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What is ankylosing spondylitis? Ankylosing spondylitis is a common disease in rheumatology department. Ankylosing spondylitis is a kind of involvement spine, sacroiliac joint and hip joint chronic progressive disease, disease early condition characteristics mainly performance for lumbar back pain, pain at night is the most common, patients toss and turn because of pain, sleepless all night, pain unbearable.

Ankylosing spondylitis, officially renamed by the American college of rheumatology in the late 20th century, is a chronic progressive inflammatory disease that primarily affects the spine and involves the sacroiliac joints and surrounding joint tissue. The traditional therapy generally adopts the slow action anti-rheumatism medicine to carry on the treatment, but its curative effect is not remarkable, the recurrence rate is high, the safety is poor, the alleviation effect to the condition is not obvious.

At present, the etiology of ankylosing spondylitis is not clear. Despite being a type of arthritis, patients do not have antibodies to rheumatoid factor in their blood, so it is also known as sero-negative spondyloarthritis. Studies have shown that more than 90% of patients carry the specific human leukocyte antigen gene subtype (hla-b27), and the incidence of ankylosis in people with hla-b27 gene is 1-2%, 10 times higher than the overall population. Therefore, the onset of ankylosing spondylitis with genetic and environmental factors are related.


Star suffers from ankylosing spondylitis

There are also many stars around us also suffer from ankylosing spondylitis.

how to cure lower back pain

For a long time, jay was found by fans a little hunchback, walk straight, as if playing cool. But it was jay who had been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis.

how to cure lower back pain

Similarly, zhang jiayi, a powerful actor, attended various occasions, start road to hunchback, a step three shake, known as the "walk with wind man" also suffering from ankylosis spondylitis.

how to cure lower back pain

Because "Zhen Huan biography" in red extremely at that time "niang" CAI shaofen also is "deathless cancer" ankylosing spondylitis patient!

how to cure lower back pain

Although ache affects quality of life seriously, but the most serious problem that ankylosing sex spondylitis brings does not lie in ache itself, lie however: ankylosing sex spondylitis encroaches the chronic disease of the articulatory joint between spinal vertebra, tendon, ligament and periphery joint, make articular ligament, cartilage wait for ossification. As the disease progresses, the sacroiliac and intervertebral joints become ossified and interarticular Spaces are fused, leading to a gradual loss of spinal mobility. 80% of patients with ankylosing spondylitis first appear to have intermittent pain in the lower back, and this morning stiffness can sometimes last for hours. Some patients also accompanied by hip, knee, ankle swelling pain, hip, groin pain, neck and back dull pain, heel pain, low heat, fatigue, etc.

how to cure lower back pain

Ankylosing spondylitis rises commonly disease is more occure, inchoate but do not have any clinical symptom, once discovery lost optimal treatment opportunity, at this moment spinal ministry can be joined together, show "bamboo knot kind" change, bow rises like boiled shrimp, affect work, life seriously even mental health. So someone says, ankylosing spondylitis is a kind of "deathless cancer".

how to cure lower back pain

It is understood that, because the traditional therapy generally adopts the slow action anti-rheumatism medicine for treatment, its curative effect is not significant and the recurrence rate is high, the safety is poor, the remission of the disease is not obvious, so the domestic research institutions then turn to the cell therapy developed according to biological therapy.

The cell therapy involves transplanting stem cells into the body to rebuild an imbalanced immune network, restoring autoimmune function and repairing damaged cartilage and joint tissue.

how to cure lower back pain


Stem cells get you out of trouble

A large number of studies have shown that stem cells have immunomodulatory functions and can be used to treat autoimmune diseases.

After comprehensive analysis by the research expert team, it is concluded that stem cells have the following specific advantages in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis:

1. Able to achieve pathological rehabilitation:Fundamentally solve the problem of recurrent attacks, stem cells have the immune regulatory effect, suppress the immune response to ankylosing spondylitis, gradually reduce and eliminate inflammatory response, so that joint swelling, pain, claudication symptoms reduce and eliminate.

2. Reverse sclerotic bone:Stem cells secrete cytokines that repair damaged cartilage and joint tissue, deformities stop, and activity gradually returns, improving day by day.

3. Bone stability:After the second stem cell transplantation, bone repair is stable, the hardened bone of bone joints continues to be absorbed and decreased, the ossification of ligaments has stopped, the disease progression has also stopped, there is no pain when walking, and the pace becomes flexible.

4. Immune function recovery:The systemic immune function of ankylosing spondylitis patient is basic maladjusted, after transplanting via stem cell, the immune function of the patient oneself gets restore, make the patient gray complexion becomes ruddy, energetic, because ache no longer, sleep also is sufficient.

Stem cell therapy offers hope to patients with ankylosing spondylitis that more and more people will actually benefit from it.

Is hainan boao joy city zone ahead of the only we have related experience in 28 years, stem cells have the approval of umbilical cord blood, tissue, genetic testing library, life sciences institute in hospitals, all stem from the raw material inventory, preparation and dispatch of unified standards and comply with national and international standards, ensuring that cells is safe and effective.

Health cannot wait, life has no beginning. Replenish immune cells and build a healthy and happy life, now! Let's meet in hainan and start a healthy journey.

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

"Drop tail potential" it is the sharp weapon that treats ankylosing sex spondylitis – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/as back pain

Do "drop tail potential", in addition to raising the head, but also pay attention to let two legs straight, so as to fully open the bladder classics. Next, when the head looks to the left, the hip also is left; When the head looks to the right, the hips also look to the right. In this way, the human spine is fully active. The movement of the rump is like the movement of the animal's tail, which can move the whole spine in front of the human body so as to exercise the tutelage effectively.

From recuperation, curative effect, for women, "tail off" can conserve the uterus, but menstrual and pregnant women do not do. For men, the maintenance of the reproductive system is especially related to the du mai, so doing more "tail off" can strengthen the kidney and Yang.

Du mai has one of the most serious diseases, called "ridge regurgitation". Western medicine calls it "ankylosing spondylitis". When the person that suffers from this disease turns, the back is stiff, if the condition is serious, whole body is moved hard.

So, why do people get this disease? The TCM explanation for this disease is: "the deficiency of the kidney and the deficiency of the muscles and bones".

how to cure lower back pain

Du mai line spine, collateral kidney, and the kidney is closely related. If the congenital of a person itself is very weak, when adolescence did not have good ground to conserve the body again, form a few undesirable habits of life (if indulge in excessive desire, masturbation is excessive) word, the vitality of human body can excessive wastage, bring about to call excessive channel essence gas, make its be in the state of deficit, suffer from ankylosing sex spondylitis easily. Therefore, adolescent sex education is very necessary and important, only let young people understand sex, understand sex, let sex no longer so mysterious, they will correctly deal with their desire, in order to really love their body.

Ankylosing spondylitis is cured very hard thoroughly, because do not have blindly medicine to be able to enter strange classics 8 veins, once sicken so, affect the person's life likely. As far as the current medical means are concerned, western medicine still has no good solution, while traditional Chinese medicine can be cured by exercising.

Easy jin can be said to be one of the important ways to treat ankylosing spondylitis, especially "off the tail", is a tool for treatment. The patient can take one side to eat traditional Chinese medicine, use moxibustion method at the same time, insist on playing the way of easy jin jing every day again, to treat ankylosing spondylitis.

In my opinion, a really good doctor should prescribe three prescriptions at the same time: one for medical treatment, one for diet and one for exercise. The square, what is the square? Is to point the right direction of treatment. It's not enough to just give patients a prescription. What's needed is a real change in their lifestyle, from diet and living to exercise.

For example a person waist aches, you light gives him prescription medicine, massage is useless, he arrives all day evening sitting position is wrong, have no matter always become warped two legs, habit does not change, cannot cure the disease that the waist aches radically. The life habit of the person has inertia, how to do so? As a doctor, you should give him to open a sport, for he take twenty minutes a day to practice a sport, such as back pain in the practice of eight period of jin "before opening is like" shoot diao, he practice the practice will be formed in life penholder LiuEr straight posture, on the one hand, to exercise the body, on the one hand on his waist disease has certain treatment function. So, it is very necessary to open medical treatment prescription, dietotherapy prescription and exercise prescription to the patient at the same time.

What if we don't have a doctor to prescribe exercise? I suggest reader friend people looks for a few moves that suit oneself from inside fitness qigong, union medical principle is practised everyday, have effect. This will not only cure the disease in your body, but also prevent recurrence in the future.

how to cure lower back pain

As mentioned above, many people will think of the mysterious internal works of shaolin school described in jin yong's wuxia novels. Actually otherwise, yi jin jing is our country since ancient times down a set of qigong fitness skills, not mysterious, but by Mr. Jin yong clever pen to exaggerate the power. Since the national fitness campaign was launched in China, the fitness qigong management center of the General Administration of Sport of China has organized various experts to rearrange various versions of yi jin jing, and the yi jin jing movements I talked about all come from this.

Many of the movements in yi jin jing can act directly on the ren and du meridians, which can act better on the spine than drugs. In addition, treatment ankylosing sex spondylitis still can proceed with from liver kidney, because yuan gas pool is in kidney, after our liver kidney 2 classics essence is enough, can complement to du mai slowly in.

How does ankylosing spondylitis ache? How to alleviate? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lumbar spine/lower back

The actual use of these drugs should be noted:

1. Avoid unnecessary large dose and long-term application: for long-term use, it should be used under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists, and pay attention to the monitoring of possible damage to various systems, organs and tissues in the process of medication. When using otc products, you should read the directions carefully and follow the dosage and course of use exactly as described in the directions.

2. The following should be prohibited or taken with caution: active peptic ulcer and recent gastrointestinal bleeding, persons allergic to aspirin or other nsaids, persons with liver insufficiency, persons with renal insufficiency, patients with severe hypertension and congestive heart failure, persons with hemopenia, pregnant and lactating women.

3. If suspected adverse reactions occur during the medication, the drug should be stopped immediately and appropriate treatment should be given if necessary.

4. Alcohol should not be drunk during medication, otherwise it will aggravate the stimulation of gastrointestinal mucosa. Should not be used with an anticoagulant (such as warfarin) as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

How should patient of ankylosing sex spondylitis move

1, the first choice of sports is swimming, because in the water is horizontal, water and buoyancy, each joint can not too hard can be very good activity; But, swim the amount of exercise that swim is bigger, need to adapt gradually, and the patient that has neck is affected moves to rise to have a few difficulty; In addition, swimming requires the venue.

2, secondly, you can choose mat sports, such as gymnastics, broadcasting, taijiquan, yoga, not too much running jump, and can increase the flexibility of the joint; However, there will be some difficulties for patients with late stage disease. When they do it, they do not need every movement to reach the designated position, as long as the joint can be fully extended.

3. Cycling is not weight-bearing for lower limb joints, especially for the hips, knees and ankles, but not enough for the thoracolumbar spine, especially for patients with hip and knee joint involvement.

4, sit-ups and "little swallow", these two movements can be a very good exercise lower back's muscle strength, and can effectively increase the activity of the spine, good for patients with ankylosing spondylitis, but its back abdomen muscle strength requirement is higher, the acute phase and middle-late patients began to can't complete, can be used as a selection in the process of disease recovery.

In addition to ankylosing spondylitis patients should take active measures to avoid the continued deterioration of the condition, such as a number of suitable exercise:

(1) deep breathing: deep breathing exercises should be performed regularly every morning, during rest time and before sleep. Deep breathing can maintain maximum activity of the thoracic cage and maintain good respiratory function.

(2) body movement: push-ups, oblique support, lower limbs forward, backward, chest expansion and swimming. Swimming is beneficial to limb movement both, help to increase lung function again and make spinal column maintains physiology curve, it is the most suitable whole body movement. But this disease patient forbid diving, lest cause cervical vertebra and cervical spinal cord injury.

(3) cervical movement: the head and neck can be rotated forward, backward, left and right, and the head can be rotated to maintain the normal motion of the cervical spine.

(4) lumbar spine movement: daily lumbar movement, forward, backward, lateral bending and rotation of the body, so that the lumbar spine to maintain a normal degree of activity.

Original text: 120bbs. Cn

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Hip joint, ankylosing spondylitis cannot stand most "artificial" place, affected how to treat? – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | hip pain

Clinically defined hip involvement

As patients with hip involvement often have hip pain and limited mobility. The pain is mainly located in the groin area, which is more severe than movement or load bearing, and the duration of the pain varies. Careful physical examination is helpful in detecting hip involvement, and the "4" test is a simple and relatively effective method, but these clinical features are not specific, and patients sometimes have difficulty distinguishing pain in the hip from pain in the adjacent area.

How to treat hip joint involvement of as patients scientifically?

Hip replacement is generally recommended for as patients with severe hip involvement.

Adequate treatment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) is the basis for the treatment of patients with hip joint involvement of as drugs, improve the condition of anti-rheumatism medicine in the treatment of hip joint involvement role has not been determined, methotrexate contribute to the improvement of the motor function of patients with hip joint involvement of the as, is better than willow nitrogen sulfonyl pyridine, with no serious adverse reactions.

If nsaids is still in a state of high disease activity after adequate treatment, the use of biological agents should be considered. For obvious hip pain and restricted movement of the as patients, at least in terms of relieve symptoms, improve function, can be a relatively positive use of biological agents, through the use of adequate, regular, quickly improve symptoms and disease activity control, subject to illness gradually reduce or maintain, and through cooperating with other treatment, patients continue to maintain low disease activity and good motor function, to slow down and reduce the progress of the hip joint involvement may have a positive role.

Non-drug therapy, including functional exercise, is also important in the treatment of as, especially for as patients with hip involvement. Functional exercise can not only improve the joint movement function, but also play a direct anti-inflammatory effect. Functional exercise plays an important role in maintaining the flexibility of ligaments around the joints, joint mobility and improving the ability of patients to take care of themselves. The movement of squatting and standing up is one of the most basic movements undertaken by the hip joint. It is also the most basic movement for as patients to realize self-care. Regular practice of this movement by as patients with hip joint involvement helps maintain and improve the motion function of the hip joint.

Can scoliosis retrain? To explore the improvement methods and exercise therapy – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/back problems/backache

Many people join the retraining program in pursuit of a healthier self and a better body image

There are also some people who doubt whether they are qualified for "heavy training", such as having been injured in an accident, have a chronic disease…

Of course, this article also discusses the focus of "scoliosis", after all, scoliosis you/you, can retraining?

First, we need: what is scoliosis?

how to cure lower back pain

Scoliosis can be roughly divided into two types, structural and functional.

Structural: it is basically congenital and primary. It is mainly improved through the correction of movement, postural adjustment, motion control, training of proprioception, body perception, and change of brain cognition.Function type: basically with muscle unbalance, posture is bad to have a concern more, and ameliorative method, it is to pass stretch and strengthen specific muscle group, posture adjustment, motion control training, with ameliorative unbalance muscle tone is given priority to.In fact, scoliosis can be used for fitness and training, but the control of intensity is more accurate than the average person

Due to the influence of side bending, the force on both sides will be uneven to some extent. However, if the uneven range can be controlled and cannot exceed the body's load, it is a relatively safe training

If you choose strength that you will inevitably compensate for (e.g., excessive shoulder hunching, pelvic torsion, arched back), more uneven force, etc., then it is possible to worsen the lateral curvature or the risk of injury significantly increased, not inadvertently.

If you are not sure whether you are suitable for training, it is recommended to go through a professional medical personnel or professional personal trainer, one-on-one consultation after oh!

How to improve scoliosis

The human body is very clever and delicate. The muscles move in pairs

If one muscle is in a relaxed position, the other is in a tight position

This pairing allows us to have more precise control over our body movements

Most back problems are caused by poor posture, which leads to tension in some muscles for a long time, leading to all kinds of pain.

how to cure lower back pain

Do not think you do not have spinal lateral curvature, do not need to maintain the spine, in fact, everyone more or less have spinal problems, just do not know, prevention is better than treatment is the focus, encourage people to change bad habits of life, in order to prevent the spine bear too much pressure and deformation.

It is recommended that you do some simple yoga exercises every day, which will help your back movement, improve your scoliosis and correct your alignment.

According to the ancient teachings of yoga, effective methods have been found to cure back pain problems, and the practice of yoga is less risky and dangerous than surgery and drugs, but it can lead to more lasting healing effects.

how to cure lower back pain

Each condition of scoliosis is unique and must be combined with specific instruction and yoga exercises to effectively improve the spine. In addition to yoga, common exercises include swimming, stretching, horizontal bars, etc.

Postural correction and exercise therapy of scoliosis

Patients with a lateral curvature Angle less than 20 degrees should receive postural correction and exercise therapy under the guidance of a physical therapist, and follow up every six months to see if there is any deterioration in the Angle.

And spinal column corrects treatment to be able to pass chiropractic nerve medicine, use spinal column corrects operation corrects spinal scoliosis

You may have seen the "back brace" approach, where patients with side bends between 20 degrees to 40 degrees or 50 degrees are required to wear the back brace in addition to exercise therapy to avoid deterioration and to follow up every three to six months

Generally, if the Angle of the lateral curvature is greater than 40 or 50 degrees, it is not recommended to correct it according to the above method. Because the rate of continuous deterioration is too fast, surgical treatment is strongly recommended and the recovery is faster

how to cure lower back pain

Finish seeing above, if you often feel the condition that has lumbar acerbity backache, serious on any account shoulder, length foot, can seek professional medical personnel first, undertake yoga, retrain to wait for motion again oh!

In early October, free consultation information of Shanghai third class a hospital: department of pain, department of otolaryngology, department of intractable skin diseases and insomnia, department of traditiona… – FarinfraredHealingTherapy

Cheng yung-jun (professor)

Shanghai east China hospital pain department

Specialize in:Chronic pain such as myofascitis, old cold legs, cervical and lumbar disc herniation, postherpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

Academic position:, m.d., associate professor, deputy director of the physician, the famous doctor of the title winners, the east China hospital affiliated to fudan university director of pain, the pain of Shanghai branch, deputy chairman, China the public medical institutions association of professional committee of the pain, the first committee, deputy secretary general, the first session of the national health industry enterprise management association social do medical branch, managing director and deputy secretary general, the first session of acupotomology branch of Shanghai traditional Chinese medicine institute, deputy director of the committee, Shanghai combine traditional Chinese and western medicine anesthesia and pain branch committee member and secretary of the Shanghai medical association first pain rehabilitation professional committee standing committee, the standing committee of the Shanghai academy of Chinese medicine pain.

stop back pain

Tian liang (Dr)

Department of otolaryngology, Shanghai ent hospital

Specialize in:Diagnosis and treatment of common otolaryngological diseases, especially deafness, tinnitus, otogenic vertigo, middle ear inflammation and other otolaryngological diseases.

Academic position:Member of Shanghai medical doctor association, youth member of vertigo professional committee of Shanghai association of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, youth member of brain medicine research special committee of China association of traditional Chinese medicine.

★ October 12th

stop back pain

Li kai-fong (professor)

Department of microcirculation, Shanghai ruijin hospital (intractable skin disease and insomnia)

Specialize in:Clinical work more than 20 years, specializes in intractable insomnia, intractable skin diseases (such as: psoriasis) effective treatment. We have unique experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, intractable pruritus and various incurable diseases.

Academic position:He is a medical postdoctoral doctor, chief physician of the university of Washington, USA, and a second-instance expert of the national natural science foundation of China. He has presided over 2 research projects of the national natural science foundation of China, 4 projects of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, 1 project of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal education commission and 1 project of the natural science foundation of Shanghai municipal health bureau. He has published 14 sci papers and obtained 3 invention patents.

Zhu baokuan (professor)

Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine

Specialize in:Traditional Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis and characteristic acupuncture treatment

1. Spleen and stomach diseases (chronic gastritis, gastric sinusitis, liver disease);

2. Rehabilitation and recuperation of cancer patients;

3. Cerebral infarction, cerebral atrophy, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, obesity, insomnia, premature aging, etc.

4, all kinds of pain (including rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, strong true arthritis, lumbar disc herniation and cancer caused by chronic pain). The innovative treatment of internal administration of traditional Chinese medicine and characteristic acupuncture and moxibustion for treating the symptoms can restore the patient's health as soon as possible.

Academic position:The original five-year hospital, vice President of the PLA, the international cancer rehabilitation association, standing director of Montreal, Canada, cure too much Chinese medicine distinguished professor, school of Shanghai jiaotong university school of overseas education distinguished health management expert consultants, China's health care international exchange association for the advancement of science and technology research and application of quantum chief expert, Shanghai jiaotong university quantum institute of applied distinguished professor in TCM. Chief editor and co-editor of "internal medicine disease differentiation special prescription therapy", "dietary cancer prevention guidance", "Chinese medicine for you to lose weight", "prevent fat and lose weight practical knowledge", "haishi film diet therapy recipe selection", "beauty and health care and weight loss" more than ten books. Published more than 100 papers. She has won many awards of scientific and technological achievements of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai. Good at tongue diagnosis.

★ October 13th

Xu peng (professor)

Department of spinal surgery, changzheng hospital, Shanghai

Specialize in:Precision diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of common spinal diseases, such as percutaneous foramina for lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis, percutaneous vertebra plasty for compression fractures, and minimally invasive channel for various types of spinal diseases. It has unique experience and characteristics in diagnosis and treatment of spinal degeneration, trauma, deformity and other difficult critical diseases, such as cervical spondylosis (pain, dizziness, walking instability and other symptoms), lumbar diseases (intervertebral disc herniation, slippage, spinal stenosis, etc.), occipitocervical deformity, scoliosis, spinal ligament ossification, etc.

Academic position:M.d., Ph.D., associate professor, deputy director of the physician, the international association of ao internal fixation (ao spine), member of China association of disabled persons rehabilitation mutilation appoint the spinal rehabilitation group members, standardized training of resident doctors and the examiner, second military medical university tutors resident standardization training, the study of tissue engineering in China youth reviewing experts, the translational medicine electronic journal editors and the translational surgery "young editors, etc.

Yizhen guidelines

Yizhen site

Hai 'an concord rehabilitation hospital

Jiangsu nantong haian city tongyu north road and 221 provincial road interchange(bus stop north, third traffic light)

Online booking

Enter the "Concorde website" to make an appointment with experts

Consultation appointment telephone


In order to improve the quality of patients' treatment experience and ensure sufficient time for experts to diagnose and treat patients' conditions, from August 1, the hospital will limit the number of patients to 20 and charge a symbolic registration fee of 20 yuan (50 yuan for traditional Chinese medicine experts).

Warm tips:

☑ yizhen registered please carry id card to the clinic on the day of the hall

Please bring your medical card ☑ patients with medical card

☑ please take related medical records andIn the pastThe inspection report

☑ yizhen, please pay attention to the medical order, and ensure personal safety

A set of multi – muscle spine exercises to relieve pain all over the body – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine

This set of multiple bifous muscle spinal health care movement, fusion of basic medicine, anatomy and sports mechanics, solve the human body parts deep and recurrent pain! Even if sitting in the office, you can also find 10 minutes to exercise, ease the pain all over the body!

Multifarious muscle is composed of a lot of small bundle muscle, symmetrical in vertebra seam two side, can carry out the small movement between deep and fine vertebra, maintain the stable action of spinal column, it is very crucial muscle group.

ways to relieve back pain

The length of multifissured muscles in children is about 0.5 cm, and that in adults is about 2 cm, among which a section distributed in the lumbar region is the most obvious and the most developed. Therefore, chronic lumbago is often related to the regression of multifissured muscle strength function, and the endurance and stability of deep multifissured muscles become poor, and the superficial erectus spines will be overburdened.

If you think of the spinal system as a building, the steel in it is the bones, the cables are the muscles, the shock absorbers are the tendons, the water pipes are the nerves, and all these elements combine to make a complete building. Although the polyfissured muscles, which fit deep in the spine, are extremely small, they play the most important role in stabilizing the building of the human body.

One, wrist ache – turn wrist

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand upright with the soles of your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes in line with the b line. Palms united, interphalangeal height upward toward the front of the center of the cervical spine, shoulders relaxed, arms inside lightly clip the ribs on both sides.

Step 2.Rotate slowly from between your fingers until your hands are facing each other, back of your hands against your wrists, keeping your spine upright.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Turn down with the middle finger as the guide, in sequence from the tip of the nose to the middle point of the throat sternum, also from the cervical vertebra to the front of the sternum. While the back of your hand is rotating, keep your wrists close together, shoulders relaxed to a horizontal line, and your back upright.

Step 4.The fingers extend along the front of the sternum, keeping the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints parallel to the floor.

Applicable object & effect:Long time use of the mouse, holding pens, slide phone, calculator, lactation and drawing work, fingers and wrist repetitive and excessive use, lead to peripheral nerves oppressed or nerve conduction is blocked, hand tight, bilge, pain, etc, all can improve the arm with the wrist of crossing their turn and related nerve, muscle caused by excessive fatigue state of numbness.

Training site from fingertips, wrist, elbow, shoulder, scapular, thoracic spine joints such as muscles, blood vessels, nerve torsional stretch.

Sore shoulders and neck – fold palms and pull neck

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest straight, neck still, eyes level, hands clasped, palms pointed at nose level.

Step 2.The head and neck neither bend nor back, the back of the hand to stick, palm point high point slowly turned to the nose.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.The middle finger of both palms passes down the nasal tip to cervical vertebra level 1, and the multifissured muscle group starts cervical vertebra forward flexion.

Step 4.Tip your fingertips from your neck to your chin and push forward, keeping your wrists together and your thumbs down. Cervical spine alignment, both hands ready to return to the original hand clasp.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for computer clan, clerical clan, drama fans, mobile game clan, postpartum nursing, elderly and other long-term head and neck posture too long people. By training the extension and contraction of the multifissured muscles of the cervical spine, the pain and discomfort of the head, shoulders and neck can be relieved.

Lower back pain – push back slightly

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart. Both hands are at ease in the lumbar spine position. Inhale with your back straight and eyes straight ahead.

Step 2.When exhaling, the lumbar spine is pushed backward, the thoracic spine is bent forward, and the multifissured muscles are stretched. Both hands slide from the lumbar spine to the navel.

Step 3.Inspiratory sequence will be the tail vertebra → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multi – fissure muscle contraction. Fingertips relaxed, pull from the shoulder joint, with a section of a multi-split muscle contraction sequence, two elbows cross in front of the thoracic vertebra.

Step 4.The shoulder joint continues to be pulled toward the ceiling, the arm inside is close to the ears, and extends vertically upward, keeping the spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for lower back pain, long sitting, long standing, long-distance transportation, late pregnancy, the use of limited space to stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccyx compression problem. When the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscle group contracts, it can activate the muscle group of the back. In addition to the blood circulation driven by the resistance to gravity, the lumbar back push and straight action can also deeply stimulate the intestines and stomach, achieving self-massage effect.

Knee pain – push back on hip

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands up and clasp them inside your hips. The spine maintains a neutral line.

Step 2.Straighten your knees with your weight behind your heels and tailbone. Body forward bend, lumbar and coccygeal multi – split muscle group light contraction, forward tilt to maintain the back line.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Knees slightly squat, drive the tail spine back. The lumbar spine stretches, causing the lumbar coccyx and pelvis to change position and stretching the muscle fibers of the multifissured muscles.

Step 4.Drive lumbar vertebra from coccyx, let rachis appear c shape from the side, extend whole muscle group of many fissure muscle, let nerve compression alleviate a little.

Applicable object & effect:Through stretching and flexion of the knee to stretch, further alleviate knee pain, at the same time can stretch the lumbar fatigue, improve the coccygeal compression problem.

Sore soles of feet – lift knee to waist

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Back away from the back of the chair, spine straight. Feet shoulder-width apart, feet on the ground. From the palms of the hands to the elbows, elbows at shoulder level, with the center of the neck and chest spine.

Step 2.When inspiratory, lumbar vertebra and coccygeal vertebra maintain much fissure muscle group is stable, elbow joint is pulled down, both hands turns over for hand back to stick. Stand on tiptoe with the ball of your foot off the ground and move the knee up.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Exhale from cervical vertebra → thoracic vertebra → coccyx vertebra bend, extend the multifissured muscle group. Keep your toes on tiptoe and the balls of your feet off the ground, lifting your knees. When bending your body, turn your fingertips from up to down in sync with the back of your hands facing each other.

Step 4.The inhaling arm gradually flattens out in front of the thoracic spine. Step back on the balls of your feet and relax your knees. Keep your spine intact and straight.

Applicable object & effectSuitable for the elderly and lower back pain, sitting, standing for a long time, after pregnancy, in addition to foot movement can relieve foot pain, at the same time can stretch lumbar fatigue, improve the tail compression problem.

Raise the knee and bring the waist to combine the pressure relief action of the foot arch with the contraction of the lumbar and coccygeal multi-split muscles, which can drive the back muscles to activate the collateral circulation and the lumbar coccygeal muscles.

At the beginning of the movement, the thoracic spine of the upper body is centered. Then, the muscle strength and tension of the multifissured muscles of the lumbar spine and coccyx are trained to drive the movement of the knee joint and ankle joint, stimulate the peripheral blood circulation, increase the muscle elasticity between the spine and spine, and reduce the nerve compression.

Body stiffness – bend backward

ways to relieve back pain

Step 1.Move your back away from the back of your chair and look straight ahead. Keep your feet on the ground horizontally. Place your fingertips toward the ceiling with the center of the cervicothoracic spine.

Step 2.Exhale cervical vertebra forward bend, drive to coccygeal vertebra many fissure muscle group to extend. The fingertips of both hands are pulled down from the eyebrow center to the cervical vertebra to the thoracic vertebra to the lumbar vertebra, which drives the back of the hand to attach to the wrist joint. At the same time the wrist and elbow joints are pulled down toward the floor.

ways to relieve back pain

Step 3.Inspiratory fingertip is guided from coccyx → lumbar vertebra → thoracic vertebra multifissured muscle is pulled and straightened. Abduction of both hands parallel to stabilize bilateral multifissures.

Step 4.Exhale and pull your arms forward to stabilize the spinal muscular endurance, and finally return to the original position of the spine straight.

Applicable object & effect:Suitable for obese people, pregnant women, elderly, and the burden of the upper body, lower limb joints can not bear weight. This motion can move the deep vertebra of narrow space, improve lumbar because sit for a long time, stand for a long time the muscle group that suffers compression, to thoracic vertebra and heart and lung also is a kind of slight muscle strength exercise.

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Occasionally "ge you palsy" once, have profit to spinal column? Experts agree – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back strain

Many young people at home often maintain a "motionless" posture, which is very comfortable but looks lazy, and is often called "unhealthy". But has the expert come out to prove, "paralysis" is beneficial to human body, this is why?

From the medical point of view, "ge you paralysis" is similar to an energy saving mode of the human body.

There are two ways to the consumption of energy, it is a voluntary movement consumption, namely the consumed energy by skeletal muscle movement, the other is a kind of independent sports consumption, it refers to the human body each place only to maintain the consumption of basic life activities, such as when the body is in a state of sleep or reposing, skeletal muscle doesn't work, don't waste energy, which is the body's involuntary movement cost.

As the energy consumption of the human body tends to return to zero under the condition of involuntary movement consumption, the human body can be regarded as being in the state of "energy saving mode".

Ge you paralysis is very close to the human body repose state. When people in the "ge you)", skeletal muscle tension almost disappeared, vertebral spine or other joints, although will appear a certain degree of distortion due to gravity and pull, but this effect is a mild nonviolent action, and the structure of human body is a strength and toughness, will not because these gentle force damage, at the same time, cardiopulmonary organs shall be protected by the thoracic won't cause dysfunction due to compression.

Therefore, the current spread of ge you lie health hazards are not accurate.

"Ge you paralyses" comfortable place depends on this kind of posture does not need to use lumbar muscle, the body by normally rely on muscle contractive hair force will maintain, became to rely on soft tissue passive stretch tension to maintain, the muscle is pressed hard no longer tight, natural meeting feels "loosen" a lot of. As a result, many ge you paralyzed people, once paralyzed, it is difficult to think about sitting up straight again.

Although appropriate ge you is palsy sometimes have no matter, but expert expresses, go down for a long time palsy can bring about the problem such as vertebra between lumbar dish protrusion, cervical vertebra protrusion and the physiology radian of rachis disappear.

Especially for teenagers, if the long-term posture, it is easy to lead to the development of spinal deformity, forming a hunchback.

A 2018 study found that slouch poses are not only harmless but also help promote lubrication in the disc, which reduces spinal stiffness. London orthopaedic specialist Gavin Smith believes it is unwise to sit or stand for long periods of time.

An Australian study also found that sitting in a standard posture at work can cause back strain and breathing problems, which can backfire. Therefore, the upright posture and the paralysis posture mutually alternates, may relax the core muscle group and the leg ministry tense muscle appropriately, may serve as the office crowd best posture.

back specialist

"Paralysis" is often considered to be unhealthy posture, in fact, sitting for a long time to relax properly "paralysis" is beneficial to the body. However, staying in this position for a long time can be harmful.

American expression couch potato refers to someone who spends a lot of time sitting on the couch watching TV or even eating food. Because their bodies are at zero energy expenditure for a long time, but they are always taking in calories, resulting in obesity, fat and round like potatoes. Nowadays, more and more young people develop this kind of unhealthy habits of life, as time goes by, diseases such as gallstone, psychological loneliness will appear, do great harm to the body.

Small nine finally still remind 1, "paralysis" although cool, can't be greedy! It's better to spend more time outdoors than lying down on the weekends


1. Ge you lie, one of the culprits of adolescent obesity? Yes, 2016-09-12

2, "ge you paralysis" good for the spine? Occasional but long time paralysis harm. Health.2019-05-23

Chen yanping: ankylosing spondylitis acupotomology treatment! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lumbar spine

how to cure lower back pain

Needle knife therapy

1. Body position: prone position. Underbelly pillow when necessary.

2. Body surface signs: the position of the hump's highest point, to grasp the following signs:

(1) the seventh cervical spine process is the lower part of the neck, the most prominent point at the junction of the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra, and the number of this process is up and down.

2. The highest point of the two iliac crest line for the fourth lumbar spine process.

(3) both sides of the subscapular Angle line level the 7th thoracic spine process. The superior Angle of the scapula is connected by the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebra.

(4) with the finger along the 12th rib to the spine touch, and the intersection of the spine for the 11th thoracic vertebra.

(5) refer to the neck, chest, lumbar spine anterolateral X-ray assisted localization.

3. Fixed:

(1) fixed point for correction of spinal deformity:

The first acupotomy was performed at the highest point of the hump, with a total of 9 points in the upper and lower vertebrae between spines and transverse processes.

The second needle operation was performed at 6-9-12 at the highest point of the hump, between the spine and the transverse process.

The third acupotomy was performed at the lower segment of the first acupotomy, the superior spinal ligament, the interspinous, intertransverse interarticular capsule, the erector spinal muscle, and the multifissure muscle, at 6-9-12.

The fourth needling operation was performed at the upper segment of the second needling operation, interspinous intertransverse intercostal joints, cyclotron muscles, etc., at 6-9-12.

And so on. When the spine of the hump section of all acupotomology released, can start again from the highest point, set at 6-9-12, continue treatment, until the cure.

(2) correction of contracture point of soft tissue outside the spine:

A. Abdominal point: rectus sheath, subcostal arch and pubic symphysis, all selected its pain point.

B. Thoracic point: the point of tenderness at the junction of sternum and costal cartilage.

C. Lumbar fascia tenderness point: 12 subcostal and iliac bone wing tenderness point.

D. Other soft tissue contracture points: such as abdominal, external oblique, lower serratus, etc.

4. Routine skin disinfection, gloves, sterile cloth, needle knife operation.

5. Needle knife operation:

(1) interspinous point: knife edge line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the spine, needle knife body and skin vertical penetration. After the acupotomy reached the interspinous ligament, the line of the knife edge was rotated 90°, and the bone surface of the upper margin of the lower spinous process was cut and peeled several times.

(2) the point between the transverse process: knife edge line and the body of the longitudinal axis parallel. The acupotomy body and the skin surface penetrate vertically, reaching the transverse protrusion bone surface. Adjust the needle knife to the lower margin of the transverse process, turn the knife edge line 90°, cut and peel the intertransverse process ligament and intertransverse process muscle along the lower margin of the transverse process, until the knife becomes loose.

(3) rib transverse node: the spinous process to lower side open 2-2.5 cm, to the line of the mouth parallel to the longitudinal axis of the spine into the bone surface into the joint space, longitudinal cut until there is a sense of relaxation.

(4) rib arch under point: in the rectus sheath blade line parallel to the longitudinal axis in the body, the needle knife body and the leather face perpendicular to Pierce the skin, the blade close to the edge of the ribs, fumble, taking a sample hard toughening fascia tissue is reached before the rectus sheath, adjust the blade line parallel to the rib arch, cut open along the edge of rib arch bone surface rectus sheath knife, vertical and horizontal spin off again, have a loose feeling.

(5) anterior sheath of rectus abdominis pubic symphysis point: the line of the knife edge is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body, and the needle knife body and the skin surface are vertically penetrated to the upper edge bone surface of the pubic symphysis. The line of the knife edge was rotated 90° to make it parallel to the bone surface of the upper margin of the pubic symphysis. Incision and dissection were performed along the bone in front of the anterior sheath of rectus abdominis.

6 sternum and costal cartilage junction tenderness point: edge line and the longitudinal axis of the sternum parallel, needle knife body and skin surface vertical, piercing subcutaneous, direct to the bone surface, the junction of the costal cartilage and sternum incision and dissection, depth is not more than 0.5cm.

(7) lumbar dorsal fascia 12 costal edge point: the knife edge line is perpendicular to the lower edge of the rib (about 15° ~ 30° Angle with the lower segment of the spine), the needle knife body and the skin surface are punctured vertically to the surface of the 12th rib. Adjust the needle knife to the bone surface of the lower rib edge 12, turn the knife edge line so that it is parallel to the lower rib edge, cut and peel along the bone surface of the lower rib edge until there is a sense of looseness under the knife.

8 lumbar fascia iliac ridge edge point: knife line and the body vertical axis parallel, needle knife body and skin vertical, piercing the iliac ridge bone surface. Adjust the blade to the bone surface of the upper edge of the iliac crest, turn the line of the blade so that it is parallel to the bone surface of the upper edge of the iliac crest, cut and peel until loosening is felt under the knife.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can. The acupotomy was covered with sterile dressing and fixed.

6. Manipulation:

Client supine, two doctors against traction. One person inserted two hands under the patient's bilateral armpits to support the back, pulled the side of the thoracorib, and pressed double forearms on the patient's bilateral shoulders. The other person holds the patient's upper ankles with both hands and holds the patient under traction for 1 minute against traction.

Next, pull bosom rib to press shoulder doctor to do not move, the doctor that holds ankle-bone instead is fixed before iliac superior spine, two people instantaneous at the same time press 3 ~ 5 times can. After returning to the ward, pelvic traction was performed in supine position. In addition to traction, upper thoracic lesions can walk on the ground. For thoracolumbar junction and lumbar section, do not get out of bed for 3 weeks.

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

Chen yanping doctor acupotomy treatment of common diseases :(1) a variety of soft tissue adhesion, contracture, scar and caused by the limbs of the trunk of the body of some stubborn pain; (2) partial bone spurs (or hyperosteogeny); (3) bursitis (4) sequelae caused by injury of limbs and trunk; (5) early myositis ossificans (including calcification of muscular ligaments); (6) various tenosynovitis; (7) cumulative injuries of muscles and ligaments; (8) traumatic muscle spasm and muscle tension (non-brain-derived); (9) sequelae of surgical injury; (10) sequelae of pathological injuries; (11) malunion of shaft fractures. Comprehensive disease, especially good at acupotomology treatment of various cervical and lumbar diseases; Periarthritis of shoulder. Osteoarthritis of the knee; Apoplectic sequelae; Tennis elbow and other acute and chronic soft tissue pain and facial paralysis, facial muscle spasm; Gastritis; Insomnia; Asthma; Urticaria and other difficult diseases.

For the technique of needle knife and whether application of anesthetic, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with education background of physicians have their own understanding, to talk about my opinions below: needle knife therapy in clinic, I insisted on no anesthesia or drugs such as hormones, first is to avoid drug damage to the patients, especially the joints, joints, tendons, ligaments and other drug easily cause brittle harden, causes the sequela of similar closed; Secondly, the use of drugs is not easy to get the patient's cooperation, resulting in acupotomology efficacy greatly discounted. The last point is that acupotomology can hardly stimulate the meridians of the human body after the use of drugs, thus affecting the role of acupotomology in dredge the meridians. Most of the acupotomology books require the acupotomology clinician to release the acupotomology accurately to the anatomical site or even the very dangerous place, such as the spinal canal. Once the operation is wrong, the consequences are the most serious. The reason is that acupotomology doctors are overconfident (mostly doctors born in western medicine) and pursue the treatment of loosening the yellow ligament, circumferential occipital muscle and spinal canal, while ignoring that acupotomology is the product of integrated Chinese and western medicine. Small acupotomy is a small therapeutic instrument that integrates acupuncture needle and scalpel, so it can play the role of needle and knife separately in clinical practice, or play the comprehensive effect of acupotomy jointly.

Lingcheng district people's hospital successfully cured patients with traumatic kyphosis – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/spinal decompression/lumbar spine

Dazhong · poster news September 17, Texas (Correspondent section chang yong) recently, the second department of bone department of lingcheng district people's hospital of dezhou successfully cured a case of traumatic kyphosis of the spine and paralysis of both lower limbs.

On July 26, 2019, lingcheng district people's hospital bone department 2 admitted a "troublesome" patient. The 67-year-old woman has been suffering from alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and severe senile osteoporosis for several years. She developed back pain, inability to get out of bed and standing and walking three weeks ago. Two team bone to ask medical history, physical examination and imaging examination, diagnosis of the lumbar spine pathological compression fracture, senile severe osteoporosis and lumbar spinal stenosis disease, incomplete double lower limbs paralysis, protruding after traumatic spinal deformity, hypertension, alzheimer's disease and other diseases, can only live life lie in bed, not surgery could no longer stand up. In addition, deep vein thrombosis, lung infection, bedsores and other complications can lead to death. Lingcheng people's hospital recommended posterior spinal decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation.

The old man suffered from alzheimer's disease, commonly known as dementia, and was unable to communicate with others. Surgery is a challenge for both the elderly and the doctor. After repeated consultation from family members and consultation from outpatient departments of several hospitals, we finally decided to give up the conservative treatment of surgery and was discharged on July 28, 2019.

Ling cheng district people's hospital, director of the second department of bone Yang zhenlei carefully examine the patient image results show

On August 21, 2019, the elderly man's eldest son appeared again in the office of Yang zhenlei, director of the second department of bone science. Classics inquiry is informed old person can lie in bed only after coming home, a variety of methods such as plaster are of no help, eat reduce body worse and worse with each passing day. The three sons finally decided to operate on the old man. < / p > < p > lingcheng district people's courtyard bone team in the face of such a patient, know that life is a great responsibility. After admission, the old man had a low blood potassium level of 2.69mmol/l, and his general condition was poor. Therefore, he adjusted various physiological indicators actively, conducted preoperative case discussion, invited multi-disciplinary consultation, and made full preoperative preparation. On August 28, 2019, the patient was subjected to posterior spinal lamina decompression, bone graft fusion and orthopedic internal fixation under general anesthesia.

After the attending physician duan changyong and the chief nurse sun yuting led the nursing team of meticulous care, lie in bed for more than 2 months of the elderly miraculously stood up. Looking at the old man who has functional exercise in the corridor, the family showed the long-lost smile. Exclamation ground say: "know operation result is so good, did an operation to the old man early! My sincere thanks go to the medical staff of lingcheng district people's hospital."

Responsible editor: wang xiubo

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