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Don't neglect to teach you a few tips for relieving back pain on holidays

Lumbar muscle strain is a frequent occurrence and is more common in people who work or sit for long periods of time. Do you know what are the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain? What kind of care can you do during your vacation?

Symptoms of lumbar muscle strain:

1. Pain or swelling in the waist, partial tingling or burning pain.

2. Increase in fatigue and decrease in rest; Reduced with appropriate activity and frequent changes of position, increased with excessive activity.

3, can not insist on bending work. Often forced to stretch or hit the waist with a fist to relieve pain.

4. Tenderness points in the waist, mostly in the sacrospinous muscles, the back of the iliac spine, the sacrospinous muscle insertion behind the sacrum or the transverse process of the lumbar spine.

5. The waist shape and activity are mostly normal, and there is no obvious lumbar spasm. A few patients have limited waist activity.

One, lumbar muscle strain prevention

1. Straighten your posture: when working or studying, remind yourself to stand up straight and reduce the time you spend leaning on the seat. Avoid bending too long and cause or aggravate lumbar muscle tension, increase the possibility of lumbago.

2, timely activities: need to sit for a long time to work or study, you should get up regularly activities. Sit normally 30-45 minutes or so will rise to activity 5-10 minutes. Stretch the waist, beat on the back, such relief and relief of waist muscle fatigue and tension has a good effect.

3, moderate exercise: spare time to participate in appropriate sports, to enhance the strength and stability of the waist, reduce the occurrence of waist injury. Do not use too much force in labor or sports, do not change posture too violently, and pay attention to the preparation in advance when extracting heavy objects, to prevent sudden force injury and waist muscle caused by acute lumbago due to no mental preparation. The following exercises can help prevent lumbar strain:

(1) hips and waist movement

Ready posture: two legs open, slightly wider than the shoulder, the body muscles relax, hands akimbo, breathe evenly.

When activity, crotch is left first, forward again, to right, backward, around the axis of the waist, do horizontal turn motion. Turn crotch once a week, can be appropriate to do 15 to 30 times, and then do the same movement in the opposite direction, the rotation range, can gradually increase. The upper body should basically maintain an upright state, the waist moves with the rotation of the crotch, and the body cannot be excessively backward.

(2) the movement of turning waist and beating back

Prepare posture: two legs open, shoulder with width, the whole body is relaxed, two legs are slightly bent, two arms naturally hang down, both hands half clenched fist.

When moving, first to the left waist, then to the right. The left and right sides of two arms turns with the waist and before and after natural swing, borrow the force of swing, both hands one before and one after, knock the waist and abdomen alternately, strength size can decide as appropriate. Right and left turns the waist to be, can reach oneself circumstance according to the illness, do 30 ~ 50 times continuously.

(3) two-handed foot climbing exercise

Ready position: fully erect and relaxed, legs slightly apart.

When the activity, first two arms up, the body then backward, as far as possible to reach the maximum degree of backward, stop for a moment, then the body forward bend, hands down, hands as far as possible to touch the feet, stop, restore the upright position. So once, can do 10 ~ 15 times continuously. When bending forward, do not bend your legs. Bending will affect the effect. Elderly people or patients with high blood pressure, bending motion should be slow.

Two, lumbar muscle strain nursing

1, avoid cold and damp, hot and humid invasion to improve the cold and damp living and working environment, do not sit on wetlands, do not wade in the rain, sweat after the timely wipe the body, change clothes, or drink ginger soup water to dispel cold wind.

2, notice labor health waist exert oneself to do STH. Should be appropriate, cannot powerlifting, cannot bear for a long time go, sit, lie, walk to maintain correct posture, if need to make the waist exert oneself to do STH.

3, pay attention to avoid falling, falling, flashing, filing.

4, moderate work and rest, temperance sex, do not make kidney deficit, kidney Yang deficiency failure.

5, weak, can be appropriate to eat, take food and drugs with kidney tonic.

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