Lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion cure is not seasonable, can you cause paraplegia really? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/lumbar spine

The patient, male, 50 years old, developed waist pain without obvious inducement 8 months ago and presented progressive aggravation. After more than 20 days, he presented radiating pain of the right lower limb from the back of the thigh to the outside of the lower leg. He was treated in a third-grade a hospital in Beijing and was given symptomatic physiotherapy, with slight relief. During 8 months, the intermittent onset of lumbago, progressive aggravation, 5 days ago in a third grade hospital in the city, lumbar mri examination: lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

herniated disc relief

For further treatment, the patient was admitted to the surgical clinic of our hospital. Chief physician Sun Qinghe understand the patient's condition in detail, and further for the physical examination, physical examination found that patients with physiological curvature, 4/5 lumbar spine tenderness obviously, right next to the vertebral ligaments tenderness and lower limb radiation to the lateral crus and to the right foot back, right leg straight leg-raising and strengthening the positive, lower limb activity is a bit limited, sacroiliac department, right back thigh, calf of the lateral strain, foot dorsum skin feels numb, 踇 toe back stretch muscle abate level iv, more than physical examination did not see abnormalities. Auxiliary examination of lumbar mri showed lumbar disc herniation 4/5, which was initially diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

Due to the patient's repeated pain in the waist for 8 months and the unsatisfactory effect of conservative treatment in the other hospital, director sun qinghe, deputy director xie zhongwei, doctor mu shuo and other medical personnel agreed to the feasibility of minimally invasive surgical treatment after discussion, the surgical program: percutaneous foraminal endoscopic l4/5 intervertebral disc extraction + nerve release. In order to achieve better results of surgical treatment, ding yu, chief physician of orthopedics department of Beijing navy general hospital, and lu zhengcao, chief physician of surgery guidance were specially invited. Under the guidance of director ding yu, deputy director xie zhongwei led the surgical team to successfully perform percutaneous foraminal foramen l4/5 intervertebral disc removal and nerve release for the patient. During the operation, the herniated disc tissue could be clearly seen, and the surgical team used a special surgical instrument to remove the herniated disc tissue, which significantly relieved the pain symptoms of the patients during the operation. He was able to get out of bed the second day after surgery and has been discharged.

herniated disc relief

According to xie zhongwei deputy director introduction, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is very common, but most patient does not take so seriously however, simply point says: as long as the pain is in oneself can bear inside limits, won't go to a hospital to accept treatment! In fact, this is not a good consciousness, each lumbar disc patients specific situation is not the same, general situation will not cause paraplegia, but serious or will lead to lower limb paralysis, so we have to pay attention to! In guang 'an hospital, every Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning will invite Beijing navy general hospital orthopaedic big bar for public welfare consultation, friends in need can call 8018999 to make an appointment.

herniated disc relief

At the same time, the solution of the director said, as a kind of common disease, lumbar disc prolapse its treatment has been extensive research, the traditional approach after open surgical trauma, gradually developed a variety of minimally invasive surgery such as ozone, collagenase injection, percutaneous laser ablation of nucleus pulposus, posterior intervertebral disc under micro endoscopic surgery (med), but these techniques or by indirect decompression, curative effect is not exact, or still need to destroy the rear structure, is now gradually withdrew from the people's horizons. In the treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, only local infiltration anesthesia can be used to directly decompress the herniation under the view, without the need to bite the lamina, destroy the paravertebral muscles and ligaments, without interference with the spinal canal nerve root, and the amount of trauma bleeding is small. Transforamen technique is applicable to most disc diseases, including lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, spinal spondylolisthesis, infectious diseases of the spine, and some intradural benign tumors.


Percutaneous foramina is a minimally invasive surgical method for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, which is suitable for various types of lumbar disc herniation, discogenic low back pain, postoperative recurrence of lumbar disc herniation and even lumbar spinal stenosis.


(1) the operation is performed under local anesthesia without general and partial anesthesia, and postoperative recovery is fast.

(2) the operation was completed under fluoroscopy monitoring, which maximally ensured the safety of the operation;

(3) the operation channel is only thick and thin, and the patient can walk on the ground on the day after the operation, which has the smallest trauma and the fastest recovery in similar operations.

(4) the incision was small (about 0.7 cm) and the spinal structure was basically intact.


Advantages compared with traditional minimally invasive techniques and open surgery:

(1) the paravertebral muscle and soft tissue need not be damaged;

(2) no posterior laminae fenestration or expanded decompression is required, and no damage is caused to the bone structure of the lumbar spine.

(3) only part of the upper articular process was removed and the expanded intervertebral foramen entered the spinal canal;

(4) no need to retract the dural sac or nerve root, only directly remove the herniated disc tissue;

(5) thermosetting and wrinkling molding of annulus fibrosus fractures can maximize the integrity of annulus fibrosus and the height of intervertebral space, thus helping to prevent long-term recurrence;

(6) the whole operation is carried out under local anesthesia, which not only has no worry about nerve root injury, but also can communicate with patients at any time to ensure surgical safety and postoperative efficacy;

(7) small incision and little intraoperative bleeding;

(8) traditional minimally invasive technique can only perform ablation of nucleus pulposus, but can not perform excision of prominent nucleus pulposus, which affects postoperative efficacy.

(9) patients can get out of bed on the day or the next day after surgery, which has little impact on daily life.

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In early October, free consultation information of Shanghai third class a hospital: department of pain, department of otolaryngology, department of intractable skin diseases and insomnia, department of traditiona… – FarinfraredHealingTherapy

Cheng yung-jun (professor)

Shanghai east China hospital pain department

Specialize in:Chronic pain such as myofascitis, old cold legs, cervical and lumbar disc herniation, postherpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

Academic position:, m.d., associate professor, deputy director of the physician, the famous doctor of the title winners, the east China hospital affiliated to fudan university director of pain, the pain of Shanghai branch, deputy chairman, China the public medical institutions association of professional committee of the pain, the first committee, deputy secretary general, the first session of the national health industry enterprise management association social do medical branch, managing director and deputy secretary general, the first session of acupotomology branch of Shanghai traditional Chinese medicine institute, deputy director of the committee, Shanghai combine traditional Chinese and western medicine anesthesia and pain branch committee member and secretary of the Shanghai medical association first pain rehabilitation professional committee standing committee, the standing committee of the Shanghai academy of Chinese medicine pain.

stop back pain

Tian liang (Dr)

Department of otolaryngology, Shanghai ent hospital

Specialize in:Diagnosis and treatment of common otolaryngological diseases, especially deafness, tinnitus, otogenic vertigo, middle ear inflammation and other otolaryngological diseases.

Academic position:Member of Shanghai medical doctor association, youth member of vertigo professional committee of Shanghai association of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, youth member of brain medicine research special committee of China association of traditional Chinese medicine.

★ October 12th

stop back pain

Li kai-fong (professor)

Department of microcirculation, Shanghai ruijin hospital (intractable skin disease and insomnia)

Specialize in:Clinical work more than 20 years, specializes in intractable insomnia, intractable skin diseases (such as: psoriasis) effective treatment. We have unique experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, intractable pruritus and various incurable diseases.

Academic position:He is a medical postdoctoral doctor, chief physician of the university of Washington, USA, and a second-instance expert of the national natural science foundation of China. He has presided over 2 research projects of the national natural science foundation of China, 4 projects of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, 1 project of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal education commission and 1 project of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal health bureau. He has published 14 sci papers and obtained 3 invention patents.

Zhu baokuan (professor)

Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine

Specialize in:Traditional Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis and characteristic acupuncture treatment

1. Spleen and stomach diseases (chronic gastritis, gastric sinusitis, liver disease);

2. Rehabilitation and recuperation of cancer patients;

3. Cerebral infarction, cerebral atrophy, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, obesity, insomnia, premature aging, etc.

4, all kinds of pain (including rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, strong true arthritis, lumbar disc herniation and cancer caused by chronic pain). The innovative treatment of internal administration of traditional Chinese medicine and characteristic acupuncture and moxibustion for treating the symptoms can restore the patient's health as soon as possible.

Academic position:The original five-year hospital, vice President of the PLA, the international cancer rehabilitation association, standing director of Montreal, Canada, cure too much Chinese medicine distinguished professor, school of Shanghai jiaotong university school of overseas education distinguished health management expert consultants, China's health care international exchange association for the advancement of science and technology research and application of quantum chief expert, Shanghai jiaotong university quantum institute of applied distinguished professor in TCM. Chief editor and co-editor of "internal medicine disease differentiation special prescription therapy", "dietary cancer prevention guidance", "Chinese medicine for you to lose weight", "prevent fat and lose weight practical knowledge", "haishi film diet therapy recipe selection", "beauty and health care and weight loss" more than ten books. Published more than 100 papers. She has won many awards of scientific and technological achievements of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai. Good at tongue diagnosis.

★ October 13th

Xu peng (professor)

Department of spinal surgery, changzheng hospital, Shanghai

Specialize in:Precision diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of common spinal diseases, such as percutaneous foramina for lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis, percutaneous vertebra plasty for compression fractures, and minimally invasive channel for various types of spinal diseases. It has unique experience and characteristics in diagnosis and treatment of spinal degeneration, trauma, deformity and other difficult critical diseases, such as cervical spondylosis (pain, dizziness, walking instability and other symptoms), lumbar diseases (intervertebral disc herniation, slippage, spinal stenosis, etc.), occipitocervical deformity, scoliosis, spinal ligament ossification, etc.

Academic position:M.d., Ph.D., associate professor, deputy director of the physician, the international association of ao internal fixation (ao spine), member of China association of disabled persons rehabilitation mutilation appoint the spinal rehabilitation group members, standardized training of resident doctors and the examiner, second military medical university tutors resident standardization training, the study of tissue engineering in China youth reviewing experts, the translational medicine electronic journal editors and the translational surgery "young editors, etc.

Yizhen guidelines

Yizhen site

Hai 'an concord rehabilitation hospital

Jiangsu nantong haian city tongyu north road and 221 provincial road interchange(bus stop north, third traffic light)

Online booking

Enter the "Concorde website" to make an appointment with experts

Consultation appointment telephone


In order to improve the quality of patients' treatment experience and ensure sufficient time for experts to diagnose and treat patients' conditions, from August 1, the hospital will limit the number of patients to 20 and charge a symbolic registration fee of 20 yuan (50 yuan for traditional Chinese medicine experts).

Warm tips:

☑ yizhen registered please carry id card to the clinic on the day of the hall

Please bring your medical card ☑ patients with medical card

☑ please take related medical records andIn the pastThe inspection report

☑ yizhen, please pay attention to the medical order, and ensure personal safety

Every wrong breath is exacerbating your lower back pain. Exercise your diaphragm for good back health – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Mr. Liu (pseudonym), a patient in the outpatient department, came to see the doctor because of repeated pain. He examined the cervical vertebra and lumbar spine and found no obvious problems. After systematic treatment, Mr. Liu's lumbago did not alleviate significantly. Doctor ye xiangming looked up a lot of literature, combined with a detailed physical examination, suspected that Mr. Liu's back pain may be caused by the wrong way of breathing. After half a month's breathing training for Mr. Liu, the back pain improved significantly.

How do you know if you are breathing correctly

Check your breathing pattern by looking at both sides of your waist and belly as you inhale. If inspiratory when bulge is not apparent and chest expands very apparent, the motion that has stand waist needs to change breathing way, undertake systematic breath training. Many patients can have a simple diaphragm training at home, lying flat on the stomach after a sandbag, with the stomach when breathing up the sandbag, can be completed according to the degree of difficulty to replace the weight of the sandbag.

What causes changes in breathing patterns

Changes in breathing patterns are often associated with respiratory problems, smoking, etc.To this end, changes in lifestyle can prevent backache caused by changes in breathing patterns.

These conditions can also cause back pain

Incorrect posture.Such as body forward lean, cross-legged sit, nest sofa. The wrong posture will make the waist physiological protuberance disappear, cause the surrounding tissue excessive draft and the surrounding muscle bad strength, over time, will cause the back pain.

Psoas are overworked.This is one of the common causes of back pain in some heavy workers. Heavy physical activity can easily lead to the injury of thoracolumbo fascia, which is not easy to recover after the injury, and this kind of patients will get worse back pain when the weather changes.

Lumbar disc, facet joints and other degenerative changes.After degenerative change of lumbar intervertebral disc, intervertebral aperture becomes small, articular facet joint bears load to increase, press nerve root, still can produce a few inflammatory material at the same time, make circumferential tissue oedema, hemal constriction, muscle convulsion, affect the restoration of these tissues.

Lumbar spinal stenosis.The narrow spinal canal can compress the spinal cord and blood vessels, creating symptoms.

More serious but less common diseases, such as spinal tumors, spinal cord tumors.

How to relieve pain when to seek medical attention

Actually,Low back painIt works like a cold,There is a certain recovery period, usually 1 to 4 days. Lower back pain requires relaxation and avoidance of excessive tension, through hot compress (cover hot water bottle with towel and apply until muscles are relaxed), lying on your back, and McKenzie training (lie on your stomach and press your elbows against the bed surface below your waist). If 1~4 days later lumbago still did not alleviate obviously, also did not improve through afore-mentioned several methods, and feel feet numb, radioactive pain, hypoesthesia, walk like stepping on cotton, need to check to the hospital immediately.Prior to the examination, it is recommended to recall how the back pain occurred, whether there is a history of sprain or a cold in the waist, etc.Inform the doctor during the examination.

Proper breathing is necessary to maintain a healthy back

The pace of modern life and work is accelerated, the pressure is increased, the activity is reduced, so that the patients with low back pain from the age of 20 suddenly increased, and with the increase of age.

For the rehabilitation training of lumbar back pain, should have above allBreathing properly, to be corrected after the breathing mode of waist, back, abdominal muscle strength training;

Secondly to maintain a good body posture, inTry to keep your body perpendicular to the ground when moving.Because that's the least burden on the spine. inWhile exercising, protect your spine from going beyond the normal range of flexion and extension,Increase the stability and flexibility of the spine, reduce the waist soft tissue injury.

Maintaining a healthy back requires testing breathing patterns and correcting errors.

Self-monitor your posture,Usually consciously choose a few fixed locations, observe their posture, always remind yourself to maintain a good posture;

Exercise the abdominal and lower back muscles;

Strengthen leg strength exercises;

Choose the right bed (Have lumbago should choose the mattress with moderate hardness);

Sit with a small pillow pad waist, pay attention to the pain of warm, after a long time to stand up and walk, and do waist stretching.

Our reporter wu jingjing

Lingcheng district people's hospital successfully cured patients with traumatic kyphosis – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/spinal decompression/lumbar spine

Dazhong · poster news September 17, Texas (Correspondent section chang yong) recently, the second department of bone department of lingcheng district people's hospital of dezhou successfully cured a case of traumatic kyphosis of the spine and paralysis of both lower limbs.

On July 26, 2019, lingcheng district people's hospital bone department 2 admitted a "troublesome" patient. The 67-year-old woman has been suffering from alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and severe senile osteoporosis for several years. She developed back pain, inability to get out of bed and standing and walking three weeks ago. Two team bone to ask medical history, physical examination and imaging examination, diagnosis of the lumbar spine pathological compression fracture, senile severe osteoporosis and lumbar spinal stenosis disease, incomplete double lower limbs paralysis, protruding after traumatic spinal deformity, hypertension, alzheimer's disease and other diseases, can only live life lie in bed, not surgery could no longer stand up. In addition, deep vein thrombosis, lung infection, bedsores and other complications can lead to death. Lingcheng people's hospital recommended posterior spinal decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation.

The old man suffered from alzheimer's disease, commonly known as dementia, and was unable to communicate with others. Surgery is a challenge for both the elderly and the doctor. After repeated consultation from family members and consultation from outpatient departments of several hospitals, we finally decided to give up the conservative treatment of surgery and was discharged on July 28, 2019.

Ling cheng district people's hospital, director of the second department of bone Yang zhenlei carefully examine the patient image results show

On August 21, 2019, the elderly man's eldest son appeared again in the office of Yang zhenlei, director of the second department of bone science. Classics inquiry is informed old person can lie in bed only after coming home, a variety of methods such as plaster are of no help, eat reduce body worse and worse with each passing day. The three sons finally decided to operate on the old man. < / p > < p > lingcheng district people's courtyard bone team in the face of such a patient, know that life is a great responsibility. After admission, the old man had a low blood potassium level of 2.69mmol/l, and his general condition was poor. Therefore, he adjusted various physiological indicators actively, conducted preoperative case discussion, invited multi-disciplinary consultation, and made full preoperative preparation. On August 28, 2019, the patient was subjected to posterior spinal lamina decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation under general anesthesia.

After the attending physician duan changyong and the chief nurse sun yuting led the nursing team of meticulous care, lie in bed for more than 2 months of the elderly miraculously stood up. Looking at the old man who has functional exercise in the corridor, the family showed the long-lost smile. Exclamation ground say: "know operation result is so good, did an operation to the old man early! My sincere thanks go to the medical staff of lingcheng district people's hospital."

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[hot line of famous doctor] lumbar intervertebral disc gave a problem, does minimally invasive treatment depend on spectrum? & amp; Focus on our "brain" health – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/leg pain/spinal stenosis

This is the question most patients want to ask. Objectively speaking, there is no "best treatment", because each patient's disease stage is different, and the treatment should not be the same.

Different patients should adopt different treatment methods according to different stages of disease development:

Conservative treatment should be used first;


If conservative treatment fails, minimally invasive surgery with minimal trauma can be considered.

If the patient is not suitable for minimally invasive surgery, then consider open surgery

This "step by step" approach is the most responsible for the patient.

So let's talk about disc stenosis.

Lumbar spinal stenosisIt refers to the various causes of spinal canal diameter shortened, pressure dural sac, spinal cord or nerve roots, resulting in the corresponding neurological dysfunction of a class of diseases. It is one of the causes of common lumbar diseases, such as low back pain and lumbago and leg pain. Rest often no symptoms, walking a distance after the emergence of lower limb pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms, need to squat or sit down for a period of rest relief before continuing to walk. As the disease gets worse, the distance to walk is shorter and shorter, and the time to rest is longer and longer.

how to cure lower back pain

In recent years, with the aging of society, the incidence of lumbar spinal stenosis is increasing. Surgical treatment is often required for patients who do not respond to conservative treatment and experience increased pain. Spinal stenosis has undergone a series of processes such as traditional full laminectomy, bilateral fenestration, unilateral approach and bilateral decompression, becoming more minimally invasive.The earliest minimally invasive surgery was performed under the microscope, then the development of endoscopic technology, then operation under med, and then vista technology.

Lumbar intervertebral disc gave a problem, how should choose to treat a way after all? Which is more reliable? Welcome to join us on Friday, August 16th at 4:05 PM.

Cerebrovascular accident is a common disease that seriously threatens the health of human beings, especially the middle-aged and elderly. Even with the most advanced and perfect treatment methods, more than 50% of survivors of cerebrovascular accident can not fully take care of themselves. Cerebrovascular diseases are characterized by high morbidity, mortality, disability, recurrence and complications. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease.

After the autumn

Autumn rain and cold


Troubled times have followed

Hotlines from famous doctors have sent you a book on prevention

Come and collect

Keep measuring blood pressure

how to cure lower back pain

Have hypertensive, diabetic, arteriosclerosis and senile and infirm old person, want to measure blood pressure in time, adjust below doctor guidance medicaments, blood pressure is controlled in a reasonable level, prevent blood pressure fluctuation to cause cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage to happen too big.

Pay more attention to exercise

how to cure lower back pain

Elderly people who love morning exercises should pay attention to timely increase or decrease clothing.Do not catch cold when morning exercise, exercise to pay attention to control the amount of activity and activity intensity.Must avoid hollow intense activity, after the activity, want to add moisture in time.

Don't let yourself

Be subjected to "cold stimulation"

how to cure lower back pain

Elderly people should pay attention to diet, especially hypertension patients, do not allow themselves to be "cold stimulation".If do not eat too many cold drinks, do not eat cold noodles, cold rice, etc.Also pay attention to not cold water bath, wash feet, sleep at night to pay special attention to keep warm.

What are the multiple cerebral blood vessels in autumn? How do we find it ahead of time? Welcome to join us on Friday, August 16th at 4:50 PM to hear what the experts have to say!

how to cure lower back pain

Kong fanlei is deputy chief physician of spinal department of people's hospital of xingtai. Current: vice chairman of the spine minimally invasive society of xingtai city, secretary of the spine and spinal cord professional committee of the rehabilitation medical association of xingtai city, deputy leader of the spine minimally invasive and disc repair group of the spine and spinal cord professional committee of xingtai city. Good at: minimally invasive spine, cervical and lumbar degenerative diseases, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal deformity, osteoporosis, spinal infection and other diseases diagnosis and treatment, especially good at vertebral body formation, diskoscope nucleus pulposus removal fiber ring repair, diskoscope spinal canal expansion treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis.

how to cure lower back pain

Gao jie, jizhong energy xingtai mining group general hospital, a deputy chief physician. Good at: accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, cerebrovascular disease, Parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy.






Can sciatica heal itself? What medicine to take to treat good? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve pain

A friend confided to me the other day that his mother had suffered from sciatica for a long time and had not been able to get better after taking a lot of drugs, which had seriously affected her life.

He asked me what I could do and what medicine I could take. Can the disease heal itself? I believe this is also a headache for many patients and families. To understand these questions, we first need to understand the pathogenesis of the disease.

how to cure lower back pain

Sciatica is primarily painful because it's been invaded

Sciatica is the most common type of peripheral neuropathy. It is mainly a pain syndrome that innervates the sciatic nerve and its nerve branches.

Many factors cause the occurrence and development of sciatica, but its low incidence of primary factors, mainly secondary lesions, namely the sciatic nerve pain not for their own reasons, but because of damage to the hair of pathological changes, including lumbar disc pressure is given priority to, also have lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spine, lumbar spine canal tumor invasion and so on.

The main clinical manifestations were pain in the waist, buttocks, or lower legs and feet in the direction of the sciatic nerve. The clinical symptoms are similar to arthralgia syndrome in Chinese medicine.

how to cure lower back pain

Does sciatica heal itself?

Sciatica is not a serious disease, but it hurts terribly; That pain over whether good? Does it heal itself?

My answer is: yes!!! This is called clinical recovery.

But sciatica is a symptom, not a disease. In order to relieve the symptoms of sciatica, the first thing to do is to treat the cause of sciatica. The cause of sciatica will not be removed, but will recur. It is also necessary to follow the doctor's advice and pay attention to maintenance in life, such as keeping warm and not overworking.

how to cure lower back pain

Cause sciatica pathogeny is very much, is there good remedial means?

Treatment of sciatica

Most of sciatica is caused by the lumbar vertebra, such as disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis and vertebral slide.oral medicine, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy are available. Oral drugs: western medicine usually adopts saids drugs, which are commonly used to relieve pain in clinical practice and have good clinical efficacy. However, long-term use of saids is very harmful to gastrointestinal tract, especially for patients with poor stomach. In addition, the drug can induce myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases, the elderly with caution. Use only for a few days and never for a long time.

Chinese medicine can treat arthralgia syndrome, which can be classified as arthralgia syndrome.

Such as lumbago ning capsule, comprises nux vomica powder, frankincense, myrrh, radix glycyrrhizae, radix cyathulae, ground beetle, rhizoma atractylodis, ephedra, scorpion, batryticated silkworm, through its special pharmaceutical method, reduce side effects and keep its effective components, achieve acetanilide detumescence, evacuate the effect of cold evil, collaterals, can achieve the therapeutic effect of a long time. It is safe and can be taken over a long period of time.

Through a lot of clinical research and clinical practice, it has been proved that it is safe and effective to take the medicine in accordance with the instructions. Tips: strictly follow the instructions to take medicine, this medicine for lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle fibrositis, lumbar hyperplasia, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases of significant efficacy, do not exceed the scope of the treatment of the instructions oh.

how to cure lower back pain

Results show that this medicine can effectively improve the local blood circulation, ease or remove a muscle spasm, improve nerve vascular muscle function, increase the local oxygen supply and cartilage disc infiltration of nutrients, promote tissue metabolism, to further promote the damage of the fiber ring and intervertebral ligament repair and around the nerve root inflammation subsidise, finally realizes the anti-inflammation, detumescence and analgesia.


[1] zeng fan-jun, tu qi. Efficacy and safety of combined treatment of lumbar disc herniation with lumbago tongning capsule [j]. Drug evaluation and analysis in Chinese hospitals,2017,17(1):34-36. Doi :10.14009/j.issn.1672-2124.2017.01.011.

[2] wei chunfeng, huang xishun. Clinical observation of lumbar tongning capsule in the treatment of sciatica [j]. Chinese journal of practical neurological diseases,2016,19(05):114-115.

[3] expert group of spinal and spinal professional committee of Chinese rehabilitation medical association. Consensus of experts on diagnosis and treatment of acute/chronic non-specific low back pain in China [j]. Chinese journal of spinal and spinal cord,2016,26(12):1134-1138. Doi :10.3969/j.issn.1004-406x.2016.12.16.

[4] zhao baohua, zhang dongjun. Clinical study on the treatment of sciatica with lumbago capsule combined with triamcinolone [j]. Modern medicine & clinic, 2008,33(8):2103-2107. Doi :10.7501/j.issn.1674-5515.2018.08.054.

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Symptoms and relief of sciatica – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve


Definition: sciatica refers to a group of pain symptoms occurring along the sciatic nerve pathway, namely the lumbar, buttocks, posterior thigh, posterolateral leg and lateral foot. The sciatic nerve is the main nerve trunk that supplies the lower limbs. Pain in the sciatic nerve pathway and its distribution, i.e., pain in the back of the buttocks, posterolateral leg, and lateral foot. If the pain recurs, the affeComputed tomography (Computed tomography (ct))ed side will develop muscle atrophy, or claudication. Belongs to the lumbago pain category.

Primary sciatica

Primary pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve, mostly unilateral, can often occur at the same time as myofibrositis. The main causes of primary sciatica (sciatic neuritis) are cold and damp, tonsillitis, prostatitis, gingivitis, sinusitis and other inflammatory lesions, some accompanied by myositis and myofibrositis.

Secondary sciatica

Secondary sciatica is caused by compression or stimulation of adjacent pathological changes, and is divided into root and dry sciatica, respectively refers to the compression site is in the nerve root or in the nerve stem. Root diseases are more common, and disc herniation is the most common cause. Other causes include intraspinal tumors, vertebral body metastasis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc. Dry sex can be caused by sacroiliac arthritis, pelvic cavity tumor, pregnancy uterus oppression, hip arthritis, hip trauma, diabetes and so on.

Pathology, etiology

Sciatic nerve from the lumbar spine4~ the sacral2Nerve roots. According to disease lesion place cent root sex and dry sex sciatica two kinds, the former is muchSee root sciatica, lesions located in the spinal canal, the cause of lumbar disc herniation is the most common, followed by tumors in the spinal canal, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbosacral radiculitis. The pathological changes of dry sex sciatica basically is to go up in itinerary of sciatic nerve outside vertebra canal, pathogeny has the tumour inside arthritis of sacral iliac, pelvic cavity, gravidity uterus to compress, coxal injury, piriformis muscle syndrome, gluteal muscle inject is improper and diabetic etc.

Clinical manifestations of

This disease is more common in young and middle-aged men, especially common in recent years to do office work and use computer time too long crowd.Symptoms: unilateral for many. The degree and duration of pain is often related to the cause and onset of the disease.

Root sciatica

The onset varies with etiology. The most common lumbar disc herniation, often in force, bending or strenuous activities and other causes, acute or subacute onset. A few for chronic onset. Pain often from the waist to the side of the hip, thigh, popliteal fossa, leg lateral and foot radiation, burning or knife cut like pain, cough and force when the pain can be aggravated, especially at night. Patients in order to avoid nerve traction, compression, often take special pain reduction posture, such as sleeping lying to the healthy side, hip, knee close flexion, standing on the healthy side, caused by the aging of scoliosis, more bending to the healthy side, sitting into the hip side to the healthy side, to reduce the pressure of nerve roots. Pull sciaticNerves can trigger pain or make it worse.

Dry sciatica

The onset of the disease also varies with the cause. Such as cold or trauma induced more acute onset. Pain often radiates from hip to femur hind, crus posterolateral reach sufficient lateral side. Pain increases with walking, moving, and traction of the sciatic nerve. The tenderness is below the buttock point,laseguePositive sign,kernigSign more negative, spinal curvature more curved to the affected side to reduce the sciatic nerve trunk traction.


It is not difficult to diagnose according to the location and direction of the pain, the factors that aggravate the pain, the posture of reducing the pain, the traction and the tenderness pointBut determining the cause is important.

I. lumbar disc herniation

Patients often have a long history of recurrent back pain, or heavy physical labor history, often in a lumbar injury or bending after the acute onset of labor. In addition to the typical symptoms and signs of rsciatica, there are also lumbar spasms, limited lumbar movement, and disappearance of volume forward flexion.xThe intervertebral space may be narrowed by X-ray.ctExamination can confirm the diagnosis.

2. Cauda equina tumor

The disease starts slowly and gets worse gradually. The disease usually starts with unilateral root sciatica and gradually develops into bilateral. The pain was significantly worse at night and the course of the disease was progressively worse. Sphincter dysfunction and hypoesthesia in the saddle region were also found. Lumbar puncture showed subarachnoid obstruction and significant increase of CSF protein quantity, even appearedfroinsign(Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is yellow and self-coagulated after being placed)Iodine hydrography of the spinal cord orMagnetic resonance imaging (mri)Can be confirmed.

3. Lumbar spinal stenosis

See more at middleaged male, early often have "intermittence claudication", after walking lower limbs is painful aggravate, but stoop walks or the symptom after resting is reduced or disappear. When the nerve root or cauda equina is severely compressed, sciatica symptoms and signs can also appear on one side or on both sides, and the course of disease presents progressive aggravation. Treatment such as bed rest or traction is ineffective. Lumbosacral vertebralxLine or takenctCan be confirmed.

Iv. Lumbosacral radiculitis:

Because of infection, poisoning, nutrient metabolism disorder or strain, cold and other factors. Generally, the onset is more acute, and the damage scope often exceeds the sciatic nerve innervation area, showing weakness, pain, mild muscle atrophy, in addition to the Achilles tendon reflex, knee tendon reflex is often weakened or disappeared.

5. Ankylosing spondylitis:

Come on from sacral iliac joint begins, spread lumbar vertebra up gradually, thoracic vertebra as a result whole spinal joint, cause bone sex ankylosis, it is a kind of chronic, progressive, ascending sex spondylitis. Because this disease brings about the complete sex ankylosing of spinal column more eventually, lose normal intervertebral activity, reason calls ankylosing spondylitis. Ankylosing spondylitis good hair in youth, male incidence of disease stars higher than women, more than familial genetic history. At present, it is believed that this disease is a serum-negative joint disease of connective tissue, whose clinical manifestations may appear morning stiffness. One of the characteristics of this disease is that the lumbar spine is stiff, especially when getting up in the morning, and the pain increases at night. Along with the development of the lesions, uneven because of muscle power around the spine, chest section of the flexor muscle strength is stronger, spinal fixation in forward bends, moreover, to relieve the pressure in the joints, patients often take bending posture, forming Tuo back can be, when the disease spread to transverse rib joints and after thoracic rib joint, can have chest pain, breathing disorders and enlarge bosom limited, lung capacity decreases. When the hip is involved and the disease progresses further, the hip may appear as ankylosis and be fixed in the flexion adductor position. Ankylosing spondylitis is one of the most common diseases causing sciatica. Sciatica can occur throughout the course of the disease, depending on the length of the disease. The weight of illness, can appear dry sexOr root sciatica. Sciatica is bilateral, accompanied by lumbar back pain, sacroiliac pain, extensive paraspinal muscle tenderness is its characteristics.

In addition, lumbar tuberculosis, vertebral body metastatic cancer, etc., should also be considered. In the case of dry sciatica, attention should be paid to the history of cold or infection, as well as the sacroiliac joint, hip joint, pelvic cavity and hip lesions, except for the lumbosacral vertebra when necessaryxIn addition to line radiography, the sacroiliac joint is feasiblexX-ray, anal, gynecological examination and pelvic organsbSupercheck to determine the cause.


1. Bed rest:

Especially early disc herniation hard bed rest3-4Week, some patients symptoms of spontaneous remission.

Ii. Drug therapy

Management of acute phase:

1, should be targeted at the cause of treatment. Rest on a hard bed during the acute phase of lumbar disc herniation12It often stabilizes symptoms.

2, symptomatic treatment, can be usedNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitaminsbFamily, etc.

3,Rheumatism bone pain external application patch, Chinese medicine external dressing, etc.

Iii. Acupuncture treatment

Main point: the waist2-5Jiaji point, ah shi point, ring jump.

1. The wind cold dampness bi[diagnosis points] cold pain in the waist and legs, running up and down, inconvenient flexion and extension, aggravated by rainy cold climate, or accompanied by lower limb swelling; Moss thin white or white greasy, pulse floating tight or heavy.Qiban, yangling spring, mingmen.

2. Blood stasis block[diagnostic points] have a history of contusion in the waist, tingling pain in the waist and legs, and refusing to press the painful place, the tingling pain is scattered, the pain is very severe at night, can not be bent, adverse side rotation; Tongue dark purple or ecchymosis, pulse stagnation astringent. Yanglingquan, diaphragmatic yu, blood sea, weizhong.

3. Vital qi[diagnosis points] dull pain in the waist and legs, recurrent attacks, very tired, weak lower limbs, fear of cold wind, like rubbing like, god tired, pale; Tongue light moss little pulse heavy fine. Yanglingquan, weizhong, zusanli, sanyin jiao.

4Other acupuncture treatments:1 /Auricular point pressing: sciatic nerve, buttock, lumbar sacral vertebra, kidney, tenderness point.2 /Dermal needle: puncture the lumbosacral area and puncture bleeding at the tender point, add cupping.

Iv. Sports therapy

It is suitable for sciatica caused by early lumbar disc herniation, congenital lumbar spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome.

Straight leg lift:Lie supine, lower limbs unbend, suffer from limb to lift actively, when feeling waist, buttock and lower limbs ache, still do one's best exceeds this limit to continue to lift.

The above movements should be gentle and powerful, from light to heavy, and from heavy to light, and then end. The range of activities should be gradually increased and the number of activities increased day by day to reach the maximum tolerance level of the body. If the pain cannot be alleviated after exercise, it is not suitable for this therapy. The therapy is not suitable for patients with acute sciatica.

Sit for a long time why to meet lumbago? Is lumbago herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Sit for a long time why to meet lumbago?

In fact, sitting for long periods of time is extremely damaging to the cervical spine and lumbar spine. The world health organization (who) has long listed sitting as one of the top ten causes of death and disease. By 2020, it is estimated that 70% of the world's diseases will be caused by sitting.

Li weixin, a professor of neurosurgery at tangdu hospital of the air force military medical university, explained that the human spine consists of 26 bones, each of which is "designed" for easy movement, such as rotation and bending. Knees, hips, and ankles are also easy joints. If we sit in a chair for hours a day, five days a week, with our spines, knees, and hips bent for long periods of time, our bodies can become rigid, our muscles can become tense, sore, and even lead to spinal problems such as herniated discs.

The waist discomfort and muscle strain caused by sitting for a long time can be alleviated quickly by changing posture, stretching and relaxing, strengthening waist and back muscle exercise and other methods. But if you let it go without protection, the repetitive effects of low load can reduce tissue tolerance (the strength of the posterior lumbar ligaments and fibrous rings behind the intervertebral discs), and elongated ligaments can cause joint relaxation and instability. Because sit for a long time, lumbar intervertebral disc protrudes the whole body weight presses completely in lumbosacral ministry, pressure is distributed with bearing face uneven, make hind longitudinal ligament is nervous, lose flexibility, cause lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude, compress nerve root.

Professor li weixin suggests that we should develop good habits in our daily life. No matter what kind of work or entertainment we are engaged in, we should do appropriate activities and avoid sitting for a long time.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Is that lumbago herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc?

From clinical and life experience, great majority of friends in the occurrence of lumbago symptoms will think that is lumbar disc herniation. But in fact, back pain is not always caused by lumbar disc herniation.

Lumbar disc herniation is not the only factor that causes the symptoms of backache. Lumbar disc herniation is a common disease with high incidence, which makes many people subconsciously think it is lumbar disc herniation when they have symptoms of lumbar pain. In fact, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal canal tumor and other diseases are also common causes of patients' symptoms of lumbar pain.

Lumbago is not necessarily a symptom of lumbar disc herniation. Many of you may think that a herniated disc will definitely lead to lower back pain, but this is not the case. Lower back pain is only one of the symptoms that patients may present, rather than necessarily present. Patients with lumbar disc herniation symptoms according to the different prominent location may be: lumbago, lumbosacral pain, back pain, sciatica, limb reflex pain and so on.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

If you have a lumbago, you should go to the neurosurgery department of a regular hospital in time for examination, and do the right intervention in time to improve symptoms and slow down the occurrence of degeneration.

Don't neglect to do 4 little things to help you strengthen your waist and abdomen – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine

People have varying degrees of back pain throughout their lives. When the spinal cord, nerve roots, arteries, ligaments and other tissues of the lumbar spine are injured, it can cause disc herniation of the lumbar spine, compression of the nerve roots, causing back pain. On line, family doctor invited zhang yu, director of orthopedics and traumatology department of guangdong no. 2 middle school hospital, to introduce some simple exercises that can help maintain lumbar spine.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Zhang yu, director of orthopedics and traumatology department, guangdong no. 2 middle school hospital

Alert for lower back pain

Zhang yu, director of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, usually if the waist long-term excessive weight, lumbar muscle strain, poor posture, acute lumbar sprain and other factors, are easy to cause lumbar disc herniation. In addition, some special jobs such as drivers, long-term sitting and bumpy state, lumbar disc pressure. Prolonged and repeated increases in disc pressure can accelerate disc degeneration or herniation.

Do 4 simple exercises to strengthen your waist and stomach

Zhang yu, director of traditional Chinese medicine told family doctors online editing, strengthen the back and abdominal muscle strength exercise, can effectively prevent back pain. At the same time, when exercising back and back muscles again, the abdominal muscles should not be ignored, because the muscle strength and flexibility of back, abdominal, hip and big legs all play an important role in maintaining the stability of the spine. Below, he introduces five simple actions, twice a day, for 10 minutes each time, which can effectively maintain the lumbar spine and prevent back pain.

Action 1: lie on your back and roll your stomach half way (for upper abdominal muscles)

Exercise upper abdominal muscles best use supine half – roll. Place your hands across your chest or behind your head, but not over your head to prevent yourself from borrowing from your elbows and making a mistake. Focus on your belly and roll it up. Just try a few sets, and the abdominal muscles will feel sore.

Move 2: supine leg lift (for lower abdominal muscles)

The supine leg lift is a great way to work your hip flexors and lower rectus abdominis and is a great way to work your lower abdomen.

Action three: small swallow fly

By imitating the flying posture of swallow, this movement can fully exercise the muscles and ligaments in the lower back and protect the intervertebral disc, which is of great help to the prevention of lumbar disc herniation or postoperative recovery.

The starting position is prone, face down, arms with shoulder joints for support point, gently raised, arms up while gently raised, shoulders backward upward. At the same time, gently lift your feet and contract the muscles at the bottom of your waist. Support your ribs and abdomen as much as possible for 3-5 seconds. Do 30-50 rounds a day, divided into 2-3 sessions.

Because small swallow flies the standard movement difficulty is bigger, if does is more reluctantly, may replace the small swallow flies movement with the standing position waist extension movement.

Action 4: waist arch bridge (five-point support)

The back, waist, arm and lower limbs are arched, like an arch bridge. Hold this movement after a few minutes slowly repeat two or three times, not difficult, not time consuming, can effectively prevent the treatment of minor lumbar muscle strain.

Expert profile:

Zhang yu, director of the department of orthopedics and traumatology, guangdong no. 2 hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, doctor of medicine, specializes in minimally invasive spinal endoscopy (intervertebral foramen) for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, and cervical spondylosis. And for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment.

Visiting time: Monday afternoon (lu jingdong community clinic), Wednesday afternoon (the fifth clinic room on the third floor of the general hospital)

(editor: wei lu pan)

I would like to ask the net worm clan careful keyboard knock bad fingers seriously can be disabled

Tenosynovitis is a major killer of office workers who use computers. The doctor reminds, every hour please let the finger rest a few minutes, often do massage to the finger.

Housewives beat tennis elbow tips

The disease caused by chronic and repeated injury stimulation, especially in the middle-aged and elderly people over 45 years old, is commonly called "tennis elbow".

Menstruation is maladjusted, abdominal pain abdominal distension this is the white-collar that summer often sits an office, especially young woman, if be in for a long time below the cold wind of air conditioning, may affect ovarian function, make oviposit produces obstacle, bring about menstruation thereby…

What does the reason of female backache have? 7 tips to ease back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/severe back pain

Female lumbago is the commonest kind of disease, the reason that causes female lumbago has a lot of kinds, for example lumbar muscle strain is damaged, lumbar vertebra is pathological change or it is urogenital system infection to wait a moment. So, what are the causes of backache in women? How should female lumbago alleviate? Let's see.

What does the reason of female backache have?

1. Cold and trauma

Suffer from rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis of women, mostly due to the menstrual period, delivery and postpartum wind, wet, cold attack, leading to spinal long bone spurs and induced back pain. If you have a sprain in your lower back, it may develop into a herniated disc, severe back pain, and even affect the curvature and rotation of your spine.

2. Lumbar spine lesions

More common in elderly women, as the growth of age, lumbar nerve compression symptoms will increase. Pseudospondylolisthesis of spinal column caused by degenerative diseases is a relatively common disease, which is prone to cause lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lumbago and radiating pain of lower limbs, and often vertebral collapse fracture caused by osteoporosis. Osteophyte formation in older adults can cause spinal stiffness and can also lead to persistent back pain.

3, lumbar muscle strain

People who have long been engaged in standing operations, such as textile, printing and dyeing, chefs, restaurant employees, hairdressers and salers, etc., may accumulate excessive lactic acid locally due to their weakened ability to stretch tendons and ligaments in the waist due to continuous standing, which inhibits the normal metabolism of psoas muscle and may also lead to back pain caused by lumbar muscle strain. Often carry weight on the back, lumbar burden is overweight, easy to produce vertebra side to bend, cause lumbar muscle strain and appear lumbago.

Urinary tract infection

As a result of female urethra short and straight, and urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, often escherichia coli parasitic, in addition to the characteristics of female physiological aspects, the chances of urinary tract pollution more, if neglect hygiene, easy to occur urinary tract infection. Lumbago is caused by acute and chronic pyelonephritis, which is characterized by lumbar distention and severe radiating to the perineum along the ureter. In addition to urinary infection, urinary stones, tuberculosis and other diseases, also cause back pain. Back pain is the most common ailment in most women, but many people don't pay attention to it, leading to worse back pain.

7 tips to ease back pain

1. Bridge movement

First in a yoga mat or bed, lie on your back, and then place in a yoga mat or on knees together on the bed, his hands flat on the yoga mat or on the bed, also can put in abdomen, head and shoulders to yoga mat or bed surface, by the waist strength to make the waist, hips and thighs parts leave the yoga mat or bed surface, the whole people into the arch shape, stay for 5 seconds. You can do 3 sets of 15 each after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. When it's easy, try lifting your shoulders off the mat, or even lifting one leg to make it harder.

2. Change your posture

It is very common for white-collar workers to have backache, mainly as a result of their irregular sitting posture. The position of the ischium is important to sit comfortably. Usually when many people sit down, the ischium is easy to move forward, resulting in bone disc back, increase the burden of the waist. Accordingly correct sitting method is: when sitting down, rear rear moves 3 centimeters again, can adjust the position of bone dish correctly so, bone dish stands to rise ability to maintain upright and upright correct sitting position.

3, breathing,

Proper breathing will help you concentrate, locate your workout area, and get twice the result with half the effort. Injury recovery exercise should not be too hasty, please take a deep breath, in the slow exhalation process to complete a static confrontation.

4, lateral neck

This is a great way to stimulate the trapezius muscle and the musculature between the shoulder and neck. As shown in the figure, put your hand behind the side of your head, and then slowly push your head toward the inclined bottom to the pole — and then use your head to force, and return your hand to the original position.

5. Switch feet

Standing for a long time puts a lot of pressure on your waist. It is recommended to put one foot on a stool or other object to have a support, and then change feet frequently to help reduce the burden on your waist. Wearing platform shoes or standing on a thick rubber mat can also help.

6. Lose weight

Obesity means more pressure on the waist muscles. Losing weight also protects the joints and muscles of the knees and hips. You need to know what you should avoid. Contact sports, swing sports, golf, weight lifting, dancing, running and sit-ups are generally not suitable for people with back pain. Stair climbing is also not suitable, especially for the elderly and those with knee problems.

Stretch in the morning

Wake up your muscles and joints with slow, gentle movements every morning, stretch, breathe deeply, and be careful not to make sudden movements in your spine. Low-intensity activities such as walking, stationary cycling or swimming are all good for the morning, while gentle stretches or yoga are also good for the lower back.

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