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A 45-year-old woman surnamed chang (hua surname) has been suffering from stiffness, chills and pain in her lower back for nearly half a year. After examination in the hospital, she was initially diagnosed as myofascitis after excluding skeletal problems in her lower back.

Myofascitis is good hair in lumbar back, it is to point to the aseptic sex inflammation reaction of muscle and fascia, call again "lumbar dorsal muscle injury", namely the lumbar backache that often says. Its pathogeny is cold, damp, traumatic or morpheus position is improper and chronic strain, make local lumbar back muscle fascia namely muscle tissue, produce edema, exudate and fibrous denaturation wait for a symptom. Clinical manifestations are often persistent or intermittent chronic muscle heaviness, pain, weakness, numbness and stiffness, which seriously affect the quality of life.

Combined with chang's pain symptoms, the doctor suggested chang to use balanced cupping therapy. The first treatment, chang felt back stretch, warm, pain relief. After treatment with the equalized cupping system once a week, a course of treatment for 4 times in total, chang's lower back pain disappeared, and her stiffness and coolness were relieved.

At present, the method that treats lumbar dorsal muscle injury is very much, western medicine is given priority to with anti-inflammatory analgesia more, but long-term medication has the side effect such as gastrointestinal tract and rash. In the treatment of Chinese medicine, myofascitis belongs to the category of bi syndrome of Chinese medicine. It is believed that the disease is mainly caused by the weak vital energy of the meridians and the loss of vital energy and blood due to the feeling of cold evil.

Balanced cupping therapy is a kind of cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy selects acupoints according to the classics, and develops the traditional cupping therapy into more than 10 techniques, such as flassing, kneading, walking, rotating, shaking and vibrating cupping, so as to perform benign stimulation such as ironing, rubbing, pulling, squeezing and plucking on the waist and back muscles and "pain sensitive points". At the same time, the use of cupping warm, negative pressure effect, stimulate meridian qi, dredge meridian, regulate zang-fu organs, balance Yin and Yang, improve local blood circulation, relax spasmodic muscles, improve the fatigue state of the tissue, so that the meridian qi and blood smooth operation, to assist the treatment of back pain. During the procedure, the patient is usually placed in the prone position, first passing the bladder through the flashover tank on both sides of the spine in the back. When the pot is hot, apply a small amount of lubricating oil on the back and rub the pot along the vein and bladder meridian. Then shake the pot along the back bladder meridian, and then push the pot along the vein and bladder meridian with moderate suction. Wipe the back, according to different diseases in the corresponding acupuncture points and the lumbar back of the tank 5~10 minutes, at any time to ask the patient to feel and make adjustments. Balance cupping is not only used for the treatment of lumbar back muscle injury, but also for the auxiliary treatment of cold, cough, insomnia, periarthritis of shoulder, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute gastroenteritis, dampness-heat constitution conditioning and sub-healthy people.

Does constipation haemorrhoid waist backache? Experts teach you how to relieve discomfort during pregnancy – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar backache

Beijing, Dec. 10 (xinhua) — in the long process of pregnancy, apart from those earth-shattering events that need to be handled by doctors, women can also encounter a lot of difficulties. If you are prepared for these discomfort and confusion, pregnant women will be more comfortable through the pregnancy.

【 constipation.

It's very common during pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to the increase in progesterone secretion, the intestinal peristalsis and intestinal tension of pregnant women are weakened, the emptying time is prolonged, and water is absorbed by the intestinal wall. At the same time, enlargement of the pregnant uterus and fetal pressure on the lower segment of the intestinal tract, often cause constipation. Pregnant women with normal defecation habits can drink a cup of warm water every morning and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest and rich in fiber. Cannot be pregnant completely motionless, every day to carry out appropriate exercise, develop a good habit of defecating on time.

If constipation is serious, also can take orally slow diarrhoea agent, or anus USES to open plug dew, glycerine bolt to wait, make excrement lubrication is softened and discharge easily. Do not use strong laxative, also do not enema, lest cause miscarriage or premature birth.


A joke said, the teacher said ten male nine hemorrhoids, such as female students are laughing over, the teacher said ten female ten hemorrhoids! Not necessarily, but hemorrhoids are common in women during pregnancy. The varicose hemorrhoid vein can appear for the first time already during pregnancy, pregnancy also can make already had haemorrhoid relapse and aggravate. This is due to increased uterine pregnancy or pregnancy constipation and other factors so hemorrhoid vein reflux obstruction, causing increased rectal venous pressure. In addition to eating more vegetables and less spicy food, hemorrhoid pain and swelling can be relieved by sitting in a warm bath and taking laxatives.

[digestive system symptoms]

Nausea and vomiting are common in the first trimester. Can eat more meals, avoid greasy food. Doctors may give vitamin b6. If indigestion occurs, your doctor may give you oral vitamins, dried yeast, pepsin, etc. If vomiting symptom is serious, belong to pregnancy hyperemesis, should treat according to the disease.

Additional, because gestation uterus makes stomach moves up, gastric content regurgitation goes esophagus lower segment, add the sphincter of esophagus end (cardiac sphincter) flabbiness, can cause gastric esophagus regurgitation, cause burning feeling. After meal avoid bend down to lie peacefully, appropriate activity can slow down a symptom, still can take aluminium hydroxide to wait for restraining acid agent.

Low back pain

Gestation period articulation and ligament flabby, the gestation uterus that increases at the same time protrusion forward, make body center hind moves, lumbar vertebra protrusion forward, make lumbar back muscle is in continuous tension condition, so pregnant woman often has lumbar backache, degree severity is different. A pillow around the waist can relieve pain at rest, and in severe cases bed rest, topical hot compresses or painkillers are needed. If the pain is obvious and persistent, see an orthopedic or neurologist to determine the cause and treat it promptly.

[varicose veins of lower limbs and vulva]

The increased uterine pressure on the inferior vena cava increases the pressure on the femoral vein, leading to varicose veins in the vulva and lower extremities. In the third trimester of pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid standing for a long time. If possible, medical elastic socks can be worn.


In the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, the demand for iron in the fetus increases. A lot of times rely on dietary complement only apparent inadequacy, need compensatory iron agent, it is ferrous sulfate and polysaccharide iron compound more.

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How to manage back pain? How to organize and promote overseas back pain data – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

Howard maple leaf: recovery

After decades of rapid development, modern western medicine has entered the era of evidence-based medicine. Compared with previous empirical medicine, evidence-based medicine has solid evidence and is easy to spread and learn. Let's take a look at what resources are available in Canada to promote low back pain prevention and treatment.

The first is the level of family doctors (Canada has a hierarchical medical system). They are the first medical staff to contact patients, and they need to conduct the initial diagnosis of patients, which naturally causes great pressure. It is also said to be the medical group with the highest complaint rate. Therefore, the provincial health education departments attach great importance to the continuing education and training of family doctors. Take alberta as an example. The mission of top(towards optimized practice) is to help family doctors better follow evidence-based medical evidence and improve patient satisfaction. The organization collates and provides evidence-based medical evidence for a variety of diseases and produces brochures for health care workers or patients. The old editor felt that the foreign materials made by the meticulous novel, it is worth the domestic peer learning. Take a look at what they have to offer about low back pain.

1) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain

back doctor

2) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain (guideline)

back doctor

3) management of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

back doctor

4) clinical assessment of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

back doctor

5) video

A) introduces the examination process and Outlines the major steps and key considerations inspection process and the main steps and critical thinking

A) viewers through the examination in detail

C) reviews the examination, ignore key elements and ignore key elements

The second is a variety of materials for patients including:

1) patient pain manual for patients suffering from acute back pain

2) patient handout chronic low back pain manual

back doctor

3) video

A) what to do with acute low back pain? Get back at it! How should acute lumbar backache attack do?

B) living well with chronic low back pain

C) self-management for chronic pain

4) teaching for back pain (Chinese)

Finally, training courses for specialist staff such as physiotherapists

CPA (Canada physiotherapy association) offers extensive online training courses (see figure 1), mainly for evidence-based medicine, while for practical methods, physiotherapists have to sign up for various kinds of physiotherapy courses at work and pay for them at their own expenses. An online continuation course for back pain, for example, consists of four blocks and six weeks of self-study (figure 2)

back doctor

Figure 1

1. Section one: lumbar spine anatomical and functional anatomy and function lumbar spine

2. Section two: lumbar the conditions lumbar disease

3. Section three: lumbopelvic examination

Section four: LBP management of back pain

Figure 2

The specific contents are not one by one, just the first module as an example. There are three test such as on lumbar spine anatomy, everybody can do so, can do a few?

1. The body of a typical lumbar vertebra is larger than cervical or thoracic vertebra with a transverse diameter greater than the anteroposterior diameter and greater than the height, according to is this? The typical lumbar vertebrae in human body are all larger than the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, showing that the transverse process radius is much larger than the anterior and posterior radius and the height of vertebrae is thicker. Why? (radio)

A) it must for allowing large ranges of movement into flexion and extension.

B) the vertebral bodies happens in size as they go from cervical to lumbar areas. From the cervical vertebra to the lumbar spine, vertebral body size has been increased.

C) it needs to support compressive loads under caused by body weight, the ground reaction forces and muscle contraction. The need for weight loss, the ground reaction force and muscle contraction force caused by extrusion load support

D) the vertebral body must be large to accommodate the space that the spinal cord. The requires to have greater vertebral bodies to give the space required for the spinal cord

2. The collagen fibres of adjacent lamellae in the anulus fibrosus are orientated in opposite directions at 120 degrees to each other. According to is this? Why the collagenous fibers between adjacent lamellar layers in the annulus fibrosus are 120 to each other? Reverse distribution? (radio)

A) it makes it strong enough to keep the nucleus pulposus in place

C)it allows the disc to be compressed without damage

C) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in a medio – lateral direction. The tension of fiber ring can resist lateral direction.

D) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in nearly all directions. It can make the fiber ring tension resistance to almost all direction

3. Over the orientation may than, the majority of facet joints in the lumbar spine have a curved structure that is biplanar in orientation, The anterior aspect is in the frontal plane and the posterior aspect is closer to the sagittal plane. Which of the following statements is true about the facet joints? Although the direction may vary, most facet joints of the lumbar spine are biplane curved, with the frontal plane in front and the sagittal plane behind. Which of the following statements about facet joints are true? (pops)

A)the frontal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension.

B) the sagittal orientation provides to hold to rotation. Rotation resistance sagittal direction

C) the frontal plane orientation provides resistance to front shear.

D) the sagittal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension, in the sagittal direction allows a wider range of flexing and stretching.

E) the biplanar orientation protects the intervertebral disc. The structure of the double planar protect the intervertebral disc.

Postpartum lumbar backache? Anesthesia don't carry this "pot"! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar backache

"Doctor, my backache is where the anesthetic is!" "Doctor, I hear you have back pain after anesthesia." Back pain is a problem many mothers face after giving birth, and many say it's caused by anesthesia.

what do i take for back pain

The anesthesiologist says you can't carry the pot! In fact, back pain caused by anesthesia usually disappears after a few days due to tissue repair.

what do i take for back pain

Who moved the new mother's small waist?

It is now believed that postpartum backache mainly has the following reasons:

1. Pelvic ligament relaxation and skeletal muscle deformation

2, physiological bending imbalance

3. Rectus abdominis muscle separation

4, physiological calcium deficiency


6. Stay in bed too long

7. Postpartum weight gain

Here are some ways to prevent and relieve back pain:

what do i take for back pain

1. Reasonable diet before birth to avoid obesity

2. Pay attention to body position before and after delivery, and avoid bending and standing for a long time

3, appropriate calcium supplements during pregnancy and delivery

4, back appropriate massage therapy, if not relief should go to the hospital.

Now, can you dispel the misconception about anesthesiologists?

lumbar backache – It's not for nothing that women have frequent back pain, or these 4 reasons why!

Backache is a very common symptom in life, many women have this kind of situation, bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life. In general, women occasionally have back pain, the problem is not very big, if frequent back pain, you need to pay attention to the cause, it is not for nothing, can not be ignored.

Women often suffer from back pain, or these four factors may be behind it

When female friend appears the symptom of lumbago frequently, a lot of people can think it is him too tired more, or it is lumbar appeared problem, rest more good. In fact, the reason of female backache has a variety of, unfavorable and careless, the following is simple analysis for everybody.

One, waist catch cold or be to get traumatic

Women in postpartum and other special period of time, the waist by cold attack, prone to waist pain. If oneself waist has been traumatized, also can appear more serious back pain, serious when daily activities are a problem. When we experience frequent lower back pain, we can look more closely to see if we've had a cold or if we've had a trauma to our lower back before taking appropriate measures.

2. Back pain due to menstruation

The female of mature body development, every month has a menstruation, in this period, a few organizations among female pelvic cavity can have the circumstance of congestive, and hormone inside right now secrete also have a change, may make pelvic avascular dilate, appear the circumstance of frequent lumbago finally. This kind of waist pain caused by menstruation, female friends can slowly relieve through daily conditioning, if the effect is not good, you can go to the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine.

Urinary tract infection

In the middle of life, women with urinary stones can have lower back pain. The stone of general urological system can appear in the place such as urethra, kidney, can make the patient appear the symptom such as lumbar ache, dysuria, hematuria, when ache is serious, still can radiate to other place, make a person feel afflictive.

Four, suffered from some gynecological diseases

As women grow older, many will be entangled in gynecological diseases. When female body appears inflammation of department of gynaecology, pelvic cavity organ is easy to appear the condition of congestion oedema, inside is squeezed and pull, can cause lumbar ache. In addition, women suffer from uterine fibroids and other diseases, fibroids growth will be compressed to the nerve, also cause back pain, need more attention.

The symptom that often appears lumbago is abnormal circumstance, every woman's body has difference, the reason of lumbago is different, oneself should pay more attention to observation, find out the reason early, treat to the symptom, let the waist recover as soon as possible. Along with treatment, we can also take steps to help ourselves relieve pain.

Relief of lower back pain, we can do this

Try applying a hot compress to the waist

If you have a lot of pain in your lower back, try applying a hot compress. In the morning and evening free time, we can each apply once, each time apply 30 minutes, in the application time to control the heat, do not be too hot.

Bend back and exercise your waist

The lower back hurts a lot and we can also bend over backwards to relieve the pain. When exercising, oneself first both hands akimbo, bend backward slowly, reset again, do repeatedly so, the action wants slow, have certain effect to lumbar ache.

Female backache is a very common phenomenon, frequent pain, they should be taken seriously, find out the reason as early as possible, slowly relieve pain, let the waist recovery.

lumbar backache – Relieve lower back pain stay flexible and strengthen the weak can also do yoga | how to relieve back pain fast, what relieves lower back pain

Yoga improves physical flexibility, relieves pain, lifts the spirit and keeps you active. However, the weak often feel that yoga is the exercise of the strong.

Ease back pain stay flexible strengthen strength weak people can also do yoga

Yoga improves physical flexibility, relieves pain, lifts the spirit and keeps you active. However, the weak often feel that yoga is the exercise of the strong. In fact, the infirm can do yoga as long as they pay attention to their posture. Us news and world report has come up with six yoga poses for the infirm.

(1) side Angle. Take two steps forward with the right foot, knee bent, thigh parallel to the ground; Place your right arm on your thigh, palms up; Stand up and close your buttocks, extend your left arm close to your left ear, palm down, and look up slowly. Hold for five breaths, then repeat on the other side. This position relieves lower back pain and strengthens the legs, arms and back.

The locust style. Lie on your stomach with your forehead on the floor, palms down, back taut, feet hip width apart, shoulders and neck level; Then stretch out your arms and lift your chin, arms and legs; Hold the position, take five breaths, then slowly lower the limbs back to the floor. This position works the muscles in your back.

(3) the tree. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart; Shift your weight onto your right foot. Place your left foot above or below your right knee. Cross your palms and look ahead; Keep your chin parallel to the floor and take 10 deep breaths. This position exercises balance, improves concentration, and reduces anxiety and stress.

The dove. Sit up straight with your left leg bent forward and your right leg stretched back. Place your right and left forearms on the ground (notice that your left knee is in line with your chest and right knee). This position can reduce knee pressure, strengthen leg ministry waist flexibility and curve.

5. Heroic style. Begin to kneel posture, knees together, two feet apart, toes pointing backwards; Hip is put fall on the ground between two feet, do not sit on two feet above, the outside of two ham should contact with the inside of corresponding crus; Touch the floor as far back as you can; Hold the position and breathe for 30 seconds. This position relaxes the body and mind, eliminates heel pain, heals flat feet, and relieves gout and rheumatic pain.

6 sitting posture wide leg forward bending. The first is sitting, legs open, hands on the floor, feet and knees up straight; Then sit up straight, take a deep breath, and slowly lean forward as you exhale. Hold for 10 seconds and return to initial position. This posture can stretch muscles and bones, enhance leg strength, relieve back pain. (Chen zonglun)

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lower back pain specialist – Don't take back pain lightly! Beware of ankylosing spondylitis | what to do with lower back pain at home, lumbar backache

Information times | reporter huang yan correspondent zhou jin 'an zhen xiaozhou | 2019-07-03 17:17:47

Information times dispatch (reporter huang yan correspondent zhou jin an zhen xiaozhou) has the backache that a kind of disease causes, see in the youth of 13-31 years old more, it is the ankylosing spondylitis that is called "the cancer that does not die". From June 27 to 28, the "2019 China spinal arthritis/ankylosing spondylitis international seminar" was held in guangzhou by the department of rheumatology and immunology of zhongshan third hospital, guangzhou medical university, jinan university, southern medical university and guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to domestic experts in rheumatology, there were also experts, scholars and patients in the field of rheumatology from Germany, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions. Dr. Gu jie, director of department of rheumatology and immunity of zhongshan third hospital, introduced ankylosing spondylitis, which belongs to a kind of rheumatic immunity disease, with certain heritability, the symptom is not only pain, not attention will be disabled.

Lack of understanding of disease

It takes 13 years for the patient to "get it right"

Miss su, 28 years old, family has ankylosing spondylitis genetic history, uncle, aunt and other five people have different degrees of symptoms. Miss su was only 9 years old when she fell ill. She had pain in her waist and legs. She needed to be supported or carried by others when she walked. By the age of 12, she was completely unable to walk, and her family took her to the local hospital for tests. However, due to local medical conditions, she was misdiagnosed with arthritis, ostitis and other diseases.

At the age of 22, her sister learned about the disease through various ways, and finally took her to the department of rheumatology and immunity of zhongshan third hospital. At this point, the standard treatment and disease management began. Since miss su's two hips had been fused and her movements were limited, she also had a double hip replacement operation. The operation went very smoothly, and miss su was able to move without crutches and perform some daily movements. Now she's at work, and although she still has occasional bouts of pain, her daily routine is largely unaffected by regular tests and medication.

"The lack of knowledge about the disease among patients and their families creates a wall between patients and doctors." In view of this situation, experts in rheumatology and immunology department spared no effort to start the "ice-breaking" campaign of scientific knowledge for the vast number of patients and their families. During the seminar, the popular science series "royal wind collection" was released. Qiu guoxin, party secretary of zhongshan third hospital, said that the congress paid special attention to the popular science and publicity of rheumatic immunity diseases in the Chinese public, and launched the "royal wind collection" series of books, hoping to comprehensively popularize the common problems of rheumatic immunity diseases to patients and their families, so that they can actively and correctly face the disease.

More than 50% of ankylosing spondylitis patients

The diagnosis has been advanced

It is understood that in our country, suffering from ankylosing spondylitis (referred to as) the number of patients reached 5 million to 10 million. If not timely treatment or improper treatment, the three-year disability rate is about 45.5%, and the five-year disability rate is as high as 70%. Ankylosing spondylitis is called "deathless cancer" because of its high disability rate and high recurrence rate.

According to research, the age of onset is usually 13 to 31 years old, most of them are young people aged 20 to 30 years old, more men than women. But in our country, ankylosing spondylitis patients wait an average of six years from the first symptom to the first doctor's diagnosis. At present, more than 50% of ankylosing spondylitis patients have been diagnosed after the middle and late. Due to the fact that some patients are easily interfered by the flood of bad information in the treatment process and fail to follow the reasonable treatment plan, the condition is repeated and the control is not good, which reduces the quality of life, life and work. Ankylosing spondylitis is a kind of chronic disease that can be treated and controlled, but it is difficult to cure. In the process of long-term struggle with the disease, patients' physical and mental health will be greatly damaged, causing serious physical pain and psychological burden, but also to the family and society to bring a heavy disease burden.

Dr. Yu buyun, professor of rheumatology and immunity department of zhongshan third hospital, ankylosing spondylitis in the early treatment effect is very good, will not hunchback, can be normal activities, but if the patients do not understand their disease, think that the situation has improved after the use of drugs to stop the drug, in a few years later, will start to appear hunchback, affect various activities. At the same time, ankylosing spondylitis generally occurs in young people, and young people appear backache, because parents do not understand the disease, may think that is lumbar disc herniation, bone hyperplasia, degenerative changes. "If a patient's blood tests positive for hla – b27 or has a family history, be alert," yu warned. It is recommended to do some training, such as swimming, before the symptoms appear. Meanwhile, patients should pay attention to check regularly and treat the symptoms early. The results can be very good."

lumbar backache – Does lumbago ache ning capsule effect how? Treat what disease? Does lumbago ache ning eat how long to have the effect? | how to cure lumbar pain, what can you do for lower back pain

Have a patient to seek advice recently: the waist aches to go to a hospital, the doctor opened lumbago ning capsule, go home to see an instruction manual, treated a lot of disease, what disease does it treat after all? Does lumbago ache ning capsule effect how? Does lumbago ache ning eat how long to have the effect? Niaotongning is a Chinese patent medicine commonly used in the department of orthopedics

Have a patient to seek advice recently: the waist aches to go to a hospital, the doctor opened lumbago ning capsule, go home to see an instruction manual, treated a lot of disease, what disease does it treat after all? Does lumbago ache ning capsule effect how? Does lumbago ache ning eat how long to have the effect?

Niaotongning is a common Chinese patent medicine for orthopedic lumbago and leg pain. According to the manual, it treats lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar fibroinflammation, rheumatic joint pain caused by cold and wet blood stasis. From here, it can be seen that it can cure several diseases caused by pain in the waist and legs, joint pain.

Why does it cure so many diseases? In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a famous theory of "treating different diseases at the same time". As long as the etiology and pathogenesis of different diseases are the same, the principles of treatment are the same. These kinds of diseases belong to the scope of "backache" and "arthralgia syndrome" in Chinese long as syndrome differentiation is the type of dampness and dampness stasis, the treatment principle is to spread cold and dehumidify, warm channels and clear collaterals, reduce swelling and relieve pain, and it is commonly used in clinic.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is also a famous theory of "different treatment of the same disease", which is syndrome differentiation. The same is backache, different people, the performance is different, syndrome differentiation is different, in addition to the cold and wet backache, there is damp and hot backache, kidney deficiency backache, etc., cold and wet backache patients suitable for taking backache ning, damp and hot backache, kidney deficiency backache is not suitable.

What about the effect of the lumbago ning capsule? According to a meta-analysis (which represents a high level of convincing evidence), the efficacy of niaotongning capsule in treating lumbago and leg pain is better than other methods, and the total effective rate is higher than other treatments. Other methods in this meta-analysis included analgesics, hormones, and other proprietary Chinese medicines. This is a solid proof of the effectiveness of backache ning capsules.

In addition to the published evidence of the effectiveness of the niitongning capsule, what can the patient say? Now many patients, especially the elderly, especially believe in word of mouth, you take what medicine for back pain, that I also try; Or, my backache eats what medicine to have had eaten, on hearing you one backache, recommend energetically at once, and the other side also is special letter. Back pain ning capsule in this way, often recommended to each other by elderly patients. However, the correct dialectical effect is needed to be better.

Why? Eat Chinese traditional medicine to want to differentiate, if this person is cold and wet waist to ache just, that ate the effect to be able to assure; What if it's hot and damp? Did kidney empty waist ache? This is clearly not the case. Only syndrome differentiation type is correct, can talk about the effect and how long back pain ning capsule effect. The syndrome differentiation is all wrong, the effect does not need to talk about.

Does lumbago ache ning eat how long to have the effect? There is no evidence to say, or to use published articles to prove more convincing. The main objective of this study was to observe the dose-response relationship of liaotongning. Studies have found that taking large doses of niitongning capsules (1 time a day, 1 time 6 pills), the average pain relief time is about 7 days; Take small dose of lumbago ning capsule (1 time a day, 1 time 4 pills), the average analgesic onset time is about 10 days.

According to the results of this study, it is easy to answer the question of how long it takes to have an effect. Small doses generally take about 7 days, large doses take about 10 days. Of course, this is a lot of people's average time, specific to the individual, back pain ning how long to eat the effect, a little different, completely reasonable.

lumbar backache – Is the man lumbago and kidney empty concerned? Be honest: maybe it has something to do with these three reasons

Many people have experienced back pain and know that it can affect their lives and bring great discomfort to themselves, but men are the most prone to it among all groups. Since the male reproductive organs and kidneys are closely related to the waist, problems in these organs can be manifested through backache, so most men are prone to the occurrence of backache, and men should know that when the occurrence of backache should be aware that some diseases may occur in the body parts.

What disease does the man appear lumbago to suggest possibly?

One, lumbar muscle strain

Lumbar muscle strain is a relatively common disease, its appearance will make men often feel waist pain, especially for a long time to maintain a position of men, more likely to let their own waist injury and cause lumbar muscle strain.

Second, lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is also a relatively common disease, which can also lead to severe back pain. Men who often bend over to do gravity work are prone to lumbar disc herniation. Once the formation of lumbar disc herniation, the treatment process is relatively long, and some need surgery.

lumbar backache

Kidney disease

The occurrence of kidney disease is also a cause of back pain in men, men are easily due to kidney damage and a variety of kidney diseases, and most kidney diseases will lead to the occurrence of back pain, so in the occurrence of back pain should also be vigilant, may be damaged by the kidney.

Thus it can be seen that there are many causes of backache in men. In life there are a lot of men have a waist pain is considered his kidney problems, and some even think his kidney empty, blindly, kidney, but don't know blind kidney is of great harm to the body, the doctor had said in an interview, there are a lot of men has certain error to the kidney, there are a lot of men in their daily lives is not necessary for kidney, because sometimes the occurrence of low back pain is likely due to fatigue or other reasons, not a lumbago is kidney problems, and kidney even if there is a problem also can't blind kidney, because there are a lot of kidney disease, even kidney empty, It also divides for kidney Yang empty and kidney Yin empty, need to let a doctor undertake distinguishing in time when appearing lumbago so, want to treat to the symptom just is the most correct.

lumbar backache

Warm tips: men should not blindly make their own judgment after the occurrence of backache. They should seek medical treatment in time and let the doctor judge according to the clinical symptoms. In this way, men can be better helped to find out the cause of backache, so that they can more accurately treat the disease and avoid taking arbitrary measures without knowing the extent of the disease.

lumbar backache – Sitting for a long time backache! What's the best sitting posture at work? | about back pain

But doesn't mean they're always right. The researchers estimate that the average person works more hours per year1700 hours, about time for entertainment every day5.11 hoursAnd sit down for as much time each day as possible15.5 hours. In other words,If you're not sleeping, you're probably sitting.

Your posture and the way you use your body to yourMood, energy, self-imageHas profound effects and can cause or prevent many physical injuries. With so much time spent sitting every day, proper posture is crucial to your daily productivity and you need to know how to adjust yourself to get the best results.

Many people believe that there is oneThe "best"The sitting position. But there's more than one good posture. Different sitting positions put different levels of physical stress on our bodies,A variety of sitting positions is good for your body.

Determine if a pose is enough"Good", we can make an assessment according to the following points:

The amount of muscle activity required to maintain this position(too much muscle activity is a big problem and can lead to fatigue over a long period of time)

Pressure on joints, including spinal discs(too much physical load is also a problem, as it can cause pain in joints, ligaments or surrounding muscles.)

Whether the joints are approaching the limits of their range of motion(unbearable, near-extreme postures may put more stress on the tissues around the joints.)

The degree of restlessness(people moving back and forth in their seats, or fidgeting, is an early sign of sitting problems, and may also be a sign that they're at risk of various aches and pains later.)

According to these criteria, studies show that there are three main types of good office posture.Each posture has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different situations.

Sit upright

This may be your idea of the "best" position. This sitting posture is characterized by an upright torso.

The most important thing about the upright posture is that the feet can be comfortably placed on a flat surfaceWhether it's the floor or the footstool. It's also easy to adjust, and it's good to get out of your chair and move.

It is also important that, unless the forearms are supported on the workbench, the arms start at the shoulders and go straight down, with the elbows resting on the torso.Without support, lifting your arms forward requires more use of shoulder and neck muscles, which can lead to fatigue and pain.

The head should look forward or down a bit. Looking up puts pressure on the neck and can cause discomfort.

This is great for common office tasks, such as working on a desktop computer.

2. Forward sitting posture

This position features a forward tilt of the torso with the arms also on the workbench. Let the thighs come down at an Angle,This will make it easier for your lower back to maintain an inward curve and reduce back pressure.

For a time, special chairs were developed that made it easy to tilt the thighs downward, and often with devices that prevented people from sliding down from the inclined seat base.

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Now you can change your posture by sitting in front of an ordinary chair with your elbows on the workbench.This is great for drawing or writing on a flat surface, whether on paper or a touch screen.

Three, recline posture

Third, lean your torso back, supported by the back of the chair.This position has the least amount of muscle activity in the back, as part of the weight of the upper body is carried by the chair.

This position reduces the risk of back muscle fatigue and discomfort. But sitting like this for hours a day may actually cause back muscles to tire more easily later in the day.

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This posture is helpful during meetings and phone conversations.But for writing by hand or using a computer, this doesn't work wellBecause when the arm needs to be extended forward, it requires more movement of the muscles in the neck and shoulders, which can cause soreness.

The last tip

Think about how much time you spend sitting every day, and if it's more than seven hours, think about ways to reduce your total sitting time. For example, if you're an office worker, you can do some tasks standing up (but not too long).

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End sitting with exercise. Don't sit past30 to 60 minutesWithout allowing your body to do other activities, such as walking a short distance.

Use the three methods listed above to adjust your posture so that the stress on your body changes.

Remember, there is no such thing as a "best" postureHolding still in any position for a long time will do harm to our body. What our body needs most is regular exercise.

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