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Tell everybody today a simple and convenient method get through bladder classics, an action, can the ache of lumbar and back all solve.

Four total hole

Keep three in your belly

The waist is bent on mercy

Missing of head item

The mouth of the meal closes the mouth of the grain

So what do we want?

We look at a healthy child, or a person with a normal waist, and when you ask him to lie down, you touch that part of the body that's in the middle, and it's hollow, and that's normal.

If there's a bump, or a cord, or a bump, or a tender spot, that's what you're looking for.

stop back pain

A look will be, a press will work

Weizhong acupoint location:

stop back pain

Massage law:

stop back pain

Relax, say goodbye to back pain

To treat the pain caused by bladder obstruction, back pain, back sprain, two small folk prescription let you say goodbye to pain.

Small folk prescription 1: jing Ming hole

Jingming point location: located in the inner eye, the inner corner of the upper part of the concave.

stop back pain

Reach Yin acupoint position: reach Yin acupoint outside the end of the foot toe of human body, be apart from toenail Angle 0.1 inch.

stop back pain

Pinch the outside of double foot little toe to Yin acupuncture point, generally speaking, pinch each acupuncture point 5 ~ 8 minutes, lumbago can alleviate.

"Waist back center beg"! One acupuncture point can dispel back pain, both simple and convenient. With a flick of your finger, share it with friends and family. It could take you just a second to solve one of their biggest problems.

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