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how to cure lower back pain

Needle knife therapy

1. Body position: prone position. Underbelly pillow when necessary.

2. Body surface signs: the position of the hump's highest point, to grasp the following signs:

(1) the seventh cervical spine process is the lower part of the neck, the most prominent point at the junction of the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra, and the number of this process is up and down.

2. The highest point of the two iliac crest line for the fourth lumbar spine process.

(3) both sides of the subscapular Angle line level the 7th thoracic spine process. The superior Angle of the scapula is connected by the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebra.

(4) with the finger along the 12th rib to the spine touch, and the intersection of the spine for the 11th thoracic vertebra.

(5) refer to the neck, chest, lumbar spine anterolateral X-ray assisted localization.

3. Fixed:

(1) fixed point for correction of spinal deformity:

The first acupotomy was performed at the highest point of the hump, with a total of 9 points in the upper and lower vertebrae between spines and transverse processes.

The second needle operation was performed at 6-9-12 at the highest point of the hump, between the spine and the transverse process.

The third acupotomy was performed at the lower segment of the first acupotomy, the superior spinal ligament, the interspinous, intertransverse interarticular capsule, the erector spinal muscle, and the multifissure muscle, at 6-9-12.

The fourth needling operation was performed at the upper segment of the second needling operation, interspinous intertransverse intercostal joints, cyclotron muscles, etc., at 6-9-12.

And so on. When the spine of the hump section of all acupotomology released, can start again from the highest point, set at 6-9-12, continue treatment, until the cure.

(2) correction of contracture point of soft tissue outside the spine:

A. Abdominal point: rectus sheath, subcostal arch and pubic symphysis, all selected its pain point.

B. Thoracic point: the point of tenderness at the junction of sternum and costal cartilage.

C. Lumbar fascia tenderness point: 12 subcostal and iliac bone wing tenderness point.

D. Other soft tissue contracture points: such as abdominal, external oblique, lower serratus, etc.

4. Routine skin disinfection, gloves, sterile cloth, needle knife operation.

5. Needle knife operation:

(1) interspinous point: knife edge line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the spine, needle knife body and skin vertical penetration. After the acupotomy reached the interspinous ligament, the line of the knife edge was rotated 90°, and the bone surface of the upper margin of the lower spinous process was cut and peeled several times.

(2) the point between the transverse process: knife edge line and the body of the longitudinal axis parallel. The acupotomy body and the skin surface penetrate vertically, reaching the transverse protrusion bone surface. Adjust the needle knife to the lower margin of the transverse process, turn the knife edge line 90°, cut and peel the intertransverse process ligament and intertransverse process muscle along the lower margin of the transverse process, until the knife becomes loose.

(3) rib transverse node: the spinous process to lower side open 2-2.5 cm, to the line of the mouth parallel to the longitudinal axis of the spine into the bone surface into the joint space, longitudinal cut until there is a sense of relaxation.

(4) rib arch under point: in the rectus sheath blade line parallel to the longitudinal axis in the body, the needle knife body and the leather face perpendicular to Pierce the skin, the blade close to the edge of the ribs, fumble, taking a sample hard toughening fascia tissue is reached before the rectus sheath, adjust the blade line parallel to the rib arch, cut open along the edge of rib arch bone surface rectus sheath knife, vertical and horizontal spin off again, have a loose feeling.

(5) anterior sheath of rectus abdominis pubic symphysis point: the line of the knife edge is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body, and the needle knife body and the skin surface are vertically penetrated to the upper edge bone surface of the pubic symphysis. The line of the knife edge was rotated 90° to make it parallel to the bone surface of the upper margin of the pubic symphysis. Incision and dissection were performed along the bone in front of the anterior sheath of rectus abdominis.

6 sternum and costal cartilage junction tenderness point: edge line and the longitudinal axis of the sternum parallel, needle knife body and skin surface vertical, piercing subcutaneous, direct to the bone surface, the junction of the costal cartilage and sternum incision and dissection, depth is not more than 0.5cm.

(7) lumbar dorsal fascia 12 costal edge point: the knife edge line is perpendicular to the lower edge of the rib (about 15° ~ 30° Angle with the lower segment of the spine), the needle knife body and the skin surface are punctured vertically to the surface of the 12th rib. Adjust the needle knife to the bone surface of the lower rib edge 12, turn the knife edge line so that it is parallel to the lower rib edge, cut and peel along the bone surface of the lower rib edge until there is a sense of looseness under the knife.

8 lumbar fascia iliac ridge edge point: knife line and the body vertical axis parallel, needle knife body and skin vertical, piercing the iliac ridge bone surface. Adjust the blade to the bone surface of the upper edge of the iliac crest, turn the line of the blade so that it is parallel to the bone surface of the upper edge of the iliac crest, cut and peel until loosening is felt under the knife.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can. The acupotomy was covered with sterile dressing and fixed.

6. Manipulation:

Client supine, two doctors against traction. One person inserted two hands under the patient's bilateral armpits to support the back, pulled the side of the thoracorib, and pressed double forearms on the patient's bilateral shoulders. The other person holds the patient's upper ankles with both hands and holds the patient under traction for 1 minute against traction.

Next, pull bosom rib to press shoulder doctor to do not move, the doctor that holds ankle-bone instead is fixed before iliac superior spine, two people instantaneous at the same time press 3 ~ 5 times can. After returning to the ward, pelvic traction was performed in supine position. In addition to traction, upper thoracic lesions can walk on the ground. For thoracolumbar junction and lumbar section, do not get out of bed for 3 weeks.

how to cure lower back pain

how to cure lower back pain

Chen yanping doctor acupotomy treatment of common diseases :(1) a variety of soft tissue adhesion, contracture, scar and caused by the limbs of the trunk of the body of some stubborn pain; (2) partial bone spurs (or hyperosteogeny); (3) bursitis (4) sequelae caused by injury of limbs and trunk; (5) early myositis ossificans (including calcification of muscular ligaments); (6) various tenosynovitis; (7) cumulative injuries of muscles and ligaments; (8) traumatic muscle spasm and muscle tension (non-brain-derived); (9) sequelae of surgical injury; (10) sequelae of pathological injuries; (11) malunion of shaft fractures. Comprehensive disease, especially good at acupotomology treatment of various cervical and lumbar diseases; Periarthritis of shoulder. Osteoarthritis of the knee; Apoplectic sequelae; Tennis elbow and other acute and chronic soft tissue pain and facial paralysis, facial muscle spasm; Gastritis; Insomnia; Asthma; Urticaria and other difficult diseases.

For the technique of needle knife and whether application of anesthetic, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with education background of physicians have their own understanding, to talk about my opinions below: needle knife therapy in clinic, I insisted on no anesthesia or drugs such as hormones, first is to avoid drug damage to the patients, especially the joints, joints, tendons, ligaments and other drug easily cause brittle harden, causes the sequela of similar closed; Secondly, the use of drugs is not easy to get the patient's cooperation, resulting in acupotomology efficacy greatly discounted. The last point is that acupotomology can hardly stimulate the meridians of the human body after the use of drugs, thus affecting the role of acupotomology in dredge the meridians. Most of the acupotomology books require the acupotomology clinician to release the acupotomology accurately to the anatomical site or even the very dangerous place, such as the spinal canal. Once the operation is wrong, the consequences are the most serious. The reason is that acupotomology doctors are overconfident (mostly doctors born in western medicine) and pursue the treatment of loosening the yellow ligament, circumferential occipital muscle and spinal canal, while ignoring that acupotomology is the product of integrated Chinese and western medicine. Small acupotomy is a small therapeutic instrument that integrates acupuncture needle and scalpel, so it can play the role of needle and knife separately in clinical practice, or play the comprehensive effect of acupotomy jointly.

Headache, backache, shoulder pain… Body 8 pain switch, which pain press which! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/pain relief

When your left neck hurts, press the houxi point of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand. When your right neck hurts, press the houxi point of your left hand with the thumb of your right hand.


Low back pain

Do motion, move thing when careless waist sprain, press press save bamboo acupoint to be able to have the effect that alleviates lumbago quickly.

how to cure lower back pain

Zan bamboo acupuncture points in the face, brow depression is the position of zan bamboo points. Use finger tip vertical point to press two brows, at the same time slowly activity waist, point by a lumbago will be significantly relieved.


Have a headache

Between the eyebrows there is a "Yin tang point", massage this position to help relieve headaches, nasal discomfort and other symptoms.

how to cure lower back pain

In addition, two hands tiger mouth intersection, one hand index finger pressure on the other hand on the radial styloid process, in the index finger tip to reach the depression for a series of holes.

how to cure lower back pain

Use finger point to press a list of acupoints, the intensity should have the feeling of ache and sour distention to be good, each time continuously dot press about 3 minutes, can alleviate headache likewise.


Have a stomachache

Stomachache, stomach distension does not digest, with the drug treatment effect is not too big, might as well by pressing the acupoint way to relieve stomachache, this acupoint is zusanli.

The foot three li in the knee depression place under 3 inches, the distance four finger long position, is the foot three li acupuncture point.

how to cure lower back pain

When you have stomachache, relax the leg muscles and press the acupoint with your index finger. While exhaling, massage. Release the pressure once every 6 seconds.


A toothache

"Toothache is not a disease. It kills people!" Toothache always lets a person sit restlessly, might as well try the next close acupoint of the body and he gu acupoint right now.

Hegu is located at the highest point of two-handed tiger mouth; Lower it on your face, in front of your ears, and in the depression just below your cheekbones.

Hand yangming meridian veins into the lower row teeth, foot yangming meridian veins into the upper row teeth, hegu, xiaguan are yangming meridian points, massage can pain.

Methods press on the corresponding parts of face with fingers or knuckles, and press on hegu and xiaguan points on the painful side for about 10 minutes, which can not only relieve toothache, but also treat oral ulcer.

how to cure lower back pain


Back pain

When you have back pain, rub your hands around the back of your body.

The waist is what Chinese medicine refers to as "taking the pulse", especially on both sides of the spine, where the kidney is located. Kidney likes warm and cold, regular massage can help alleviate back pain.


Shoulder pain

Many people often rub their parents' shoulders, but few know what a standard shoulder rub is for pain relief.

In fact, knead the shoulder in addition to can shu live shoulder qi and blood, but also can press the "shoulder well point", that is, nipples on the top and shoulder line hand over, shoulder top, help alleviate shoulder pain, top-heavy, eye fatigue, tinnitus, stiff neck and other symptoms.

how to cure lower back pain



Wrist horizontal lines up about three fingers wide, that is, the switch for heartache, here also refers to the point of the inner pass.

If break out angina pectoris, besides containing nitroglycerin to take, still can dot press here 5 minutes, can activate blood to open collateral, have the effect of acerbic pain.

how to cure lower back pain

It should be reminded that this method is only used for adjuvant therapy and first aid. In case of chest pain, it is important to call the emergency number and seek medical help.

"The pain switch" is only an adjunctive therapy. If the condition is too severe or the pain is unbearable, you should seek the help of a professional medical institution.

Tips to ease back pain during pregnancy – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

Author: baby knows baby little dream xi

As pregnancy increases day by day, the belly of pregnant mother is bigger and bigger, arrived commonly in be pregnant late, pregnant mother is swollen increasingly abdomen, often can bring about lumbar acerbity backache. What reason does pregnancy waist ache still have? So how to ease back pain during pregnancy? Here are some tips to ease back pain during pregnancy

[causes of waist pain during pregnancy] :

Most pregnant women suffer from back pain — mostly because of weight gain. Women gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, yet more than half of all women gain far more than that. Most of the weight gain is concentrated in the abdomen, which forces your center of gravity to lean forward. Many women develop back problems due to overuse of the waist in order to maintain balance.

The culprit is progesterone, a hormone that relaxes ligaments throughout the body. As pregnancy progresses, the hormone helps the pelvis stretch out enough space for the baby. However, the effects of progesterone extend far beyond the pelvis. Ligaments in the spine also relax, putting more pressure on the back muscles.

3. During pregnancy, since the calcium needed for fetal growth and development is completely from the mother, the amount of calcium consumed by the pregnant mother is much higher than that of the ordinary people, so many pregnant mothers are prone to the problem of calcium deficiency, which will also cause lumbago. The mother-to-be is advised to pay special attention to calcium supplementation throughout pregnancy.

4, some pregnant mother's posture is not correct, the back did not pay attention to straight, lumbar spine backward, this will make the weight of the whole upper body to the lumbar position, increase the burden of the lumbar spine, more easily lead to back pain. In fact, many pregnant mothers do not know how to walk, sleep and sit properly. Bad habits in daily life are the most common cause of lumbago.

5. Sometimes back pain is a sign of premature birth. Call your doctor immediately if you feel pain concentrating in the lower back and feel your pelvis sag or your daily leucorrhea thickening.

【 tips for lower back pain

1. Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for long periods of time. If you must remain seated, do not remain seated. When necessary, get up and exercise every 1 to 2 hours. If you are going to be sitting for a long time, try to sit in a lean position: your butt and lower back are leaning against the stool, with your feet bent at 90°.

2, do not wear high heels when walking, women should wear shoes with super permeability, stability, and support, to relax the whole body.

3, do some pregnant women appropriate to do sports, such as pregnant women hold, take a walk, to moderate exercise waist, abdomen and back and other muscles. But want by all means avoid, pregnant any movement after late period, do not take long lying position, in order to avoid pressing abdomen, cause blood circulation to be blocked.

4. You can also use a pillow and place it behind your back. Pillows relieve pressure on the head and neck. Sit in a chair with a back as far as possible. Sit with your back back comfortably against the back of the chair, with your upper body straight. You can put a soft and comfortable cushion on the back of the chair.

5, sleep, take the curl side sleeping position, late pregnancy, you should try to sleep on the left side, so as to slow down the uterine pressure on the vena cava, a vein on the right side of the abdomen to maintain your blood circulation. To keep your spine properly supported, we recommend that you place a pillow under your stomach and 1-2 cushions under your knees to support your weight. Nothing is more important than a quiet night's sleep for a baby in its mother's womb.

6, avoid standing for a long time, such as must stand for a long time when working, can use a footstool, let the feet rest, relative waist also reduced the burden. Stand with your upper body raised so that your pelvis is slightly tilted back and your shoulders fall back. For working mothers who have to stand for more than four hours a day, it's best to use a tummy strap.

7. Avoid carrying heavy objects during pregnancy. Carry items correctly as follows: back straight, knees bent, arms raised, objects close to body, avoid turning. If you have to turn, turn your whole body and feet in the direction of the turn, not around your waist. Above all, remember to ask for help when you need it.

8, pregnancy due to the continuous growth of the fetus, bone formation, need a lot of calcium, in order to use for the fetus, so pregnant mother in addition to the need to take in their own calcium, but also to provide enough calcium for the fetal baby. If the pregnancy does not supplement calcium, the mother will be short of calcium at the end of the pregnancy, loose teeth, waist and leg pain. Pregnant mother supplemented enough calcium, but also should pay attention to regular sunshine and exercise to promote the absorption of calcium.

9, take a bath before going to bed, can use a little hot water to wash the back of the waist, to reduce waist discomfort. Suggest expectant father can do massage for pregnant mother, alleviate lumbago. Massage when the five fingers and together, respectively in the back of the lumbar ministry on both sides, palms inward, up and down slowly knead, until the place fever. Also can do local hot compress at the same time, apply with hot towel everyday in the waist half an hour or so, can reduce ache effectively.

10, pregnant mother when walking, should be back straight, raise your head, tighten the hip, heel first ground, step on the feet, keep the balance of the whole body. Use handrail or railing to walk, remember to fast and fast, do not protrude abdomen.

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[waist and back rehabilitation] ventilate blood for 10 minutes, once a day, instantly relieve back pain (GIF guide) – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain

Practice:Stand up straight and find a towel; With palms facing down, grab both ends of the towel (shoulder-width apart) and slowly lift your arms over your head, continuing back to your limit.

Stretch the spine to relieve fatigue

back doctor

Practice:Stretch your legs straight and together in front of you, tightening your muscles; Tip of the foot back toward the direction of the body hook (feel calf belly stretch), heel pedal ground;

At the same time, the hands ten fingers interlock, palm toward the sky direction flip, arm straight, as far as possible fully stretch up, find the spine was pulled feeling.

Hold this position for 10 seconds, relax and do it again.

Lift shoulder loose shoulder neck protection

back doctor

Practice:Stand up straight, lift your shoulders, and feel the tension of your shoulders. Hold this feeling for 15 seconds, relax your shoulders and do it again.

If you find that stretching prevents you from breathing naturally, then it's not really relaxing. Remember to turn your body back a bit.

Roll out shoulder acid

back doctor

Practice:Buy a rolling pin and roll it back and forth under your feet for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

If you have discomfort in your shoulders and neck, the area of your feet will feel painful and grainy.

Yoga butterfly promotes blood circulation

back doctor

Practice:Bend your legs, feet facing each other. Hold the toes with both hands, knees open to the sides, as far as possible to the ground, the waist should be straight, knees rhythm to the floor vibration.

Two legs one minute repair liver and kidney

back doctor

Practice:Keep your legs straight and apart, tip your toes back, grab your toes in your hands, and slowly press your body down.

Note:When practicing, as long as the big hamstring after the leg has a stretch on it.

Retract the toe to comb the bladder passage

back doctor

Practice:Legs straight and together, toes back hook, both hands holding the toes, slowly press down to the back of the thigh to have the feeling of stretch.

Roll and knead houxi cave to relieve eye fatigue

back doctor

Practice:The eye that sees screen everyday is dry? You can put your hands on the edge of the table and use your wrist to move your hands and roll them back and forth easily.

It has a slight ache as it rolls. Stick to come down, have very good protection to cervical vertebra and eyesight.

Did you get it?

Click on the"nice"Let's practice together!

Preview of lecture: "ideas and exploration on treatment of back pain" – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar disc herniation

Ideas and exploration of treatment for backache

Time: 15:00 ~ 15:30, September 10, 2019

Location: room no.4, building no.1, dianchi academy

Content: back pain is a common clinical symptom, often involving the chest, upper limbs, the traditional medical department is cardiovascular, respiratory, but most of the back pain because muscle contracture, trauma, or spinal deformation, is not a medical disease, the public lecture introduces yunnan province hospital of traditional Chinese medicine massage on muscle contracture, trauma, cause of back pain or spinal deformation method of conservative treatment, let backache patients know more about the disease basic train of thought, understanding &experience backache in the matters of attention in the daily life, ill cure, no disease prevention, welcome the masses of friends to actively participate in!

Speaker: wang ang, attending physician, good at diseases: good at the use of traditional Chinese medicine manipulation, the treatment of spine and spine related diseases. We have rich experience in treating diseases such as spinal facet joint disorder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar degenerative diseases, sacroiliac joint syndrome, periarthritis of shoulder and osteoarthritis of knee joint.

[lingnan famous doctor] lumbar intervertebral disc herniation can "clap" go back? Don't tease! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | herniated disc/lumbar spine

A disc herniation is actually a herniation of the nucleus pulposus. Degenerative changes of lumbar intervertebral disc are the basic causes of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, especially degeneration of nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus, resulting in local stress changes.

Wu yi introduces, in common inducement element (traumatic, increase abdominal pressure, lumbar posture is not right, suddenly bearing weight to wait) action falls, cause annulus of fiber to burst, nucleus pulposus organizes from rupture place different degree protrusion, compress or stimulate nerve root, cause nerve root oedema and inflammation reaction, produce the symptom such as lumbar leg hemp pain.After the annulus fibrosus ruptures, it is impossible to return the nucleus pulposus protruding through the rupture orifice to its normal position, so there is no scientific basis for the idea that the herniated disc can be "shot back".

herniated disc relief

Some patients received physiotherapy for symptom relief chart/visual China

herniated disc relief

Shorter course of disease may first try conservative therapy chart/visual China

Which patients should be treated conservatively?

First attacks, the lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion short course of disease (3-6 months), no severe nerve root injury symptoms, does not affect the life and work, ease symptoms after treatment, or by strengthening the waist and back muscle function exercise, can't change the correct work and lifestyle, reduce the load of the lumbar spine, prevent lumbar disc degree aggravating.

Under what circumstance should operation treat?

herniated disc relief

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Meet a disease to want to go to a hospital in time, must not throw oneself into a hospital in disorder! I agree. Please click "watching".~

Sciatica is postural! 6 mitigation strategies and prevention keys – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

According to statistics, up to 80% of adults have experienced lower back pain. Besides acute injuries caused by intense exercise, sciatica is the most common hearing.

The person that the case is mild may feel backache of lumbar ache only, and serious person even has difficulty to walk, what is to return a responsibility after all?

ways to relieve back pain

The position of the sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is formed by the fusion of nerve roots from the lumbar and sacral vertebrae, and its position extends downward from the lower back approximately all the way through the buttocks and the posterior side of the thigh. It can be said that the sensory and motor functions of the posterior side of the lower limbs almost all depend on its control.

What is the cause of sciatica?

The most common problems occur in the lower back between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, and between the 5th and sacral vertebrae. Nerve roots are often compressed for a variety of reasons, leading to a range of symptoms.

Spinal stenosis (long spur).

Herniated disc

A disc is a piece of cartilage that connects each segment of the spine and, if pressed for a long time, protrudes, pressing on nerve roots and causing pain. Disc herniation can be caused by excessive bending and prolonged poor posture, such as bending down to lift heavy objects, sitting for a long time, degeneration and so on.

Spinal stenosis (long bone spur)

The average age of patients with spinal stenosis is higher than that of disc herniation, because the spine ages, bends, deforms, and so on, causing the body to grow extra bone-bone spurs, which then compress the nerves and cause pain.

Pseudosciatica? What's going on?

Piriformis syndrome is also known as pseudosciatica. Piriformis muscle is a muscle deep in the buttocks, because of its lower sciatic nerve through, so once the piriformis inflammation, overuse, may become tight and compression of the sciatic nerve, causing hip pain, leg numbness, foot numbness and other symptoms.

This kind of circumstance often happens in the figure is thinner or the person that loses weight suddenly more, because the fat of its buttocks is thinner, sit so for a long time also easy compression sciatic nerve.

Pseudosciatica with piriformis tension

Another type of pseudosciatica can also be caused by pain in the gluteal muscle-membrane. For example, the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles of the buttocks can cause sciatica-like symptoms from falls, excessive exercise, walking long distances or standing for long periods of time.

Sciatica is a common symptom

Initial stage is the most apparent symptom is back ache, cannot stand straight or bend over ache, as sciatic nerve gets compression gradually, ache feels the likelihood all the way from inferior back outspread buttock groove, ham, cause the discomfort of crus, baseboard even.

As the disease gets worse, it can also cause intermittent claudication, which means that the patient will be able to stand and walk for shorter periods of time, and will have to stop for rest every time he walks.

If the scope of nerve damage continues to expand, may also cause local skin loss of sensation, muscle atrophy, reflex disorders, paralysis, and finally may even evolve into defecation or impotence and other symptoms.

ways to relieve back pain

Who gets sciatica easily?

The spine of humans gradually degrades with age, so sciatica is very common in the elderly. In addition, many workers also increase the risk of sciatica due to heavy lifting, obesity, long-term sitting and poor posture. Diabetic patients are also prone to neuropathy, to follow the doctor's orders to control blood sugar.

Sciatica high-risk group:

The elderly

Heavy lifting

Obese people

People who sit for long periods of time or have poor posture


How do you test if the sciatic nerve is damaged?

When the doctor sees the patient, he will find that when the patient is lying flat on the bed, he cannot raise his foot more than 30 degrees.

In addition, the patient's lower legs, instep, or soles of the feet are often accompanied by dullness of sensation, such as a loss of upward or downward movement of the thumb, or an inability to walk on tiptoe and heel.

In addition to the above examination, the most accurate is by image examination.

How should sciatica be treated?

Usually mild symptoms can be improved by drugs and rehabilitation. Take intervertebral disc herniation as an example, through therapeutic rehabilitation exercise, the nerve can avoid abnormal stimulation, clinical about 80% of patients can be improved, make the protrusion of cartilage with time dehydration and become smaller, let the nerve no longer by compression and natural recovery.

And the patient of spinal stricture (long bone spur) is not easy to heal naturally normally, when first attack, the doctor can try conservative treatment first, if lie in bed rest, tie-in take medicine and undertake pelvic traction, after lasting 4 weeks most patient can improve a symptom. If the condition does not improve or if the nerve compression is too severe, the surgeon must evaluate the procedure.

Relief of sciatica:

Smooth trip to rest

Medication, such as painkillers

Hot compress

Improve posture

Stretch properly

Use a corset or backrest

To prevent sciatica, your posture is important

In addition to the way doctors give treatment, the patient's daily life is also very important! For example, the posture of standing, sitting, carrying things, and so on, must develop correct posture.

Correct posture for lifting heavy objects

For example, when carrying heavy objects, the steps should be: first squat, do not bend, legs slightly open, hands will be heavy net side by, and then slowly lift the object, remember to keep the waist straight as far as possible, avoid bending directly to the waist too much pressure.

To sum up, daily life should do a good job in prevention, in order to reduce the spine, lumbar burden, reduce the risk of sciatic nerve damage.

ways to relieve back pain

Avoid heavy lifting

Avoid vigorous waist exercises

Sit up straight and avoid crossing your legs

Chairs should not be too low

Use a mattress with moderate hardness and good support

Maintain a standard weight, obesity will increase the load on the lumbar spine

Ask everybody, if have the symptom of long-term lumbar acerbity backache, remember to seek medical advice, do not undertake massage at will, whole ridge waits for therapeutics, lest cure is not successful aggravate an illness even.

What will save your herniated disc – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

1. Lumbago, lumbago leg pain is lumbar disc herniation?


Let's take a look at how orthopedic specialists are defined.

The diagnostic criteria proposed by professor McCulloch (known as the leader in minimally invasive spinal surgery) are still in use today:

(1) leg pain greater than lumbago, single leg pain and the distribution of the sciatic nerve or femoral nerve.

2. The sensory abnormalities were distributed in the skin.

(3) positive straight leg elevation test, Angle less than 50% of normal, or positive straight leg elevation test of healthy side; Or radiation pain caused by compression of the tibial nerve in the popliteal fossa.

(4) with muscle atrophy, weakness, hypoesthesia and tendon reflex abate and other 4 of the 2.

(5) imaging characteristics consistent with clinical manifestations.

herniated disc relief

Read popular, that is to say: lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is single leg pain is given priority to commonly, and leg pain presents distribution of certain nerve, must want to have imaging support at the same time!

This means that low back pain, or even leg pain, or an X-ray, ct, or mri image description alone is not enough to diagnose a herniated disc.

Ct, mri and other reports of lumbar disc prolapse, herniation, prolapse is only imaging reports, the imaging degree of lumbar disc herniation and the severity of the disease is not directly correlated!

You can not casually put the cap of lumbar disc herniation on his head oh!

2. What is the best imaging examination of lumbar disc herniation?

Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) is the preferred auxiliary examination recommended by the north American spinal surgery society (nass).

herniated disc relief

Patients who are not eligible for mri can choose ct or even CTM (myelography ct). For patients who need surgery, they will also receive the necessary general X-ray and ct examination to determine the surgical segment and the overall shape of the spine.

So, dear friends remembers:

Check lumbar intervertebral disc when doing magnetic resonance examination just is cost performance is the highest!

3. Is conservative treatment effective and what is credible?

Lumbar disc herniation is a relatively self-limited disease, and 80% of patients can get effective remission after appropriate conservative treatment. Therefore, conservative treatment is the preferred treatment for lumbar disc herniation, including a variety ofPhysical therapy, special therapy and medication.

Rest in bed, generally stay in bed for 3 weeks, wear waist step by step activities.

Drug therapy (including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, neurotrophic drugs, the treatment of neuropathic rational pain drugs) can improve the prognosis, useful!

Nerve block and radiofrequency ablation of intervertebral disc have been proved to be effective.

herniated disc relief

Massage and systematic rehabilitation therapy may also be helpful for mild to moderate patients! But here's the thing:Any physical therapy to eliminate edema, relieve symptoms for the purpose! Any violent massage is very harmful, and any massage and rehabilitation for the purpose of reduction of intervertebral disc is questionable and vigilant.

4. What conditions require surgery and when is the right time?

(1) the diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation is clear.

(2) waist and leg pain symptoms are serious, repeated attacks, and the condition gradually worsened, after the standard conservative treatment is ineffective.

(3) seriously affect daily life and work.

Surgical treatment is recommended, with a better prognosis within 6 months of onset. Patients with dyspepsia or perineal numbness need emergency surgery.

Suggest early diagnosis, early treatment, faster recovery, better!

5. Is minimally invasive surgery more effective than conventional surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery of lumbar disc nucleus pulpotomy includes surgery under diskoscope (med) and peld (peld), which are surgical options for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, but there is no conclusive evidence that minimally invasive surgery is more effective than small incision open lumbar disc nucleus pulpotomy.

However, the application of minimally invasive surgery in patients with strict grasp of indications will achieve satisfactory results. We always believe that:

Safety first, curative effect first, in ensuring the same safety, effective conditions to pursue minimally invasive.

The minimally invasive approach we focus on emphasizes less spinal cord and nerve injury, less muscle and blood vessel injury, less spinal structural damage, and then less skin incision.

Minimally invasive surgery is a kind of operation with high safety, small trauma and quick recovery. But in terms of efficacy, it was no better than open surgery with a small incision. Choosing the right treatment for different patients is the best choice.

6. What are the causes of lumbar disc herniation? How to prevent? Causes of lumbar disc herniation can be divided into:

(1) uncontrollable factors: heredity, gender, age, etc.

(2) controllable factors: weight, work habits, exercise, etc.

How to prevent lumbar disc herniation mainly should proceed with from controllable factor. Dewatering and degeneration of lumbar disc nucleus pulposus is the pathological basis of lumbar disc herniation as well as the anatomical basis of lumbar disc herniation. Accumulated injuries will aggravate and accelerate the degeneration of lumbar disc. Therefore, the focus of prevention is to reduce accumulated injuries.

At ordinary times to have a good posture, the correct posture should be to keep the spine upright not hunchback.

The person that works in front of computer for a long time, should drive up computer monitor appropriately, do not work for a long time as far as possible "desk". The upper body is straightened at the same time, bosom leaves desk 10 centimeters, make chest back muscle tension is balanced, two legs parallel nature puts down, sole nature places. Long-term desk workers need to adjust the height of the appropriate table, chair, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, sleep when choosing the appropriate mattress.

herniated disc relief

Try to avoid long-term, repeated bending work load, the same weight, bending to work disc pressure is 2.7 times than when standing.

Strengthening core muscle group is the most practical and effective way to prevent lumbar disc herniation.

The stability of the human lumbar spine = the static stable structure of the intervertebral disc structure of the 5 lumbar vertebrae + the dynamic stable structure of the surrounding core muscles of the lumbar spine. Just like a convertible, the stability of the main stent is achieved mainly by the balance of power of the surrounding rope. That is to say, the strength and balance of the core muscle group is the main factor to maintain the stability of the lumbar spine and the key point to prevent the lumbar disc herniation.

herniated disc relief

The core muscles of the lumbar spine are mainly composed of the abdominal muscles in front of the lumbar spine and the lumbar back muscles. The easiest and most effective way to exercise the core muscles is swimming. There are many other scientific core training methods,For example: sit-ups exercise abdominal muscles, flying swallow, five point support method exercise back muscles and other ways.

herniated disc relief

To sum up, orthopedic specialists tell you a few things:

1. Lower back pain is not a herniated disc.

2. Lumbar disc herniation is a self-limited disease, and scientific conservative treatment is the first choice.

3. The diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation should be made by orthopedic or pain specialists based on their medical history, physical examination and auxiliary examination, and scientific and reasonable treatment recommendations should be given.

4. Minimally invasive surgery is a treatment with high safety, small trauma and rapid recovery, but how to choose the surgical method depends on the patient's specific situation.

5. Reasonable work, living habits and scientific exercise methods can effectively reduce the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation.

6 suspected that he had lumbar disc herniation, to find puyang hospital orthopaedic · pain department of the doctor will be the best choice.

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Every wrong breath is exacerbating your lower back pain. Exercise your diaphragm for good back health – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Mr. Liu (pseudonym), a patient in the outpatient department, came to see the doctor because of repeated pain. He examined the cervical vertebra and lumbar spine and found no obvious problems. After systematic treatment, Mr. Liu's lumbago did not alleviate significantly. Doctor ye xiangming looked up a lot of literature, combined with a detailed physical examination, suspected that Mr. Liu's back pain may be caused by the wrong way of breathing. After half a month's breathing training for Mr. Liu, the back pain improved significantly.

How do you know if you are breathing correctly

Check your breathing pattern by looking at both sides of your waist and belly as you inhale. If inspiratory when bulge is not apparent and chest expands very apparent, the motion that has stand waist needs to change breathing way, undertake systematic breath training. Many patients can have a simple diaphragm training at home, lying flat on the stomach after a sandbag, with the stomach when breathing up the sandbag, can be completed according to the degree of difficulty to replace the weight of the sandbag.

What causes changes in breathing patterns

Changes in breathing patterns are often associated with respiratory problems, smoking, etc.To this end, changes in lifestyle can prevent backache caused by changes in breathing patterns.

These conditions can also cause back pain

Incorrect posture.Such as body forward lean, cross-legged sit, nest sofa. The wrong posture will make the waist physiological protuberance disappear, cause the surrounding tissue excessive draft and the surrounding muscle bad strength, over time, will cause the back pain.

Psoas are overworked.This is one of the common causes of back pain in some heavy workers. Heavy physical activity can easily lead to the injury of thoracolumbo fascia, which is not easy to recover after the injury, and this kind of patients will get worse back pain when the weather changes.

Lumbar disc, facet joints and other degenerative changes.After degenerative change of lumbar intervertebral disc, intervertebral aperture becomes small, articular facet joint bears load to increase, press nerve root, still can produce a few inflammatory material at the same time, make circumferential tissue oedema, hemal constriction, muscle convulsion, affect the restoration of these tissues.

Lumbar spinal stenosis.The narrow spinal canal can compress the spinal cord and blood vessels, creating symptoms.

More serious but less common diseases, such as spinal tumors, spinal cord tumors.

How to relieve pain when to seek medical attention

Actually,Low back painIt works like a cold,There is a certain recovery period, usually 1 to 4 days. Lower back pain requires relaxation and avoidance of excessive tension, through hot compress (cover hot water bottle with towel and apply until muscles are relaxed), lying on your back, and McKenzie training (lie on your stomach and press your elbows against the bed surface below your waist). If 1~4 days later lumbago still did not alleviate obviously, also did not improve through afore-mentioned several methods, and feel feet numb, radioactive pain, hypoesthesia, walk like stepping on cotton, need to check to the hospital immediately.Prior to the examination, it is recommended to recall how the back pain occurred, whether there is a history of sprain or a cold in the waist, etc.Inform the doctor during the examination.

Proper breathing is necessary to maintain a healthy back

The pace of modern life and work is accelerated, the pressure is increased, the activity is reduced, so that the patients with low back pain from the age of 20 suddenly increased, and with the increase of age.

For the rehabilitation training of lumbar back pain, should have above allBreathing properly, to be corrected after the breathing mode of waist, back, abdominal muscle strength training;

Secondly to maintain a good body posture, inTry to keep your body perpendicular to the ground when moving.Because that's the least burden on the spine. inWhile exercising, protect your spine from going beyond the normal range of flexion and extension,Increase the stability and flexibility of the spine, reduce the waist soft tissue injury.

Maintaining a healthy back requires testing breathing patterns and correcting errors.

Self-monitor your posture,Usually consciously choose a few fixed locations, observe their posture, always remind yourself to maintain a good posture;

Exercise the abdominal and lower back muscles;

Strengthen leg strength exercises;

Choose the right bed (Have lumbago should choose the mattress with moderate hardness);

Sit with a small pillow pad waist, pay attention to the pain of warm, after a long time to stand up and walk, and do waist stretching.

Our reporter wu jingjing

【 recommended 】 lumbago unbearable sit for more than half a year, was a thoracic fracture! She was able to lie flat with 12 steel nails implanted – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Let ruxueliang feel very pity isguangxioauntThe vertebral fracture wasOsteoporotic brittle fracture, if she had timely and active treatment and minimally invasive surgery, she could recover quickly without too much impact on the body. More importantly, she did not need to suffer from pain for more than half a year. "After fracture, there is no timely surgery, patients with fracture section of the vertebral body was almost no has been compressed, so the patients waist straight up, after the protrusion deformity, not pain relief, and fracture time is too long, minimally invasive surgery has been unable to process, the need for spinal bone cutting protrusion deformity after correction, operation becomes very complex, and the operation risk big, the high cost of."

guangxioauntSuffering from the pain for too long, she and her family agreed to the operation when they heard there was still a chance.

Ru's team performed osteotomy and correction for traumatic kyphosis of the spine + vertebra 12 with old nonunion vertebra plasty + thoracic 12 spinal canal expansion and decompression + lumbar 1.2, lumbar 2/3 interlamina fusion + screw fixation. Say simply, it is the vertebra weight that guangxi auntie is compressed new prop up, give osteotomy correction to hind protrusion, fix with screw at the same time. Twelve visible screws were inserted into her spine, and five days after surgery,guangxioauntHe was able to stand up with the support of the brace.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

The curved spine stood upright,guangxioauntHer height gradually recovered and she was able to lie flat. She said that it was the first time in half a year that she could lie so comfortably.

Ru xuanliang said, likeguangxioauntSuch fractures, which are very common in the elderly, must be treated actively at the first time,guangxioauntConservative treatment, the body to bear great pain, but also delay the condition, originally a minimally invasive surgery can be completed, but now the operation, and the late sports will be affected to a certain extent.

Elderly osteoporosis brittle fracture, be careful

Ruxuangliang introduction, young children and adolescents, high content of organic matter, good bone elasticity, not easy to fracture; After adult, the content of organic matter and inorganic matter reaches the best proportion, the hardness and elasticity of bone is the best state. In old age, the content of organic matter in bones gradually decreases, bone elasticity decreases and brittleness increases, inorganic matter content decreases, bone hardness decreases and bone becomes soft. Because the bones of the elderly become brittle and soft, prone to fracture, this kind of fracture is called brittle fracture, also known as osteoporotic brittle fracture.

Osteoporotic brittle fractures are most common:The spine, hips, and wrists. Compression fractures of the spine occur in osteoporotic brittle fractures of the spine, also known as compression fractures of the spine. Its expression is: because the old person suffers from osteoporosis, in low energy injury, probably just fell an flatt squat, be equivalent to the human body to fall in the height of less than one meter, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and conduction to the spine, focus on one or two vertebra, vertebra because of strength drop and then be pressed.

Symptoms are mainly lower back pain, inability to sit or stand, reduced pain when lying flat, but increased difficulty in turning over when lying, especially during the waking process from lying to standing, and even the inability to turn or stand up.

If the compressed vertebral body is not well supported, the degree of compression will gradually increase, leading to severe kyphosis of the spine, leading to intractable back pain, and even the need to perform spinal osteotomy long segment fixation to solve the problem.

Another kind of osteoporotic brittle hip fracture mainly refers to femoral neck fracture and intertrochanteric fracture, which is also a kind of fracture common in the elderly. Immediately after a fracture, the patient becomes incapacitated and unable to stand or walk. Many old people, when the night a night, because the mind is not very clear, poor night vision, fell down, after a hip fracture, the patient can't action won't be able to inform others, if a patient cannot be found in time, most had to endure pain with night, wait until the next day was a bail-out, lung infection tend to occur.

The affected limb that produces fracture as a result of intense ache cannot move, cannot move for a long time, blood flow is stagnant, plus fracture traumatic the injury to hemal endothelium, patient often appears thrombus, lower limb deep vein thrombosis falls off drift to pulmonary artery, can produce pulmonary infarction. After hip fracture, no matter secondary lung infection or pulmonary infarction, will seriously endanger the life of the patient.

Ruxueliang remind that the elderly no matter what kind of fracture, need timely treatment, active treatment.

how to relieve lower back pain at home

∆ luliang and patient GUI aunt

Prevent osteoporosis exercise more sun exposure

In daily life, osteoporosis is easy to be ignored by everyone, once the occurrence of osteoporosis fracture is too late. Therefore, the fight against osteoporosis must beGuard against dangerForm a good life habit.

In your diet, eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk and nuts. Get enough exercise and get plenty of sun exposure, because sun exposure can promote the conversion of vitamin d into active vitamin d, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in our body.

Develop good habits of life, disease away from us. The elderly should regularly go to the hospital for physical examination, if there is osteoporosis, to treat as early as possible.

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how to relieve lower back pain at home

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