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[1] lumbago is accompanied by systemic pain, cough pain and other symptoms

A lot of times, when some people have back pain, there are other symptoms that go along with it, not just back pain. For example, it is often accompanied by systemic pain, turning pain, cough pain and other symptoms. When you have these symptoms, it makes you feel worse. Of course, this is probably due to osteoporosis. Because if the cause of osteoporosis caused by the back pain, the occurrence of back pain at the same time, but also accompanied by back pain, systemic pain and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can also occur when you get up, turn around, bend over or even cough, making your pain worse. At this point, if the pain is aggravated by tapping on the vertebrae, then consider osteoporosis leading to fractures or compression fractures. Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly, especially smoking, a large number of years of use of hormones such as asthma patients. Because, this is, old people increases as age, so itself each function is in drop, of course calcium also can run off wait for reason, because can cause old people to often produce the phenomenon of osteoporosis. The elderly can usually X-ray lumbar spine or isotopic bone mineral density test, can be timely detection and diagnosis of osteoporosis.

lower back pain

【2】 one action before bed: flying in the air

Many people will feel their own back pain, but usually have to work or their own life is very busy, also do not have the time and energy to do extra exercise and so on. Flying, however, is a great way to ease back pain. Of course, if you don't have time, you can do it before you fall asleep, simply for 3 minutes. Of course, it should also be based on your own symptoms. Some people may find it very difficult to do it, so you can try to reduce the difficulty and do it gradually.

Flying in the air action decomposition: when doing a movement, first with both hands and two knees to do support, maintain the head, neck and spine show a straight line, abdominal muscles to maintain tension. Lift your right arm and left thigh parallel to the ground, hold for 3-5 seconds, then return to the starting position, and repeat.

lower back pain

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Yoga kneeling posture, 1 minute to solve knee pain, back pain, cold feet, insomnia, than countless tonic

The knee is a joint, and if we crouch and fold too often, it will wear out just like the bearings. As I get older, I don't have as much qi and blood. I don't have as much qi and blood to supply my knees.

Therefore, it is necessary to use this kind of lubricating oil, such as gas and blood. If the lubricating oil is sufficient, it will be fine.

Then the cold comes in again, go again to practice squat, climb a mountain, walk a long way in the case of ischemia, the knee can only wear out more. This is why many middle-aged and elderly people suffer more and more knee pain after exercise.

So, if you want to alleviate knee pain, the most fundamental way is to introduce qi and blood into the knee.

In a not too soft bed or carpet, kneeling, walking, will be a continuous flow of blood to the knee drainage. As a result of the provision of fresh blood, the knee in the accumulation of cold can be dispersed, effusion can be eliminated, swelling and pain can be changed.

But somebody knee has pain, that kneels on softer bed first do not move, move slowly gradually, can get used to very quickly, knee is inache also at that time.

2. Your feet aren't cold

Many people feel cold on their hands and feet in winter, especially some girls, no matter how thick they wear, their feet feel like stepping through the holes in the ice, which is a typical bad blood circulation in their limbs. Cold feet in winter are also caused by blood and qi stasis in the legs, so it is the key to "break" the stasis.

To cure the cold winter feet at all, or to use yoga to kneel, first to the knee qi and blood, from the knee qi and blood, not far from the soles of the feet.

3. No more hair loss

how do you relieve lower back pain

Girls love to keep long hair, but many girls wash their hair every time or morning comb hair, will be a lot of hair, long like this, both affect the mood, and affect the image.

Do you know why you keep losing your hair? Kidney Lord Yang, Yang qi sheng is full of qi and blood, hair exuberant, full complexion. Hair loss is a sign that your kidney is empty and needs to be replenished.

Use yoga to kneel, not only can the qi and blood easily lead to the knee, and in the process of the knee line, your waist also follows to twist, power, so the kidney also follows to fill. After walking on your knees for two or three weeks, you will find that the hair loss that used to happen all the time is gone.

4. A great way to lose weight

how do you relieve lower back pain

For those men and young women who want to lose weight, kneeling law is more of a secret method to lose weight, than "knock belt pulse" faster.

Proud flesh on the thigh is the most difficult to reduce, so if you want to know whether this method works or not, just take a tape measure to measure your thigh circumference before you practice yoga kneeling posture, and then practice kneeling posture for 20 minutes every day. After 3 weeks, use the tape measure to measure, it will definitely give you a surprise.

What is the principle? Women always complain that proud flesh is on their thighs, and yes, it's just a pile of crap, not muscle. At this point, we have to channel the new energy and blood to let it absorb the garbage out, so kneeling can reduce thigh fat.

Still want to warn everybody nevertheless: knee can be very painful when just beginning, want to get used to a few days first, kneel not to go first, just begin kneel first, waited to get used to go again.

5. Secret regimen

how do you relieve lower back pain

If while walking on your knees, you strike the left pericardial meridians at the same time, the effect will be better. Have the friend of hypertensive, point to knead again the foot ze acupuncture point of lung classics, you can feel the clear mind immediately.

After doing the kneeling technique and practicing your independence, you'll suddenly find you can stand with your eyes closed for longer. This is because the kneeling method has led a large amount of qi and blood to the lower limbs, lower limbs strong, of course, the feet also stand more stable.

Use golden rooster to be able to induce qi and blood to rush the original acupuncture point of 6 meridian on the foot (liver, bravery, spleen, stomach, kidney, bladder) independently, such, ability of qi and blood can run more lasting and powerful.

Kneeling · asana recommended

The camel pose

how do you relieve lower back pain

Practice steps:

1. Kneel on the mat, with both knees as wide as the hips, arms naturally hanging on the side, and instep on the ground.

2. Put your hands on your hips or back for support. When inhaling, straighten your back and feel the continuous upward extension of your spine.

3 exhalation, the upper body slowly backward bending, first with a hand to grasp the heel of the same side, can not touch the person, heel stand up, toes control the ground.

4. Take another breath and open your chest further. As you exhale, hold your heel on the other side with your other hand. Head back relax, neck pressure friends can also put the chin into the clavicle, let the head and neck natural state.

5. Open your chest to the maximum and breathe evenly. With the next inhalation, lift your thighs and lift your hips with your hands. Exhale and sit with your hips on your heels.

Asana effects:Focus on the spine when doing this pose. If we do camel pose correctly, it promotes balance and stretches the spine, helps open the chest and pelvis, increases shoulder flexibility, and stretches and strengthens the lower abdomen and quadriceps.

Note: patients with high blood pressure, low blood pressure, migraines, and severe back and neck injuries should not practice this position.

Cat and cow style

how do you relieve lower back pain

1. Kneel on the floor and press with both hands on the pad. Open your knees as wide as your hips and your hands as wide as your shoulders.

2. Exhale, including chest arch back, chin looking for clavicle, eyes to navel, back as far as possible upward, arc.

3. Breathe in, lift your head, lift your chest, push your hips up, and lower your abdomen.

Asana effects:It is recommended that you do not sit properly for a long time, use your brain excessively, work under great pressure, and feel unable to wake up every day.

03 丨 tiger

how do you relieve lower back pain

1. Kneel with shoulder width, calves and instep try to stick to the ground, thigh and leg into a right Angle; Lean forward, palms on your hands, fingertips forward, arms perpendicular to the ground, keeping your spine parallel to the ground, and breathe.

2. Inhale and lower the spine in a downward arc; Lift the right leg, and let it in the back of the body straight extension, not to the side; At the same time, lift your head and look diagonally upward, raising your chin and stretching your neck.

3. To stabilize your body, try to take your left hand off the mat, stretch your arms back and up, and hold the instep of your right foot with your left hand, keeping your chest lifted, your upper shoulder pulling your back down, and your hands and feet pulling each other.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Asana effects:This movement gives the spine more flexibility, relieves lower back soreness, and strengthens the spinal nerves and sciatic nerves.

Reduce fat in the hips and thighs, while shaping the hips and back.

Baby style

how do you relieve lower back pain

Kneel on your heels so that the big toes of your feet are close together and your knees are about the same width as your hips.

2. When inhaling, fold your upper body forward, and when exhaling, lower your upper body as close to your thighs as possible, leaving your forehead on the ground.

3. Lift the head forward and feel the neck elongate in the distance, extend the tailbone back and feel the tailbone away from the pelvis.

4. Stretch your arms forward and place them in front of you, in line with your knees.

Relax your shoulders to the floor. You can also place your hands at your sides or fold them behind your neck.

6. Feel the weight on the front of your shoulders, keeping your shoulder blades open toward your back, and hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Asana effects:

Gently extend the back, hips, thighs and ankles, effectively relieve back and cervical pain; It also allows blood flow to the chest and brain, helping calm the brain and relieve brain fatigue; When we bend down so that our breasts rest on our thighs, we gently massage the breast tissue to improve the health of our breasts.

Taboo:Patients with dysentery and diarrhea should not practice this position, and pregnant women should not practice.

how do you relieve lower back pain

In practice, your movements may not reach the perfect state temporarily, just as we practice walking in childhood, early and late, we can walk very well.

As long as you practice every day, you can see your progress, and as long as you stick to it, it will come naturally.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Low back pain tops China's top 10 disabling diseases

According to statistics, up to 80% of people have suffered from low back pain in their lifetime, the second highest incidence rate after a cold, and lumbar disc herniation is one of the important causes of low back and leg pain.

There is an international authoritative journal "New England journal of medicine" research shows that in the street to find 100 do not have lumbar pain normal people lumbar magnetic examination, the results are shocking: lumbar disc bulging probability as high as 50%, the probability of protrusion reached 30%.

lower back pain remedies

But some people will question, I do not have backache, how can outstanding?

There's a reason it doesn't hurt: a herniated disc doesn't necessarily cause symptoms. Because there's plenty of space in the lumbar spinal canal, a mild disc bulge or herniation doesn't necessarily compress nerves, or it may just be a slight compression. Lumbar disc herniation is diagnosed only when a herniated nerve compresses causing pain in the lower back.

Some of you may panic:

Did that get lumbar disc herniation to disable possibly?

Lumbar disc herniation has always had the characteristics of "high pain, high disability rate, high recurrence rate, low cure rate". In ancient times, there was no advanced spinal technology, and the disability rate was high for patients who failed conservative treatment.

80-90% of patients are treated conservatively, with short-term bed rest, medication (anti-inflammatory and analgesic, neurotrophic), traction, physiotherapy, acupuncture, lifestyle correction, rehabilitation and exercise to relieve symptoms and return to an asymptomatic or acceptable level. For mild nerve compression, conservative treatment has a good effect, but for moderate and severe protrusion, persistent compression, conservative treatment has little effect.

A cold can be completely normal, but lumbar disc herniation is the nature of the disease itself, even if the symptoms disappear, but the herniation is still there. This is why conservative treatment continues to repeat itself.

Here's one of the biggest concerns:

Can it be absorbed spontaneously during conservative treatment?

The answer is yes. As mentioned in the guide to diagnosis and treatment of lumbar disc herniation by the north American association of spinal surgery, an authoritative international organization, there is no specific research on the natural course of lumbar disc herniation, but the expert group agreed that most patients with lumbar disc herniation can be improved regardless of whether they are treated or not. Herniated disc tissue usually shrinks/degenerates over time. Most, but not all, studies have shown that clinical symptoms recover as the herniated disc shrinks.

The New England journal of medicine also reported cases of natural absorption after nonsurgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation.

There will also be such cases in clinical practice, may want to do surgery a month ago, after conservative treatment for a month, re-examination of the prominent disappeared. But this kind of luck doesn't happen to everyone. Only a few people absorb it on their own. Maybe only two or three cases per year, about 1%. And most of the self-absorption is complete detachment of the nucleus pulposus.

Conservative treatment is still prominent what should we do?

1. For mild protrusion, it can be well controlled by correcting poor living posture and strengthening the lumbar and back muscles.

2. For moderate degree of protrusion, it should be judged according to the effect of conservative treatment. If the symptoms are mild and conservative treatment is effective, conservative treatment can be continued. If the symptoms are severe and continue to affect life, surgery may be considered.

3. For severe protrusion, it is recommended to directly consider surgical treatment. Of course, even though some patients have severe protrusion, they still insist on conservative treatment due to various reasons (such as tolerable symptoms and fear of surgery, etc.). It is suggested that this part of patients grasp the indications of surgery, so as not to delay the disease.

Surgery or not???

There is no uniform indication for surgical indications in clinical practice. In general, according to the response of nerve compression, pain, inflammation, edema and even loss of function may occur when nerve compression occurs. If there is a loss of muscle strength and muscle atrophy, the nerves are already beginning to deteriorate. It is necessary to remove nerve compression in time to avoid further nerve injury or irreversible injury.

Which operation is better?

There is no doubt that symptomatic treatment and surgical choice are related to patients' symptoms and doctors' skills. How to obtain the most satisfactory curative effect with the least traumatic cost is a unified treatment concept. Minimally invasive surgery is not so much a technique as an idea to minimize trauma and maximize recovery. When conservative treatment is ineffective and can no longer bear the pain, it is better to "liberate" the nerves through minimally invasive methods (symptomatic treatment is the basis). Currently, minimally invasive spinal surgery represented by intervertebral foramen is very mature.

Still can have a relapse after the operation, restored normal person?

The fact that the herniated disc has been removed does not mean that the disc has returned to normal. Therefore, in order to avoid recurrence of residual nucleus pulposus protrusion, surgeons often remove the nucleus pulposus as much as possible during the operation, but the subsequent disc collapse, accelerated disc degeneration, osteophytes, spinal canal stenosis and other conditions are more likely to occur. How to preserve the function of intervertebral disc and reduce the recurrence rate as much as possible? After nearly a decade of research in China, the self-developed fiber-ring suture technology has well solved this world problem.

lower back pain remedies

Need to continue to treat after the operation?

Lumbar disc herniation is a chronic disease, surgery is only a link in the treatment, treatment needs a long process. It's better to be careful when you think of the scarred discs in your spine. Postoperative early review + long-term rehabilitation exercise is the hard truth.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Massage should be careful when lumbago, these taboo crowd must pay attention to! | lower back ache relief

One, inflammation. If any of us have a low back pain problem, the first thing we need to do is analyze whether it's muscular pain or visceral pain, or whether it's superficial pain caused by inflammation. The three types of pain are different, and the way to deal with them is different. If there is a lactic acid deposition is muscle pain caused, so it will have very good effect, but if the waist abdomen have inflammation, triggering inflammatory pain, then massage may cause skin damage, cause inflammation further, so patients with inflammatory exudation is the waist abdomen massage is not recommended.

Two, three high crowd. In fact among present old people group, the proportion that 3 tall crowd place hold is very big, so old people waist acid leg hurts when to massage choice should be very careful. Because people with high blood pressure tend to have high blood pressure when they are stimulated, and there is often a problem with osteoporosis, too much force may cause bone deformation. So maybe during the massage, the pain will have a short relief, but slowly will be affected by the massage, on the contrary, the body will become more and more uncomfortable.

Three, blood disease patients.

Blood disease patients in line with the principle of responsibility for themselves and others should not be massaged, especially for themselves have coagulation disorders, patients with severe bleeding tendency, when the massage may cause skin damage, so it may cause severe bleeding, this situation is very critical. And some blood diseases have a certain infectious, while massage may bring trouble to others. When hematologic diseases appear together with other diseases, the first step is to stabilize the blood situation, such as blood drawing, or drug induction therapy, to restore the normal blood ratio, and then to carry out other nursing attempts.

lower back pain remedies

So massage is not a cure-all. Some people have to be very careful about whether or not to give a massage. Tips:

Please do not trust the experts. What the experts say is right or wrong, which needs to be constantly tested by subsequent clinical trials, and there will be some expert Suggestions that will be falsified. Don't look down on the experts either, because we need to follow their advice before the guidelines are made, and they need to follow their advice before they are made.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Qi deficient lumbar pain body weak? Chinese medicine teaches you syndrome differentiation and treatment!

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, people's life activities fundamentally speaking, is the vitality rise and fall, access to the movement. Qi deficiency is mainly caused by congenital deficiency, malnutrition, old age and weakness, long illness, operation and excessive fatigue and other factors. In clinical practice, qi deficiency also includes lung qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency and kidney qi deficiency. Such as qi deficiency is weak outside the health, muscle surface is not solid and easy sweat, qi deficiency is limb muscle loss, fatigue and fatigue, qi deficiency is qingyang does not rise, qingqiao loss of maintenance, and mental listlessness, dizziness, tinnitus. Qi deficiency is weak with handsome blood line, then pulse condition is weak, weak or fine, qi deficiency is water liquid metabolism maladjustment, water liquid does not change, lose cloth obstacle, can coagulate phlegm to become drink, very water evil overflow and become oedema. Qi deficiency can also lead to the decline of viscera function, thus showing a series of signs of viscera weakness.

1. The lung qi deficiency

Lung main qi, division of breathing, outer together fur, channel adjustment. Lung qi is deficient, its advocate announce fall, division breath, adjust water fluid metabolism, resist the effect of outside evil to be able to abate, appear short qi from sweat, sound low cowardly, cough asthma, bosom is frowsty, catch a cold easily, oedema even, urinate adverse wait for a disease.

2. Kidney deficiency

how do you relieve lower back pain

Kidney house, hide essence gas, division two Yin open. The essence fills the five zang-organs and the brain. Kidney qi deficiency, loss in the rong Yang, see god tired, dizzy forgetful, waist and knee weakness, urine frequency and clear, white belt clear thin, tongue light, weak pulse. Kidney does not accept qi, shallow breathing, breathing more suction less.

3. The temper

how do you relieve lower back pain

Spleen in the jiao, the main transport, division sheng qing, blood line. Weak temper, inability to move the essence of water and grains, lack of biochemical source of qi and blood, symptoms include reduced diet, stomachache after eating, tiredness and fatigue, thin body, thin stool, yellow complexion, thin coating on tongue, weak pulse.

4. The heart qi deficiency

Heart Lord blood, hide god. Heart qi deficiency, can not stimulate the blood, also can not nourish the spirit, so see palpitations, shortness of breath, sweat, fatigue is aggravated, god exhausted, weak tongue, weak pulse.

5. Yang (qi) deficiency

Deficiency of visible white complexion 晄, dizzy, less gas lazy words, fatigue strength, god what syncope. Yang deficiency in addition to the symptoms of qi deficiency, both chills cold limbs, since sweat, slow pulse sinking or late and weak, fat white tongue coating.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Syndrome; Short qi from sweat, voice low cowardly, cough asthma, chest tightness, easy to catch a cold, even edema, urine adverse. Rule: tonify lung qi. Host party: four gentleman soup and jade screen powder. Formula: codonopsis codonopsis, poria cocos, atractylodes, licorice root, astragalus root, wind prevention, etc.

(1) general syndrome of kidney qi deficiency; God is tired, dizzy and forgetful, waist and knees are weak and weak, urinate frequently and clear, leucorrhea is clear and thin, tongue is light, pulse is weak. Rule: tonifying kidney and benefiting qi. Main prescription: kidney qi pill plus or minus. Recipe: buguzhi, wolfberry, tu si zi, aconite, cassia twiggy, huang jing, poria cocos, cornel meat, huai shan, mulberry parasitic, dangshen, atractylodes.

how do you relieve lower back pain

(2) renal gas deficiency syndrome; In addition to the general kidney qi deficiency syndrome, there are long urination frequency, or residual leucorrhea, nocturia, enuresis; Or premature ejaculation of male spermatorrhea, women with more than a clear amount of underband; Or dripping wet or fetal restless, slippery tire. Cure rule: tonify kidney firm astringent. Fang fang: kidney gas pills to reduce, or with jinsuo solid essence pills, shrinking spring pills. Prescription: buguzhi, lycium chinensis, cuscutis, aconite, cassia twigeratum, huangjing, poria cocos, cornel flesh, huai shan, mulberry cuttlebone, yingzi, yizhi ren, etc.

how do you relieve lower back pain

(3) renal deficiency syndrome; On the basis of kidney qi not solid, see long disease cough and asthma, breathe more and less, short breath, move is asthma. Cure rule: tonify kidney na qi. Main party: seven flavor all gas pill add ginseng to attach dragon stallion etc. Recipe: schisandra, ripe ground, danpi, alisma, poria cocos, cornel meat, huai shan, medlar, dodder, aconite, ginseng, keel, oyster, gecko, cordyceps sinensis, sea dragon, seahorse, etc.

(1) general symptoms of deficiency of temper: reduced diet, stomachache, tiredness and fatigue after eating, thin body, thin stool, yellow complexion, thin coating on tongue, weak pulse. Rule: invigorate spleen and improve qi. Host party: six gentleman soup. Herbs: codonopsis, poria cocos, atractylodes, liquorice root, pinellia officinalis, tangerine peel.

how do you relieve lower back pain

(2) syndrome of depression of middle qi: abdominal cavity heaves with distension, ingestion increases significantly, or defecation frequently, anus heaves; Or chronic dysentery, or even prolapse; Or hysteroptosis; Or urine is cloudy like m Gan. Companion sees little gas anemic, sound is low lazy speech, giddy giddy. Pale tongue and weak pulse. Rule of thumb: tonic in yiqi. Host: buzhong yiqi soup. Prescription: astragalus, ginseng, atractylodes, licorice, cohosh, bupleurum, angelica, fructus aurantii, Chinese pinellia, tangerine peel.

(3) non-syndromes of blood in spleen: they are mainly seen in chronic bleeding, such as excessive menstruation, hemorrhage, epistaxis, subcutaneous hemorrhage, etc. In addition to bleeding, must also see some symptoms of weak temper. Rule: invigorate spleen and absorb blood. Main prescription: spleen spleen soup. Recipe: astragalus, angelica, yuan meat, wood incense, yuanzhi, jujube kernel, ginger, jujube, dangshen, atractylodes, liquorice, donkey-hide gelatin, etc.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Symptoms: palpitations, shortness of breath, hyperhidrosis, aggravation of fatigue, fatigue of the mind, weak tongue, weak pulse. Rule of thumb: invigorate the mind. Host: four gentleman soup, nourishing soup. Formula: codonopsis, poria cocos, atractylodes, licorice root, astragalus root, yuanzhi, angelica, cypress seed, jujube seed and so on.

Syndrome: white complexion 晄, dizzy, less gas lazy words, fatigue strength, god what syncope. Yang deficiency in addition to the symptoms of qi deficiency, both chills cold limbs, since sweat, slow pulse sinking or late and weak, fat white tongue coating. Rule: supplement Yang yiqi. Host: ginseng soup. Recipe: ginseng, aconite, astragalus and so on.

how do you relieve lower back pain

For those with deficiency of qi, the principle of deficiency of five organs should be taken into account. Where qi deficiency, should eat a tonic qi effect, the nature of sweet or sweet and warm food, should eat nutritious, easy to digest food. Avoid eating broken gas consumption gas, avoid eating raw and cold cold, greasy thick taste, spicy food.

Qi deficiency constitution is one of the common constitutions in children, often appearing in nasal allergy, asthma, digestive disorders, short stature, bed-wetting, easy to catch a cold, obesity and heart disease. Children with qi deficiency should pay attention to diet at ordinary times.

To learn more about Chinese medicine diet health knowledge, please search attention to our official website or wx public number: medical Lin shan

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Why can the woman often feel lumbago


Causes the female backache the reason

For a long timeSitting for a long time: this is a common problem of a lot of white-collar women, because of the job, need to sit for a long time, still have bad sitting position to also be a big inducement of backache, white-collar women need to raise vigilance.

Often wear high-heeled shoes: the woman that loves beauty likes beautiful high-heeled shoes, thin tall high-heeled shoes, become a lot of women's favorite. Wearing these high-heeled shoes for a long time will seriously affect the walking balance of the whole lower limbs, and eventually cause the whole ligament injury and bruise.

Genitourinary systemSystem infection:This is because women suffer from urinary tract infection, such as: chronic nephritis, cervicitis and other diseases, and the main symptoms for back pain, sharp pain, these diseases will cause back pain and other symptoms.

osteoporosis:Middle-aged and elderly women often suffer from this disease, after the menopause in women, because of the reduction of spinal bone, and spinal capacity becomes weaker and weaker, and the endurance of the body is also slowly weakened, so the crisis of waist pain.

Strain of lumbar muscles: this is because the body is too tired, coupled with non-standard sitting posture, etc., these will lead to lumbar muscle strain. Normal life should develop a good sitting posture, and should be appropriate exercise, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

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Three ways to avoid back pain

To strengthenexercise:Women should exercise more at ordinary times to avoid sitting inactivity, sitting inactivity will affect the local blood circulation, and prone to cause women back pain phenomenon, adhere to exercise can promote local blood circulation, and will enhance physical quality, can play a role in preventing disease.

Keep your waist warm:Especially in the menstrual period, to do a good job in keeping the waist warm, avoid the waist cold, otherwise it will affect the local blood circulation, and will lead to damp and cold invasion of the human body, easy to cause the phenomenon of backache, and will cause female dysmenorrhea.

reconnoitreA:Women usually to increase the intake of protein and vitamins, need to reasonable adjustment of diet structure, eat more beneficial to the human body, eat more vegetables and fruits, can enhance the physical quality, can speed up the metabolism of the human body, and can effectively improve the physical condition.


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how do you relieve lower back pain – Ah! People to middle age have to, lumbar acid lumbago straight, don't worry, walnut to add a thing to help you | how to get relief from lower back pain, what to do to relieve lower back pain

Walnut is a kind of woody oil plant of deciduous tree, formerly called walnut. Commonly used in the home, also known as "home walnut", walnut kernel is one of the world's four largest dried fruit. Walnut kernel contains high nutritional value, rich in high-quality protein. The potency of walnut protein is similar to that of animal protein, and the content of amino acids is rich. The 8 essential amino acids of human body have very high content and reasonable proportion, which has very high edible value and health care function.

Medical books of the past dynasties highly praise the health care function of walnut, claiming that it can "through channels and collateralesembellish blood, black hair, often take flesh delicate and smooth". Li shizhen "compendium of materia medica" records: walnut has "black hair, solid essence, cure rash, regulating the blood of the".

Walnut belongs to buyang medicine, has the effect of tonifying the kidney and benefiting the lung, na qi dingchuan, runchang laxative, often used for lung kidney deficiency of asthma cough syndrome and kidney Yang deficiency of lumbar and knee acid and soft, spermatorrhea frequency. Because walnut is rich in oil kind, also often use at embellish bowel aperient, especially the old people constipation that bowel dryness constipation causes.

So in general, walnut is suitable for kidney Yang deficiency and failure of the elderly patients often take. For this kind of patients eat 3 walnuts, 10~20g of jujube or walnut and jujube made into jujube and walnut porridge consumption, a bowl every day, can play a warm kidney yangyang, runchang laxative effect, especially for kidney Yang deficiency failure and constipation.

For those who often feel weak and weak in waist and knees, you can use pot walnut duzhong pork waist soup, which has the effect of tonifying kidney and benefiting Yin, strengthening muscles and bones. Take walnuts, eucommia bark, 30 g, 100 g medlar 30 g, 2 or pigtail only 500 g pork loin, put food are processed in an earthenware pot, add water 2 litres, liquor, use the fire boil, use small fire boil them nearly 1 hours after put in finally, pork loin and cook for 15 minutes, if it is a pig tail fly after water stewed with herbs, salt seasoning. This prescription is suitable for general population consumption, but also can be used for lung deficiency cough and asthma, spleen deficiency food less, liver and kidney deficiency and other symptoms of adjuvant therapy.

how do you relieve lower back pain

However, the benefits of walnuts do not stop there. Middle-aged people are also at high risk of cardiovascular disease, and walnuts have great cardiovascular benefits.

Walnuts are the king of antioxidants. American dietitic association suggests people, had better eat walnut two or three times a week, especially to middle-aged and old people and menopausal women, because the arginine that contains in walnut, oleic acid, antioxidant material to protect cardiovascular disease, prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, senile dementia is quite beneficial. Some small randomized trials have shown that walnuts, which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, have beneficial effects on blood fats. It was concluded that the walnut diet had the following respective benefits compared with the control diet: it could reduce serum total cholesterol by 4% ~ 12% and serum low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 6% ~ 12% [1-3]

When walnut is edible, do not eat too much at a time, can affect digestion otherwise. Some people like to peel the thin brown skin off the surface of the walnut, which will lose some of the nutrients, so do not peel off the skin. Moreover, walnut heat is high, should not be more food, hot people should eat less. Walnuts can also be eaten for breakfast. Peel 2 to 3 walnuts and crumble them into a milk cup. It's also high in nutrients.

1. Substituting walnuts for monounsaturated fat little the serum lipid profile of hypercholesterolemic men and women. A randomized crossover trial.

2. The effects of walnuts on serum lipid levels and blood pressure in normal men.

3. A walnut diet little endothelial function in hypercholesterolemic the subjects: a randomized crossover trial.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Why does the woman always lumbago | lower back ache relief, soothe lower back pain

Common causes of back pain

1, catch cold catch cold,

2. Kidney deficiency and Yang deficiency

This kind of circumstance is common in the woman that had delivered a child, menstruation is irregular or miscarriage for many times. Often appear back sour ache, cold limbs, weakness of the whole body symptoms. The reason is excessive blood loss, or chong ren cellular palace deficiency, leading to kidney deficiency.


4. Gynecological diseases

Therefore, to pay more attention to their personal hygiene, as well as the health of the genitourinary system.

5. Lumbar spine lesions

Common in older women. Age increases, leading to lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lower back pain and radiating pain in the lower extremities, often due to osteoporosis caused by vertebral collapse fracture.

The underlying causes of backache are complex, and we can only cure it by finding the root of the problem. Accordingly, the woman that suffers by lumbago for a long time, do not want oversight certainly, had better go to a hospital as early as possible check.

There are many acupuncture points all over our waist (Such as points of mingmen, shenyu, yangguan and so on), a regular rub waist can stimulate acupuncture points, promote blood circulation in the waist, thereby quickly relieve back pain.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, clench your hands and rub your waist with the fist on the side of the mouth. Rub where uncomfortable, the speed must be fast, rub skin heat can.

lower back pain remedies

What to eat? With r.

lower back pain remedies

Take rehmannia glutinosa as food, have long history in folk. As early as 1000 years ago, people in central China's rehmannia producing areas would "pickle rehmannia into pickles, soak wine and tea and eat it." Up to now, people still put the rehmannia shred cold mix, porridge and food.

Rehmannia glutinis has the effect of nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, nourishing blood and cooling blood. Where Yin deficiency blood deficiency kidney deficiency food, quite beneficial. In addition, rehmannia has strong cardiac diuretic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, promoting blood coagulation and reducing blood sugar.

Fresh rehmannia

Clear heat, generate fluid, cool blood and stop bleeding. It is used for crimson tongue, thirst, spots, rash, vomiting of blood and sore throat.

Raw radix rehmanniae

Used for fever crimson thirst, Yin deficiency internal heat, bone steaming heat, internal heat thirst, vomiting blood, hair spots and rash.

Rehmannia glutinosa

Nourish Yin and blood, enrich essence and fill marrow. Used for liver and kidney Yin deficiency, lumbar and knee soreness, bone steaming hot flashes, night sweat spermia, internal heat and thirst quenching, blood deficiency and palpitation, palpitation, irregular menstruation, bleeding, dizziness, tinnitus, beard and hair early white.

lower back pain remedies

** this prescription is not a medicine. It is suggested to seek medical advice since there is still no remission after 3 months of use.

1. Wash the raw ground and cut it into small pieces;Wash the ginger and pat flat.

2. Put 2/3 full water in the soup pot, add the raw ground and ginger slices.

3, fan bone wash, boil in the boiling water for a short time, remove the blood, and then clip into the soup pot.

4. Raw and ripe ground soup has a strong taste, so two candied dates are added.

5. After the fire comes to a boil, turn the small fire to boil for 2 hours.

lower back pain remedies

** this prescription is not a medicine. It is suggested to seek medical advice since there is still no remission after 3 months of use.

1. Wash the mutton and cut it into small pieces, then blanch it with boiling water to remove the blood foam; Wash the rest and set aside.

2. Put all the materials into a pot, add water and cook for 3 hours on a slow fire.

Appropriate food

1. Yin deficiency, fever, thirst, Yin injury, constipation, kidney Yin deficiency, dry throat pain caused by deficiency fire, eczema, neurodermatitis.

2, women with irregular menstruation, blood collapse, fetal unrest and other diseases, suitable for consumption.


1. For those with spleen deficiency, diarrhea and stomach deficiency, it is not suitable to eat.

2. Rehmannia glutinosa should not be eaten with onion, leek, radish and scallion.

3. When serving, do not use copper and iron utensils.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – The man midnight blood urine be admitted to hospital, fish kidney failure, wu wear waist to cry bitterly and shout: is a wife to harm me! | how to get relief from lower back pain, lower back ache relief

Xiao wu is one of the patients with kidney failure, talking about xiao wu suffering from the cause of the disease, let the doctors also do not understand.

Original xiao wu is a diabetic patient actually, before two people get married actually xiao wu confessed all these with his wife, but xiao wu's wife also did not mind.

Later, with the development of the disease, xiao wu found that she was affected by diabetes in many aspects, especially the kidney function, which was obviously decreased.

Therefore, xiao wu and his wife's life is more and more disharmonious, every time xiao wu is hasty.

The day grows, the attitude that xiao wu discovers wife becomes more and more indifferent, this lets xiao wu his face also is without light.

Later inadvertently, xiao wu saw downstairs has a propaganda to enhance the function of kidney health care products, a heartbeat xiao wu immediately went to buy a few boxes. Sure enough, xiao wu as god help that night, his wife is also very satisfied.

how do you relieve lower back pain

There is a two, gradually xiao wu before every act to eat a few, in the night before yesterday, xiao wu in the toilet when he found himself actually appeared hematuria, which gave him a fright, immediately rushed to the hospital to do an examination.

Later, the doctor was diagnosed by the doctor, xiao wu is suffering from kidney failure, must be hospitalized.

Xiao wu after hearing the result, regret not at the beginning, yell is my wife hurt me!

how do you relieve lower back pain

The first reason: the impact of diabetes

Diabetic nephropathy is a very common complication.

Long-term blood glucose will affect the changes of blood flow throughout the body, and abnormal blood flow in the kidney will be shown as high filtration and high perfusion. The typical early symptoms are microalbuminuria.

Diabetic nephropathy eventually progresses to kidney failure and even uremia, which is maintained by dialysis, so prevention and treatment are very important.

how do you relieve lower back pain

The second reason: unrestrained consumption of health care products

A lot of people think health care is tasted without toxic side effect, eat at will, but this is very wrong!

Because health care products are likely to add some unknown ingredients, these ingredients are absorbed by the human body, metabolism and waste excretion are often through the liver and kidney. Once the toxicity is too great, liver and kidney failure are very likely.

Besides can bring about liver kidney failure besides, health care tastes to bring about skin allergy possibly still, still can cause the happening of heart failure even!

Therefore, health care products are not desirable, kidney needs to be careful.

how do you relieve lower back pain

First, nausea and vomiting

If some people have diabetes, they are at risk of kidney failure, which can cause nausea and vomiting.

In addition, a decrease in kidney function increases the amount of urine a patient makes at night, when the body loses a lot of water, and blood concentrations and blood urea nitrogen levels rise relatively in the morning.

As a result, early morning nausea and vomiting tend to increase.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Second, the lower limbs swelling

In the early stages of kidney abnormalities, swelling of the lower extremities may occur, usually in the ankles and feet, and then gradually develop into swelling of the whole body.

Obesity and swelling are easily confused by many people, in fact, swelling side of the performance of the finger pressure will appear indentation, not easy to rebound.

Once discover the body appears dropsy, must examine treatment in time, lest miss optimal treatment opportunity.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Third, abnormal urination

Kidney function appears problem, micturition also can follow abnormal: urine may bubble; Brown, red, even bloody; Less urine, but frequent urination.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Performance four, the top of the head hair become white

If the rest of the head doesn't turn gray, but the top of the head does, it's a sign of kidney failure.

Because the top of the head is du mai, ren mai through the place, the relationship between these two veins and the kidney is the most intimate, if the top of the head hair white, it is a kidney problem.

One: control your blood sugar

Diabetics should avoid alcohol, milk tea and other bad drinks at ordinary times, drink more tea, the nutrition in tea has the effect of helping to prevent diabetes.

At the same time, you can use small plants to soak in water for better health benefits.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Sugar friends or people with kidney problems can make dandelion and bamboo tea:

Corn beard calls dragon beard to return kidney classics again, have the effect of certain auxiliary treatment to chronic nephritis, can diuretic, improve kidney function, reduce or subsidise dropidity, reduce or eliminate make water protein to wait.

In addition, the saponins in corn whisker are the main components of lowering glucose. It also contains chromium, a component of the glucose tolerance factor that enhances insulin function. Is a diabetic hypoglycemic, kidney care.

Diabetes is closely related to inflammation, and dandelions have anti-inflammatory effects. Can improve the edema that kidney causes already, can promote again harmful material classics kidney eduction outside the body, also have very good ameliorative effect to nephritis.

Even bamboo can regulate body fluid, is blindly nourishing Yin sheng jin medicine.

The rose makes the harmonic use, four person collocation, diuretic, protects the kidney, also may delay the diabetes complication.

how do you relieve lower back pain

The second point: diet light

Food stress diet light, often eat too salty food, will cause damage to the kidney, the human body can not drain water, and then lead to kidney function decline.

Can also increase the risk of hypertension, so usually should pay attention to diet light.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Number three: don't hold your urine

And a full bladder can give the bladder an incorrect sense that it's not ready to go to the toilet yet, and that the amount stored in the bladder has not been discharged within the prescribed limits.

It just tells the kidney not to make it anymore. It won't fit. This will have a great impact on the normal detoxification of the kidneys.

how do you relieve lower back pain

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Proposal: handle affairs hind feel lumbago, the male needs to face up to a few reasons! | how to get relief from lower back pain, lower back ache relief

Curiosity: why does the waist ache after husband and wife life?

Back pain after marriage is a very common symptom in women who suffer from itmetritisThe symptoms can include abdominal pain and low back pain. The pain becomes worse as the couple is engaged in sex and there is bleeding in the act. If it's a man, it could beprostatitis, act later also can cause backache.

If couples live too often, then after the end of the back pain, mainlyToo much movement in the waist, and very easy to cause the muscle strain of the waist, the method of correction is very simple, will choose regular husband and wife life according to their own physical condition.

Sex engages the muscles of the pelvis, limbs and joints, and the impulsiveness of the sexual stimulation can cause a person to temporarily ignore the physical weakness or other conditions, but then feel very tired and have a painful lower back.

In addition, there are many couples in order to extend the life of the couple, at the endIntentional interruptionHowever, physiologically speaking, the interruption of the couple's life can cause the male's reproductive system as well as her pelvis to be continuously filled with blood, which cannot be quickly subsided. His cerebral cortex is also in a tense state, and he is prone to lower back pain.

How does the waist ache after husband and wife life alleviate?

how do you relieve lower back pain

1, after a lot of men in bed movement appeared lumbago, is very normal, may be because too frequent recently, so feel very lack of tired after the end, it is better to control in once a week, let some of your body get enough strength, so as to not harm your body.

2, if often prone to back pain, men can go to the appropriate exercise, from the fundamental to strengthen their physique, achieve a certain goal, let their physical strength become more powerful.

3, in the diet can eat some more warm and tonic food, such as pork, beef or wolfberry, etc., because the male after the life of husband and wife, he will feel very tired, if not daily appropriate nutrition, but will make the body gradually weak.

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