fully stimulate the joint vitality.

lower back exercises

The slung shoulder is used as a warm-up for the pull-up, which helps open up the shoulder joints and make it easier and safer to do the pull-up.

3. Single-arm rowing

For beginners, it's very difficult to clamp the back, which means the back muscles are weak.

For people who lack back muscles, we can build them up with certain movements, such as rowing with one arm. This will increase blood flow to your back and thicken it.

lower back exercises

You don't have to warm up too many times to get your muscles moving.

This article by the spring fitness original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!

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what to do to reduce back pain – Recommend 4 back-rowing moves. Stick with them and you'll have strong back muscles, too | sore back muscle relief, to relieve back pain

The first one is rope rowing, where you can use a variety of handles and grips, among which using the d handle to practice one-arm rowing provides a strong stimulation.

Rope rowing gives the latissimus dorsi muscles a strong sense of pumping. You can hold a contraction for 2 seconds at the top.

2. Row a t

Every time you train, you have to add some free power to pull down the row, and be careful not to stand too high on the barbell or the t.

Also, don't use too much weight to complete the whole exercise and high quality contraction, because weight is not the key, only when you can really feel the muscle power, your back can grow.

3. Row with barbells

sore back muscle relief

As we all know, barbell rowing is one of the most effective back exercises, and when you pull the barbell down to the lower part of the belly button, you will find that the latissimus dorsi middle and latissimus dorsi lower are greatly stimulated.

Again, you don't have to worry about weight, you just have to worry about muscle growth, so you need to completely contract and feel the latissimus dorsi's strength.

Hammer boating

sore back muscle relief

You can alternate dumbbells or row with stationary machines every week. One advantage of stationary machines is that the torso can be fully supported and fixed, so each exercise is more standard.

In addition, you can maintain a contraction rhythm that dumbbell rowing may not be able to do. Hammer rack can be used for several types of rowing.

The above 4 rowing moves, if you can stick it out, believe that developing a strong back is not a problem.

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sore back muscle relief – Practice these moves so you never have back pain again

Secret language record: practice these movements, let you say goodbye to back pain forever. A simple stretch that relieves back pain can do wonders for your comfort

Now there is a strange phenomenon, back pain will not only appear in middle-aged and elderly people, in some teenagers and even children will also appear in the case of back pain, why? It turns out that it is related to the daily life of modern people. Due to the influence of various external factors, many people maintain an action for a long time every day, which will naturally make the waist become sore. It doesn't matter, though, if you practice these back stretching exercises every day, it won't be hard to relieve back pain.

Elbow stand, first of all, a basic movement of handstand, thigh must be straight. Balance your whole body. The forearm part of the arm is on the ground, toes up. Holding it for 30 seconds or longer can be a great way to relieve neck pain.

The dove ii variant, which is similar to the previous one, is inverted, with the forearms of both arms touching the ground and the palms of the palms facing the ground. Lean your lower body back, but don't bend your legs. Keep them straight. The legs are set at an Angle. Do this slowly, keeping your breath steady and your body in balance. This action has profit not only to the back, still can use up abdomen quickly adipose, achieve the effect of thin waist.

For the shoulder stand variant, find a clean, flat floor with your entire body lying on it, with your back up. Then use the strength of your arms to lift your body up until your legs are perpendicular to the ground. Make sure your legs are straight and your head is falling and your chin is touching the ground. Rest your whole body on your arms and chin, which exercises your shoulders and relieves back pain.

Simple crane style, we divide this action into several small steps to do, so that we can make this action standard.

1, sit on a plane, legs should be flat with the ground contact, back should be straight, not hunched.

2. Slowly extend one leg upward until it is perpendicular to the ground. As you stretch your legs up, move slowly so you don't strain your muscles.

3. Turn one arm to the side so that the five fingertips of that hand touch the ground and the rest cannot touch the ground.

4. Lift up your upturned foot with the other hand.

This is actually a very simple movement, we first have to do a basic movement, which is the handstand. One palm touches the ground completely, the other hand extends to one side, cannot touch the ground, thumb and other four fingers are apart, palm is down hand back up. And his legs shall be set apart at an Angle, and his legs shall be straight.

In the half moon pose, stand upright, then tilt the top half of your body forward until the five fingers of your hand touch the ground. At the same time, one leg goes up at a 90-degree Angle between the thigh and the calf, and the other arm goes up and holds the foot of the upturned leg. In this process, the movement should be slow, pay attention to the breath should not be rapid, to be smooth.

Handstand, first lie on the ground, two hands force, slowly drag the body up. This process requires arm strength, which is large enough to support the entire body. Legs should be straight, thigh and calf muscles should be taut, the whole body into a straight line. This movement can not only exercise the legs, the lower leg line looks more beautiful, but also can effectively relieve the pain of the cervical vertebra. Shoulder and cervical vertebra have trouble little associate, can try!

So stretching is a great way to not only relieve back pain, but also stimulate back muscles to burn back fat. In addition, stretching after some strenuous exercise can get you twice the result with half the effort. So what are you waiting for? Let's strike while the iron is hot.

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