Six ways to naturally relieve back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/for back pain

Method 1: massage the back

1. Massage yourself

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Pressing on sore or tight muscles can reduce muscle tension and help you relax. Find the trigger point and, if you can, massage it with your fingertips or fist. As far as possible with the circle movement, or back and forth knead action, massage pain point.

,You can also try pressing the pain spot with your fingertips, maintaining this pressure, and counting to any number between 10 and 100.

,Can't reach the pain spot? Ask a friend for a massage.

2. Use the foam shaft

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Self-massage or relax the aponeurosis with a foam shaft to relieve muscle and tendon pressure. Back against the wall against the foam axis, rolling back and forth to massage the back. If your back is really painful, choose a softer foam shaft. When the back muscles are stronger, use a harder foam shaft.

,To massage the upper and middle back, press the foam shaft between the middle back and the wall. Continue to press hard against the foam axis, squat down and stand up again, let the foam axis massage back, and exercise leg muscles.

,Don't massage your back with a foam shaft. Lower back pain is most likely due to tightness or strain in other parts of the back, legs or other areas. Massaging the lower back can temporarily relieve the pain, but it can also worsen the condition that causes it and make the injury worse.

3. Find a professional masseur

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They can work with you to identify the problem areas. Regular massage is good for back pain.

,Check to see if massage is covered by your health insurance.

4. Consult a chiropractor

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They specialize in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, especially problems affecting the back, neck and joints. He will assess your condition and, through a series of adjustments, correct your spine naturally.

,A physical therapist or osteopath can also help alleviate back pain through therapy.

Method 2: support the body

1. Use a waist pillow

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The waist pillow is placed between the back of the waist and the chair to help the back of the waist maintain its natural curvature and ensure proper posture. When sitting at the table, might as well in the back of a lumbar pillow. If you are driving for a long time, you can also wear a back pillow while driving.

Support your knees with a pillow

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When sleeping on your back or back, place a pillow under your knees to straighten your back and relieve pressure on your lower back.

,If you're lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees so your thighs don't fall down and put pressure on your spine.

Adjust your workspace

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Adjust the height of tables, chairs, computers and other common items to ensure ergonomic work Spaces. Proper adjustments can support the body's overall posture. Adjust the height of the table and chair. When sitting on the chair, your feet must be flat on the ground, your arms on the table, elbows at 90 degrees. When using a computer, the screen is at eye level.

Method 3: stretch back muscles

Wear comfortable clothes

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When you're ready to stretch your back, remember to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. This allows you to stretch your muscles more easily and mindfully, without being distracted by the discomfort of your clothes.

Stretch the upper back

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To reduce pain, the most important thing is to relax your back muscles. Compensatory movements that occur when spinal muscles are injured are often the real cause of back pain. In many cases, injuries do not cause severe pain, but rather the back muscles tighten, causing pain and continuing to put more pressure on the spine. Try these upper back stretching exercises:

,Sit or stand up straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades as far back as possible. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds before relaxing.

,Sit or stand up straight. Put your hands behind your neck, arch your back back slightly, and look up at the ceiling.

,Sit up straight in your chair. Cross your arms across your chest and twist your body to one side, then slowly and gently turn to the other.

3. Stretch the back

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Do a stretch that targets the back of your body. Try lying on your back with your knees bent close to your chest. Raise your head and reach toward your knees. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat as necessary until the tight muscles relax. You can even move it from side to side and massage your kidneys.

The following exercises can further soothe your muscles:

,Children:Sit on your knees. Lean your upper body forward until it touches the ground, arms straight in front of you. Stretch the back.

,Threading:Lie on your back. Rest one leg on the knee of the other. Lift the lower leg up until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position and stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

,Double knee twist:Lie on your back. Bend your knees close to your chest and rest them on one side of your body. Extend your arms to the sides. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

4. Stretch the side waist

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Lie on your back, arms straight to the sides. Bend one knee and roll slowly to the other side. Roll as far as you can, but keep your arms close to the ground. Hold position for at least 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Stretch alternately until the tight muscles relax. This exercise can effectively relieve the side pain.

Stretch your neck

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Sit or stand up straight with your head forward until the back of your neck feels pulled. Turn your head in a circle, keeping your chin close to your chest and your left ear to your left shoulder. Slowly turn your head in a circle until your right ear is close to your right shoulder and back to the starting position.

Method 4: do the motion that reduces back ache

1. You must stretch your muscles and bones before doing any exercise

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Stretch all your muscles well before you start to do vigorous activity or exercise. Stretching increases blood flow to the target area and helps prepare the muscles for the next move.

2. Do not start exercise until the acute pain subsides

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As long as your back no longer feels excruciating pain, you can do some exercise to strengthen your back muscles and relieve pressure on your joints and ligaments.

3. Use swimming to relieve back pain

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Swimming, water walking, water aerobics and other water sports impact is very low, can strengthen a lot of muscles at the same time. Make sure you exercise correctly to avoid more back pain.

,If the crawl is too intense for your back muscles, try a side or backstroke.

Exercise your core muscles

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The main muscles of the trunk affect the rest of the body, especially the back muscles. Keeping these muscles strong will help ease back pain and prevent future recurrence.

Try these core strengthening exercises:

,Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Bring one knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lie on your back with your legs straight out against the ground. Slide your heels slowly toward your hips and return to the starting position. Tighten your abs while exercising. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lying down. Make a push up (plank) position. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Work slowly until you can hold it for a minute or two.

,Keep your hands and knees on the floor and tighten your abs. Lift one leg off the ground and straighten it back. Don't let your hips fall down to sprain your back. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times on each side. When lifting one foot and keeping your body even, try lifting the opposite arm and stretching it forward.

,Pilates is a great workout for core strength.

5. Avoid sports that strain your back

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Avoid high-impact sports, such as basketball, to avoid aggravating existing injuries. Sports like golf and tennis, which involve a lot of bending and turning, can also strain the back.

Tip 5: change your habits

1. Drink more water

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for maintaining and promoting muscle relaxation. Women should drink about 2,250ml of water a day, while men should drink 3,250ml. You don't have to just drink water, but you can get it from fruits and vegetables.

Get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium daily

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These nutrients help regulate nerve impulses, maintain water balance in muscles, and play an important role in muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles do not tighten on the spine, which reduces pain.

,Get calcium from dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and cereals.

,Eat dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and protein, and get more magnesium.

,Eat foods like avocados, bananas and leafy greens to get more potassium.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to allow your body time to recover. Having trouble falling asleep? In the evening, do something relaxing, like listening to a calming music or taking a warm bath.

Method 6: try other natural methods

1. Meditate regularly

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Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness help the body relax and reduce back pain. Back pain may increase emotions such as anxiety and anger, and meditation can relax the mind and release these negative emotions.

,Try to meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. Sit in a comfortable chair and take deep, focused breaths. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4. Focus all your attention on your breath. When your mind starts to wander, refocus on your breathing.

Use homeopathy to relieve back pain

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Apply ginger puree to the sore area, followed by eucalyptus or st. John's wort oil to help ease the pain. You can find these products in the natural food store. Follow package instructions to ensure proper usage.

3. Reduce inflammation with ice compress

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Wrap an ice pack or towel around the ice. Ice compress back three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

,If back pain starts, apply it every hour for 10 minutes for the first day and every 2 to 3 hours for the next 2 days. Then ice compress back three times a day for 1 to 15 minutes.

4. Try hot compresses

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Some people find that applying heat to sore areas relieves pain. Use a hot water bottle or spray hot water on your back for 15 to 20 minutes while bathing.

,If you use an electric pad, don't fall asleep during a hot compress. Turn the heating pad only to low or medium temperature.


When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees as far as possible and use your leg strength to lift the weight and transfer back pressure. Move slowly and steadily. Hurrying and jerky movements can lead to injury.


When lifting heavy objects, do not rely solely on the belt to protect your back.

There is no scientific evidence that belts prevent injuries.


Lumbar disc herniation is like "derailment", how can you get it back on track? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc

Source: guizhou satellite TV

"The most prominent disc in my life is the lumbar disc."

It's not hard to see a trace of sadness in this joke,

As one of the major diseases plaguing modern people,

Many people develop a herniated disc at a young age,

Daily life is miserable.

What is lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

The spine is an important part of the human body, is the "pillar of life", and the lumbar spine is an indispensable link of the spine.

The lumbar disc, located between the vertebral bodies of the two lumbar vertebrae, is 8mm~10mm thick and consists of the nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus and cartilaginous plate.

Lumbar disc herniation, refers to the disc in a certain factor, the nucleus pulposus is squeezed out, compression stimulation of peripheral nerve root vessels, numbness, severe pain and other conditions.

Self-check: what kind of back pain do you have

Mention a backache, the likelihood that most people think of above all is lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, actually the kind of backache has a lot of.

Lower back pain with radiating pain in the lower extremities: nerve involvement

Along the waist has been to thigh, calf, even foot back, plantsole a line of pain, or have numbness, tiptoe walk not road, leg weakness and other symptoms, may be caused by nerve. Need to go to a hospital to check oppressive degree and oppressive position.

Palpable tenderness: strain of lumbar muscles

Psoas muscle and lumbar back fascia pain, the position is relatively shallow, if the feeling of back pain, and can be felt, when pressing painful feeling, often may be a lumbar muscle strain.

It hurts to stay still: tumors must be ruled out

The occurrence of unexplained back pain, and can not find a special tenderness point, sleep at night is also very painful, in a comfortable, relaxed state of rest is still very painful, must be timely to the hospital to rule out whether it is a tumor, so as not to delay treatment.

Deep location and limited movement: lumbar disc problems

When a lumbar disc problem occurs, the pain is deep in the back center of the body. It is very painful and even restricted in movement, but when touching the waist and back, there is no painful tenderness. Diagnosis requires the aid of ct or mri.

Some of the most destructive habits of your lumbar spine

Besides sitting posture is incorrect, a few postures in the life are more "big family" of injury waist.


Lie half down and play with your phone

In the semi-supine position, the lumbar vertebra may lack sufficient support, leading to the change of the original radian, which causes the increasing gravity on the disc and induces the disc degeneration and protrusion.


Wear no shoes

When you walk in stiletto heels, you lean forward and increase the curvature of your back. Heels, flats and flip-flops are just as bad, with no cushioning or arch support, which can cause unstable gait and uneven distribution of body weight across the spine, increasing the risk of disc damage.

Studies show that when walking or standing for long periods of time, it's best to wear shoes with 2cm heels.


Not controlling weight

Too much weight puts a strain on the spine, placing more strain on the area between the lumbar spine and sacrum.


Improper movement

Stick to exercise is good, but improper exercise, it will lead to spinal deformation. Lumbar pressure is too large, lumbar disc herniation.

Recommendation: the best time to exercise every day at about 30 minutes, and strengthen the back stretch exercise.


The waist catch cold catch cold

Cold or damp can cause lumbar small blood vessel contractions, muscle spasm, make intervertebral disc pressure increases.

Suggestion: winter must strengthen the waist to keep warm, the waist ache patient may under the doctor's instruction, adds protects the waist.


Too much massage

Massage can alleviate lumbar disease somewhat, but frequent massage can accelerate lumbar joint wear and tear, make its become extremely flimsiness.

Suggestion: under normal circumstances, half a month massage can, had better find a professional massage doctor.


The mattress is too soft

Mattess too hard too soft, the normal curvature that can affect vertebra, make muscle fiber can be in all the time tight state, once violent activity, can produce acute lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude.

Proposal: the softness of mattess is spent, in order to lie on the waist above without apparent depression is most appropriate.

Notes for lumbar disc herniation:

1. In the acute phase, pay attention to rest and minimize exercise.

2. After the symptoms get better, you can do back exercises and squat exercises step by step.

3. Keep the waist warm and do not sleep on the floor or bamboo mat.

4, correct standing posture, usually work and rest in life, pay attention to the correct posture, avoid lifting heavy objects.

5. Avoid strenuous sports such as basketball, football, tennis and golf, yoga, dancing and other twisting sports.

6, pay attention to quit sex for a month, to ensure better recovery.

Suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation exercise

Has suffered from lumbar disc herniation patients, should be timely to the regular hospital examination and treatment. According to the severity of the disease, can choose conservative treatment, such as taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, hot compress, massage, traction, physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, surgery and so on.

Suggest below the premise of regular treatment, undertake a few auxiliary exercise.

Swallow type

Lie on your tummy bed with your arms at your sides and your legs straight. Then lift your head, upper and lower limbs upward with strength. Do not bend your elbows and knees.

Notes: people with lumbar instability and spondylolisthesis should not do this exercise.

Hip bridge

Bend your knees and lie on your back, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, slightly to the side. Place your arms apart on the ground. Push your hips up, lifting them up. A group of 10 can relieve waist fatigue and ache.

The squat type

Feet shoulder-width apart, hands flat, slow squat, toes down, heels up. Squat to be in place, the first practice squat can help the wall and other things half squat, gradually increase the number of squat, gradually do squat. Do 36 squats twice a day.

Notes: gentle movements, squat to slow, to prevent falls.

Tablet support

Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent and supported on the ground, shoulders and elbows perpendicular to the ground, feet on the ground, body off the ground, torso straight, head, shoulders, hips and ankles on the same plane, abdominal muscles tightened, pelvic floor muscles tightened, spine lengthened, eyes looking at the ground, maintain even breathing. Each group was held for 60 seconds, with four sessions lasting no more than 20 seconds between sessions.

Lumbar spine care. Experts recommend two types of exercise

For healthy people, the following exercises help maintain the lumbar spine.

His pace

Walk can exercise the muscle strength of waist, buttock and lower limbs, enhance the coordination of limbs and trunk motion, maintain the physiological curvature of lumbar vertebra.

When walking should try to straighten the chest and stomach, the sole of the foot first landing, from the sole of the foot to the tip of the toe, cushion the knee and ankle joint pressure; Shoes with shock absorption are the best choice.


Swimming can exercise back and waist muscles, especially breaststroke, the spine does not bear longitudinal pressure, in the process of continuous ventilation, the lumbar and cervical muscles continue to move, muscle exercise and strengthen.

Long – term swimming is very helpful for strengthening lumbar muscles and improving disc herniation. It is recommended to swim more than 2 times a week according to your ability.

Source: critical health GRT (collated from life times, public health and preventive medicine)

Speaking of hunan, what comes to your mind? The land of fish and rice, "the lake is wide and ripe, the world is full"? "Not xiaoxiang poem" in the beauty and feelings? Or is it hot, spicy and mouth-watering? In fact, in addition to shocking your eyes and hitting your taste buds, there are many special towns.

Recently, the pollen concentration in Beijing is relatively high. The highest pollen concentration in "autumn" is in the second half of this month, and it will last until the middle of September.

In the online shopping gradually popular era, few people have not received express. But the express that bag mails originally, in the acting that in the village with convenient store, lottery store composition collects a point in, became a few people to undertake the tool of profit that collect fees twice however, take a person to be collected the fee of one or two yuan.

In publications distributed on the streets of kunming, actor wu jing appeared in advertisements for andrology diseases. Wu jing sued the company that published the publication, claiming that it infringed on his right to portrait and reputation, and demanded 305,000 yuan in damages.

Is the street driving patrol special police member jiang wei and others found, immediately stopped to rescue. Special police team members while checking the woman's situation, while calling 120, a special police take off clothes for its block the sun. During, a number of enthusiastic citizens also came to the rescue.

Instant back pain relief tips simple and practical recommended for quick relief of small tips – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

A few days ago there was a 19 years old three students to ask: said back pain to see a doctor, diagnosed as lumbar muscle strain. He didn't believe it, changed doctors, the diagnosis is the same. Age is young how strain of lumbar muscle? Isn't this a senile disease? Lumbago is too afflictive, how is lumbar muscle strain treated? Is there a small coup that relieves lumbago immediately? The waist

A few days ago there was a 19 years old three students to ask: said back pain to see a doctor, diagnosed as lumbar muscle strain. He didn't believe it, changed doctors, the diagnosis is the same. Age is young how strain of lumbar muscle? Isn't this a senile disease? Lumbago is too afflictive, how is lumbar muscle strain treated? Is there a small coup that relieves lumbago immediately?

Low back pain is a common health problem among adults, with an incidence of up to 84 percent. Although older, the incidence is higher, but with the change of lifestyle, working environment, more and more young people also join the team of lumbar muscle strain.

The senior three students are faced with the pressure of admission and heavy study tasks. Many students sit for a long time from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., which is the main reason for this student's lumbar muscle strain.

So, how is lumbar muscle strain treated? It is to adjust life and working style basically, want to rest above all, avoid at the same time overworked, sit for a long time, the undesirable stimulation such as bending, undertake lumbar back muscle to take exercise appropriately. If ache is apparent, rest also cannot get effective alleviate, can take medicaments to treat, combine appropriate massage, massage.

On medicaments choice, how is lumbar muscle strain treated? Western medicine mostly USES non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs for symptomatic treatment, but the treatment process needs to be alert to its adverse reactions, in addition to the well-known can cause gastric ulcer, this kind of drugs can increase the risk of myocardial infarction at the first week of use, and the higher the dose, the higher the risk. Therefore, the use of nsaids should be the smallest possible dose, use time as short as possible!

Therefore, many patients prefer to choose proprietary Chinese medicine to treat. Chinese patent medicine relives ache action to be sure safety is good, adverse reaction is little thereby get praise highly.

So, how is lumbar muscle strain treated on Chinese medicine good? TCM treatment focuses on syndrome differentiation. Lumbar muscle strain belongs to the category of "bi syndrome" in Chinese medicine, cold dampness blockage type is one of the most common syndromes, commonly used in clinical lumbago capsule. This kind of syndrome type is distinguished very well, ache encounters lukewarm heat to alleviate, cold wet aggravate.

This student belongs to the group of sedentary, lack of exercise, since air conditioning after the increase in back pain, so it is very suitable for lumbago ning capsule treatment.

Lumbago tongning capsule function detumescence pain, evacuation of cold evil, temperature channel tongluo. Rheumatism to drug semen strychni with channels and collaterals, benefit joints, cure obstinate bi pain. In lumbago tongning capsule, strychnine seed is jun medicine, and its dosage accounts for nearly 40% in the total ten herbs. It has a significant effect of clearing collaterals and relieving pain. Moreover, the drug was induced by yellow rice wine, which promoted the drug to reach the disease location and enhanced the effect of activating blood circulation, clearing collaterals and relieving pain. The student took it for about 10 days and his back pain was basically relieved.

In addition to the above treatment options, there are many tips for immediate relief of lower back pain that can help.

1 in front of the hyperthermia said that the waist pain in warm to reduce, can use warm treasure, electric blanket and other hyperthermia pain. This should be everyone's favorite way to instantly relieve back pain.

2. Backtracking pain is obviously to rest, reduce the pain or activity to relieve the pain faster.

3. Kneading the back of the waist can be done alone, but also can be done in reverse, to alleviate the effect of waist pain is obvious.

4. Studies on tai chi and other exercises have confirmed that 1 hour tai chi practice 3 times a week can improve the effect of acute back pain better than drafting training. This is a kind of exercise therapy actually, simple and easy, patient oneself can practice, if conditional still can swim more.

These tips for instantly relieving back pain are so simple that many people don't even pay attention to them. In fact, they can relieve pain when it is painful and prevent recurrence when it is not painful. Therefore, it is recommended that there is nothing wrong and regular exercise has more benefits than a little bit.

Finally summary: how is lumbar muscle strain treated? Young people caused by sedentary lumbar muscle strain, more than a shibi pain, can immediately alleviate the pain of the small action, or take lumbago capsule, and to strengthen the lumbar muscle exercise to prevent recurrence.

Constipation, deafness, acute lumbago is encountered suddenly these body discomfort how should do? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

how to relieve lower back pain at home

In life, inevitably encountered some minor pain. Once meet lumbago, constipation, sudden deafness such problem, old person can oneself deal with, how to deal with, a lot of people are concerned about these, the reporter took a problem to consult the expert of hangzhou third people's hospital.

Constipation of the elderly:

Drink more water move more, bogey buys cathartic medicine oneself

Why is defecation a problem as you age?

Yang guangen, chief physician of the anorectal department of hangzhou no. 3 hospital, said that the incidence of constipation is very high and increases with age. In his outpatient service, elderly patients account for more than half of constipation patients.

"The main causes of constipation in the elderly are fine eating; Reduced physical activity; Aging of the body, slow intestinal peristalsis, pelvic floor muscle relaxation, abdominal pressure is insufficient. Drugs such as diabetes may also affect the gut flora and cause constipation." Yang guan root says, if have intention sometimes forcibly repress, over time also can constipation.

If the following situations occur, the occurrence of constipation needs to be considered: the number of defecation is less than 3 times per week, and the amount of defecation is dry, less than 35g per day; Defecation is difficult, fecal quality is harder or show hard ball; When defecating, always feel not finished or not clean platoon; A feeling of anal obstruction or obstruction during defecation.

Yang guan root says, constipation harm is much, excrement stays too long inside large intestine, toxin is absorbed, appear skin disease easily, still can increase the probability of senile dementia. Constipation patient holds breath forcibly defecate can make blood pressure elevates, cause the disease such as infarction of heart and brain, long-term constipation still can cause bowel cancer.

Appear constipation, had better begin to improve from living habit, Yang guangen suggests, want to enrich dietary structure, eat more coarse fiber food and drink more water; Increase exercise, such as walking, tai chi, etc. Develop good bowel habits. Abdominal massage is also a good method, from right to left, around the navel, do massage, can stimulate intestinal peristalsis on certain level, reduce constipation symptoms.

"According to the disease different, the treatment method is also different, most avoid their disorderly purchase laxative situation. Even if you need to take a laxative, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor." Yang stressed.

Acute back pain:

The biggest problem is posture

Sometimes pick up something crouching lumbago, suddenly, three chief LeiWenTao orthopaedic hospital chief physician said that the onset of acute low back pain, a lot of time is caused by poor posture, like pick up things, should bend down and pick up the first thing to stand up again, but a lot of people due to the large movement range, with a bow, it is easy to cause acute low back pain.

Acute lumbago lasts from a few days to a few weeks, and more than three months is chronic, Dr. Lei said. Acute back pain, the first few days need to stop physical activity, in the emergence of pain within 48 to 72 hours, with a towel wrapped ice bag or ice, the pain area ice compress. Hot compresses can also be used afterwards. Consult your doctor or pharmacist to take painkillers.

"If possible, may wish to prepare a waist support belt at home, in the presence of acute back pain when wearing, has a good relief effect." If your lumbago doesn't ease in time, you still need to go to the hospital as soon as possible and ask a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, Mr. Lei said.

Daily life, to strengthen exercise, especially the back muscles, which is one of the best ways to prevent back pain, muscle strength, can play a role in protecting the bones. Mr. Lei also advises standing properly, but avoiding prolonged sitting. Smoking is also a risk factor for lower back pain. Nicotine in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict. Disc vasoconstriction, may lead to inadequate nutrient supply, causing disease, best quit smoking.

"If patients with lower back pain are older, especially women over 50, they must go to the hospital to rule out other diseases," lei stressed.

Sudden deafness:

There is no self – treatment. Seek medical attention

One second you can hear the TV, the next you can't. This is not uncommon in life, because of sudden deafness. City three hospital otolaryngology director zeng li deputy chief physician said that the cause of sudden deafness has not yet been determined, generally believed that mental tension, excessive pressure, mood fluctuations, sleep disorders and other factors are inducement. In addition, ear nerve injury, virus infection, tumor influence may also cause sudden deafness.

Unlike other diseases, most deafness has no proper self-treatment. Therefore, once the occurrence of deafness or hearing loss, should promptly go to the formal hospital otolaryngology treatment. Doctors will make a comprehensive diagnosis and give corresponding treatment by means of hearing examination, ear routine examination, endoscopic examination, imaging examination, and some functional examinations.

For the preventive measures in life, zeng li suggested that we should pay attention to physical exercise, work and rest, work and rest, to prevent colds; Healthy diet with balanced nutrition; Pay attention to regulate mental health.

Zeng li also said that in terms of protecting the ear and hearing, it is also necessary to avoid the noise environment and avoid using earphones for a long time. Don't dig your ears; Avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, gentamycin, etc. If you have a history of deafness, you should explain it to your doctor when prescribing medicine, and actively treat related diseases, such as rhinitis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

【 remind 】 does the old person in the home shout lumbago? In addition to a herniated disc, it could be… – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc


"My mother is 58 years old, the body is not bad, but recently listen to her back pain, but also accompanied by lower body leg numbness, pain, heard that the lumbar spine is a problem, want to listen to the doctor's advice. "Asked Ms. Wang, a citizen.

"Elderly patients often have different degrees of lower back pain accompanied by lower limb pain, numbness, cool and other symptoms, which is very similar to the clinical manifestations of lumbar disc herniation, therefore, elderly patients with lumbar acid leg pain must be made a differential diagnosis with lumbar disc herniation."Xiamen guangliang orthopaedic hospital vice President, chief physician xiong qingyuan told reporters, in clinical, the elderly suffering from back and leg pain should first consider osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, lumbar degenerative osteoarthropathy.but, lumbar degenerative diseases caused by the back and leg pain and lumbar disc herniation have obvious differences, mainly in the following aspects:

From a pathological point of view

Lumbar degenerative change is caused by various reasons first disc nucleus pulposus moisture loss, shrinkage, narrow intervertebral disc height and bulgin, cause vertebral body, trailing edge or small joints in bone proliferative changes (osteophyte), resulting in the rupture of nucleus pulposus prominent fiber ring around oppression or stimulate the nerve root and lumbocrural pain symptoms and signs.

Look from clinical expression respect

The symptom that lumbar degenerative sex osteoarthropathy causes has early rise lumbago apparent, appropriate activity can alleviate or alleviate wait for a characteristic. Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is usually manifested as: lumbar pain accompanied by lower limbs radiation pain, rest after the relief of symptoms, cough, sneezing and other movements pain increased, walking difficult, serious impact on life and work.

Look at it in terms of imaging

Degenerative osteoarthropathy of the lumbar spine may show signs of instability of the vertebral body, narrowing of the intervertebral space, and hyperplastic changes of the facet joints. Ct, mri also have the above signs, but no disc herniation.

Xiong qingyuan reminds: when the elderly appear lumbago leg pain, to highly suspect osteoporosis, lumbar compression fracture, lumbar spondylopathy, lumbar disc herniation, must find specialist doctors to make a clear diagnosis, in order to achieve the right medicine and effective treatment.


Correspondent: sovereign, bai jie

Editor: detailed

A set of multi – muscle spine exercises to relieve pain all over the body – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine

This set of multiple bifous muscle spinal health care movement, fusion of basic medicine, anatomy and sports mechanics, solve the human body parts deep and recurrent pain! Even if sitting in the office, you can also find 10 minutes to exercise, ease the pain all over the body!

Multifarious muscle is composed of a lot of small bundle muscle, symmetrical in vertebra seam two side, can carry out the small movement between deep and fine vertebra, maintain the stable action of spinal column, it is very crucial muscle group.

ways to relieve back pain

The length of multifissured muscles in children is about 0.5 cm, and that in adults is about 2 cm, among which a section distributed in the lumbar region is the most obvious and the most developed. Therefore, chronic lumbago is often related to the regression of multifissured muscle strength function, and the endurance and stability of deep multifissured muscles become poor, and the superficial erectus spines will be overburdened.

If you think of the spinal system as a building, the steel in it is the bones, the cables are the muscles, the shock absorbers are the tendons, the water pipes are the nerves, and all these elements combine to make a complete building. Although the polyfissured muscles, which fit deep in the spine, are extremely small, they play the most important role in stabilizing the building of the human body.

One, wrist ache – turn wrist

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand upright with the soles of your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes in line with the b line. Palms united, interphalangeal height upward toward the front of the center of the cervical spine, shoulders relaxed, arms inside lightly clip the ribs on both sides.

Step 2.Rotate slowly from between your fingers until your hands are facing each other, back of your hands against your wrists, keeping your spine upright.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Turn down with the middle finger as the guide, in sequence from the tip of the nose to the middle point of the throat sternum, also from the cervical vertebra to the front of the sternum. While the back of your hand is rotating, keep your wrists close together, shoulders relaxed to a horizontal line, and your back upright.

Step 4.The fingers extend along the front of the sternum, keeping the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints parallel to the floor.

Applicable object & effect:Long time use of the mouse, holding pens, slide phone, calculator, lactation and drawing work, fingers and wrist repetitive and excessive use, lead to peripheral nerves oppressed or nerve conduction is blocked, hand tight, bilge, pain, etc, all can improve the arm with the wrist of crossing their turn and related nerve, muscle caused by excessive fatigue state of numbness.

Training site from fingertips, wrist, elbow, shoulder, scapular, thoracic spine joints such as muscles, blood vessels, nerve torsional stretch.

Sore shoulders and neck – fold palms and pull neck

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest straight, neck still, eyes level, hands clasped, palms pointed at nose level.

Step 2.The head and neck neither bend nor back, the back of the hand to stick, palm point high point slowly turned to the nose.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.The middle finger of both palms passes down the nasal tip to cervical vertebra level 1, and the multifissured muscle group starts cervical vertebra forward flexion.

Step 4.Tip your fingertips from your neck to your chin and push forward, keeping your wrists together and your thumbs down. Cervical spine alignment, both hands ready to return to the original hand clasp.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for computer clan, clerical clan, drama fans, mobile game clan, postpartum nursing, elderly and other long-term head and neck posture too long people. By training the extension and contraction of the multifissured muscles of the cervical spine, the pain and discomfort of the head, shoulders and neck can be relieved.

Lower back pain – push back slightly

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart. Both hands are at ease in the lumbar spine position. Inhale with your back straight and eyes straight ahead.

Step 2.When exhaling, the lumbar spine is pushed backward, the thoracic spine is bent forward, and the multifissured muscles are stretched. Both hands slide from the lumbar spine to the navel.

Step 3.Inspiratory sequence will be the tail vertebra → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multi – fissure muscle contraction. Fingertips relaxed, pull from the shoulder joint, with a section of a multi-split muscle contraction sequence, two elbows cross in front of the thoracic vertebra.

Step 4.The shoulder joint continues to be pulled toward the ceiling, the arm inside is close to the ears, and extends vertically upward, keeping the spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for lower back pain, long sitting, long standing, long-distance transportation, late pregnancy, the use of limited space to stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccyx compression problem. When the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscle group contracts, it can activate the muscle group of the back. In addition to the blood circulation driven by the resistance to gravity, the lumbar back push and straight action can also deeply stimulate the intestines and stomach, achieving self-massage effect.

Knee pain – push back on hip

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands up and clasp them inside your hips. The spine maintains a neutral line.

Step 2.Straighten your knees with your weight behind your heels and tailbone. Body forward bend, lumbar and coccygeal multi – split muscle group light contraction, forward tilt to maintain the back line.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Knees slightly squat, drive the tail spine back. The lumbar spine stretches, causing the lumbar coccyx and pelvis to change position and stretching the muscle fibers of the multifissured muscles.

Step 4.Drive lumbar vertebra from coccyx, let rachis appear c shape from the side, extend whole muscle group of many fissure muscle, let nerve compression alleviate a little.

Applicable object & effect:Through stretching and flexion of the knee to stretch, further alleviate knee pain, at the same time can stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccygeal compression problem.

Sore soles of feet – lift knee to waist

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart, feet on the ground. From the palms of the hands to the elbows, elbows at shoulder level, with the center of the neck and chest spine.

Step 2.When inspiratory, lumbar vertebra and coccygeal vertebra maintain much fissure muscle group is stable, elbow joint is pulled down, both hands turns over for hand back to stick. Stand on tiptoe with the ball of your foot off the ground and move the knee up.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Exhale from cervical vertebra → thoracic vertebra → coccyx vertebra bend, extend the multifissured muscle group. Keep your toes on tiptoe and the balls of your feet off the ground, lifting your knees. When bending your body, turn your fingertips from up to down in sync with the back of your hands facing each other.

Step 4.The inhaling arm gradually flattens out in front of the thoracic spine. Step back on the balls of your feet and relax your knees. Keep your spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effectSuitable for the elderly and lower back pain, sitting, standing for a long time, after pregnancy, in addition to foot movement can relieve foot pain, at the same time can stretch lumbar fatigue, improve the tail compression problem.

Raise the knee and bring the waist to combine the pressure relief action of the foot arch with the contraction of the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscles, which can drive the back muscles to activate the collateral circulation and the lumbar coccygeal muscles.

At the beginning of the movement, the thoracic spine of the upper body is centered. Then, the muscle strength and tension of the multifissured muscles of the lumbar spine and coccyx are trained to drive the movement of the knee joint and ankle joint, stimulate the peripheral blood circulation, increase the muscle elasticity between the spine and spine, and reduce the nerve compression.

Body stiffness – bend backward

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Move your back away from the back of your chair and look straight ahead. Keep your feet on the ground horizontally. Place your fingertips toward the ceiling with the center of the cervicothoracic spine.

Step 2.Exhale cervical vertebra forward bend, drive to coccygeal vertebra many fissure muscle group to extend. The fingertips of both hands are pulled down from the eyebrow center to the cervical vertebra to the thoracic vertebra to the lumbar vertebra, which drives the back of the hand to attach to the wrist joint. At the same time the wrist and elbow joints are pulled down toward the floor.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Inspiratory fingertip is guided from coccyx → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multifissured muscle is pulled and straightened. Abduction of both hands parallel to stabilize bilateral multifissures.

Step 4.Exhale and pull your arms forward to stabilize the spinal muscular endurance, and finally return to the original position of the spine straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for obese people, pregnant women, elderly, and the burden of the upper body, lower limb joints can not bear weight. This motion can move the deep vertebra of narrow space, improve lumbar because sit for a long time, stand for a long time the muscle group that suffers compression, to thoracic vertebra and heart and lung also is a kind of slight muscle strength exercise.

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Often backache? You think is tired, in fact, the disease has been quietly "staring" on you! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc

I. trauma. In clinical any reason is likely to cause lumbago, cause lumbago the most important one of the reasons is trauma, for example, as a result of external force caused lumbar injury to cause lumbago, if by external force and lumbago, will be very important, will also be early detection early treatment.

Sustained strain injury. This should be the main cause of back pain for many young people, because they sit or stand all day at work, rest on the sofa or drive all day. As the psoas muscle constantly performs one action, over time its properties change, such as elasticity, which gradually decreases. But the pain eased after the break and was not taken seriously.

how to relieve severe back pain

Three, lumbar disc herniation.

1. If the waist is not ready for sudden weight bearing, it will cause the nucleus pulposus protrusion.

2. Usually if the long-term sleep position is improper, the posture is improper, also can cause.

3. Still have the person because lumbar often catch cold, cause hemal constriction, lumbar muscle produces reflex sex spasm, make the pressure of lumbar vertebra heighten, fibrous annulus injury, also be a reason that causes this disease.

4. Degenerative changes of lumbar disc. Lumbar discs also begin to age slowly, often after the age of 30. If the injury is added to this, it can also lead to a herniated disc.

4. Gynecological diseases. For women due to menstrual period, back pain is also a lot, will not be concerned. But if ovarian, uterine occurrence pathological change also can cause lumbago. However, lumbago alone can not be judged, if accompanied by abdominal bulge or abnormal leucorrhea should be taken seriously, it is better to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Five, the patient that lacks calcium, osteoporosis. Because be short of calcium, osteoporosis causes lumbar back ache commonly in old people is more common, especially female, relatively more.

Children's lower back pain is mostly related to sports injuries, such as trampolines. And then there's too much physical activity, like gymnastics and things like that, like this kind of traumatic pain, or back pain from a torn ligament, that a lot of people don't pay attention to, and if it's not treated well early on, it can cause chronic pain that can affect a child for life.

how to relieve severe back pain

If often appear lumbar acerbity backache, still had better go to a hospital early check, had no problem had better, have a problem to treat as soon as possible lest disease develops further.

Prevention first, health home. More health management knowledge, welcome to pay attention to the prevention era.

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"Functional training" relieves shoulder pain and discomfort, suitable for middle-aged posture stretching exercises – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/neck pain


According to the American spine therapy association (aca), lower back pain is the second most common cause of physician visits. Lower back pain can be caused by arthritis, being overweight, poor posture, or even physical stress. In fact, aca points out that the most common lower back pain is mechanical, which means it's not due to infections, broken bones or other serious causes, and that it's not common to see back pain caused by kidney stones or blood clots.

This means that in many cases, preventing or treating back pain at home is a viable option. More importantly, one of the most effective ways to avoid back pain, especially as we get older, is to maintain our posture, keep our spine soft, and continue to be physically active in a well-supported manner. All of this can be done with simple stretching, which requires a doctor or physical therapist to check if you have any back pain before performing the exercise.

Required facilities

All of the following exercises should be performed on a solid chair, such as a dining chair, preferably without an armchair. If you are sitting on a relatively hard surface, it is easy to form a good posture, no other equipment is needed. Keep your feet firmly on the floor, knees bent at 90°, and hips in the middle of the chair, not on the edge.

Stretch your neck and chest

ways to relieve back pain

Even before the advent of electronic gadgets, people often kept their jaws forward or down, reading, eating (when we look at our plates), driving, and so on. Over time it can lead to neck pain and can cause pain in our spine and other areas of our back (usually the upper and middle spine). The following movements help reduce pain and stretch the chest. When our body posture is poor, we feel tight and need to stretch the thoracic vertebrae back.

Muscular activity:This exercise will stretch the shoulder blades and trapezius muscles in the neck, as well as the pectoral and erector spine muscles.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your body upright. Place your hands at the bottom of your head, fingers crossed, and move your thumbs along your ears and neck. This is a typical "relaxed" position, with your hands on your head.

Place your head in the palm of your hand and face up toward the ceiling.

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, relax your left elbow toward the floor and your right elbow toward the ceiling. This will stretch the neck in a supportive manner. Note: this exercise needs to be done gently, with the elbow moving only 1 to 2 inches. You should feel comfortable stretching, not pain.

Take two deep breaths and relax back into a neutral, upright spine position.

5. Repeat on the other side with your right elbow pointing to the floor and your left elbow pointing to the ceiling. Repeat three times on each side, then repeat on the other side.

2. Gently sit, stand and lean back

ways to relieve back pain

As we get older, our upper and middle backs (the thoracic and cervical vertebrae) begin to bend forward more, and as our lower jaw descends or protrudes outward, we often do these movements in our daily life, which become habitual. It can also lead to a hunchback, which we often associate with aging, causing tension in the back muscles. This gentle lean back counteracts muscle tension.

Muscular activity:This stretching exercise USES the spinal extensor, anterior cervical and pectoral muscles.

1. While sitting, place your feet on the ground with your hands on your lower back, palms down, and thumbs around your hips toward the front of your body.

Press your hands firmly against your hips and lower back while inhaling.

3. As you exhale, arch your spine slightly and guide the movement with your head. Note: don't tilt your head back too much. If you want to guide the movement with a cervical spine, you need to raise your jaw and face toward the ceiling. The upper and middle parts of the spine should flex.

4. Take five full breaths.

5. Gently return to the neutral starting position and repeat 3-5 times.

Three, back stretch exercise

ways to relieve back pain

This stretching exercise helps improve the range of motion of the shoulder joint, as well as stretching the shoulders and chest. When we sit or stand hunched over, it feels like slouching, but it causes tension in the chest muscles by pulling them inward. To avoid the movement of these muscles, it can cause pain in our upper and middle backs. The next exercise is to stretch the chest, exercise the postural muscles, and improve the stretching ability of the shoulder joint.

Muscular activity:This stretching exercise will stretch the anterior deltoid and chest muscles.

Sit up, keeping your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor. Breathe in deeply. As you exhale, bring your hands behind you and cross them. Note: if you can't cross your hands, grab the opposite wrist or elbow.

Take another deep breath and feel your spine elongate as you sit up straighter. Then move your shoulders up and down, with your shoulder blades down.

3. As you exhale, gently straighten your arms if they are clasped (if they are not together, gently pull them in the opposite direction). This helps stretch the upper back.

After taking three deep breaths, relax your clasped hands and return to the neutral position.

5. Repeat three times.

To the next level

If you feel good after the above exercise and don't feel any tension, you can increase your stretch to include the entire spine. This helps relieve pain in other parts of the back and increases the flexibility of the spine.

1. Start in the same stretch position as above, with both hands behind your back and holding tight, or with one hand holding the opposite wrist or elbow.

2. Inhale to feel the ribs lifted and the spine elongated. Maintain this feeling by gently tilting the spine forward at the waist as if the ribs were stretched into the thigh.

3. The range of movement should be within the range that one can bear. If you can keep your ribs down to your thighs, fine, but don't lie on your thighs. You still need to use your postural muscles to hold yourself in this position and stretch your chest, shoulders, and back.

Sit – up cat – cow pose

ways to relieve back pain

Many of us suffer from lower back pain, and as we age, degenerative changes in the spine and osteoarthritis become more common. For some of us, when our posture is poor, some of us present a "flat pelvis" when standing, which can cause severe lower back pain. Doing cat-cow exercises helps stretch the muscles in the lower back, and also helps keep the core muscles working and the spine healthy.

Muscular activity:This exercise stretches the erector spine, serratus anterior, iliocostus, external oblique and rectus abdominis.

1. Sit up with knees bent at 90°, feet flat on the ground, hands on the knee, two fingers facing inward, palms on the outside of the thigh.

2. Inhale, pressing your hands down as you exhale, arching your back inward through your spine, and looking toward the ceiling should feel as if you are pushing your hips behind you.

Inhale again, bringing your shoulders forward, then pull your navel toward your spine, lower your jaw toward your chest, and push your hands toward your knees.

On your next exhale, move in the opposite direction, pushing your chest through your arms and arching your spine again, pushing it toward your legs instead of your knees.

5. Slowly control your breathing and repeat 3-5 times.

5. Gentle spine twisting exercises

ways to relieve back pain

Gently twisting the spine has many benefits, including improving digestion and circulation, exercising abdominal muscles, and is one of the best ways to stretch for lower back pain. Not only that, doing a few gentle twists a day can improve the flexibility of your spine and prevent future lower back pain.

Muscular activity:The serratus erector and rhomboid muscles, as well as some neck muscles such as the sternocleidomastoid, are active in this stretching exercise.

1. Sit up with feet flat on the floor and knees bent at 90°. Only sit at the front edge of the chair. We may be concerned about the forward tilt of the chair and the instability of the seat, but we need to keep some space in the back for this exercise.

2. Push your weight down when you breathe in, stay upright when you sit, and lengthen your spine when you lift your arms above your head.

3. As you exhale, gently turn to the right. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee joint. We need to feel that every part of the spine is turning evenly. Using arm force to make the twisting even more damaging, one part of the spine will twist harder than the rest.

4. Hold the twisting position as you breathe in and feel yourself sitting higher. Twist further as you exhale.

Hold 3-5 breaths before you relax, then repeat on the other side, switching and stretching at least 2 times on each side.


These simple stretching exercises not only help reduce back pain at home, but also help prevent future back pain problems. As we age, our muscles get shorter and lose elasticity, and stopping exercise only exacerbates these problems, leaving our muscles weaker and often causing pain. By stretching our back and chest and keeping our shoulder joints and back moving, we can avoid pain, improve our posture and range of motion, and maintain a higher quality of life.

Check with your doctor immediately if you experience any new pain, especially if you have a sharp tingling or difficulty breathing. Most back pain is caused by overuse, poor posture, or excessive weight on your back.

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Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain!

In our daily life, we often hear the following dialogue:

"Alas, I recently waist a little ache, do not know how to return a responsibility."

"Well, have you got kidney disease?"

After all, kidney problems are no small matter. If they can't be cured, they will be over. This kind of negative mood is very adverse to the health of the body, so small make up here to tell you, back pain does not mean kidney disease, cause back pain there are many reasons, you must not scare yourself!

1. Lumbar muscle strain

What should consider above all when happening lumbago is oneself have twisted recently waist or motion way is improper, caused lumbar muscle strain thereby. Lumbar muscle strain is a kind of chronic injury inflammation, prone to repeated attacks, will increase when tired, will reduce when rest, temperature is too low or humidity is relatively high, may also increase back pain.

how to cure lower back pain

Some patients after twist to the waist is often go to the pharmacy to buy a box of plasters his post, a home have a rest over it, later also do feel waist pain eased, but it's so easy to leave, to develop into chronic low back pain, so you'd better to check the orthopaedic detailed, especially the elderly, more cannot ignore.

2. Lumbar degeneration

The lumbar vertebra of the person is the accumulation that can grow as the age, motion time and degenerate gradually, but if do not take care of at ordinary times, or produce sprain, spasm, produce joint problem possibly ahead of time, evolve even lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, these can cause the ache of lumbar, must treat as soon as possible.

how to cure lower back pain

3. Urinary system diseases

This is the "nephropathy" that a lot of people worry about, nevertheless urological system does not have kidney only, besides a few kidney problems can cause lumbago, for example: obstructive nephropathy, polycystic kidney, nephroptosis, renal abscess is waited a moment, the tumour of any place of other such as urinary tract stone, urological system also can cause lumbago.

When happening urological system disease nevertheless, can have lumbago only a symptom, the body still can have other expression, be like: albuminuria, hematuria, oedema, hypertensive or urinate is urgent, urine is painful wait a moment, everybody needs more attention, when discovering these symptoms, must treat in time.

4. Reproductive diseases

how to cure lower back pain

Common in women, for example: endometritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. Additional, female is in menstruation, also can accompany sometimes the lumbago of different level; During pregnancy, as the baby grows up, the pressure on the waist will gradually increase, which will also be prone to lower back pain.

To sum up, there are many reasons that cause lumbago, whether it is a kidney problem or comprehensive consideration. If the pain recurrent, lasting longer, it is best to go to the hospital to check, carefully examine the cause of disease, in order to treat the disease, as soon as possible.

"Glucosamine" ate, still can treat lumbago? Orthopedic doctors tell you the truth! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

In recent years, glucosamine, which is said to be beneficial to the repair of articular cartilage, has gradually entered the public's eyes with the popularization of medical science and the advertisement of businessmen. Many elderly people with poor knee joints take the drug for a long time.

But now there seems to be something new about glucosamine:

I know this because two of my best friends, including several patients, have asked me this question. At first I thought it was strange, but as more people asked, I began to wonder if my knowledge had not been updated.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

So, to find out whether glucosamine, taken, has any effect on lower back pain, I searched the authoritative medical literature. It turns out that authoritative randomized, double-blind, controlled trials on this question have been available for about nine years.

Time is tight, want to see the result of the friend directly, can directly pull to the end of the text to see the conclusion.

In 2010, the leading medical journal jama published an article on whether glucosamine, taken, can help lower back pain.

Professor wilkens p's team designed the legendary randomized double-blind controlled trial. They randomly divided 250 patients over the age of 25 with chronic low back pain and lumbar spine degeneration into two groups of 125.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

One group was given glucosamine sulfate (1, 500mg/ d) and the other was given an identical looking placebo. All were fed for six months, followed up for a year, and compared their lower back pain relief.

The results showed that:

# # the rumor

Simple said.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Although waist cannot treat, but to conventional knee joint, hip joint osteoarthritis, glucosamine still has certain curative effect.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

As for whether glucosamine consumption is beneficial to knee osteoarthritis, authoritative evidence-based medical evidence shows that:

Yes, it's better than placebo. One.

Just because of such a controversial existence, different countries hold different attitudes towards ammonia sugar:

In Europe, glucosamine is a "prescription drug" because doctors acknowledge that it has some benefits and may have side effects.

In the United States, however, since the fda considers ammonia to have only "adjuvant therapeutic effects," in the United States and Australia, ammonia is classified as a supplement and substitute, known as a "health supplement."

how to relieve lower back pain at home

In China, ammonia takes a median value and is otc. However, it is still a drug, so there are indications, contraindications, course of treatment, side effects and a series of problems, can not be taken all the time.