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A lot of women often can say oneself lumbago, some people are lumbar faint ache, the person that still has is lumbar some place is prickly and needle prick ache, what does these lumbago have after all? How should treat lumbago? Do not be nasty, recommend a few for everybody today about female backache dietotherapy square.

Female kidney Yang empty backache is the commonest

Women's physical characteristics and physiological characteristics, so the incidence of backache than men's many. And the ache of backache also has different, also representing different case.

It is the most common back pain in women. Its pain for the whole waist continuous pain, dull pain, soft and weak. Fatigue or room after aggravation.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the organ of the kidney, the main reproductive and female menstruation. The commonest is the backache that kidney Yang xu causes, lumbar cold pain, lumbar knee acid is soft and weak. Women lose too much blood every month, at the same time shoulder pregnancy, production, will damage the kidney. Women who have had children and who have had repeated abortions are more likely to have this type of back pain.

Cold wet back pain

It is the waist suffers wind chill to invade to cause basically, painful feeling is local (the waist is partial on) ache, performance is cold painful, overcast and rainy day aggravates.

Blood stasis back pain

Lumbar muscle strain or sprain causes local congestion and qi and blood to run not free, this kind of lumbago is more common also, painful expression is local pricking painful and needle pricks painful.

In this case, the first rule out organic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer. Low back pain caused by organic disease lasts for a long time. Early stage is difficult to distinguish from blood stasis and should be examined.

Lumbago caused by inflammation of the pelvic cavity

This kind of backache is completely different from that of men and is more common in women of reproductive age. Pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis caused by backache, clinical more common. Pain for the bottom of the waist acid pain, accompanied by abdominal pain, leucorrhea increase.

What does female lumbago eat good? Recommend 5 food therapy prescription

Women who want to relieve back pain can actually eat more goji berries, pork loins, pig feet and other foods. Recommend for everybody below 5 dietotherapy square, everybody can try to do.

Chinese wolfberry pork loin soup

Ingredients: 200 grams lean meat, 20 grams wolfberry, 2 pork loins, 2 slices ginger, 1 spring onion, salt, pepper, cooking wine.

1. Clean pork loin. Cut pork loin in half, remove white fascia, wash, marinate with salt for 10 minutes, wash and cut into small pieces, then soak in cooking wine for 10 minutes;

2, wolfberry, ginger, onion, lean meat wash, green onion cut, lean meat slice spare;

3, pour a bowl of water into the pot, put all the ingredients, fire to boil for 5 minutes, change to slow fire for 20 minutes, add salt, pepper seasoning can be.

Efficacy: according to Chinese medicine, Chinese wolfberry has a pleasant taste, which can relieve liver, lung and kidney channels. Its main function is to nourish liver and kidney.

Pig's foot soup with cuttlefish

Ingredients: dried cuttlefish 1, pig feet 1, 20 grams of beans, 50 grams of lettuce, ginger slices, white onion, pepper, salt 1 spoon, 1 spoon cooking wine.

1, pig feet wash and cut into pieces, dried cuttlefish, flower bean wash and soak, dried cuttlefish cut into pieces, lettuce skin wash and cut, hob;

2, flower bean, pig's feet, cuttlefish dry into the pot, add adequate water to boil after skimming floating foam, into the pressure cooker

3. Put ginger slices, scallion white, add wine and pepper and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Cook asparagus lettuce, remove ginger and spring onion, season with salt.

Efficacy: pig's foot has the effect of strengthening waist and filling knee, which can cure waist and knee ache caused by kidney deficiency.

Lean meat soup with radix rehmanniae ginseng

Ingredients: 12 grams of panax notoginseng, 30 grams of raw land, 4 dates, 300 grams of lean pork.

1. Break panax notoginseng.

2, and raw, jujube, lean pork into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, fire boil.

3, change the low heat to cook for 1 hour until the lean meat cooked rotten, put appropriate amount of salt. Eat meat in soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, relieve pain. Indications qi stagnation blood stasis type acute lumbar disc herniation.

Aconitum porridge

Ingredients: chuan wu (research end) 5 grams, amount of honey, 2 pieces of ginger, japonica rice 50 grams.

The above ingredients into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water slowly boil into thick porridge. Morning, evening take food, 1 dose 1 day.

Function: dispel wind, dispel cold and dehumidify. It is mainly used in treating cold and damp arthralgia of lumbar disc herniation.

Angelica ginger and mutton soup

Ingredients: angelica, ginger each 30 grams, 500 grams of mutton, mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube 10.

1, angelica, ginger cut large.

2, mutton into boiling water, cool, cut. Mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water Fried, boiling after skim foam, change the slow cook to lamb cooked rotten. Eat meat with soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: warm after cold, huoxue dingtong. Yin cold internal sheng, qi and blood stagnation type of lumbar disc herniation.

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