back pain clinic – Wuhan acne research points out that back acne treatment | stiff back remedy

Change your clothes often

Normally, our backs sweat easily. If you sweat a lot, it's easy to get bacteria and acne. We should take a shower every day, keep our backs dry, change our clothes, and change our sheets. Only by loving our backs can we make sure we don't get pimples. Moreover, there are many mites on the sheets and sheets, and the reason for acne is that the mites are at work.

Get more exercise

Exercise is the best way to fight acne. Most acne on the back is caused by blocked pores and poor circulation. More exercise improves circulation and helps clear pores, so pimples aren't likely to grow on your back. Accordingly, often go outdoors when peacetime free activity, although cannot go outdoors activity, also can do simple gymnastics at home at ordinary times, gave the toxin inside sweat ability eduction body.

Keep your mood bright

Modern people's high pressure, easy to anxiety is also one of the important reasons to promote acne. Because women in a bad mood are prone to endocrine disorders, so there are a lot of acne back. Want to find the method that abreact pressure at ordinary times, let the mood become anemic. For example, you can go to sports and travel with your friends and encourage yourself with appropriate shopping.

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sore back muscle relief – Strengthen back muscles and reduce pain | back pain clinic

1. While sitting or standing, place your thumbs on the bottom of your chest and your little fingers on the sharp bone on the front of your waist. Use the distance between your fingers as a measuring stick.

2. Chin back and chest forward. Complete three deep breaths as follows.

3. The distance between thumb and little finger should increase with inhalation.

4. As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles so your torso doesn't sag. This is the most important step: when you exhale, don't let your torso fall back toward your pelvis. It's hard to do, but be sure to use your abs as you exhale.

The purpose of each breath is to increase the distance between the thumb and the little finger and to increase the width of the upper back. You can do this when you elongate the back of the chest. Expand your chest with each inhalation and stretch and tighten your abdomen with each exhale. This way, you can fill your chest with each inhalation and maintain the height and width of your chest with each exhalation.

Repeat for five to ten rounds, holding three to four breaths in each round. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your posture will improve.

Quick back pain relief: 6 simple stretching techniques for back pain relief

Stretching is also crucial in addition to core strengthening exercises such as basic training, as tight and stiff muscles and a lack of flexibility can lead to back pain. There are countless ways to stretch, including the six highlighted below. If these stretches cause pain, stop immediately and consult your doctor, chiropractor, or chiropractor before continuing.

When you start to practice these stretches, you may feel a slight discomfort, especially if you are just starting or have long intervals between workouts. My advice is not to rush, but to build up your tolerance for these stretches gradually.

Baby cobra —Lie on your stomach with your legs together, arms bent, palms on your chest and pressed to the floor, elbows bent. Lift it off the ground from your forehead for the first time. Breathe in and lift your chest, keeping the back of your neck stretched and your chin relaxed. Exhale and return your forehead to the mat. Repeat several times and focus on your breathing.

lower back cramps

Bird hound —This stretch works your back, hips, and posterior femoris while working your core muscles and shoulders. Support with both hands and feet, then lift and straighten one leg and the opposite opposite arm. Hold three to five breaths in this position. On the other side, lift and straighten your hands and feet on the opposite side, holding three to five breaths.

lower back cramps

Cat/cow —Begin by landing on your feet and knees, placing your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees just below your hips. As you breathe in, lower your belly and look up toward the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your spine upward, letting your tailbone fall between your thighs and your head rise between your arms. Repeat several times, slowly, to increase spinal activity.

lower back cramps

Psoas major lungeYour psoas stretch from the bottom vertebra all the way to the top of your thighs, and if this muscle gets tight, it puts pressure on your lower back. The best way to stretch your psoas is through lunges.

Start with your left foot in front and your right knee on the floor. Place your hands on your left knee or hip. Move your hips slightly forward, holding three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

lower back cramps

The squat –Spread your legs slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees close to the ground.

Place palms together at chest level. Use your elbows to separate your knees. If this hip pose is too difficult for you, place a block, bench, or book under your hip. Hold three to five breaths in this position.

lower back cramps

Reverse –Twisting is good for rotating and lengthening your spine and can be practiced while sitting in a chair, in bed, or on the floor. First lie on your back with your knees up to your chest. Gently place your legs on one side of your body, while turning your torso to the opposite side and extending your arms. Maintain normal breathing for 30 seconds on this side, then repeat on the other side.

If you practice in a sitting position, lift your arms and gently rotate your torso. If you are sitting in a chair, you can hold the handle of the chair with one hand and place the other hand on the opposite leg. Extend your spine as you inhale, and twist as much as possible as you exhale. Repeat on the other side.

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what to do to reduce back pain – How to do back strength training? | to relieve back pain, back pain clinic

Normal/thoracic contrast

Normal/thorax contrast 2

Men with a broad, firm back are also a plus.

back pain clinic

Professional back

back pain clinic

Zhang jiahui's fierce photos

back pain clinic

Don't say too much, start playing pictures

How back muscles work

The muscles of the back, including the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, levator scapulae, rhomboid, erector spinal and other deep, medium, and superficial muscles. But when working on the back, it's mostly around the latissimus dorsi. Other than the trapezius and erector spinal muscles, other muscles do not need to be specially trained.

back pain clinic

The latissimus dorsi

The main functions of latissimus dorsi are: to extend, adduct and rotate the upper arm at the shoulder joint when it is nearly fixed; When far fixed, pull the torso toward the upper arms and lift the ribs to inhale. According to these functions, there are corresponding movements to train the latissimus dorsi muscle.

High drop-down

The high pull-down is a classic exercise of the latissimus dorsi, which satisfies the principle of adduction of the upper arm when the muscles are nearly fixed. Because the legs are fixed during the movement, we can also use the force to pull higher weight.

Key points: hold your hands forward (palms forward), keep your body straight, don't shrug your shoulders, arch your back, and don't move your elbows behind your shoulders.

Same action:

back pain clinic

Unilateral drop-down


Pull-up USES the function of latissimus dorsi muscles pulling and drawing the trunk when it is fixed at a distance. Because this movement cannot borrow force, it is more difficult to complete than the high pull-down.

Key points: the hands are fully grasped in the forward direction (the reverse grip is used in the picture to collect more biceps strength, which is more labor saving, and is recommended to be grasped in the forward direction), the grip distance is wider than the shoulder, the body is straight, do not shrug the shoulders, do not jump up to take advantage of the power when the power is generated, and control is needed when the action is restored, and power belt can be used when necessary.

Rowing movement

The barbell bent over the row

back pain clinic

Dumbbells bend over and row with one arm

Rowing is also a technique that is often used when working on the back, using the principle that the latissimus dorsi muscles are immobilized so that the big arm stretches back.

Key points: hold your hands fully, keep your body straight, don't shrug your shoulders, arch your back, use latissimus dorsi muscle strength to drive your arm instead of just using your arm, and control as you return.

Similar actions:

Hard drive to make

Bow legs hard pull

Hard pull make, with lie to press, squat to call together: 3 big compound action, it not be aimed at back muscle to undertake training only, the muscle group that waits for place to buttock leg, arm, shoulder also has better take exercise result. Therefore, it is of positive significance to add the hard pull into the training program to improve the muscle capacity of the whole body.

Key points: hold both hands with forward and backward grip (can improve stability when arm muscle strength is insufficient), don't arch your back (very important, otherwise it may cause disc herniation risk), shrug your shoulders, stand on tiptoe, don't tilt your pelvis forward (butt pout) when standing, and control when repositioning.

Straight legs hard pull

back pain clinic

Dumbbell straight leg hard pull

Posture rowing

Rowing machine

Sitting is a training move, not just for rowing machines (some of which have movable seats and work more areas). Can do, with gantry frame and other instruments can be done. We're just talking about sitting and rowing.

Key points: hold both hands, keep your back straight, don't shrug your shoulders, keep your lower body stable, don't swing back and forth too much, don't swing from side to side, pay attention to control when you return to action.

back pain clinic

Unilateral boating

Shrug action

The dumbbell shrug

The shoulder shrug works the trapezius muscle.

Key points: stand with both hands held, waist straight, don't arch back, use shoulder shrug to lift shoulder blades and control as you return.

back pain clinic

Gantry rope shrug

back pain clinic

back pain clinic

Smith shrugged his shoulders

back pain clinic

Barbell shrugs

Goats stand up

This action is aimed at the erector spinal muscles. Also have certain exercise effect to buttock, leg.

Key points: lower body fixed, upper body straight, vertical spine muscle, hip strength straight body, action reduction control.

back pain clinic

Stand up on your stomach

back pain clinic

Prone pushups 2

back pain clinic

Help your stomach lift

back pain clinic

Load up

Sichuan fitness trainer training

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what to do to reduce back pain – True white lover? Millet CC back appearance after 00 super love, price or not more than 2,000? | to relieve back pain, back pain clinic

On June 26, lei jun, founder, chairman and CEO of xiaomi, released a rendering of the back of the real xiaomi cc9 on his microblog, saying: as the fashionable mobile phone of young people, the design of xiaomi cc must be good-looking. This time, our "art students" team designed this romantic white, many of the post-90s and post-00s love it! Although meitu has withdrawn, its technical support, including software support, is still there, so the phone will still be a beauty as a selling point. The picture shows that the design of xiaomi cc9 packaging box is quite young, with white as the main tone, big gradient "cc"logo on the front comes into view, and the back adopts a variety of color transitions, all kinds of propaganda words are very eye-catching.

pain at base of back

Mi cc hardware will introduce the solution of "mi x meitu ai aesthetics lab", combining camera hardware and facial beauty technology, regardless of the rear or front selfie. Among them, "48 million photos is a blockbuster, 32 million selfies are meitu "and other words revealed the biggest highlight of the cc9: strong camera ability. Before this, meitu official micro has revealed millet cc series more than one, in addition to the little fairy, the original prince, not only to c out, or cp unexpectedly debut!

Xiaomi cc 9 USES a comprehensive screen design, with a white backboard on the back and three photos on the back. Xiao stubborn also found that the phone does not have the back fingerprint unlocking design, so it is likely to use the under-screen fingerprint unlocking or facial recognition function. Lei jun also explained on weibo what xiaomi cc is: xiaomi wants to make a mobile phone that young people like, they need to let them define it. Therefore, the product team of xiaomi cc is chic & cool. Look forward to it!

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back pain clinic – Why can't you develop strong back muscles? | stiff back remedy

For fitness enthusiasts, I believe most of the answers are yesThe back muscle group! Compared to other parts of the body, the back muscle group is really difficult to feel the muscle recruitment. When training the back muscle group, many people feel that the forearm muscle group produces more power.

And training back muscle is very important for sports image. Because it is the large muscle group of the human upper limbs, so developed back muscles, will make people feel that the upper limbs are very strong and powerful.

lower back exercises

The back muscle group is composed of many muscles connected to the bone and spine, and the muscle fibers tThe end to be more complex. Want to have inverted triangle figure, must have scientific and reasonable to undertake intensive training.

lower back exercises

Why can't you train your back muscles to feel anything?

1The latissimus dorsi muscle itself lacks sensory apparatus

Sensations in muscles, such as the musclespindle, usually come from proprioceptors in the muscles.

lower back exercises

Muscle spindle is a proprioceptor distributed in skeletal muscle to sense stretch stimulation. Fusiform, surrounded by connective tissue membrane outside, with sensory nerve endings winding, generally contains 2-12 thin skeletal muscle fibers, both ends are generally attached to tendons or external muscle fibers.

There are two kinds of sensory nerve fibers: one is thick and is a fast conduction fiber, which mainly conducts the sensory information of muscle stretch; The other is more subtle, mainly related to proprioception. Intrusional muscle fibers are innervated by some finer efferent fibers. The sensitivity of nerve endings was increased when the muscle was contracted. The abundance of proprioceptors directly determines the sensory, recruitment and control abilities of muscles.

But there are more muscle spindles in the muscles of the extremities than in the trunk. In particular, the hands and feet have more muscle spindles. When muscles are pulled or actively contracted, the length of muscle fibers in the spindle changes, and sensory nerve endings in the spindle are stimulated, and the nerve is conducted to the center to produce proprioception.

lower back exercises

In general, there are more or less proprioceptors, which are related to the location of the muscles. For example, the psoas muscle spindle density is relatively high. The latissimus dorsi has very few proprioceptors. So lack of good proprioception and neuromuscular recruitment. That's one of the reasons it's hard to feel anything.

Most of the exercises of the back muscles are carried out with the assistance of other surrounding muscles, such as the muscles of the forearm, biceps and so on. These muscles have relatively poor endurance, so it's usually these muscles that get depleted first in training.

2. Problems with training movements:

If you don't have the right movement, you're going to have the wrong target muscle. In today's society, network information is very developed, many people just watch video at home, go home or fitness will use some software, began to unscrupulous imitation of other people's training action. But it does not know the principle of action, and does not know what is the right action.

3. Problems with the power generation sequence:

When training, back muscles span more joints. Wrist joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint, if the order of force is not correct, then the muscles involved in the force is not right. For example, when doing pull-ups, many people experience a lot of swelling in their forearms or biceps, but nothing in their back.

This is when doing a pull-up, take the initiative to use the wrist and elbow joint to drive the shoulder movement, rather than using the latissimus dorsi muscle strength, let the shoulder joint do adduction movement track, to drive the arm, make the whole body up. Most people have this problem.

lower back exercises

lower back exercises

How to train properly?

lower back exercises

warm-up:Before training, be sure to warm up adequately. As mentioned earlier, shoulders are prone to injury, so not only do you need to move your entire back, but you also need to activate your shoulders moderately. It is recommended to do back stretches before training, as well as free hand shoulder pronation and external pronation, which will allow you to better control the power of your muscles during the training, and help to improve the consistency of your thoughts and movements.

lower back exercises

Establish core stability:Core stability training is to stabilize the control of the center of gravity movement, transfer the strength of upper and lower limbs, as the main purpose. Core strength is not only the main performance of the formation of the core stability of the human body, but also in competitive sports it can produce active power, is an important "power source" of human movement. Teach you how to maintain a neutral torso – a prerequisite for your safe progress. Therefore, core stability is an important part of core strength training.

Start with light weight:Do not lift the weight too fast, so that you can hardly guarantee the basic quality of the movement. Learn to accumulate slowly, step by step, and make a scientific daily training plan to help you better achieve and complete the training.

Enhance basic movement training:As core stability increases, you can begin to choose the basics. These basic movements can be used to test and correct future training posture and angles, so as to better control the motion schedule and lay a solid foundation for the following training.

Improve muscle control:With enough trunk stability, you can start to focus on muscle control. Control doesn't have to be slow, but it has to be highly focused on your target muscles.

When doing sitting posture to row or neck before pull down, equipment counterweight is not easy too big, the 30% that chooses oneself weight commonly -50% can

Muscle control exercises can take a long time, maybe six to eight weeks or more, to get your latissimus dorsi muscles to feel something. But as long as you continue to develop control and improve the quality of basic movements, the latissimus dorsi will certainly find its senses.

lower back exercises

Comprehensive reinforcement:After the basic movement is well mastered, it is a top-down, inside-out stimulation of the back muscle group. Strengthen your entire back by doing pull-ups, sitting, neck pull-down, single-arm dumbbells, and bending over the barbell.

lower back exercises

Stay awake and see yourself clearly:All scientifically sound training programs should be gradual, and if you are very good at identifying your weaknesses, you may be able to make faster progress if you take a step back and stop well enough under certain conditions.

lower back exercises

lower back exercises

Collect muscle power from multiple angles:The latissimus dorsi muscle includes the upper and the lower part. There's a lot of other muscle tissue around it. Before training the back, it is important to figure out the muscle fibers of the back toward the structure, with different angles of action, the full range of stimulation of the back muscle group power.

Diet:It is the person that fitness needs to notice most, because training can make make muscle fiber generation tear agitative phenomenon, want its better let grow to recombine, must absorb enough nutrition.Protein is essential for muscle repair, so it's important that you eat enough of it every day.

What effect does training back muscle have?

[adjust personal posture] :

lower back exercises

Back muscle group, can effectively maintain and improve the body's normal basic posture. For each of us, it plays a very important role all the time.

Nowadays, most office workers have bad posture such as chest holding and hump, which are almost caused by the lack of endurance and strength of back muscles. In addition, some bad hobbies and habits in daily life make things worse.

Therefore, most people need to exercise their back muscles to improve their poor posture and make the whole person look straighter.

[beautiful dress, more temperament] :

lower back exercises

Large, thick back muscles are the basic signs of a man's perfect body.

If you want to wear a suit or casual clothes to look more upright and attractive, from now on, you must not ignore the reasonable training of back muscles.

In fact, for most people, there is no need to have the muscular lines and separations of bodybuilders. You just need to slowly build up the endurance and strength of your back muscles according to your ability.

[relieve back pain properly] :

lower back exercises

In today's society, it is common to hear many people complain of backache after coming home from work. In fact, this is the back muscle group "strike" caused by the disaster!

Back muscle group plays an important role in stabilizing the trunk of upper limbs. A strong back muscle group can support half of your body very steadily and improve your back pain.


Above is the secret book that trains back muscle and profit! Read this article, I hope all the friends of the gym to build strong back muscle ~

In addition, the higher curriculum of the school of physical education1. "make your kids better"It's over! If you want to catch the last bus, you can scan the qr code below to buy the course and watch the replay for unlimited times.


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lower back exercises

/ hot

Knee joint is flimsy, still can move well?

/ concern

How to protect your sports?

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back pain clinic – Muscular men do 200 pull-ups a day for 2 weeks to see back changes

Past challengers have tended to be of average build, and the muscular man has been winning from the start. Look at the inverted triangle of the body, broad and thick muscles, minutes can kill a vote of people, this healthy and sunny temperament is not everyone can. Doesn't it strike you as something to strive for even when you're already in great shape?

back pain

Day 1 of the fitness challenge, even for someone with such a healthy figure, it's not always easy to do a pull-up. The goal of 200 can only be achieved by grouping, and doing 15 at a time is quite a feat. In fact, the pursuit of a breath to do how many is not the most important, the key is to do every action, only so persistent, quantitative change can have the possibility of qualitative change.

back pain

Day 6 of the fitness challenge showed that the muscular man had become more adept, but it took a lot of stamina and persistence to reach the 200-goal mark. I hope you can be that tough.

back pain

On day 10 of the fitness challenge, what changed was his training clothes. What didn't change was his determination and confidence to get in shape. In fact, you have countless times may surpass themselves, but in the most critical moment of their own initiative to defeat.

back pain

Two weeks passed quickly, and after 14 days of hard work, it was time to test the results. It's not easy to do 2,800 pull-ups. He is also full of confidence in front of the camera, after all, the foundation itself is in, coupled with this period of hard work over time, it is difficult to change.

back pain

If we look at the contrast, we can see that the back muscles are a little firmer. In fact, the pull-up effect is quite obvious, but because his back was already very good from the beginning, and the exercise time is still short, the change is not too much. If you work as hard as he does, you can make an unexpected difference. Everyone's potential is infinite, do not easily say that they are not, from today on!

back pain

— it's about persistence —

yourThumb up, evaluationIs our greatest support!

Disclaimer: this article only does information sharing, do not try without professional guidance.

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back pain clinic – New standard and progress of pain diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

Study on pain mechanism and classification of ankylosing spondylitis to improve pain treatment effect

"Pain" is biggest problem plaguing ankylosing spondylitis patients, especially pain, joint pain, pain caused by repeatedly joint activities obstacles, such as the summit participants discussed the pain in the pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis, agreed that ankylosing spondylitis pain is caused by immune disorder aseptic inflammation stimulation to synovial hyperplasia of edema, caused by. Therefore, quyan has always been the core of pain diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis.

The Russian federation, the consulate general in China chief expert, Moscow first medical university valery samoylenko, says professor for the as pain classification can be used to analyze from two aspects, such as the level of pain, divided into 0 to iv, four grades, pain degree increases with level, pain or inflammation in synovial stimulate early period, belong to the golden period of treatment, with the development of the disease, inflammation adhesion scope and depth increase, can deeply articular cavity is deep, it is also a traditional medicines to further remove inflammation and cause the important reason for not working.

Wei, director of the department of rheumatology immunology of sun yat-sen university hospital in Taiwan authentic academician points out, ankylosing spondylitis pain types can be divided into two categories, acute pain and chronic pain, acute pain management key to quickly remove inflammation, blocking inflammation spread is given priority to, should combine with minimally invasive medicine (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and biologics) combined treatment, the pathogenesis of chronic pain is closely related to inflammation and the immune mechanism of blood disorders, should jointly blood purification and treatment of immune regulation.

At the same time, the American health care association, the backbone nerve medicine whose Texas epidemiology, Dr. Justin trosclair for biological treatment of the as the pain mechanism and effect of comprehensive analysis, biological preparation well for 1988 listed in the United States, the earliest in ankylosing spondylitis have distinct effect on the control of acute phase progress, but progress in chronic inflammation period (phase) of bone and hard to block bone injury and osteophyte formation, articular adhesion of already formed, it is difficult to achieve therapeutic effect through biological agents, Therefore, some patients with ankylosing spondylitis in the use of biological agents can not only rely on a single drug, and need combined treatment.

back pain clinic

As multidisciplinary combination of quyan and pain has achieved remarkable clinical results

Meeting, the asia-pacific countries experts around "as a multidisciplinary joint to eliminate inflammation cure pain international clinical outcomes" peak discussion, at present, the diagnosis and treatment plan in Shanghai, China, Taiwan, China, Canada, Russia, New Zealand and other countries and regions have been put into clinical application, the asia-pacific pain physician federation chief director Max ramon professor pointed out that the diagnosis and treatment scheme is the most core features "multidisciplinary joint", "accurate thoroughly remove inflammation", for ten subject integration, noninvasive deep remove inflammation, progressive transformation to eliminate inflammation, local joint body remove inflammation as the core technology in an all-round way, After drugs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, biological agents), minimally invasive treatment, ankylosing spondylitis effective treatment of another major breakthrough. Looking at official data from 1898 to 2018, the clinical cure rate of ankylosing spondylitis pain increased significantly from 22.1% (drugs) to 52.6% (minimally invasive) to 84.4%.

back pain clinic

James woodman, an expert at Boston medical school, believes that this treatment scheme can solve the problems of unsatisfactory drug treatment effect, recurrent pain and ineffective treatment of complications, and should be further promoted internationally.

Professor huang zhonrong, an expert with special allowance from the state council, pointed out that throughout the history of diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis in China, no matter what kind of treatment it is, the core is to remove inflammation. What is improved is our means of removing inflammation, which emphasizes treatment and diagnosis, is more advanced and accurate, so the removal of inflammation is more thorough. The diagnosis and treatment mode has gone through the evolution of one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-one. The diagnosis and treatment mode has gone from extensive to refined, which further guarantees the feasibility and efficiency of the scheme. In this regard, both China and the whole asia-pacific region have basically reached an agreement and achieved remarkable clinical results.

Asia Pacific pain association as pain medical center is located in China

In order to further improve the domestic level of diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis pain, the pain disease association in China as the pain medical center, Shanghai tetanic hospital relying on ankylosing spondylitis ZhuanBing research background, the international as joint diagnosis and treatment center advantage resource accumulation, as local joint general multidisciplinary joint remove phlogistic how skillful application of therapeutic regimen, successfully compete for the "asia-pacific pain disease association as" pain medical center. Shanghai ankylosing hospital has introduced more than 10 international advanced dispelling equipment, established general medical testing center, deep dispelling center, anti-adhesion center, immune regulation anti-recurrence center, etc., undertook the diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases of ankylosing spondylitis in China.

back pain clinic

China's first asia-pacific tonic (as) pain medical center has opened in Shanghai

back pain clinic

Professor huang zhongrong was interviewed by the media

Professor huang zhonrong, director of Shanghai ankylosing hospital, pointed out that the hospital will further pool domestic and foreign resources, in-depth exploration of ankylosing spondylitis norms, effective pain treatment standards and programs, improve the long-term pain treatment effect, reduce drug dependence for pain relief. At the same time, the award also means that China's ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis and treatment level has entered the international first.


As the state health department attaches great importance to in recent years, as well as specialized subject development of medical institutions, domestic problems of diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis pain has been effectively resolved, the diagnosis and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis is no longer difficult "die of cancer," the past can be cured but can be controlled, and reduce the probability of recurrence, improve the quality of survival.

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back pain clinic – The most effective way to reduce back fat easily

Why is your back fat

1. Lie down when you're full

A lot of people can have such habit, that is a meal won't wash dishes immediately, but lie on the sofa for a while first, think of rest for a while again. But, after eating a meal is the moment that needs digestion most, lying down at this time can make let food cannot get effective digestion, back blood circulates not free, natural back is adipose begin to hoard.

2. Walk with a hunchback

Hump back is not the correct posture, now many people not only sitting will hump back, even when walking will hump back, crooked walking, a long time, naturally easy to lead to back blood circulation, and back proud flesh gradually increased.

back pain clinic

The most effective way to slim your back

Skinny back action one

First, keep your feet as far apart as possible, shift your weight down, and bend your legs in a squat position. Lean forward with your hands open in an embrace, as if to catch the ball; Jump with your feet off the ground and your right hand up to make a shot, keeping your body in a straight line. Switch sides and repeat.

Thin back action two

Stand with your arms straight back, holding the towel so it is straight and parallel to the floor. Keep your arms straight, raise the towel back to the limit, hold for 15-30 seconds, and then lower it slowly. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Stand with both hands behind you holding both ends of the towel and pulling it straight, perpendicular to the ground. Then stretch the towel down, leaving it at the bottom for 15-30 seconds, and then stretch it up again. Repeat this up and down three times.

Thin back action three

Hold the dumbbells with your hands, elbows close to your waist, and extend your hands outward to the side of your body in a straight line. With your right foot on the ground, extend your left foot forward, as if kicking the ball on the inside of your heel. Hold on to the dumbbells with both hands and extend them outward and up to shoulder height without bending the elbows. Keep the lower body still, change to the left foot support, continue to practice 15 times.

Back proud flesh much, easy to make people look very majestic, backless outfit to wear will not look good, so hurry up to thin back, thin back the most effective method what? Above clever move, want you to be able to hold to only, ok and easy subtractive back redundant adipose.

Article from China weight loss network if there is infringement please contact delete

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back pain clinic – Pain or discomfort in the lumbosacral area may be "low back pain." try this treatment | how do you relieve lower back pain

In the scene of micro-class, doctor liu explained the definition, etiology, pathological mechanism, classification, diagnosis process, diagnosis thinking, diagnosis step by step, treatment points and other aspects of low back pain.

Causes of low back pain:

1. Congenital diseases: sacral vertebra cleft and transitional vertebra.

2. Injury diseases: lumbar sprain, disc herniation.

3. Degenerative diseases: lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative joint disease, lumbar instability, vertebral osteoporosis.

4. Inflammatory diseases: ankylosis, lumbar tuberculosis, etc.

5. Cancer.

6. Visceral diseases: kidney disease, ureteral union, pelvic inflammatory disease.

Classification of low back pain:

1. Low back pain caused by specific spinal diseases: such as tumor, tuberculosis, infection, fracture low back pain.

2. Non-specific back pain: if most of the causes are unknown, imaging examinations often do not find positive findings, such as lumbar sprain/interspinous ligament, strain

3. Nerve root back pain: such as sciatica

The diagnosis of low back pain is divided into five steps:

Step 1: determine whether the source of lower back pain is in or out of the spinal canal

Step 2: whether the source of lumbago is related to pelvic compensation

Step 3: is lower back pain caused by inflammation or damage to the fascia

Step 4: reverse search for damaged fascia according to the patient's chief complaint of pain (mostly involving pain).

Step 5: judge lumbago according to the law of lumbar nerve distribution.

Key points for the treatment of low back pain:

1. Medication:

A. Short term availability of nsaids and weak opioids (considering adverse reactions, no more than 3 months, priority should be given to slow release of weak opioids, administered regularly rather than in pain).

B. muscle relaxants can be used to relieve pain and muscle tension.

(choose muscle relaxants with minimal central inhibition as far as possible)

Physical therapy: exercise therapy is recommended.

A. exercise therapy as the preferred method should be under the guidance of professional doctors.

B. acupuncture.

C. Short-term massage therapy

D. traction therapy is not recommended

3. Invasive treatment: non-surgical invasive treatment and surgical application are controversial, and indications are strictly selected.

A. block injection and radiofrequency ablation (currently widely used).

[b] the surgery is controversial.

C. spinal fusion is the most commonly used treatment for chronic low back pain with degenerative changes.

Experts point out that the disease draws on interdisciplinary knowledge of the intersection and ideas, not a single diagnostic ideas. Active participation of patients, the formulation of individualized treatment plan and necessary health education are the keys to ensure the curative effect.

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sore back muscle relief – 1 movement to develop a strong back, accurate stimulation is efficient | back pain clinic

sore back muscle relief

Only by strengthening these muscles can you achieve the perfect inverted triangle figure, make your back strong and powerful, and give women enough security.

sore back muscle relief

Today I'm going to give you a back workout. It's perfect for stimulating the latissimus dorsi and working the trapezius and rhomboids and almost all the other back muscles.

Standard action

Pull down

sore back muscle relief

sore back muscle relief

1Torso straight, hands holding the lever, hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

2. Hold torso still and exhale as you lower the lever to the chest.

3. Focus on contracting your back muscles, pause for a second or two, and then slowly return to your starting position.

4. Keep arms straight and latissimus dorsi muscles fully extended.


Coherent action

sore back muscle relief

Variant movements

Wide grip puller pull down

sore back muscle relief

1. Keep your torso straight and use a forward grip with your hands about 1.5 times the width of your shoulders.

2. Hold the lever to upper chest for 1~2 seconds.

Slowly return to the starting position

sore back muscle relief

Back grip pull down

sore back muscle relief

1. Keep your torso straight, using the back grip, hands shoulder-width apart.

2. When pulling down the lever, hold the torso still and straighten the upper chest.Hold for 1 to 2 seconds.

sore back muscle relief

30° puller pull down

sore back muscle relief

sore back muscle relief

1. Hold the lever with your hands shoulder-width apart.

2. Lean back until your body is at a 30° Angle to the ground.

3. Holding torso still, pull lever down to chest.

4. Pause for 1 to 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

sore back muscle relief

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