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Eucommia ulmoides (eucommia ulmoides) is a famous tonic medicine in China. It has many effects, such as regulating blood lipids, enhancing immunity and treating kidney deficiency and backache. So, how do you eat eucommia ulmoides? Here's how to eat eucommia ulmoides.

The effect and function of eucommia ulmoides

Its taste sweet, warm. It has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones, conditioning chongren, and fixing jing and anchoring fetus. The lumbar leg that can treat kidney Yang empty to cause is painful or acid and soft weak, the tuplet that liver qi empty causes is not solid, scrotum wet urticant wait for a disease. Shennong Ben cao jing is listed as top quality.

Regulating blood lipid

Eucommia ulmoides leaves made of tea can be very good to reduce blood fat, hypertension is also a very good role.

Cure constipation, regulate gastrointestinal tract

The peach leaf coral glycoside that contains in eucommia ulmoides tea, can protect bowel wall, peel off the waste that bowel wall deposits, maintain normal metabolism, have very good effect to treating constipation, adjusting intestines and stomach.

Enhance immune function

Eucommia ulmoides male flower is rich in polysaccharides, which can enhance immunity and regulate cellular immunity.

Beauty to raise colour

The aging of the skin is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity of collagen protein between dermal cells under the skin.

It can delay the aging of original protein, accelerate the metabolism of collagen protein, improve the synthesis ability of collagen protein, thus prevent or delay skin wrinkling and aging, and increase skin luster.

In the meantime, take eucommia ulmoides for a long time, can promote blood circulation and metabolic function, promote brain cell activity change, prevent senile dementia.

Eucommia ulmoides is a common prescription for treating kidney deficiency and lumbar acid pain. Many chronic waist diseases, including chronic diseases of lumbar soft tissue, lumbar vertebra, retroperitoneal viscera, pelvic cavity, etc.

Be like lumbar muscle strain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, chronic kidney disease, chronic urinary tract infection, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic ankylosing | gives rise to spondylitis, chronic lumbar disc protrusion disease, have the symptom of chronic lumbar acid lumbago. Eucommia ulmoides and sichuan, buguzhi, tu si zi are used to improve symptoms.

Introduction to eating method of eucommia ulmoides

With all the benefits, how should eucommia ulmoides be eaten? In fact, eucommia ulmoides in water or porridge is a good choice.

Eucommia ulmoides porridge

1. Eucommia ulmoides lamb bone porridge

Materials: 1 section of goat bone, 10 grams of eucommia ulmoides, 50 grams of japonica rice.

Practice: sheep bone washed hammer broken, clean rice panning, duzhong beaten powder; Sheep bone, eucha powder, ginger, salt, caoguo, tangerine peel into the pot, add water right amount did not use the fire boiling, special simmer to thick soup, fish out the sheep bone, caoguo, tangerine peel, leave the soup. Another pot, put rice, sheep bone soup, with wu fire boiling, reoccupy simmer to rice rotten porridge can be.

Efficacy: strengthen bones and waist.

2. Eucommia eucommia magnet porridge

Materials: 40 grams of magnet, 10 grams of eucommia ulmoides, 100 grams of japonica rice, 1 pig kidney.

Practice: crush the magnet; Cut into shreds and put them into a casserole. Add some water and cook on high heat for 1 hour. Clean rice; Pig kidney is washed clean, eliminate waist bashly, cut small ding, boil for a short go its fishy taste; Rice, pig kidney ding, eucommia ulmoids, magnetite juice, put into the casserole, add scallion, ginger, water right amount, with stir-fry boil boiling, turn to small fire boiled rice rotten into porridge.

Efficacy: moistening and eliminating ruffian, temperature, appetizers and digestion.

3. Guizhu duzhong porridge

Materials: 9 g cassia twig, 18 g eucommia ulmoides, 30 g coix seed.

Practice: the first two flavor add water to fry take juice, add coix seed boiled porridge, white sugar seasoning.

Efficacy: warm channels, remove dampness and remove blood stasis.

Gutta-percha with water

Ingredients: eucommia ulmoides, boiled water

How to do it: wash eucommia ulmoides and put them in a teacup, then pour in some boiling water, cover the lid and drink for five minutes.

Efficacy: this tea can effectively restore the elasticity of blood vessels after entering the body, so it can well regulate the blood pressure of the body, and at the same time, it has a certain health care effect on the heart and blood vessels. It is recommended to take about 20 grams per day, and then half a month or so to see good results.

Although eucommia is good, but not everyone time, we had better be careful to eat.

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