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"The most prominent disc in my life is the lumbar disc."

It's not hard to see a trace of sadness in this joke,

As one of the major diseases plaguing modern people,

Many people develop a herniated disc at a young age,

Daily life is miserable.

What is lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

The spine is an important part of the human body, is the "pillar of life", and the lumbar spine is an indispensable link of the spine.

The lumbar disc, located between the vertebral bodies of the two lumbar vertebrae, is 8mm~10mm thick and consists of the nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus and cartilaginous plate.

Lumbar disc herniation, refers to the disc in a certain factor, the nucleus pulposus is squeezed out, compression stimulation of peripheral nerve root vessels, numbness, severe pain and other conditions.

Self-check: what kind of back pain do you have

Mention a backache, the likelihood that most people think of above all is lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, actually the kind of backache has a lot of.

Lower back pain with radiating pain in the lower extremities: nerve involvement

Along the waist has been to thigh, calf, even foot back, plantsole a line of pain, or have numbness, tiptoe walk not road, leg weakness and other symptoms, may be caused by nerve. Need to go to a hospital to check oppressive degree and oppressive position.

Palpable tenderness: strain of lumbar muscles

Psoas muscle and lumbar back fascia pain, the position is relatively shallow, if the feeling of back pain, and can be felt, when pressing painful feeling, often may be a lumbar muscle strain.

It hurts to stay still: tumors must be ruled out

The occurrence of unexplained back pain, and can not find a special tenderness point, sleep at night is also very painful, in a comfortable, relaxed state of rest is still very painful, must be timely to the hospital to rule out whether it is a tumor, so as not to delay treatment.

Deep location and limited movement: lumbar disc problems

When a lumbar disc problem occurs, the pain is deep in the back center of the body. It is very painful and even restricted in movement, but when touching the waist and back, there is no painful tenderness. Diagnosis requires the aid of ct or mri.

Some of the most destructive habits of your lumbar spine

Besides sitting posture is incorrect, a few postures in the life are more "big family" of injury waist.


Lie half down and play with your phone

In the semi-supine position, the lumbar vertebra may lack sufficient support, leading to the change of the original radian, which causes the increasing gravity on the disc and induces the disc degeneration and protrusion.


Wear no shoes

When you walk in stiletto heels, you lean forward and increase the curvature of your back. Heels, flats and flip-flops are just as bad, with no cushioning or arch support, which can cause unstable gait and uneven distribution of body weight across the spine, increasing the risk of disc damage.

Studies show that when walking or standing for long periods of time, it's best to wear shoes with 2cm heels.


Not controlling weight

Too much weight puts a strain on the spine, placing more strain on the area between the lumbar spine and sacrum.


Improper movement

Stick to exercise is good, but improper exercise, it will lead to spinal deformation. Lumbar pressure is too large, lumbar disc herniation.

Recommendation: the best time to exercise every day at about 30 minutes, and strengthen the back stretch exercise.


The waist catch cold catch cold

Cold or damp can cause lumbar small blood vessel contractions, muscle spasm, make intervertebral disc pressure increases.

Suggestion: winter must strengthen the waist to keep warm, the waist ache patient may under the doctor's instruction, adds protects the waist.


Too much massage

Massage can alleviate lumbar disease somewhat, but frequent massage can accelerate lumbar joint wear and tear, make its become extremely flimsiness.

Suggestion: under normal circumstances, half a month massage can, had better find a professional massage doctor.


The mattress is too soft

Mattess too hard too soft, the normal curvature that can affect vertebra, make muscle fiber can be in all the time tight state, once violent activity, can produce acute lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude.

Proposal: the softness of mattess is spent, in order to lie on the waist above without apparent depression is most appropriate.

Notes for lumbar disc herniation:

1. In the acute phase, pay attention to rest and minimize exercise.

2. After the symptoms get better, you can do back exercises and squat exercises step by step.

3. Keep the waist warm and do not sleep on the floor or bamboo mat.

4, correct standing posture, usually work and rest in life, pay attention to the correct posture, avoid lifting heavy objects.

5. Avoid strenuous sports such as basketball, football, tennis and golf, yoga, dancing and other twisting sports.

6, pay attention to quit sex for a month, to ensure better recovery.

Suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation exercise

Has suffered from lumbar disc herniation patients, should be timely to the regular hospital examination and treatment. According to the severity of the disease, can choose conservative treatment, such as taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, hot compress, massage, traction, physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, surgery and so on.

Suggest below the premise of regular treatment, undertake a few auxiliary exercise.

Swallow type

Lie on your tummy bed with your arms at your sides and your legs straight. Then lift your head, upper and lower limbs upward with strength. Do not bend your elbows and knees.

Notes: people with lumbar instability and spondylolisthesis should not do this exercise.

Hip bridge

Bend your knees and lie on your back, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, slightly to the side. Place your arms apart on the ground. Push your hips up, lifting them up. A group of 10 can relieve waist fatigue and ache.

The squat type

Feet shoulder-width apart, hands flat, slow squat, toes down, heels up. Squat to be in place, the first practice squat can help the wall and other things half squat, gradually increase the number of squat, gradually do squat. Do 36 squats twice a day.

Notes: gentle movements, squat to slow, to prevent falls.

Tablet support

Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent and supported on the ground, shoulders and elbows perpendicular to the ground, feet on the ground, body off the ground, torso straight, head, shoulders, hips and ankles on the same plane, abdominal muscles tightened, pelvic floor muscles tightened, spine lengthened, eyes looking at the ground, maintain even breathing. Each group was held for 60 seconds, with four sessions lasting no more than 20 seconds between sessions.

Lumbar spine care. Experts recommend two types of exercise

For healthy people, the following exercises help maintain the lumbar spine.

His pace

Walk can exercise the muscle strength of waist, buttock and lower limbs, enhance the coordination of limbs and trunk motion, maintain the physiological curvature of lumbar vertebra.

When walking should try to straighten the chest and stomach, the sole of the foot first landing, from the sole of the foot to the tip of the toe, cushion the knee and ankle joint pressure; Shoes with shock absorption are the best choice.


Swimming can exercise back and waist muscles, especially breaststroke, the spine does not bear longitudinal pressure, in the process of continuous ventilation, the lumbar and cervical muscles continue to move, muscle exercise and strengthen.

Long – term swimming is very helpful for strengthening lumbar muscles and improving disc herniation. It is recommended to swim more than 2 times a week according to your ability.

Source: critical health GRT (collated from life times, public health and preventive medicine)

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Lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion cure is not seasonable, can you cause paraplegia really? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/lumbar spine

The patient, male, 50 years old, developed waist pain without obvious inducement 8 months ago and presented progressive aggravation. After more than 20 days, he presented radiating pain of the right lower limb from the back of the thigh to the outside of the lower leg. He was treated in a third-grade a hospital in Beijing and was given symptomatic physiotherapy, with slight relief. During 8 months, the intermittent onset of lumbago, progressive aggravation, 5 days ago in a third grade hospital in the city, lumbar mri examination: lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

herniated disc relief

For further treatment, the patient was admitted to the surgical clinic of our hospital. Chief physician Sun Qinghe understand the patient's condition in detail, and further for the physical examination, physical examination found that patients with physiological curvature, 4/5 lumbar spine tenderness obviously, right next to the vertebral ligaments tenderness and lower limb radiation to the lateral crus and to the right foot back, right leg straight leg-raising and strengthening the positive, lower limb activity is a bit limited, sacroiliac department, right back thigh, calf of the lateral strain, foot dorsum skin feels numb, 踇 toe back stretch muscle abate level iv, more than physical examination did not see abnormalities. Auxiliary examination of lumbar mri showed lumbar disc herniation 4/5, which was initially diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

Due to the patient's repeated pain in the waist for 8 months and the unsatisfactory effect of conservative treatment in the other hospital, director sun qinghe, deputy director xie zhongwei, doctor mu shuo and other medical personnel agreed to the feasibility of minimally invasive surgical treatment after discussion, the surgical program: percutaneous foraminal endoscopic l4/5 intervertebral disc extraction + nerve release. In order to achieve better results of surgical treatment, ding yu, chief physician of orthopedics department of Beijing navy general hospital, and lu zhengcao, chief physician of surgery guidance were specially invited. Under the guidance of director ding yu, deputy director xie zhongwei led the surgical team to successfully perform percutaneous foraminal foramen l4/5 intervertebral disc removal and nerve release for the patient. During the operation, the herniated disc tissue could be clearly seen, and the surgical team used a special surgical instrument to remove the herniated disc tissue, which significantly relieved the pain symptoms of the patients during the operation. He was able to get out of bed the second day after surgery and has been discharged.

herniated disc relief

According to xie zhongwei deputy director introduction, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is very common, but most patient does not take so seriously however, simply point says: as long as the pain is in oneself can bear inside limits, won't go to a hospital to accept treatment! In fact, this is not a good consciousness, each lumbar disc patients specific situation is not the same, general situation will not cause paraplegia, but serious or will lead to lower limb paralysis, so we have to pay attention to! In guang 'an hospital, every Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning will invite Beijing navy general hospital orthopaedic big bar for public welfare consultation, friends in need can call 8018999 to make an appointment.

herniated disc relief

At the same time, the solution of the director said, as a kind of common disease, lumbar disc prolapse its treatment has been extensive research, the traditional approach after open surgical trauma, gradually developed a variety of minimally invasive surgery such as ozone, collagenase injection, percutaneous laser ablation of nucleus pulposus, posterior intervertebral disc under micro endoscopic surgery (med), but these techniques or by indirect decompression, curative effect is not exact, or still need to destroy the rear structure, is now gradually withdrew from the people's horizons. In the treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, only local infiltration anesthesia can be used to directly decompress the herniation under the view, without the need to bite the lamina, destroy the paravertebral muscles and ligaments, without interference with the spinal canal nerve root, and the amount of trauma bleeding is small. Transforamen technique is applicable to most disc diseases, including lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, spinal spondylolisthesis, infectious diseases of the spine, and some intradural benign tumors.


Percutaneous foramina is a minimally invasive surgical method for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, which is suitable for various types of lumbar disc herniation, discogenic low back pain, postoperative recurrence of lumbar disc herniation and even lumbar spinal stenosis.


(1) the operation is performed under local anesthesia without general and partial anesthesia, and postoperative recovery is fast.

(2) the operation was completed under fluoroscopy monitoring, which maximally ensured the safety of the operation;

(3) the operation channel is only thick and thin, and the patient can walk on the ground on the day after the operation, which has the smallest trauma and the fastest recovery in similar operations.

(4) the incision was small (about 0.7 cm) and the spinal structure was basically intact.


Advantages compared with traditional minimally invasive techniques and open surgery:

(1) the paravertebral muscle and soft tissue need not be damaged;

(2) no posterior laminae fenestration or expanded decompression is required, and no damage is caused to the bone structure of the lumbar spine.

(3) only part of the upper articular process was removed and the expanded intervertebral foramen entered the spinal canal;

(4) no need to retract the dural sac or nerve root, only directly remove the herniated disc tissue;

(5) thermosetting and wrinkling molding of annulus fibrosus fractures can maximize the integrity of annulus fibrosus and the height of intervertebral space, thus helping to prevent long-term recurrence;

(6) the whole operation is carried out under local anesthesia, which not only has no worry about nerve root injury, but also can communicate with patients at any time to ensure surgical safety and postoperative efficacy;

(7) small incision and little intraoperative bleeding;

(8) traditional minimally invasive technique can only perform ablation of nucleus pulposus, but can not perform excision of prominent nucleus pulposus, which affects postoperative efficacy.

(9) patients can get out of bed on the day or the next day after surgery, which has little impact on daily life.

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Is it a herniated disc or a herniated disc? Have you found out? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | herniated disc

Disc herniation or disc protrusion? Almost every ct or Mr Imaging doctor will encounter this problem in their work. Generally, we have a sentence in the report which roughly goes like this:

Disc soft tissue density (signal) limitation backward (left back, right back) protrusion, dural sac compression – disc herniation;

Soft tissue density (signal) of the disc extends evenly around the disc, and the dural sac is compressed.

Let's look at the normal anatomy of a disc:

herniated disc relief

herniated disc relief

(normal disc)

If the disc looks like this:

herniated disc relief

herniated disc relief

That's easy — a herniated disc

herniated disc relief

herniated disc relief

That's a good one — disc protrusion

But work is not always so typical, or in between, how to report? When just beginning work, have a misunderstanding all the time: sagittal position looks at serious report to protrusion, lighter report to bulge, do not know each teacher to have in recruit?

Later, in huazhong university of science and technology tongji hospital further study, a knowledgeable professor(from the bottom of my heart)Tell me a good idea and share it with me:

herniated disc relief

(I use pen and ink, a little ugly, please don't laugh)

It's the ratio of the protruding edge to the entire edge, or the Angle that I drew, which is bounded by 180 degrees, which is less than the protruding and more than the protruding.

I don't know if I have made myself clear. Please leave a comment and discuss.

【 remind 】 does the old person in the home shout lumbago? In addition to a herniated disc, it could be… – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc


"My mother is 58 years old, the body is not bad, but recently listen to her back pain, but also accompanied by lower body leg numbness, pain, heard that the lumbar spine is a problem, want to listen to the doctor's advice. "Asked Ms. Wang, a citizen.

"Elderly patients often have different degrees of lower back pain accompanied by lower limb pain, numbness, cool and other symptoms, which is very similar to the clinical manifestations of lumbar disc herniation, therefore, elderly patients with lumbar acid leg pain must be made a differential diagnosis with lumbar disc herniation."Xiamen guangliang orthopaedic hospital vice President, chief physician xiong qingyuan told reporters, in clinical, the elderly suffering from back and leg pain should first consider osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, lumbar degenerative osteoarthropathy.but, lumbar degenerative diseases caused by the back and leg pain and lumbar disc herniation have obvious differences, mainly in the following aspects:

From a pathological point of view

Lumbar degenerative change is caused by various reasons first disc nucleus pulposus moisture loss, shrinkage, narrow intervertebral disc height and bulgin, cause vertebral body, trailing edge or small joints in bone proliferative changes (osteophyte), resulting in the rupture of nucleus pulposus prominent fiber ring around oppression or stimulate the nerve root and lumbocrural pain symptoms and signs.

Look from clinical expression respect

The symptom that lumbar degenerative sex osteoarthropathy causes has early rise lumbago apparent, appropriate activity can alleviate or alleviate wait for a characteristic. Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is usually manifested as: lumbar pain accompanied by lower limbs radiation pain, rest after the relief of symptoms, cough, sneezing and other movements pain increased, walking difficult, serious impact on life and work.

Look at it in terms of imaging

Degenerative osteoarthropathy of the lumbar spine may show signs of instability of the vertebral body, narrowing of the intervertebral space, and hyperplastic changes of the facet joints. Ct, mri also have the above signs, but no disc herniation.

Xiong qingyuan reminds: when the elderly appear lumbago leg pain, to highly suspect osteoporosis, lumbar compression fracture, lumbar spondylopathy, lumbar disc herniation, must find specialist doctors to make a clear diagnosis, in order to achieve the right medicine and effective treatment.


Correspondent: sovereign, bai jie

Editor: detailed

Often backache? You think is tired, in fact, the disease has been quietly "staring" on you! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc

I. trauma. In clinical any reason is likely to cause lumbago, cause lumbago the most important one of the reasons is trauma, for example, as a result of external force caused lumbar injury to cause lumbago, if by external force and lumbago, will be very important, will also be early detection early treatment.

Sustained strain injury. This should be the main cause of back pain for many young people, because they sit or stand all day at work, rest on the sofa or drive all day. As the psoas muscle constantly performs one action, over time its properties change, such as elasticity, which gradually decreases. But the pain eased after the break and was not taken seriously.

how to relieve severe back pain

Three, lumbar disc herniation.

1. If the waist is not ready for sudden weight bearing, it will cause the nucleus pulposus protrusion.

2. Usually if the long-term sleep position is improper, the posture is improper, also can cause.

3. Still have the person because lumbar often catch cold, cause hemal constriction, lumbar muscle produces reflex sex spasm, make the pressure of lumbar vertebra heighten, fibrous annulus injury, also be a reason that causes this disease.

4. Degenerative changes of lumbar disc. Lumbar discs also begin to age slowly, often after the age of 30. If the injury is added to this, it can also lead to a herniated disc.

4. Gynecological diseases. For women due to menstrual period, back pain is also a lot, will not be concerned. But if ovarian, uterine occurrence pathological change also can cause lumbago. However, lumbago alone can not be judged, if accompanied by abdominal bulge or abnormal leucorrhea should be taken seriously, it is better to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Five, the patient that lacks calcium, osteoporosis. Because be short of calcium, osteoporosis causes lumbar back ache commonly in old people is more common, especially female, relatively more.

Children's lower back pain is mostly related to sports injuries, such as trampolines. And then there's too much physical activity, like gymnastics and things like that, like this kind of traumatic pain, or back pain from a torn ligament, that a lot of people don't pay attention to, and if it's not treated well early on, it can cause chronic pain that can affect a child for life.

how to relieve severe back pain

If often appear lumbar acerbity backache, still had better go to a hospital early check, had no problem had better, have a problem to treat as soon as possible lest disease develops further.

Prevention first, health home. More health management knowledge, welcome to pay attention to the prevention era.

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[lingnan famous doctor] lumbar intervertebral disc herniation can "clap" go back? Don't tease! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | herniated disc/lumbar spine

A disc herniation is actually a herniation of the nucleus pulposus. Degenerative changes of lumbar intervertebral disc are the basic causes of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, especially degeneration of nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus, resulting in local stress changes.

Wu yi introduces, in common inducement element (traumatic, increase abdominal pressure, lumbar posture is not right, suddenly bearing weight to wait) action falls, cause annulus of fiber to burst, nucleus pulposus organizes from rupture place different degree protrusion, compress or stimulate nerve root, cause nerve root oedema and inflammation reaction, produce the symptom such as lumbar leg hemp pain.After the annulus fibrosus ruptures, it is impossible to return the nucleus pulposus protruding through the rupture orifice to its normal position, so there is no scientific basis for the idea that the herniated disc can be "shot back".

herniated disc relief

Some patients received physiotherapy for symptom relief chart/visual China

herniated disc relief

Shorter course of disease may first try conservative therapy chart/visual China

Which patients should be treated conservatively?

First attacks, the lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion short course of disease (3-6 months), no severe nerve root injury symptoms, does not affect the life and work, ease symptoms after treatment, or by strengthening the waist and back muscle function exercise, can't change the correct work and lifestyle, reduce the load of the lumbar spine, prevent lumbar disc degree aggravating.

Under what circumstance should operation treat?

herniated disc relief

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Meet a disease to want to go to a hospital in time, must not throw oneself into a hospital in disorder! I agree. Please click "watching".~

Sciatica is postural! 6 mitigation strategies and prevention keys – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

According to statistics, up to 80% of adults have experienced lower back pain. Besides acute injuries caused by intense exercise, sciatica is the most common hearing.

The person that the case is mild may feel backache of lumbar ache only, and serious person even has difficulty to walk, what is to return a responsibility after all?

ways to relieve back pain

The position of the sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is formed by the fusion of nerve roots from the lumbar and sacral vertebrae, and its position extends downward from the lower back approximately all the way through the buttocks and the posterior side of the thigh. It can be said that the sensory and motor functions of the posterior side of the lower limbs almost all depend on its control.

What is the cause of sciatica?

The most common problems occur in the lower back between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, and between the 5th and sacral vertebrae. Nerve roots are often compressed for a variety of reasons, leading to a range of symptoms.

Spinal stenosis (long spur).

Herniated disc

A disc is a piece of cartilage that connects each segment of the spine and, if pressed for a long time, protrudes, pressing on nerve roots and causing pain. Disc herniation can be caused by excessive bending and prolonged poor posture, such as bending down to lift heavy objects, sitting for a long time, degeneration and so on.

Spinal stenosis (long bone spur)

The average age of patients with spinal stenosis is higher than that of disc herniation, because the spine ages, bends, deforms, and so on, causing the body to grow extra bone-bone spurs, which then compress the nerves and cause pain.

Pseudosciatica? What's going on?

Piriformis syndrome is also known as pseudosciatica. Piriformis muscle is a muscle deep in the buttocks, because of its lower sciatic nerve through, so once the piriformis inflammation, overuse, may become tight and compression of the sciatic nerve, causing hip pain, leg numbness, foot numbness and other symptoms.

This kind of circumstance often happens in the figure is thinner or the person that loses weight suddenly more, because the fat of its buttocks is thinner, sit so for a long time also easy compression sciatic nerve.

Pseudosciatica with piriformis tension

Another type of pseudosciatica can also be caused by pain in the gluteal muscle-membrane. For example, the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles of the buttocks can cause sciatica-like symptoms from falls, excessive exercise, walking long distances or standing for long periods of time.

Sciatica is a common symptom

Initial stage is the most apparent symptom is back ache, cannot stand straight or bend over ache, as sciatic nerve gets compression gradually, ache feels the likelihood all the way from inferior back outspread buttock groove, ham, cause the discomfort of crus, baseboard even.

As the disease gets worse, it can also cause intermittent claudication, which means that the patient will be able to stand and walk for shorter periods of time, and will have to stop for rest every time he walks.

If the scope of nerve damage continues to expand, may also cause local skin loss of sensation, muscle atrophy, reflex disorders, paralysis, and finally may even evolve into defecation or impotence and other symptoms.

ways to relieve back pain

Who gets sciatica easily?

The spine of humans gradually degrades with age, so sciatica is very common in the elderly. In addition, many workers also increase the risk of sciatica due to heavy lifting, obesity, long-term sitting and poor posture. Diabetic patients are also prone to neuropathy, to follow the doctor's orders to control blood sugar.

Sciatica high-risk group:

The elderly

Heavy lifting

Obese people

People who sit for long periods of time or have poor posture


How do you test if the sciatic nerve is damaged?

When the doctor sees the patient, he will find that when the patient is lying flat on the bed, he cannot raise his foot more than 30 degrees.

In addition, the patient's lower legs, instep, or soles of the feet are often accompanied by dullness of sensation, such as a loss of upward or downward movement of the thumb, or an inability to walk on tiptoe and heel.

In addition to the above examination, the most accurate is by image examination.

How should sciatica be treated?

Usually mild symptoms can be improved by drugs and rehabilitation. Take intervertebral disc herniation as an example, through therapeutic rehabilitation exercise, the nerve can avoid abnormal stimulation, clinical about 80% of patients can be improved, make the protrusion of cartilage with time dehydration and become smaller, let the nerve no longer by compression and natural recovery.

And the patient of spinal stricture (long bone spur) is not easy to heal naturally normally, when first attack, the doctor can try conservative treatment first, if lie in bed rest, tie-in take medicine and undertake pelvic traction, after lasting 4 weeks most patient can improve a symptom. If the condition does not improve or if the nerve compression is too severe, the surgeon must evaluate the procedure.

Relief of sciatica:

Smooth trip to rest

Medication, such as painkillers

Hot compress

Improve posture

Stretch properly

Use a corset or backrest

To prevent sciatica, your posture is important

In addition to the way doctors give treatment, the patient's daily life is also very important! For example, the posture of standing, sitting, carrying things, and so on, must develop correct posture.

Correct posture for lifting heavy objects

For example, when carrying heavy objects, the steps should be: first squat, do not bend, legs slightly open, hands will be heavy net side by, and then slowly lift the object, remember to keep the waist straight as far as possible, avoid bending directly to the waist too much pressure.

To sum up, daily life should do a good job in prevention, in order to reduce the spine, lumbar burden, reduce the risk of sciatic nerve damage.

ways to relieve back pain

Avoid heavy lifting

Avoid vigorous waist exercises

Sit up straight and avoid crossing your legs

Chairs should not be too low

Use a mattress with moderate hardness and good support

Maintain a standard weight, obesity will increase the load on the lumbar spine

Ask everybody, if have the symptom of long-term lumbar acerbity backache, remember to seek medical advice, do not undertake massage at will, whole ridge waits for therapeutics, lest cure is not successful aggravate an illness even.

What will save your herniated disc – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

1. Lumbago, lumbago leg pain is lumbar disc herniation?


Let's take a look at how orthopedic specialists are defined.

The diagnostic criteria proposed by professor McCulloch (known as the leader in minimally invasive spinal surgery) are still in use today:

(1) leg pain greater than lumbago, single leg pain and the distribution of the sciatic nerve or femoral nerve.

2. The sensory abnormalities were distributed in the skin.

(3) positive straight leg elevation test, Angle less than 50% of normal, or positive straight leg elevation test of healthy side; Or radiation pain caused by compression of the tibial nerve in the popliteal fossa.

(4) with muscle atrophy, weakness, hypoesthesia and tendon reflex abate and other 4 of the 2.

(5) imaging characteristics consistent with clinical manifestations.

herniated disc relief

Read popular, that is to say: lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is single leg pain is given priority to commonly, and leg pain presents distribution of certain nerve, must want to have imaging support at the same time!

This means that low back pain, or even leg pain, or an X-ray, ct, or mri image description alone is not enough to diagnose a herniated disc.

Ct, mri and other reports of lumbar disc prolapse, herniation, prolapse is only imaging reports, the imaging degree of lumbar disc herniation and the severity of the disease is not directly correlated!

You can not casually put the cap of lumbar disc herniation on his head oh!

2. What is the best imaging examination of lumbar disc herniation?

Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) is the preferred auxiliary examination recommended by the north American spinal surgery society (nass).

herniated disc relief

Patients who are not eligible for mri can choose ct or even CTM (myelography ct). For patients who need surgery, they will also receive the necessary general X-ray and ct examination to determine the surgical segment and the overall shape of the spine.

So, dear friends remembers:

Check lumbar intervertebral disc when doing magnetic resonance examination just is cost performance is the highest!

3. Is conservative treatment effective and what is credible?

Lumbar disc herniation is a relatively self-limited disease, and 80% of patients can get effective remission after appropriate conservative treatment. Therefore, conservative treatment is the preferred treatment for lumbar disc herniation, including a variety ofPhysical therapy, special therapy and medication.

Rest in bed, generally stay in bed for 3 weeks, wear waist step by step activities.

Drug therapy (including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, neurotrophic drugs, the treatment of neuropathic rational pain drugs) can improve the prognosis, useful!

Nerve block and radiofrequency ablation of intervertebral disc have been proved to be effective.

herniated disc relief

Massage and systematic rehabilitation therapy may also be helpful for mild to moderate patients! But here's the thing:Any physical therapy to eliminate edema, relieve symptoms for the purpose! Any violent massage is very harmful, and any massage and rehabilitation for the purpose of reduction of intervertebral disc is questionable and vigilant.

4. What conditions require surgery and when is the right time?

(1) the diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation is clear.

(2) waist and leg pain symptoms are serious, repeated attacks, and the condition gradually worsened, after the standard conservative treatment is ineffective.

(3) seriously affect daily life and work.

Surgical treatment is recommended, with a better prognosis within 6 months of onset. Patients with dyspepsia or perineal numbness need emergency surgery.

Suggest early diagnosis, early treatment, faster recovery, better!

5. Is minimally invasive surgery more effective than conventional surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery of lumbar disc nucleus pulpotomy includes surgery under diskoscope (med) and peld (peld), which are surgical options for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, but there is no conclusive evidence that minimally invasive surgery is more effective than small incision open lumbar disc nucleus pulpotomy.

However, the application of minimally invasive surgery in patients with strict grasp of indications will achieve satisfactory results. We always believe that:

Safety first, curative effect first, in ensuring the same safety, effective conditions to pursue minimally invasive.

The minimally invasive approach we focus on emphasizes less spinal cord and nerve injury, less muscle and blood vessel injury, less spinal structural damage, and then less skin incision.

Minimally invasive surgery is a kind of operation with high safety, small trauma and quick recovery. But in terms of efficacy, it was no better than open surgery with a small incision. Choosing the right treatment for different patients is the best choice.

6. What are the causes of lumbar disc herniation? How to prevent? Causes of lumbar disc herniation can be divided into:

(1) uncontrollable factors: heredity, gender, age, etc.

(2) controllable factors: weight, work habits, exercise, etc.

How to prevent lumbar disc herniation mainly should proceed with from controllable factor. Dewatering and degeneration of lumbar disc nucleus pulposus is the pathological basis of lumbar disc herniation as well as the anatomical basis of lumbar disc herniation. Accumulated injuries will aggravate and accelerate the degeneration of lumbar disc. Therefore, the focus of prevention is to reduce accumulated injuries.

At ordinary times to have a good posture, the correct posture should be to keep the spine upright not hunchback.

The person that works in front of computer for a long time, should drive up computer monitor appropriately, do not work for a long time as far as possible "desk". The upper body is straightened at the same time, bosom leaves desk 10 centimeters, make chest back muscle tension is balanced, two legs parallel nature puts down, sole nature places. Long-term desk workers need to adjust the height of the appropriate table, chair, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, sleep when choosing the appropriate mattress.

herniated disc relief

Try to avoid long-term, repeated bending work load, the same weight, bending to work disc pressure is 2.7 times than when standing.

Strengthening core muscle group is the most practical and effective way to prevent lumbar disc herniation.

The stability of the human lumbar spine = the static stable structure of the intervertebral disc structure of the 5 lumbar vertebrae + the dynamic stable structure of the surrounding core muscles of the lumbar spine. Just like a convertible, the stability of the main stent is achieved mainly by the balance of power of the surrounding rope. That is to say, the strength and balance of the core muscle group is the main factor to maintain the stability of the lumbar spine and the key point to prevent the lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

The core muscles of the lumbar spine are mainly composed of the abdominal muscles in front of the lumbar spine and the lumbar back muscles. The easiest and most effective way to exercise the core muscles is swimming. There are many other scientific core training methods,For example: sit-ups exercise abdominal muscles, flying swallow, five point support method exercise back muscles and other ways.

herniated disc relief

To sum up, orthopedic specialists tell you a few things:

1. Lower back pain is not a herniated disc.

2. Lumbar disc herniation is a self-limited disease, and scientific conservative treatment is the first choice.

3. The diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation should be made by orthopedic or pain specialists based on their medical history, physical examination and auxiliary examination, and scientific and reasonable treatment recommendations should be given.

4. Minimally invasive surgery is a treatment with high safety, small trauma and rapid recovery, but how to choose the surgical method depends on the patient's specific situation.

5. Reasonable work, living habits and scientific exercise methods can effectively reduce the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation.

6 suspected that he had lumbar disc herniation, to find puyang hospital orthopaedic · pain department of the doctor will be the best choice.

(photo by liu di/wenshi no.3 hospital)

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Li guomin: backache after cervical vertebra disease, how does treatment do without effect? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/backache

Li guomin: backache after cervical vertebra disease, how does treatment do without effect?

Shoulder, neck and waist pain people suffer, find the wrong people waste money! Hello, I'm li guomin, shoulder, neck and waist specialist. Write an article every day to share my actual treatment experience and cases, hoping to give you some inspiration and help. This is the 454 original article.

One, why does backache treat after cervical vertebra disease have no effect?

Yesterday a friend came to consult, his main symptom is back pain.

He went for an mri of his cervical spine, which revealed herniated discs 3, 4, 5 and 6 and spinal stenosis.

Then he did a lot of treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy, patches, hot compresses, medication, cervical traction, and so on.

But without any effect, he couldn't feel better? More and more serious, every day to endure the pain.

Why didn't the treatment work?

1. His problem was not found

2, the treatment method is not accurate

3. Lack of self-training

In a lot of cases like back pain, cervical mri is a problem, but that's not the reason.

And you see he did cervical spine traction, in fact he this piece I think is not the need for traction, so it is fundamentally the treatment is not right.

There is a more serious is no self training, he is only passive to do treatment, not their own initiative to prevent.

So he's getting worse.

2. Benefits of early resolution of back pain.

In terms of pain, I think if you don't treat it early, it's going to get worse and it's going to interfere with your sleep.

It is possible that your pain will become intractable, as in the case of the patient at the beginning of this article.

So treating your pain early can prevent one of its exacerbations.

When you have this back pain, it really affects your work because you can't concentrate on one thing.

It affects your life, you can't do a lot of things, like go on a trip, or you can't go out for a long time, because the pain is always bothering you.

So the second benefit of early treatment is that it allows you to work happily and live a healthy life.

For you, you want your back pain to go away sooner rather than later

This can prevent you from developing some serious complications, and early treatment can reduce your pain.

Shorten your pain and improve your quality of life.

How did she relieve the back pain?

This patient is a housewife. She mainly runs a shop and her daily work is to sit in front of the shop and sell some daily necessities.

In fact, her work is not very tired, her backache came after giving birth to a baby.

She herself is very distressed, treatment for more than a year, but no improvement.

I have seen some therapists in our hospital before, and I have treated them, but the results were not satisfactory.

She read about Dr. Lee on the Internet and came to find out what I was doing. I evaluated her, but the main problem wasn't that big.

Two reasons:

1. Fascia problems

2. Cervical deep muscle weakness

I treated her a total of three times. Her pain is basically better than 80%. The rest I let her do it my way.

The patient recovered well because it was treated for a year without any improvement.

Identify his reason, three times solved more than half.

Have you solved your back pain?

4. A key factor in pain management.

In fact, maybe you can find out why it's so easy for her pain to ease, and it's been so long without any effect.

There's actually a key factor here.


Cervical spondylosis back pain whether pain numbness, or swelling pain, actually I think it must be evaluated.

Because if you don't have an evaluation, all the treatments go up.

It's not the right thing to do. The first one increases your pain, and the second one says I think it's more expensive.

Once you've identified the cause, assess what the problem is, and you can treat it.

So this is a patient who had an mri of the cervical spine, and I did it as a reference, not as a primary treatment.

It's the way you go when you're dealing with cervical spondylosis, and so much of it is because you're over-referencing the results of the cervical spine scan and not focusing on one of your evaluations.

Have you assessed what your problem is?

Specific treatment methods.

Her fascia was loosened, and I gave her a floating needle.

This method works faster, if you have ultrasound treatment, the effect will be even better.

You can also choose small needle knife or tendon needle treatment is the same, as long as you find the problem.

Because as soon as you assess which muscle, which fascia, has the problem, then it's likely that you have the possibility of relief

If you have cervical spondylosis, this exercise is a must.

The best way to do this exercise is the set suspension exercise. Because at present for, strengthen the training of cervical vertebra deep muscle, this method is used most extensive, and effective is faster.

If you don't, I think it's good that you can practice eye exercises, as well as strengthening your deep cervical muscles.

Eye training is actually very simple, a lot of people repeatedly asked, I also repeatedly taught.

The first step is to focus your eye on a solid dot on the wall with your eye, or draw one.

Step 2, turn your neck left and right, a horizontal rotation to the left and right. And your eye can't leave the solid dot.

Step 3. Turn your neck no more than 30 degrees.

The key point here is that your neck moves horizontally, left to right, and then your eyes, no matter what you do, can't leave the solid dot on the wall.

Do this for two minutes three times a day. You can stop if you feel uncomfortable.

I gave this patient here, and the way I did it was by standing up against a wall.

Why did you use this method? Because he had postural problems with his cervical spine.

Any head pain is related to your cervical spine, so you must adjust your cervical spine in the correct position.

So I chose to stand against the wall.

The first step is to place your entire body, back, back, buttocks, against the wall.

Step 2: place your heel between 5 and 10 centimeters from the wall. Your chin is perpendicular to the ground. You can't lift it or lower it.

Step 3. Imagine a rope pulling up above your head

Do this three times a day for five minutes at a time, and stop whenever uncomfortable.

Do you use these methods for your back pain?

Do you worry about your cervical spondylosis can not be cured?

Have you found a good cure for your cervical spondylosis?

Are you still worried about finding a good doctor for your cervical spondylosis?

You can also chat with me, I will give you some good methods and advice.

Pain all the way from butt to foot! Discuss the cause and treatment of sciatica – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/sciatic nerve/herniated disc

Patients with sciatica know best what it feels like to 'numb all the way to the foot.' Many people have heard of sciatica, but most people don't know that sciatica is a symptom, not a disease. Just as stomach pain is a symptom, there are many possible causes behind it, such as tension and gastroenteritis, so is sciatica. The most common causes are disc herniation, lumbar spondylolisthesis and bone spurs.

ways to relieve back pain

Radiculopathy is the cause of the pain

Sciatic nerve is a large nerve of lower extremity, by the 4th, 5th lumbar vertebra and before 3 sacrum assemble and become, so called sciatica, what point to is to go up along sciatic nerve to conduction and the ache feeling below, ache limits can be spread downward along the side after ham, reach crus normally, painful even to sufficient back or sole.

Most people think that sciatica is caused by the sciatic nerve itself, but this is a myth. It is the lesion of the nerve root that is the most common source of pain.

Nerve root refers to the source of the nerve from the spinal cord, such as disc herniation, lumbar degeneration, spinal stenosis, tumors, etc., can cause nerve root compression caused pain.

1 herniated disc

Disc herniation is one of the common causes of sciatica. The disc consists of a cartilaginous nucleus pulposus with a central nucleus pulposus surrounded by a strong fibrous ring. Human body 80% force can impact vertebra, intervertebral disc has cushion pressure function, but long-term force can make fiber annulus ruptures, nucleus pulposus protrudes compression spinal nerve.

There are intervertebral discs between the vertebrae, each disc may occur disc herniation, the neck and lumbar movement, especially the fourth, fifth lumbar vertebra and the first sacrum stress the most, most often appear disc herniation.

Vulnerable people: 30 to 50 years old is a vulnerable age, especially overweight, improper posture of sitting office workers, wearing stiletto heels, weight lifting workers, are at high risk.

Treatment methods: generally speaking, 90% of patients with moderate rest for three months, discomfort will improve, the rest of the symptoms did not alleviate patients, doctors with conservative therapy, such as restricted activities, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs and physical therapy assisted. Less than one in ten patients needs surgery.

ways to relieve back pain

Lumbar spondylolisthesis

Lumbar spondylolisthesis is another cause of sciatica. The lower lumbar spine is the only support that supports the body weight at the back. As the intervertebral disc that connects the vertebrae in the middle, if the upper and lower bones cannot be grasped, the spine will flow like dirt and rocks. The upper segment slides to the front of the lower spine, causing compression or pulling of nerve roots. The patient lies flat, vertebra returns a place to just can alleviate, once stand for a long time again can face intervertebral disc to be unable to hold vertebra, generation takes out painful, numbness feeling.

Good hair crowd: the reason of lumbar spondylolisthesis can be divided into acquired nature and congenital, among which the day after degenerative spondylolisthesis is the most common, good hair in the elderly over 65 years old, among which female patients more than male, may also be traumatic spondylolisthesis, because of serious injury, such as fracture, vertebral plate fracture, cause spondylolisthesis. Congenital is the rarest, these patients are because of congenital lumbar vertebra structure is abnormal, and easy to produce slippage.

Treatment: according to statistics, about 3% to 12% of the population have lumbar spondylolisthesis, and only about 5% to 10% of them need surgical treatment due to severe symptoms. The treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis is also conservative and can be assisted by the use of a back frame to strengthen the back and reduce the occurrence of upper and lower spinal movement.

After the symptoms are relieved and the pain is no longer, it is recommended that patients do core muscle training three times a week to share the spinal burden with the strength of chest muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles.

ways to relieve back pain

3 a bone spur

There is also a common cause of sciatica is a bone spur, often occur in cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra place, vertebral cartilage loss of moisture, elasticity gradually, between the spinal joint surface under pressure to increase, as the two tuo stacked up and down the dough, vertical extrusion, the dough will protrude in horizontal direction, joint edge, grow some bone spurs, bone spurs to our spinal cord or nerve compression, can cause nerve root of pathological changes, cause pain, numbness.

Most people develop bone spurs when they are older than 45. More men than women develop bone spurs, but symptoms begin around age 65.

Treatment method: 15% to 25% of patients with symptoms will choose to seek medical treatment, mainly conservative treatment, but when the active treatment has not improved for more than half a year, or during the treatment, the pain symptoms become more serious and the muscle strength becomes worse, surgical treatment should be considered.

Avoid sciatica. Office workers remember to give themselves time off

Should maintain good sitting posture at ordinary times, such as to extract heavy objects or tie shoelaces, remember to squat instead of bending. In addition, avoid sitting for a long time. Office workers should give themselves time after class and suggest standing up and stretching every 30 minutes or one hour to relax their muscles. Proper training of abdominal muscles, back muscles and other core muscles, conducive to the stability of the spine.

More Pain Releif Information