Long-term back ache, what reason is caused? One is a sign that the gut is sick, very serious – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/severe back pain

Back pain is a symptom of more common in life, a lot of people in life may have this problem, especially when the older body aging happens, function also began to reduce, or some work after vigorous exercise, often will have back pain, and in general as long as you pay more attention to rest, will soon be back to normal, will not affect your health, also won't bring discomfort to your life, and if it is back pain for a long time, which may be the cause?

Actually,Back pain is generally divided into three types: muscle pain, bone and joint pain, and visceral painThey cause different things and can be resolved in different ways, so learn to be careful when you find yourself with chronic back pain.

If you find out,Your back pain is muscle and skin pain,Generally very severe pain, such as some herpes appeared, tend to be unbearable, duration is long, but it may also be because you movement excess, or muscle burden, such as the body unbearable physical labor, cause muscle damage, can also lead to the emergence of back pain, but are often belong to a feeling of tightness in the pain, when press can aggravate the pain, but as long as pay more attention to rest and recuperate, was able to back to normal.

And if you find out,Your back pain is a bone pain, see more at some joint problems, such as between the waist dish outstanding, or cervical spine problems, or softening of bones, density is lower, and so on reasons, also may be related to some joint inflammation and this kind of problem happens often lead to long-lasting pain, the more active the parts of the bone joints, the pain will be more and more strong, and if nothing will be more and more serious, not only may also affect your normal activities ability, bring serious trouble to your life.

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But if you find out,Your back pain is the result of gut problems, this is very serious actually, of this kind of problem often appear very fast, but once attack brings negative effect to the body is very big, still can bring about back to produce very acuteness ache possibly.

And many of the visceral problems that cause these problems, such as our lungs, liver and gallbladder problems, or some of the internal inflammation, and some of the pancreatic diseases, can have severe back pain, and all of them have a distinct characteristic, which is thatIt has obvious diffusivity, not only can have painful feeling in organ place place, often as the problem aggravates, can radiate our back, bring about the ache of back, this kind of problem is very rare and serious commonly, must do an examination early, did not ignore.

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The cause of back pain, of course, there are still many, the problems such as respiratory tract, or is the body lack of key nutrients, etc., may cause back pain, if you find yourself accidentally once two back pain, pay attention to rest time, improved after that don't have to worry too much about. But if such a situation is found to exist for a long time, rest how long can not improve, must pay attention to, as soon as possible recuperation treatment do not leave a curse to the body.

24 hours before guardiola became the triple crown winner: back pain, talk to daughter – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/severe back pain/back injury

In the heat of the guardiola/Juventus saga, The Times has revealed just 24 hours before guardiola became the country's treble winner this season. Owing to an unexpected out of Manchester city in the champions league this season, many city fans, players, including pep guardiola I disappointed, but after they narrowly missed the reigning premiership champions, the club high-level to give them more support – pep guardiola is exceptionally allow went to Manchester city football academy, although the night before because Manchester city wild celebrations with the premiership champions, but they also can't too relaxed, because of the fa cup are equally important, can become the "triple crown" of domestic, is the glory of Manchester city this season, also is josep guardiola team in the champions league after eliminated, can give the fans of the biggest compensation.

In this not too nervous, not too relaxed state, guardiola led his team orderly preparations for the fa cup final. Pep guardiola's departure from Manchester city was widely rumoured at the time, but city's rise and fall did not seem to be affected by it. The story begins 24 hours before the fa cup final, with city players recovering in their hotel after a half-day of training. Pep guardiola opened conveniently to carry the laptop for many years, although the computer looks out of date, there is something to represent the football philosophy of this age – all the analysis diagram, after he began his coaching career in the computer inside, guardiola is for 24 hours after making final arrangements, the second day early in the morning, after all, he shall submit the game list.

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This time, however, pep guardiola's sudden onset of back pain, in fact, from a couple of weeks ago, pep guardiola feel back some of the "wrong", as once a professional player, since josep guardiola perennial sports trauma, and after he retired perennial research tactics before sitting on the desk, back injury is one of his "time bomb". The severe back pain affected guardiola's judgment and thinking and he began to complain to his assistant. The assistant coach advised him to rest, but guardiola was not persuaded and he continued to study his tactics and draw up a list of names to submit the next day, staying up until late at night.

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On the morning of the fa cup final, guardiola made a phone call to his daughter, and half an hour later he submitted his final list to the executive. It is not known what the final decision on the list had to do with his phone call, but guardiola kept up the habit of talking to his family before making big decisions, as revealed in his autobiography. After lunch, guardiola had the team watch a video of Manchester city winning the premier league title this season, and he Shared some refreshments with the players, but he did not let them finish the video because he was afraid they would get too excited before the match and he was afraid of missing the pre-match training session.

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Starting in the afternoon, guardiola appeared in front of the television cameras. On the bus to the match, guardiola and the assistant coach reminded the team: "I see you are a little cocky? Oh, don't think I'm criticising you, bring that to the lawn, it's going to be your night!" Pre-match preparations are in full swing, in the "training ground", guardiola also shouted to the stadium: "guys, do a good job!" The 24 hours leading up to the treble, seemingly uneventful, had seen city's methodical preparations and guardiola's "personal sacrifice" for the final.

Is it the two biggest culprits of back pain? 5 easy moves! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

I'm sure many of you have experienced lower back pain.

This area generally refers to the area of the back below the chest. Therefore, backache is actually mostly "lower back pain", which is generally classified as lower back pain.

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There are many causes of back pain. For most back pain, it is caused by poor posture and muscle strain. In the elderly, low back pain is mostly due to the deterioration of the skeletal system, resulting in pain.

In general,Two major causes of lower back painIs this:

With the change of people's living, studying and working mode, nowadays, most people spend 8-10 hours or more sitting every day, working, traveling and going home. As a result, there is a "sedentary" population that lacks exercise, or the right kind of effective exercise, over time leading to lower back pain.

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Lower back pain can also be caused by obesity, smoking, weight gain during pregnancy, stress, poor physical condition, poor posture and poor sleep patterns.

How to deal with lower back pain? Small make up for you to demonstrate several methods.


Standing forward bend

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Relieve headaches, relax stress, stretch back and leg muscles; If you have severe back pain, bend your knees slightly.


Spinal torsion

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Spinal torsion is good for the spine and the entire nervous system regulation, but also can strengthen the liver and spleen, promote intestinal peristalsis.


The rabbit type

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Rabbit style can calm nerves, promote metabolism, maximize the extension of the spine, nourish the spine nerves, maintain spinal flexibility and elasticity, extend the shoulder blades.


Happy baby

Happy baby can eliminate backache, contact shoulder shoulder fatigue, sciatica prevention. Massage your back and tone your back.


Through the needle

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Open your shoulders, arms, front, and relax your tight back. Be careful if you have a recent shoulder or back injury.

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Three empty lee's bonesetting hospital expert visit schedule

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Mike liu

Served the original Inner Mongolia hospital and the director of orthopaedic association orthopaedic branch of Inner Mongolia standing committee, Chinese orthopedics academy members, a former medical accident appraisal committee of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia bureau of public security traffic accident disability appraisal committee, a consultant in Inner Mongolia, the higher people's court forensic science adviser, provincial Labour department, inductrial injury accident disability appraisal committee of Inner Mongolia special adviser, who won the scientific and technological progress second prize, third prize three times in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia university of science and technology progress third prize once. Specialty: spinal trauma, joint trauma and senile bone and joint diseases.

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WenGui full

Graduate tutor, professor. Enjoy the state council government subsidies. In 1993, he began to carry out minimally invasive surgery for cervical and lumbar spine diseases, and is one of the leading scholars in the early stage of minimally invasive surgery for cervical and lumbar spine diseases in China. He has published more than 30 academic papers and 2 monographs. Engaged in minimally invasive clinical research of cervical and lumbar diseases for more than 20 years, has accumulated rich clinical experience. He is good at using laser, radio frequency, ozone and other minimally invasive interventional techniques to treat cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other minimally invasive techniques.

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Li tao

The eighth generation of bonesetters,

Member of Chinese people's political consultative conference of saihan district, member of overseas Chinese federation of huhu, director of huhu Chinese and Mongolian medical association, former President of huhu suburban orthopedic hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (ba bai hospital), famous orthopedic expert.

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Li Yulin

Yuquan district CPPCC member (eighth outstanding member)

Member of Inner Mongolia medical association

Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage projects in the autonomous region

"May fourth youth" outstanding entrepreneurial leaders

Member of hu shi medical association

Member of Inner Mongolia trademark association

Inheritors of traditional Chinese medicine in China

Member of huhu federation of industry and commerce

Member of intangible cultural heritage promotion association

Member of Inner Mongolia association of traditional Chinese medicine

Postpartum lumbar acerbity backache is painful painful, be the month son did not sit well certainly? It is these reasons that make trouble! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/severe back pain/backache

First, changes in the endocrine system

In gestation, endocrine system produced very big change, uterus greatens, the waist has to bear more pressure, make pelvic blood vessel and its nerve are compressed, drag in along with back muscle and cause lumbago. The endocrine system causes hormone levels to change again, the pelvis and ligaments to relax for a while, the abdominal muscles to become weak, and the uterus to fail to return quickly. Little attention in daily life, will appear postpartum back pain.

Second, postpartum fatigue

Postpartum mother to immediately into the care of the baby's affairs, in addition to feeding the baby, but also responsible for the baby bath, change diapers, put on clothes, to sleep, and so on, these long standing, sitting, bending, will cause postpartum waist discomfort and then cause back pain.

Third, physiological reasons

The normal position of uterus is antegrade, bend before, because the supine position is more during the month, in the process of postpartum uterine involution, appear after the uterus or uterus moves downward along the vagina, produce uterine prolapse, also can cause lumbago.

Fourth, lack of exercise

Many mothers think that sitting in the moon is always lying in bed do not move, but this causes the waist lack of exercise, waist blood circulation is not free; Plus postpartum tonic too much, weight increase, waist load also increases, so that postpartum mother waist more prone to injury, resulting in pain.

Fifth, don't pay attention to keep warm

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "cold qi stagnation, cold blood coagulation," postpartum pain may not do a good job with warm work oh! Especially in summer, the air conditioner is turned on and night milk is fed in winter. Mothers do not pay attention to the warmth of feet and waist, or touch cold water too early, which seem to be the details of life, which are the causes of all kinds of pain.

Improper nursing posture

Mothers often take improper or do not relax posture to baby lactation, such as side, bending posture, or too tight waist, waist muscle is always in a state of not relax overburden, long before this, will only increase the burden of waist back, injury back muscle, resulting in postpartum back pain.

how to cure lower back pain

Pay attention to rest and avoid overwork

Do not do heavy work during the period, do not lift heavy objects, to ensure adequate rest. Do not do housework as far as possible, so as not to injure lumbar back muscle. When resting on the bed, do not maintain a pose immobile for a long time, often commutation posture, let the waist get loosen and stretch.

Adjustment of feeding posture

Incorrect breastfeeding posture can put extra strain on your mother's psoas. Be careful of your posture while breastfeeding. The seat that a waist has support when proposal lactation, perhaps cushion a small pillow in the waist, these can give the waist very good support, can raise baby so already, let the baby eat comfortably, can help share the bearing of the waist again, reduce burden.

Pay attention to food therapy and physical therapy

In terms of diet, mothers should also eat more food to promote blood circulation, in order to get through the meridians and promote circulation. Postpartum attention to calcium, one is to enhance bone density, calcium supplement, the second is to let milk also have enough calcium to provide the baby.

Keep warm and don't touch cold water. If necessary, you can do some massage, hot compress, physical therapy, sweating, etc., to relieve the waist discomfort, away from postpartum diseases.

how to cure lower back pain

Moderate waist exercise

If the physical conditions allow, the mother can do simple exercise within 24 hours, such as lying on the bed to hold a clenched fist, wrist exercise, chest expansion exercise can be, choose their own acceptable exercise.

Caesarean section mothers should still rest in bed a few days before giving birth, do simple exercises like clenching and clenching fists, and do more extensive exercises later when they can.

Also can do some of appropriate turn lumbar activity at ordinary times, make lumbar is stable, restore normal curvature, strengthen back force, alleviate lumbar ache, still can let abdomen restore gradually before pregnant condition.

After 6 weeks postpartum, you can gradually start to do some exercise to prevent back pain.

Mothers with severe back pain are advised to seek professional help at a hospital. Hope every treasure mother postpartum can have a healthy life, don't let postpartum disease trouble life!

Long-term lumbago should cause take seriously! Experts warn: don't ignore the link between 5 types of back pain and cancer – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/severe back pain

Human body organization is composed of cells, as the saying goes, the body of iron, the cells of running water! Cells are metabolizing every day, and some of them may mutate, causing cancer cells to appear. They continue to devour healthy cells around them, eventually causing a full-blown cancer outbreak.

Cancer needs early discovery early treatment, lumbago signal does not ignore, 5 kinds of lumbago and cancer are concerned!

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1. Pancreatic cancer is the "king" of cancer

Pancreatic cancer causes severe low back pain, which is long lasting and intense, and is easily distinguishable from lumbar spine disease. The presence of such symptoms in pancreatic cancer is often a sign that the disease has advanced to an advanced stage of invasion and metastasis.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer to the stage of metastasis, the first will start from the lumbar spine, that is, clinical bone metastasis! At this point the patient will have a feeling of severe back pain, and when the pain starts to radiate often the abdomen will also have abnormal pain symptoms. Men are at a high risk of prostate cancer after age 50 and need to be absolutely vigilant.

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3. Breast cancer

Bone metastases in breast cancer often also begin in the lumbar spine, and back pain symptoms can follow. Breast cancer is one of the types of cancer with high incidence in women in recent years. Breast cancer in the stage of bone metastasis will have radioactive pain in the legs in addition to lumbar pain accident.

4. Lymphoma

Lymphatic cancer is the most difficult type of cancer to treat. Lymphatic cancer patients are often accompanied by hyperplasia and enlargement of lymph nodes in the abdominal cavity, which can cause pressure on the lumbar spine and cause pain in the lower back.

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5, kidney

The incidence of kidney cancer is not high clinically, but kidney cancer can also cause lower back pain symptoms, especially in kidney cancer that goes to the stage of infiltration and metastasis, lower back pain symptoms are more obvious. Lower back pain symptoms can also be triggered by factors such as reduced activity in advanced cancer patients and prolonged bed rest.

Although cancer can have lumbago symptom to appear, but lumbago cannot be diagnosed directly for cancer! In fact, most cancer patients are in the middle and late stage of the symptoms of low back pain, and before the low back pain, other cancer abnormalities have long appeared, so low back pain in clinical diagnosis of cancer is not of great significance!

So if you've had a lot of back pain lately and don't feel any discomfort, it might be better to check your lumbar spine before you get cancer. If the lumbar spine is not abnormal and the body has other discomfort, then screening for cancer cells is the right thing to do.

What does the remedial method of 4 big reason lumbago that bring about lumbago have? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc

Low back pain is common in life a lumbar disease, TCM believes that the disease caused by exogenous and internal injuries or losses flash waist qi perform poorly, or fail to moisten, waist ridge or ridge near the pain as the main symptoms of a disease, low back pain sometimes make patients feel pain unbearable, seriously affect the patients with low back pain of normal life and work, timely treatment is the key, so here we know about the cause of low back pain and concrete methods for the treatment of low back pain.

Top 4 causes of lower back pain

1, cold, rheumatism, etc

This kind of woman, because suffer wind, wet, cold to invade in menstruation period, childbirth and postpartum more, bring about vertebra to grow bone spur and induce lumbago. If you have a sprain in your lower back, it may develop into a herniated disc, severe back pain, and even affect the curvature and rotation of your spine.

2. Fatigue during pregnancy and puerperium

During pregnancy, as the fetus gradually grew up, the mother's lumbosacral and pelvic joints ligaments relaxation, at the same time, uterine weight also increases with the growth of gestational age, resulting in the body center of gravity forward. In order to maintain the body balance, the waist more straight forward, if do not pay attention to rest, it is easy to cause lumbago. During pregnancy, fetal development needs adequate calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, if the dietary intake is insufficient, can cause maternal bone softening calcium, also cause back pain. Puerperal haemorrhage is excessive, or labor is premature, too tired and catch cold, also can cause lumbago.

Women who have long been engaged in standing operations such as weaving, printing and dyeing, hair cutting and sales, etc., may accumulate excessive lactic acid locally due to their weakened ability to stretch tendons and ligaments in the waist due to continuous standing, which inhibits the normal metabolism of psoas muscle and may also lead to back pain caused by lumbar muscle strain. Often carry weight on the back, lumbar burden is overweight, easy to produce vertebra side to bend, cause lumbar muscle strain and appear lumbago.

Although there are many ways to treat lumbago, conservative treatment is the main method in the treatment of lumbago. Traction is one of the important methods to treat lumbago.

What does the remedial method of lumbago have?

1. Traction therapy

The traction law of the tradition is to undertake on the bed, can be everyday the discontinuities of 2 times to undertake only, every time the patient gets out of bed to go home or carry to do, below the oppression of gravity of the upper body, the nucleus pulposus that returns na can press press again outstanding, cause all one's previous efforts to be abandoned, bring about lumbar disease to attack repeatedly consequently.

2. Drug therapy

The drug therapy of lumbar vertebra disease mainly has the effect of reducing inflammation, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. But drug therapy generally relieves symptoms, not causes, and does not achieve the goal of treating the underlying causes. Moreover, the medicine all has the different degree toxic side effect, should not take for a long time.

3. Western medicine

At present, western medicine has no effective treatment for this disease, often use symptomatic treatment, such as pain can take some antipyretic analgesic drugs; Numbness can choose b vitamin drugs; Joint swelling with effusion can be given local effusion extraction or local closure therapy. But the practice proves that these treatment methods are not ideal, only treat the symptoms but not the root cause, the disease is prone to relapse.

Exercise therapy

Exercise can increase the softness of muscles and flexibility of joints, as well as enhance the strength and endurance of muscles, thereby enhancing the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body and relieving physical and mental pressure. Exercise can also help prevent soreness or help eliminate back pain. It is a common and effective way to treat back pain. Currently, excellent light exercise is tai chi, qigong and swimming.

5. Push therapy

Massage helps release or reduce physical and mental stress and relieve tense muscles, so it is also an important way to eliminate back pain.

6. Psychological therapy

Commonly used physical therapy has massage method, acupuncture and moxibustion method, cupping method, laser method, etc., this kind of therapy is also mainly to reduce inflammation and pain, blood circulation and remove blood stasis, it is difficult to eradicate the cause, the fundamental treatment.

What does the reason of female backache have? 7 tips to ease back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/severe back pain

Female lumbago is the commonest kind of disease, the reason that causes female lumbago has a lot of kinds, for example lumbar muscle strain is damaged, lumbar vertebra is pathological change or it is urogenital system infection to wait a moment. So, what are the causes of backache in women? How should female lumbago alleviate? Let's see.

What does the reason of female backache have?

1. Cold and trauma

Suffer from rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis of women, mostly due to the menstrual period, delivery and postpartum wind, wet, cold attack, leading to spinal long bone spurs and induced back pain. If you have a sprain in your lower back, it may develop into a herniated disc, severe back pain, and even affect the curvature and rotation of your spine.

2. Lumbar spine lesions

More common in elderly women, as the growth of age, lumbar nerve compression symptoms will increase. Pseudospondylolisthesis of spinal column caused by degenerative diseases is a relatively common disease, which is prone to cause lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lumbago and radiating pain of lower limbs, and often vertebral collapse fracture caused by osteoporosis. Osteophyte formation in older adults can cause spinal stiffness and can also lead to persistent back pain.

3, lumbar muscle strain

People who have long been engaged in standing operations, such as textile, printing and dyeing, chefs, restaurant employees, hairdressers and salers, etc., may accumulate excessive lactic acid locally due to their weakened ability to stretch tendons and ligaments in the waist due to continuous standing, which inhibits the normal metabolism of psoas muscle and may also lead to back pain caused by lumbar muscle strain. Often carry weight on the back, lumbar burden is overweight, easy to produce vertebra side to bend, cause lumbar muscle strain and appear lumbago.

Urinary tract infection

As a result of female urethra short and straight, and urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, often escherichia coli parasitic, in addition to the characteristics of female physiological aspects, the chances of urinary tract pollution more, if neglect hygiene, easy to occur urinary tract infection. Lumbago is caused by acute and chronic pyelonephritis, which is characterized by lumbar distention and severe radiating to the perineum along the ureter. In addition to urinary infection, urinary stones, tuberculosis and other diseases, also cause back pain. Back pain is the most common ailment in most women, but many people don't pay attention to it, leading to worse back pain.

7 tips to ease back pain

1. Bridge movement

First in a yoga mat or bed, lie on your back, and then place in a yoga mat or on knees together on the bed, his hands flat on the yoga mat or on the bed, also can put in abdomen, head and shoulders to yoga mat or bed surface, by the waist strength to make the waist, hips and thighs parts leave the yoga mat or bed surface, the whole people into the arch shape, stay for 5 seconds. You can do 3 sets of 15 each after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. When it's easy, try lifting your shoulders off the mat, or even lifting one leg to make it harder.

2. Change your posture

It is very common for white-collar workers to have backache, mainly as a result of their irregular sitting posture. The position of the ischium is important to sit comfortably. Usually when many people sit down, the ischium is easy to move forward, resulting in bone disc back, increase the burden of the waist. Accordingly correct sitting method is: when sitting down, rear rear moves 3 centimeters again, can adjust the position of bone dish correctly so, bone dish stands to rise ability to maintain upright and upright correct sitting position.

3, breathing,

Proper breathing will help you concentrate, locate your workout area, and get twice the result with half the effort. Injury recovery exercise should not be too hasty, please take a deep breath, in the slow exhalation process to complete a static confrontation.

4, lateral neck

This is a great way to stimulate the trapezius muscle and the musculature between the shoulder and neck. As shown in the figure, put your hand behind the side of your head, and then slowly push your head toward the inclined bottom to the pole — and then use your head to force, and return your hand to the original position.

5. Switch feet

Standing for a long time puts a lot of pressure on your waist. It is recommended to put one foot on a stool or other object to have a support, and then change feet frequently to help reduce the burden on your waist. Wearing platform shoes or standing on a thick rubber mat can also help.

6. Lose weight

Obesity means more pressure on the waist muscles. Losing weight also protects the joints and muscles of the knees and hips. You need to know what you should avoid. Contact sports, swing sports, golf, weight lifting, dancing, running and sit-ups are generally not suitable for people with back pain. Stair climbing is also not suitable, especially for the elderly and those with knee problems.

Stretch in the morning

Wake up your muscles and joints with slow, gentle movements every morning, stretch, breathe deeply, and be careful not to make sudden movements in your spine. Low-intensity activities such as walking, stationary cycling or swimming are all good for the morning, while gentle stretches or yoga are also good for the lower back.

What should you do if you have sudden back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/severe back pain/sudden back pain

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Patients with lumbar disc herniation often suffer from sudden back pain, inconvenience to movement, bending and walking difficulties. A small number of patients need to be hospitalized for surgical treatment, generally only outpatient treatment, home recuperation can be. When recuperating at home, should pay attention to the following aspects.

The daily diet of patients with dietary conditioning should eat more meals less, rich in nutrition, easy to digest and delicious. Pay special attention to eat more vegetables and fruits to promote intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. Because constipation faces lavatory nu to earn, abdominal pressure increases, can make symptom aggravation. Daily before going to bed, early in the morning drinking honey water, light brine can effectively prevent constipation. Already produced constipation person, can apply a few gentle cathartic agent appropriately below doctor guidance or with open plug dew aperient.

Rest in bed after coming on, should rest in bed absolutely 1 week or so, with hard plank bed commonly advisable, show lie supine, can cushion a soft mat below the waist in order to maintain the physiological curve of lumbar nature, can promote haemal circulation so, reduce ache. After 1 week, you can get out of bed gradually and do some light activities; after 2 weeks, you can do some physical activities that do not need to bend greatly according to your illness; after 3 to 4 weeks, you can return to normal activities, but you cannot do heavy work or strenuous exercise.

Good traction science traction can open the intervertebral disc space and make the puffy nucleus pulposus reduction. Accordingly, after resting absolutely a week, can get out of bed, local material, if both hands holds the door frame, two feet are like to land and do not land, the body naturally drooping, loosen, every day morning and evening each 1, every time 5 ~ 10 minutes or so.

The acute phase of psoas muscle should be carried out in bed five – point support exercise. Take the supine position, with your head, elbows, and feet as support points, and lift your body upward, 2 to 5 minutes at a time, 2 times a day. After a month, you can do three point support exercises. Take the supine position and lift the body up with your head and feet as support points, 4 to 6 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Local hyperthermia pay attention to waist heat preservation, can use hot water bag, spectrum instrument, infrared and other local hyperthermia, but also hot compress. For example, Chinese patent medicine diedang pill 1 ~ 2 pills per day, fine wine is mixed with thin paste to apply the affected area, and then local hyperthermia is applied after binding and fixing, the effect is better.

Don't rely on drugs. If you have severe back pain, take oral medication to relieve it, but don't take it internally or inject hormone drugs for a long time. Excessive use of hormone drugs can lead to osteoporosis, obesity, acne, susceptible to infection, etc., and serious cases may lead to femoral head necrosis, diabetes, hypertension, pancreatitis, etc., which should be paid special attention to. (by zhang bensheng)

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Lumbago is not all the thing of bone, judge symptom accurately according to oneself circumstance, treat ability to have the effect more to the symptom! – far infrared healing therapy | lower back pain/back pain/severe back pain/lumbar spine

Most people's first reaction to lower back pain is a bone problem, but x-rays often show nothing wrong with the bone. So what's the reason? In fact, in addition to bone, there are many kinds of diseases that cause lumbago, such as myofascitis caused by soft tissue lesions, lumbar small joint disorder caused by lumbar medial branch compression and sacroiliac arthritis.

1. Myofascitis — lumbar muscle strain. Low back pain with lumbar muscle strain can occur throughout the lumbar spine. Patients may feel tension and tenderness in the muscles on both sides of the lower back, and symptoms may appear or become worse on rainy or cold days. Some people wake up at 4 to 5 o 'clock in the morning, and get up after activities to reduce. In this case, conservative treatment such as shock wave therapy, ultra-laser therapy, or invasive trigger acupuncture can be used to improve pain.

2. Intramural compression of the medial facet joints of the lumbar spine. Subluxation of the facet joints of the lumbar spine or incarceration of the synovium can also cause lumbar discomfort. Patients may be too sore to support themselves during the acute phase, or they may experience pain and discomfort without a specific pain point. Ultrasound-guided nerve block can not only monitor in real time but also relieve pain in time.

3. Lumbar disc herniation. Frequent recurrent back pain, cough, sneeze, stool pain to consider whether there is lumbar disc herniation. Patients can choose to perform intervertebral foramen surgery according to the compression conditions, which is currently internationally recognized as one of the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques.

how to cure lower back pain

4. Sacroiliac joint strain. The sacroiliac joint is composed of the sacrum and bilateral iliac bones. Strain of the sacroiliac joint is one of the most common causes of low back pain. Its expression is persistent local ache, aggravate when activity, turn over difficulty. Tenderness or percussion pain may be localized and may be accompanied by changes in posture or lameness.

5. Kidney lesions. Kidney as a viscera, itself very few pain nerve, only outside the kidney envelope above the pain nerve. That is to say, patients with significant back pain only when kidney size increases due to renal degeneration. The viscera that this kind causes by disease of kidney internal medicine pulls pull painful it is to compare dullness commonly bilge painful, can both sides ache, ache degree often and lumbar activity are like bend, turn round to have no direct concern, but when examining a body, there is kidney area knock painful.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm. When the aneurysm encroaches on the lumbar spine, there may be lumbosacral pain, if the recent abdominal or lumbar severe pain, often indicates that the tumor is close to rupture. Once an aneurysm ruptures, sudden severe back pain, shock and death can occur. Therefore, abdominal aortic aneurysm patients with lower back pain, often an aggravation of the aneurysm, should be treated immediately.

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The use of traditional chemotherapy, physical therapy, can not fundamentally solve the problem, is a difficult problem in the medical community.

After five or six years of clinical comparison, chenjian brand tongjinghuoluo qutong health care cream has come out today, to use biological therapy to recover the above diseases and sub-health, filling the gap in medicine.

Ingredients of chenjian brand tongjing activating collaterals relieving pain and healthcare cream:

Stretch tendon grass, transparent bone grass, bone broken tonic, frankincense, borneol, dried blood, mulberry root, myrrh, bone set grass, poria cocos, qin jiu, sichuan broken, sesame oil, beeswax, lanolin, vitamin c, a variety of vegetables and fruits permeability factor composition.

Morning Kent collaterals remove pain care cream is made by advanced nanometer spray technology and common clubmoss herb, and other plant essence and li shizhen tougucao experience the perfect combination of transdermal steaming bone, with tougucao, common clubmoss herb for permeable carrier "commonly known as YaoYinZi", in 15-30 seconds to 36 Chinese herb nourishment essence quickly import human tissue cells, cell energy, activate cells, promote cell repair and regeneration of the organization. Can effectively scavenge free radicals, anti – oxidation, anti – sensitivity and improve cell immunity. For aseptic inflammation, it can quickly reduce inflammation and relieve pain, effectively and quickly expel wind, cold, dampness, heat and poison from the body. Dredge channels and collaterals, run qi and blood, effectively reduce muscle and joint pain, relieve fatigue.

This natural biological therapy is a new health care project jointly invented by senior experts of digital health care industry combined with foreign high-tech biotechnology. It is the real "sub-health rehabilitation" therapy. It combines the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, by eliminating the body wind, cold, wet, acid, poison and so on, and drege the meridian, harmonize qi and blood, so that the off-balance viscera Yin and Yang conditioning, acid, hemp, swelling, swelling, pain caused by the disease to play a comprehensive conditioning, symptoms and root causes, multi-effect integration. The method also has the unique effect of repairing and promoting the regeneration of human cells.

Different from qigong, acupuncture, massage, scrapping, foot therapy, electric therapy, spa, magnetic therapy, Chinese medicine beauty, Chinese medicine weight loss and all kinds of physical therapy, chenjian brand tongluo invigorating and relieving pain and health care cream has the effect of treating diseases together. This method is a new and unique natural biological therapy, which fills a gap in the sub-health maintenance of human body in China.

The benefits of morning jianpai tongluo tongluo health cream

Remove rheumatism and cold

Rheumatism and cold in the human body will block the circulation of qi and blood, hinder the delivery of nutrients, resulting in pain and lesions caused by the lack of nutrients in the distal cells, and timely elimination of rheumatism can cure the root cause.

Treatment of bone diseases

Chenjian brand tongluo tongluo health care cream is known as the cure of bone disease, pain and repair at the same time, thorough treatment of bone disease.

Dredge channels and collaterals

"General pain, pain is not", the cause of pain is largely because the channels and collaterals. The whole body morning jianpai tongluo pain relieving health care cream maintenance method to get through channels and collaterals, to achieve a smooth up and down a relaxed, pain removal purpose.

4. Open microcirculation

The largest detoxifying organ in the body is the skin. There are a lot of people who don't sweat for years because the microcirculation is blocked, so toxins can't be expelled and nutrients can't be delivered. The whole body morning health care cream can get through the microcirculation, eliminate toxins in the body and help to transport and absorb nutrients.

Kidney and ovary maintenance

Chenjian decoction can repair and regenerate cells, so it can restore and maintain kidney and ovary.

Improve sleep

Whole-body morning jianpai tongluo tongluo pain care cream maintenance to improve the sleep effect is obvious, generally 2-3 effective.

Relieve constipation symptoms

Morning jianpai tongluo tongtong health care cream can promote gastrointestinal function to help defecate, relieve constipation symptoms.

Eight, slimming body

Much of modern obesity is due to the presence of large water molecules in the body and the irregular arrangement of cells. Make use of the whole body morning health care cream can eliminate rheumatism and macromolecular water, make the cell regular arrangement to achieve the purpose of slimming body.

If you or your relatives and friends have pain in waist or shoulder periarthritis, arthritis, cervical spondylopathy, tenosynovitis, lumbar disc protrusion, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other skeletal problems or have the above symptoms, try morning health care cream for activating meridians and relieving pain!

When effects speak, we speak nonsense;

When the effect speaks, what we say is the truth!

8 questions people with back pain most want to know! – far infrared healing therapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc/chronic back pain/severe back pain/backache/lumbar spine/lower back/lumbar disc herniation/pain relief

1. Diseases caused by bone joints and surrounding soft tissues of the spine, such as local injury caused by contusion, sprain, bleeding, edema and muscle spasm, etc.

2. Caused by spinal cord and spinal nerve diseases, such as spinal cord tumors, myelitis, etc.

3. Caused by diseases of internal organs, such as infections and tumors of uterus and its appendages.

4. It is caused by mental factors. For example, waist disease may be the chief complaint of hysterics, but there are no objective signs.



Does cold weather have anything to do with back pain?

Some patients with back pain symptoms as accurate as the weather forecast, a cool weather will appear back pain or increased back pain. Cold, indeed, can be a trigger for lower back pain. The waist back catch cold, can let blood vessel constriction, ischemia. Patients are more likely to stay in cold areas for a long time, or sleep in the cold ground, wind and appear backache.


Can playing mahjong cause lumbago?

Playing mahjong for a long time, back straight, intervertebral disc and spine ligaments in a long time in a tense stiff state, a long time is easy to make back pain stiff, can not lie back and turn.

And, sit for a long time can make pelvis and sacroiliac joint bear weight for a long time, lumbar lack activity, affect hemal circulation of lower limbs, appear numbness of two legs, as time passes, can bring about muscle atrophy, stiffness, a little activity may sprain or cause other injury, appear lumbago.


Does smoking have anything to do with back pain?

Many smokers are prone to lower back pain for reasons that are not yet clear. It may be that smoking causes chronic bronchitis, while coughing causes increased pressure in the disc and spinal canal.

In addition, the nicotine in tobacco may reduce the blood volume of the vertebral body, thus affecting the nutrition of the disc, making the disc prone to degeneration.


What characteristic does the lumbago that osteoporosis causes have?

Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly, especially in women over the age of 60. Patients with general fatigue, like bed or recline and do not want to move; Systemic ache, especially with the waist is apparent, can radiate to coxal and lower limbs by the waist, yi ke is radiated to rib and abdomen by the back.

The degree of pain caused by osteoporosis is not as severe as lumbar disc herniation, and symptoms can be reduced after treatment with sex hormones, high protein and high calcium.


What visceral disease can cause bring in sex lumbago?

As with headaches, the cause is not necessarily in the head.

The following systemic diseases are prone to cause back pain.

1. Urinary system. Such as acute and chronic pyelonephritis, renal tumors, kidney stones, ureteral stones, renal tuberculosis, renal ptosis, renal abscess around the kidney, prostatitis, prostatic tumor;

2. Digestive system. Such as digestive tract ulcer, chronic cholecystitis, gallstones, pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer and so on.

3. Reproductive system. Gynecological diseases, such as adnexitis, uterine body inflammation, uterine retrograde, pelvic tumors, uterine prolapse, pelvic congestion, menstrual tension.

Additional, be like the tumour after abscess below diaphragm, peritoneum, also can cause lumbago.


Can lumbago patient wear high-heeled shoes?

After the person puts on high-heeled shoes (4 centimeters above), because the pelvis tilts forward to strengthen, gravity line passes pelvic rear, make the waist is to support weight and increase burden, subsequently hind extensional increase, last for a long time, can appear because of lumbar back muscle excessive contractions lumbago.

For every 1cm increase in heel height, the back extension of the lumbar spine and the contraction of the lumbar back muscles multiply, increasing the risk of back pain. The proposal chooses heel height to be 3 centimeters left and right sides relatively appropriate.


Can walking backwards cure chronic back pain?

Chronic lumbago, many of the lumbar muscle strength, ligament strength is not enough, lumbar stability is poor. "Walk backward" exercise, can strengthen the lumbar back muscle group strength, strengthen the stability and flexibility of the lumbar spine. At the same time, the waist blood circulation to better improve, improve the metabolism of waist tissue, can play a certain therapeutic role.

Small make up to help you summarize the classification

Induction pain in abdominal and pelvic diseasesIt is the backache that causes by disease of abdominal cavity and pelvic viscera, wait like acute bacterial dysentery, kidney stone, bladder stone, pancreatitis, gallstone, cholecystitis, department of gynaecology.

Severe back pain caused by lumbar and articular lesionsSee at lumbar, lumbar sacral joint and sacral iliac joint congenital and acquired malformation, tuberculosis and suppurative sex inflammation, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, malignant tumor metastasis.

Herniated discIt is to show the fiber annulus of lumbar intervertebral disc is ruptured, the medullary nucleus inside its together with remnant fiber annulus and the hind longitudinal ligament that cover its to protrude to canal inside vertebra, compress the spinal nerve root near, produce backache and have sciatica thereby. See at young and middle-aged manual labourer more, also can be seen at attending heavy manual labor accidentally or the person that has lumbar trauma history. The main symptom is pain in the corresponding area and radiates to the lower limbs, which may be accompanied by paresthesia. Pain often has significant intervals, intervals without any symptoms, a little attention and relapse.

Acute lumbar sprainIt is to point to the acute injury such as lumbar muscle, ligament, articular bursa, fascia, good hair at young and middle-aged manual worker. Often because of muscle contraction too hard, or not correct posture, muscle caused by overload or contract not harmonious, often in a lift or do an action after the waist pain can't move, suddenly pain, for the continuous, when the waist activities, cough, speak loudly, stressful when can aggravate, rest or taking painkillers can alleviate commonly.

Backache due to fatigueIt is to point to at ordinary times motion, labor is less, and after undertaking more or heavier work in period of time, feel fatigue, pass a few hours or sleep to rise to feel lumbar and extensive ache is unwell. It is due to the accumulation of metabolites (such as lactic acid) can not be excreted in time, the production of congestion, edema and other caused by physiological phenomenon, do not need special treatment, also do not need a complete rest, just take a hot bath after work, promote blood circulation, speed up the excretion, ensure adequate sleep, appropriate restriction of activity can be cured.

Chronic low back painWaist long – term pain, when light when heavy, when hair more. Backache can be alleviated when resting, fatigue aggravates namely; Reduce with appropriate activity or frequent change of position, increase with excessive activity; Sleeping with a small pillow cushion around the waist can reduce symptoms; Bending a little long pain can be aggravated, with a fist tapping waist pain relief. Visible in the waist acute injury untreated or incomplete treatment and into chronic, labor or life in the chronic injury caused by lumbar muscle strain. Additionally, disease of lumbar vertebra, spinal cord pathological changes and abdominal cavity, pelvic viscera also can appear.

Curvature of the waist accompanied by painKyphosis of the loin when bone tuberculosis occurs is usually diagnosed by X-ray examination. Additional, ankylosing spondylitis can appear humpback is deformed, make spinal motion is restricted, do x line examination to be able to diagnose. Furthermore, osteoporosis can also be seen in the elderly.

Abnormal waist in childrenCommon back pain, lumbar immobility, hip joint immobility and lumbosacral congenital deformity. Be aware of poliomyelitis and progressive muscular dystrophy (progressive muscular dystrophy) when you cannot move your lower back. Tuberculosis, osteomyelitis should be considered when hip joint cannot move, often accompany ache. The waist that children appears is unusual, cannot general carelessness.

Pay attention!

When the processing of lumbago and matters needing attention suffer from intervertebral disc herniation, should lie hard plank bed above all 2 weeks, in order to alleviate ache, at the same time usable remedy such as medicaments, waist circumference, lukewarm heat, also can undertake pelvic traction is treated below doctor guidance. If the symptoms don't go away, surgery is necessary.

When acute waist sprain, want to lie hard plank bed rests, get hurt again in case, also can undertake massage additionally take, massage, pelvic traction wait for treatment.

In order to prevent the occurrence of backache, maintain correct posture and master the speed and strength of exertion in daily life and work. Pain in the lower back caused by misalignment of posture or improper exertion is common. Therefore, no matter lying, standing, walking and working in daily life, we should maintain correct posture, correct bad habits and avoid the formation of deformity. In addition, should pay attention to strengthen the waist muscle exercise, as far as possible to reduce the occurrence of disease.

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