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White-collar class total meeting faces computer to sit for a long time in the office, of the body such as lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra because this is uncomfortable, it is disease even, nature can be like tide general thick and thick come, the white-collar in a lot of cities and beauty can face these health problem, in fact.

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Xiao sun is one of them, but after she was exposed to yoga last year, her whole body state, figure and temperament have been greatly improved, the most critical is that her previous cervical and lumbar pain problems are far away from themselves. Indeed, as an office worker, there are some important asanas in yoga that must be mastered in order to maintain good health and good figure.

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1. Stretch and swing

The first pose is stretching and rocking. Stretching and rocking is good for flexibility of the body, and can move your lumbar and cervical vertebrae to a greater extent, so as to relieve pain and discomfort in the lumbar and cervical vertebrae. In behavioral essentials, the first is to let oneself is in a state of mountain type stand, after adjust breathing, inhale will arm by on the opposite side of the body slowly to the top, reach the top of the head position, lift and hold the right hand with his left hand wrist, expiratory when he put his body to the left to bend, to pay attention to always let navel and the chest in the lead the position, one side of the asana is completed. When exercising the right side, only need to change the side, pay attention to make the body stable, and the pelvis should be some straight, the strength of the two feet also need to be evenly distributed, this posture repeated about seven groups can be.

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Stand up

The second individual pose is the stand up pose, which is good for stretching the body, especially for the ligaments in the upper limbs. It can also relieve the pain in the spine and lumbar spine. The essentials of the movement are first in their exhalation, let their hands open some, let the body of the upper body to bend downward, then grasp their ankles or legs with the hand position, slowly bend the elbow to lower the height of the body, the body into a forward bend of the downward dog posture. After adjust the breath, the next time the inhale, gently with finger point ground, then right foot to the rear to withdraw, length is longer than the distance of a leg, the heel position, the ball is at the feet behind again below the left foot to thrust, with your arms the whole body, upper body slowly rose up around ten breaths.

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3. Bend behind your back

The third body pose is the flexion behind the body. The flexion behind the body is a good way to exercise the strength of the core position such as the abdomen and waist, because the strength and curve of the waist and abdomen position are the foundation of more yoga postures. In the essentials of movement, keep kneeling, pay attention to your breathing rhythm, slowly bend the elbow position, gradually extend the arm, continue the movement of this dynamic exercise for about three groups. After keeping your body stable, stretch your arms upward as you breathe in and bend your torso back as you exhale, drawing out as you breathe in. Bend your torso backward with the rhythm of your breath. If you are a beginner, slow down, but pay attention to the rhythm of your breath and the rhythm of your body.

stop back pain

Many people may say that the office worker's yoga moves are nothing more than lifting their body or squeezing their legs. Of course, these are very simple, but if you stick to them for a long time, you will find that they have a lot of health benefits.

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