lower spine pain relief – Child scoliosis do you know? | non surgical spinal decompression, how to help spine pain

At present, the incidence rate of scoliosis among Chinese adolescents is about 1%-3%, which is quite high, 0.25%-0.27% of which needs treatment, while few actually get treatment. However, the ridge column examination has not been included in the routine physical examination of students in China, so students and parents should pay more attention to the possibility of ridge deformity.

A lot of people don't even know about scoliosis, or even if they do know about it they don't know it's treatable. If discover the child is shoulder high, pelvic tilt, or on the back of the chest and waist have abnormal uplift (humpback), should be timely to normal hospital of specialized subject for inspection, early diagnosis, early treatment properly specification, do not buy runescape roving doctor hung high bar, massage is crest, wearing accessories such as invalid or even false propaganda, so as not to delay treatment. It reduces the volume of the chest, abdomen and pelvic cavity, and reduces height.

Four steps to determine whether the child has scoliosis

To determine whether a child has scoliosis, parents should often do some simple tests on the child's crest.

Step 1: see if your child's shoulders are equal in height

Step 2: touch your child's shoulder blades on his back to see if the bottom two shoulder blades are equal, and if one shoulder blade is protruding backwards.

sharp pain in lower spine

Step 3: look at the child's pelvic bones on both sides.

sharp pain in lower spine

The 4th pace: let the child bend, the parent USES middle finger and forefinger to row along crest column dash forward come down, see whether can draw out normal straight line; Feel and compare the lumps of the child's waist and back. If the condition is serious, please seek medical advice immediately.

sharp pain in lower spine

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lower spine pain relief – The spinal rehabilitation series that deserves attention is good goods! | how to help spine pain


sharp pain in lower spine

The American chiropractic technique principle and the operation of the original chiropractic industry influential in the United States, by the American national chiropractic examination committee, as an important reference book of chiropractic practice examination, the translation is at present our country the first American chiropractic technique were introduced from the system of professional books, which shows the mature American gimmick correction technology, and profile control study and the basic theory of biomechanics, also has the operability of the practice show, at the same time, more than 1300 pictures, make the content more clear and intuitive. Content of the book is divided into seven chapters system about the basic knowledge of chiropractic industry, theory and practice skills, including: overview of chiropractic profession, joint anatomy and basic principle of biological force, joint assessment principles and procedures, the principle of correction technology, spinal anatomy, biomechanics, and evaluation and chiropractic techniques, the spinal joint technology, joint mobilization, traction and soft tissue orthopaedic thrust the operating technology.



sharp pain in lower spine

This book is written by the author for the general public, but is still regarded as a guiding book by professional doctors and trainers. This book guides individuals to self-evaluate pain-induced movements, and then guides individuals to avoid pain and establish pain-free motion patterns, and proposes a step-by-step practice plan, so as to guide patients to eventually achieve pain-free life and restore back health. This illustrated book is simple and practical. Not only patients, but also rehabilitation doctors will be impressed by such a systematic and evidence-based approach.


sharp pain in lower spine

This series of books is based on a large number of X-ray, ct, mri image data, with outline of concise text, detailed introduction of clinical imaging manifestations and diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The introduction of each disease, including the main points, etiology, imaging characteristics, differential diagnosis, pathology, clinical manifestations and treatment, diagnosis experience, etc. Among them, the emphasis is on imaging diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases. In the imaging diagnosis part, the characteristics of X-ray plain film, ct, mri, etc. In the differential diagnosis, the imaging diagnosis points and different imaging manifestations of * related diseases easily confused with this disease are given. The book is well illustrated with high technical level and is suitable for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons.


sharp pain in lower spine

This book is a collection of 70 cases of spinal disorders, ranging from routine to challenging. In selecting cases, try to reflect the diversity of spinal issues. This book can be a useful educational tool for surgeons, medical students, residents, and others involved in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders.


sharp pain in lower spine

Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine, edited by Andre, published by shandong science and technology press. Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine is a quick reference guide for the rehabilitation of common spinal diseases. The idea of this series came from the frustration I encountered when I saw patients with complex conditions in the spine center of my hospital and needed to consult relevant research articles to help evaluate and treat them.


sharp pain in lower spine

Of seven chapters of the book, chapter 1 ~ 3 simple introduced the unarmed * of history and the related theory, and the importance of correct use of the technology, chapter 4 ~ 7 illustrates the spine disease unarmed * method, including the lumbar spine, pelvis, thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra and the temporomandibular joint dysfunction diseases such as special test, diagnosis and unarmed * technology, and comprehensive interpretation from the perspective of physical * division cure the spinal cord and the related functional anatomy and biomechanics of the disease mechanism of disease and joint loose technology. The book is illustrated and easy to understand. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine works, the anatomy structure is more clear, the theoretical analysis of biomechanics is more thorough, and the practicability is stronger, which has strong clinical guidance significance.

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lower spine pain relief – Formation and development of spine related diseases | (iii) | how to help spine pain

Ming dynasty li zhongzi "medical school must read" cloud: "neijing" words sun backache, external feeling six qi also, word kidney through backache, internal injury room to also.False make as strong geqiao of the official, only its closure of the seal of this, the state capital. True gas cloth protection, although six gas caustic, can harm…… There are cold, wet, wind, heat, lightning, blood stasis, qi stagnation, phlegm, and so on. The standard is urgent from the standard, the weight is from this, specimens do not lose, disease does not escape. It points out the symptom and syndrome differentiation of deficiency of kidney qi and rheumatism.

sharp pain in lower spine

"There is wind, wet, cold, hot, frustrated, blood stasis, stagnant qi, phlegm and accumulation, all of which are marked, and the kidney is deficient."The syndrome of stiff neck is mainly caused by Yang jing of evil guest, cold pulse leads to acute tThe endons, wind stroke leads to relaxation of tendons, the left side mostly belongs to blood, and the right side mostly belongs to phlegm. The neck is strong and urgent, fever aversion cold, pulse floating and tight, the wind cold guest three Yang also, appropriate exorcism soup… The neck is strong, the waist is broken, the neck is pulled, and the taste is better than the wet soup." Various etiology and treatment principles of neck and back pain are described here. The above discussion indicates that the ancient people had a deep understanding of spine related diseases, and could carry out syndrome differentiation and treatment according to different symptoms, etiology and pathogenesis such as "cold wind", "phlegm heat", "blood deficiency" and "kidney deficiency".

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lower spine pain relief – Ankylosing spondylitis from traditional Chinese medicine classification and treatment | non surgical spinal decompression

1 cold coagulation stasis syndrome

[symptoms of diseases and syndromes]

1. Main symptoms: stiffness and pain in the back and sacroiliac region.

2. The main points of syndrome differentiation are aggravated by cold, light mouth without thirst, dull and purple tongue, white moss, and heavy and astringent pulse.

3. Possible accompanying symptoms: joint deformity, or severe pain at night, or fixed pain, or tepid hands and feet, or chills, or adverse physical activity.

[rule and recipe] wenyang sanhan, huoxue pain; Can choose guizhi fuzi soup and biochemical soup prescription.

2. Phlegm and blood stasis syndrome of cold and dampness

2. Syndrome differentiation points due to cold aggravated, limbs trapped heavy, dull and purple tongue, white greasy or thick coating, pulse heavy astringent.

3. May be accompanied by symptoms of joint deformity, or heavy dizziness, or night pain very, or pain fixed fixed, or hand and foot temperature, or fear of cold, or limb activity adverse, or defecate uncomfortable.

[rule and recipe] warm Yang sanhan, dry dampness to reduce phlegm, blood circulation to remove blood stasis; Can choose erchen tang, activating collateral effect and ping wei powder prescription.

3. Deficiency of qi and phlegm and blood stasis syndrome

2. Syndrome differentiation points due to aggravation of fatigue, body weight, dull and purple tongue, white and greasy or thick coating, weak and astringent pulse.

3. Symptoms that may be associated with fatigue, or dizziness, or palpitations, or shortness of breath, or joint malformation, or severe pain at night, or pain fixed, or limb movement, or uncomfortable bowel movements, etc.

[treatment principles and methods] qi and phlegm, blood circulation and blood stasis; Can choose xiangsha six gentleman soup and vermiculite fly grass soup and square.

4. Yin deficiency and blood stasis syndrome

2. Key points of syndrome differentiation: dry mouth, dryness of throat, pain like acupuncture, dark red and purple tongue, little or thin yellow moss, heavy and delicate pulse.

3. Symptoms that may be associated with night sweats, or hot flashes, or dizziness, or joint deformity, or night pain, or pain fixed, or limb movement, or dry stool, etc.

[rule and recipe] nourishing Yin and jin, cooling blood and removing blood stasis; Can choose liuwei dihuang pill, two to pill and vermiculite fly back to the grass soup square.

And Yin deficiency phlegm and blood stasis syndrome

2. Syndrome differentiation key points 5: upset heat, heavy limbs, pain such as acupuncture, dark red and purple tongue with little moss, or thin and greasy moss, pulse heavy fine acerbity.

[principles and methods] nourishing Yin and jin, resolving phlegm and dredging collaterals; We can choose darbuyin pill, trichosanthis trichosanthis powder and shanxiao powder.

㈥ Yang deficiency and blood stasis heat syndromes

2. Syndrome differentiation: mild hands and feet, pain like acupuncture, pale red and purple tongue, thin yellow moss, heavy and delicate pulse.

3. Symptoms that may be associated with dry mouth and desire to drink hot water, chills and chills, dizziness and dizziness, joint deformity, severe pain at night, or fixed pain, or limb movement, or fatigue, or wasting, or loose stool, etc.

[rule and recipe] warm Yang qi, cool blood to remove blood stasis; Can choose cinnamon stick ginseng soup, aconite soup and peach stone chengqi soup.

㈦ Yang hot and humid

2. Syndrome differentiation: fear of cold, heavy limbs, dry mouth, do not want to drink water, pale red tongue, yellow greasy moss, weak pulse.

3. Symptoms that may be associated with dry mouth and desire to drink hot water, or lukewarm hands and feet, or dizziness, or joint deformity, or limb movement, or loose stool, etc.

[rule and recipe] warm Yang qi, heat and dryness and dampness; Can choose right to drink and four wonderful pill prescription.

㈧ hemopenia haemorrheological nature vein

2. Syndrome differentiation: dry mouth without thirst, pale complexion, heavy limbs, dull and purple tongue, white and greasy moss, weak and astringent pulse.

3. Symptoms that may be associated with chills and chills, or hypothermia in the extremities, or dizziness, or lack of nails, or palpitations, or insomnia and dreaminess, or joint deformity, or poor limb movement, or loose stools, etc.

[treatment principles and recipe] warm, cold, dampness and phlegm, nourishing blood and removing blood stasis; Can choose angelica sini soup, sinwu soup and tongmai sini soup prescription.

Copyright notice: this platform aims to spread the knowledge of medical culture. The copyright belongs to the relevant right holders, respecting knowledge and labor. Please retain the copyright information. In case of improper use, please feel free to contact us.

– end –

There is lingering fragrance in the hand.

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lower spine pain relief – Xia huiming academic thought inheritance and research progress of common spinal diseases massage class was held | non surgical spinal decompression

By the society of Chinese medicine massage professional committee of yunnan province and yunnan province hospital of traditional Chinese medicine massage host, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine industry in jianshui to undertake massage of traditional Chinese medicine association annual meeting in yunnan province 2019, national continue education program "Xia Huiming academic thought inheritance research progress and the common disease of the spine massage" classes on June 21-24 June at the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine industry in jianshui.

More than 160 professionals from 50 state units throughout the province participated in the course. In this class, we invited the fourth, fifth and sixth batch of national experts of traditional Chinese medicine to inherit their academic experience as the instructor and chief physician xia huiming, a famous traditional Chinese medicine teacher in yunnan province. Professor zhan hongsheng, director of the institute of orthopedics and traumatology, Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine; Sun wuquan, chief physician, tuina department, yueyang hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine; Professor tai xiantao, dean of acupuncture and massage rehabilitation college of yunnan university of traditional Chinese medicine; Wang chunlin, chief physician, long xin, chief physician, Yang yuncai, deputy chief physician, zhao zhiyong, deputy chief physician, hu luan, and Dr. Ai jian gave wonderful academic lectures at the conference. From literature research to clinical experience, from medical record sharing to experimental research, all the experts presented special academic reports centering on the theory of meridian tendons and clinical practice. The course arrangement was compact and reasonable, and the atmosphere of communication was positive and harmonious.

non surgical spinal decompression

The class also specially set up children massage BBS and youth BBS, for everyone to share about children massage and clinical diagnosis and treatment in the process of experience, at the same time, the demonstration of the technique. After 3 days of study, we have a new understanding of the theory of warp and tendon. This course strengthens the exchange of academic experience among massage experts in yunnan province, provides opportunities for yunnan massage and related personnel to learn from and share with each other, and builds a good platform for the development of massage in yunnan province.

non surgical spinal decompression

non surgical spinal decompression

non surgical spinal decompression

Held during the year 2019 in yunnan province, Chinese medicine massage professional committee plenary meeting, summary in the first half of 2018-2019 in yunnan province professional committee of the Chinese medicine massage work, arranged in the second half of 2019 to each work, discussion and decision of yunnan province in 2020 by the baoshan city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine massage conference, the baoshan city society of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage professional committee, theme of disease of department of gynaecology in clinical and research.

Wen/tuina: hu luan, zhao zhiyong

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lower spine pain relief – Global health news | "ge you paralysis" good for the spine? Occasionally, but sitting down for long periods of time can do a lot of harm | non surgical spinal decompression, how to help spine pain

Article by liu ying. Yuan yue

【 sohu health 】The saying "sitting like a clock" is believed to have been heard by all of you. You should stand up straight when sitting, which can protect your spine and prevent you from slouching. The importance of sitting has been stressed all the time. Ge you paralysis, which has been widely viewed online, is actually good for spinal health, the daily mail reported. British experts found that the appropriate slouching will be conducive to the relaxation of muscle pressure, but also stimulate the lumbar disc secretion of lubrication. However, experts want to encourage people to adjust their posture and not stay in the same position for too long, which can lead to cervical deformity.

Slouch may reduce muscle pain and contribute to joint health

It has long been thought that sitting with a hunched, protruding back puts excessive pressure on the spine because they put more weight on the brain and head as the upper body leans forward, forcing the spine to bear heavier loads. But a number of studies have shown that hunchbacks may not cause a cascade of back problems.

A 2018 study found that slouch helps increase lubrication between intervertebral discs and reduce spinal stiffness. This position can also increase the height of the spine over time. In addition, Australian studies have found that slouch relaxes core muscles and tense leg muscles when alternating with the sitting position.

At work, sitting in a standard sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your back straight, your shoulders back, and your spine bent in an 's' shape can backfire, causing tension in the middle of your back and breathing difficulties. The core and leg muscles are chronically overactive in patients with low back pain, and regular relaxation is good for your back. So alternating sitting and slouching might be the best way to sit at your desk.

Jack chow, a spokesman for the chartered society of physiotherapy for the NHS, said: 'slouch is not the enemy of back health any more than sitting and standing can solve back problems.

Gavin Smith, an orthopaedic specialist in London, believes it is unwise to sit or stand for long periods of time. In a study published in the journal spine, Australian researchers found that for stability and strong muscles in the spine, the combination of lying and standing is far better than a single position.

Long time "ge you paralysis" motionless, spinal injury

Chaoyang hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, director of orthopaedic doctor connan talked to the CCTV finance, he said normal cervical vertebra is actually a physiological radian forward it is convex, which collapsed in a chair like this actually makes the cervical spine is a c into a convex backward, in a reverse radian, actually changed the cervical vertebra physiological bending, is not conducive to cervical vertebra health.

Weng xisheng, chief physician of department of orthopedics at Peking union medical college hospital, said that sitting in a paralyzed position for a long time will cause the imbalance of the strength of the muscles on both sides, leading to the deformity of the cervical vertebra over time.

So while occasional geyou paralysis is good for the spine, it's bad for the long term.




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lower spine pain relief – How much do parents know about the dangers of scoliosis? | non surgical spinal decompression, how to help spine pain

non surgical spinal decompression

That must be taken seriously

You have to be careful

Adolescent spinal health has gradually become the third killer after myopia and mental health problems. Among them to adolescent scoliosis and adolescent neck pain these twoThe problem is particularly acute.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It is the most common spinal deformity in children and adolescents. More manifestations of lateral curvature of the spine, the two sides of the shoulder is not high, bending when the single shoulder blade protruding backwards, crooked neck and other abnormal posture. According to relevant statistics,At present, there are about 5 million teenagers suffering from scoliosis in China, and the incidence rate is increasing at the rate of 300,000 every year. The incidence rate is 2% to 3%, and the majority of them are women, accounting for about 80% of the incidence group. Most of the age groups are 10-16 years old. Adolescence is the period of physiological and psychological maturity of teenagers. Abnormal appearance often brings greater psychological burden, especially for girls. The psychological trouble is often greater than the physical pain. And the part did not add intervention, progress quickly or side bend more serious crowd, as the growth of age, thoracic deformity will gradually aggravate, affect the normal function of the heart and lung.

non surgical spinal decompression

Adolescent scoliosis is the most common orthopedic disease among teenagers under the age of 18. Since children with scoliosis in the early stage have no symptoms, it is easy to be ignored. When children are found with uneven shoulders and hump on one side of the back, it is already in the middle and late stage, and the optimal conservative treatment period is missed. Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have long listed scoliosis screening in the annual physical examination of primary and secondary school students, so as to achieve early prevention, early detection, early treatment.

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lower spine pain relief – The body appears 5 big signs, vigilance "deathless cancer" — ankylosing spondylitis! | how to help spine pain

Ankylosing spondylitis is often called "deathless cancer", in our country about 4 million people are suffering from this disease, do not want to "cancer" upper body, these body signals to pay attention to!

The body appears 5 big signal, mean "undead cancer" appeared!

1. Morning pain in the spine or pelvis

The backache of ankylosing spondylitis is not general backache, the time that can last 3 months commonly. Pain is also different from lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion pain. Most people's back pain is relieved by rest.

And the backache of ankylosing spondylitis is contrary, the more nocturnal rest more painful, especially in the early morning 3, 4 o 'clock when, often can ache awak, serious can bring about cannot oneself activity even. Many patients get some relief by getting up and moving a little.

2. Driving, standing or sitting for too long can cause pain

When ankylosing spondylitis causes sacroiliac arthritis, long periods of driving, standing or sitting can cause pain.

lower spine pain relief

3. Stiff spine, hunched back, unable to bend

This is a condition in which the vertebrae fuse together, and when the vertebrae stick together, this results in joint rigidity, known as a "bamboo joint" change, which leads to the inability of the spine to bend, resulting in limited movement and abnormal posture.

lower spine pain relief

4. Lower back pain

The sacroiliac joint (where the end of the spine meets the pelvis) is the area of the lower back where pain spreads from the bottom up through the sacral area. Early hip flexion and limited activity may occur, as follows: squatting difficulties or increased hip distance from the ground.

lower spine pain relief

5. Arthritis of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles

Although some patients will have peripheral arthritis, called spinal arthritis, it can also affect the whole body joints, of which most hip and other common is shoulder, knee, ankle, etc., besides there will be a joint pain, caused serious restricted joint activities, squat difficulties, claudication, asymmetry of two feet.

lower spine pain relief

Do 4 things, "deathless cancer" leave you far!

1, sports

Because all forms of arthritis have a lot of inflammatory material in the area, and exercise can help the body metabolize and relieve the disease. In addition, exercise not only keeps the joints in a good position, but also strengthens the muscles around the joints.

lower spine pain relief

2. Try to maintain normal posture

When the disease strikes, many people may feel more comfortable bending over, but bending over this posture is prone to bone deformity.

So in the patient's ability, maintain normal standing posture, sitting posture, can help patients to avoid deformity. Additional, had better choose a few harder bed when sleeping, let neck, waist maintain a correct posture, do not sleep too tall pillow, low pillow, hard bed can help patient maintain normal posture.

lower spine pain relief

3, to give up smoking

Smoking has something to do with the disease. According to the current epidemiological investigation, the treatment effect for smoking patients is not very good, so patients to quit smoking for the relief of ankylosing spondylitis is helpful.

lower spine pain relief

4, reduce weight

The happening of a lot of rheumatism has certain concern with fat, the likelihood is to produce a few inflammatory material to be concerned with in adipose. Therefore, patients need to maintain a standard body weight (refer to bmi), which can be very helpful in controlling the disease.

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It hurts standing up, it hurts sitting down, it hurts lying down… Time to pay attention to the joints

Second liver of health check-up is two half, detect for negative, can you be at ease completely?

lower spine pain relief – Can upper bone spinal rehabilitation therapy really be safe and cure spinal disease radically?

I. the whole process of diagnosis and treatment

1. Medical personnel:

Director song, therapist, nurse.

2. Diagnostic steps:

Song director of touch examination, data analysis of the affected position.

3. Treatment steps:

The journey takes about three hours.

4. Medical supplies:

lower spine pain reliefMedicated wine TDP lamp

Ii. Safety analysis

Every step from diagnosis to treatment to analyze the safety of this treatment.

1. Diagnostic steps

The whole process is operated by director song.

Touch check procedure: the ventral radial side of thumb is distributed in the shape of "eight". In order to understand the dislocation of the vertebral body, the left and right sides of the vertebral body are dislocated from top to bottom along the longitudinal axis of the spine of the patient.

What about director song's touch level?

Director song was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine, from the age of 10 began to learn traditional Chinese medicine, practice for 30 or 40 years. Song director sheet by feel can check out that vertebra dislocationAnd the form of dislocationAnd you can tellThe position of distension, the position of acid hemp, whether can giddyAnd so on.

It's not magic, it's based on 30 or 40 years of clinical experience, and it's based on science. Every nerve in the spinal segment is associated with the related organs. Therefore, the abnormal position of the vertebral body can cause the nerve and blood vessels at each segment, and thus cause the corresponding disease.

lower spine pain reliefMeridian figure

In addition, director song will combine the X-ray or ct film taken by patients to further support the diagnosis results, and customize the treatment plan according to the patient's age and body mass index.

2. Treatment steps

A. the nurse put on no. 1 medicinal wine while shining TDP lamp.

It is applied externally, from the back of the patient, to the muscles around the spine.

No. A medicated wine

TDP lamp is a very commonly used medical instrument in hospital, widely used in diseases such as spondylosis, rheumatism and cold. The purpose of the TDP lamp is to accelerate the penetration of the drug and enhance its efficacy.

lower spine pain reliefTDP lamp

B. therapistEarly treatment of spine

The therapist USES a technique known as pre-supraconital bone therapy, which is taught by song himself that forces the spine to relax its muscles and nerves. Different from common massage techniques.

C. director song points according to the meridian

Meridional fluidity is the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which holds that human body functions and pathological changes show certain rules under the influence of natural climate change and time.

The materials are recorded in the great achievement of acupuncture and moxibustion, which was written by Yang jizhou, a doctor of acupuncture and moxibustion in Ming dynasty. According to this rule, patients come to treatment at different times, and director song needs to select acupoints according to the time at that time. Has been verified by several generations, safe and effective.

lower spine pain reliefMeridian lingers

D. the patient lay still, waiting for the vertebral body and the annulus fibrosus to loosen.

After the point, the patient needs to lie still at theUnder the comprehensive effect of medicinal liquor and point, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra the vertebral body, soft tissue, fibrous ring of the whole spineSection by sectionRelease and the whole spine becomes soft and flexible. Just like a flexible rope, if you do not go out of your way to cut, fold and knock, no accident will happen.

lower spine pain relief

E. director song accurately located the affected vertebra and returned it to its original position.

In the patient's spineAs soft and flexible as a ropeIn this case, Dr. Song can accomplish this most important step by accurately locating the affected vertebra and quickly returning the misplaced vertebra to its original position.

Why do you do this in three to five minutes?

Because after the point, the spine in song director did not touch the situation, from the basisPoint, medicine, etcThe time from the lower release to the contraction is one hour, that is, two hours.

Once director song began to touch, will resolve the point, the spine will be completed in 3 to 5 minutes "back to the original position of the vertebral body" this step.

lower spine pain relief

Does this step hurt?

This step is painless, and there is no click sound, there will be no "head kill" situation.

In case retreat not to return to original position, perhaps move much how to do?

In case this step is not completed, or not done well enough, you need to point again to loosen the spine.

In order to ensure the efficacy and safety of the treatment, only one vertebra should be treated at a time. Time rush and multiple vertebra movement should not be forced.

So enough to rest assured that if the spine is not enough soft, between the vertebral body is not enough to loosen, director song will not force the vertebral body back to the original position, and can not move.

Why can't other treatments do that?

A lot of treatmentsDare not or cannotPutting the dislocated vertebra back in place, or even paralyzing it during treatment, is becauseNot achieve theGet the spine soft enough.

Traction, for example, can pull the spine apart, but muscles and nerves doTight stateTherefore, the vertebral body cannot return to the original position. If the vertebral body is forcibly moved, it will cause irreversible consequences such as nerve fracture.

F. The nurse applied no. 2 and no. 3 medicine for better spinal contraction and anti-inflammatory.

Suffer from vertebra to retreat after in situ, can produce inflammation, this step should do only good antiphritis, after a day or two painless. Treatment for the next vertebra begins three days later.

lower spine pain relief

Three, cure degree analysis

We all hope that the disease can be cured, so we need to know our ownWhat causes it, as well asWhat is radical cure.

Identify the source of the disease

A large number of clinical scientific research confirms: the spine disease of 80% above and vertebra amlposition, nerve, hemal by oppressive concern. This is summarized from the X-ray of a large number of patients and the touch examination of professional doctors.

Clear the meaning of radical cure

"Radical cure" has the following connotations in the treatment of diseases:

In fact, in the consensus of doctors, more "radical cure" connotation isThird case, rather than the first two, much less the second.

Be aimed at the pathogeny of spinal disease, it is vertebra amputate, bring about spinal nerve and hemal to be oppressed, go up so bone spinal column is rehabilitated curePut the dislocated vertebra back in place,Restore to normal physiological curvature, to achieve the effect of complete cure.

So why is it that medication, conservative treatment, surgical treatment, etc., can't cure it?

Drug treatmentIt is easy to understand that taking medicine does not allow the misplaced vertebra to return to its original position. So there's no cure.

Conservative treatmentAcupuncture, massage, dressings, traction, exercise therapy, physical therapy, etc., all provide temporary relief and relaxation to the oppressed blood vessels and nerves, howeverYou don't really have to put the affected vertebra back in place. So that's why it feels good after every treatment, but it comes back a little bit later.

The surgical treatmentIt's the same reason why it's not completely cured. Some use external force to forcibly move the vertebral body, will produce complications and sequelae or even paralysis. Or simply remove the oppressive parts without changing the nature of dislocation. So it's not going to be a complete cure.

Therefore, when we want to know whether we can cure a disease or not, we need to know what is the cause of our disease and what is the connotation of radical cure, so that we can judge which kind of treatment can achieve radical cure.

Four, suitable and taboo groups

Suitable crowd:

1. Cervical spondylosis: headache, dizziness, and numbness of both hands caused by cervical compression of nerves.

2. Scoliosis: three-dimensional deformity of the spine, resulting in deformity of the body shape, affecting cardiopulmonary function, and even paralysis.

3. Lumbar disc herniation: lumbago caused by nerve compression, numbness in both legs, sciatica, and symptoms of wheelchair patients unwilling or unable to operate.

4. Ankylosing spondylitis: inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and spinal attachment points, lumbago pain at night, difficulty in turning over in severe cases, stiffness of the waist and back in the morning, and pain of the hip, knee, ankle and heel in some patients as the first symptom.

Taboo groups:

Patients with pregnancy, menstrual period, congenital scoliosis, spinal surgery, osteoma, etc., should not use this treatment method temporarily.

Dr. Song reminds us:Spinal disease there are many kinds of processing way, patients can choose suitable treatment, if the spine disease also is not very serious, we suggest that the preferred way of conservative treatment, but if the patient has arrived the degree of pain, and not willing to accept the surgery treatment, as suggested by bone spine is complex therapy on treating spine disease.

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lower spine pain relief – Formation and development of spine related diseases with buccal acupuncture | (ii)

"Secrets of outer Taiwan" by wang tao in tang dynasty"Do not lie down after eating or drinking for a long time. Do not move bowels strong, your back pain, eye acerbity. When you laugh too much, your kidneys turn and you have back pain." "Treatment waist knee, legs swelling pain acid, eucommia, alone live two, four two, dry rehmannia root four two, angelica four two, four two, sengqin four two, salvia miltiorrhiza fifty-two."

The literature of acupuncture and moxibustion in song dynastyYun: "the waist back pain moxibustion small intestine yu 50 strong, back pain moxibustion three jiao yu." "Bladder yu cure lumbar and spinal pain, white ring yu cure lumbar and spinal clonus pain." "Five places, body column, wei zhong, wei Yang, kunlun main ridge strong reflexion therapy pit disease, li guan and other main ridge strong, kunlun main ridge strong back-riri ridge, yin-gu ridge lian pain, to Yang ridge strong, zhang men, ke yu, stomach cang, big Lord… The ridges break back." The treatment of back pain has been extended from the use of foot solar meridian alone to the use of foot jueyin, foot shaoyin, and adrenal artery.

On three causes and one disease syndrome by Chen wuzi in song dynasty: "husband's back pain is kidney deficiency, also involved in three causes; On the outside, the viscera and meridians suffer from evil, on the inside, the worry and fear of anger, and even the falling of the house labor can cause pain." Put forward the famous three-factor theory.

sharp pain in lower spine

Jinyuan eraforConcept, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of vertigoHave a further understanding.Liu wandu in the original disease style of plain questionIn the middle words: "the wind blows away the dazzle, all belong to the liver wood. The wind and fire are all Yang, and most of them are also Yang. Yang is the most dynamic, and the two moves fight each other, and then it rotates. Therefore, fire is also the root of fire. The pathogenesis of vertigo should be discussed by fire and wind.

Wei yilin in the yuan dynasty: "backache, alone live parasitic soup for wind injury kidney, backache such as pawl, long time not to be treated, flow such as feet and knees, for the withered, cold bi, kidney, waist heavy cold pain, such as with 5,000 money, cold as water wash." "Chuanxiong powder is used to cure vertigo, perspiration caused by bad wind, or physical inhumanity. The air goes up to the chest, and the fighting is like shaking on the boat."

In the heart method of danxi written by zhu zhenheng in the yuan dynastyAs for the pathogenesis of vertigo, it emphasizes on phlegm, and puts forward the method of "treating phlegm first". In addition, he also from the wind from the fire treatment, "pulse fast on the stroke, shoulder and back pain disease… Outside the neck and shoulder 曘 elbow pain. After khan file number rather than, is the wind heat by the lungs. Urine drowned, all lung gold deficiency. Xuantongjing, beneficial qi, powder wind and fire medicine." Use ventilation powder "cure wind heat by lung, shoulder and back pain. "All pain is fire, cold medicine can not be used, we must use warm medicine; All the pain can not use ginseng, qi is more painful.

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