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We suffer from back pain

I also know that in between work and after work

The importance of taking necessary exercise

But how exactly

But there is no way

Today, action girl er is here with usPsoas anatomyThe translator

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yoga for lower back pain


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How to understand "there are many ChineseThe problem is that the iliopsoas muscles are too tight

The first thing to know is that incorrect body posture and movement patterns can easily lead to tense or weak muscles. Modern work needs to sit in front of the computer office for a long time, after work and long time in the crowded road to drive, to home tired sit down to lie on the sofa to watch TV, soThe body will be in the hip flexion position for a long time, it is bound toCauses the iliopsoas muscle to be in a shortened, tense state"And the lack of muscle strength in the buttocks causes the pelvis to tilt forward, leading to a series of injuries related to lower back pain.

yoga for lower back pain

Can I chooseYoga or pilatesTo work out your psoas? bothWhich is better

No problem, of course.Yoga and pilates are two popular exercises in fitnessEspecially for women.Pilates focuses more on the body itself, the muscles, mainly to strengthen the core strength with small intensity, repeatability on the mat or machine strength exercise;Yoga is not just a flexibility exercise as we thinkIt is usually achieved through the coordination and connection of different postures, aided by consciousness and breathingHarmony and balance between body and mind. Some people say that,Pilates is more like science, yoga more like philosophy. If you areFor instant results, pilates. If you have emotional problems, choose yoga. In short, both of these exercises are effective for your psoas.

yoga for lower back pain

How to work in the office and at homeUse the fragmentation time to exercise your psoasTo achieveRelieve fatigue and prevent painThe effect of?

In the officeSince there is no cushion, we can adopt some standing posture exercises, such asLateral bending exercises, windmill exercisesAnd so on;In the home, can be on the mat, bed or sofa, use some lying or kneeling exercises, such asHip roll exercises, half-bridge exercises, psoas lifts, lunges

Lateral bending exercise

yoga for lower back pain

Practice skills: stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your body upright, bending left or right. canChoose sitting posture, kneeling posture or standing posture to carry on the exercise, it belongs to the strength of abdominal muscle and stretch exercise, raise one's hands over, willIncrease the difficulty of the exercises.

Windmill exercise

yoga for lower back pain

Practice skills: stand with arms extended to the sides of your body and right hand touching left ankleRepeat on the other side. This exercise completes all three movements of the external oblique, both as strength exercises and as exercisesStretch. This exercise is gentle because the body has little resistance to rotation and the knees are slightly bent to avoid itHyperextension of the knee.

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Psoas anatomy: an exercise in the protection and repair of psoas muscle to relieve pain

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