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Now a lot of people are constantly looking down at their phones, or sitting for long periods of time,

I have a pain in my neck from time to time.

So how do you relieve it?

Today by our "not serious" yoga –

Chuo chuo gives you five simple moves,

Give it a try

Is there anything wrong with your back?

Shoulder pain is it?

Or a chronic headache?

I know what causes the painResponsible for



That's yoursHand machine

neck and shoulder pain

Do you know:

When you look down at your phone (60 degrees),

Does it put up to 30 kilograms of pressure on the neck?

But don't worry!

We are going to teach you today5 simple yoga moves,

Free you from all kinds of pain!

This is actually a variant of the cat stretch,

This action opens up your chest,

Fix the hump in your upper back

This movement lets you through your arms,

To stretch and stretch your tight chest and back muscles,

If your hand can't reach the other hand,

You can use a towel or belt as an aid

Do you have a friend who sends messages all the time?


This will strengthen your lower back muscles,

In addition,

It also opens up your chest and shoulder muscles

This will stretch your chest muscles,

And stretch your shoulders

Do corpse pose on a block.

Just place the block under your back,

Gravity will do the rest!

Dear friends,

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