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Backache? Tired? Whether office workers, manual workers, housewives or the elderly have suffered from back pain. The following teach you a few easy ways to get rid of back pain, now try!

Identify the cause of your back pain first

The cause of backache in women

Menstruation, be pregnant wait for physiology characteristic: the expert points out, the female is in after be pregnant, increase as pregnancy, uterus increases slowly, lumbar support force increases ceaselessly, round ligament of uterus is pulled because of long time and flabby, can bring about sacrospinous ligament flabby, oppressive pelvic cavity nerve, hemal, because this many expectant mother can feel lumbar acerb backache. This kind of lumbago generally disappears gradually with the restoration of postpartum lumbar muscle strength. In addition, dietary nutrition intake during pregnancy is insufficient, resulting in calcium deficiency in pregnant women, will also cause back pain.

Disease of department of gynaecology such as uterus, accessory: what reason is woman lumbago? Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the commonest reasons of female lumbago, it is with lumbago, lower abdomen intermittent fall painful, leucorrhea increase 3 big symptoms to be a characteristic. When inflammatory exudate increases, cause pelvic cavity adhesion, can cause backache, affect the life of the patient seriously. Posterior curvature of the uterus or recumbent, excessive ligament traction and compression of part of the nerve, can also lead to back pain. Experts say this often happens after frequent abortions, fertility or other uterine procedures. In addition, uterine prolapse, prolapse or high adhesion at abdominal cavity, can also pull ligament, cause the occurrence of lumbago.

Wear high heels for a long time: a lot of beautiful to love women like to wear high heels, experts warn that although wearing high-heeled shoes can let a figure appear more slender, but long-term high heels can make the balance of lower limb is affected, can follow one's inclinations, standing, walking the whole body reaction, coordination ability to drop, also easy to acute lumbar sprain, cause lumbago, inconvenient to work life.

The cause of backache in men

Kidney empty: say to man backache, probably a lot of people can think of kidney empty, because the kidney empty when backache is the most apparent expression. The man kidney empty is related to sexual life more, excessive indulgence is the main reason, so if it is kidney empty backache, to pay attention to kidney, eat more black food, to control the number of sexual life. Additional, kidney empty besides lumbago, still have sexual desire low, impotence, seminal emission, inappetence, lack of power wait for a symptom.

Urinary system infection: men urinary tract infections can also cause lumbago, chlamydia, mycoplasma is the cause of urinary infection, main show is lumbago, lumbar acid, severe pain can radiation perineum, at the same time have a urinary symptoms such as pain, frequent urination, male urinary infection if left untreated, can cause the disease such as cystitis, prostatitis, serious can cause infertility, so, the male urinary infection should be timely treatment. In addition, urinary stones, tuberculosis and other diseases, can also cause backache in men.

Kidney stones: the etiology is ignored, can cause back pain, kidney stones and, unlike ordinary backache, lumbago pain caused by kidney stones generally above the waist, some parts is higher, when stone inactivity, show the accidental pain, pain when calculi activity is more acute, severe patients did not dare to stand up.

Sexual life not pay attention to: sexual orgasm life too often leads to fatigue pain; Failure to enjoy orgasm in life leads to neuropathic backache; Orgasmic life is interrupted suddenly bring about physiological backache.

Lower extremity induction pain or radiates the pain back pain: the chronic back pain mainly by the back back, the lumbosacral and the sacroiliac part pain primarily, has the simple back pain and has the lower extremity induction pain or radiates the pain back pain back pain.

How does lumbago do? This is for both men and women

Lumbar roundabout motion: double sufficient stand apart with shoulder same width, both hands akimba, waist makes clockwise reach counterclockwise direction to rotate each 1 time, next by small to big, alternate roundabout each 8 times.

Five points support method: supine position, double side bend elbow, bend the knee, with the head, feet, double elbow five points support, force the waist arch (can use double palms support waist arch). Repeated many times (according to individual physical fitness, not to fatigue is appropriate).

Three point support method: after five points support exercise, waist muscle strength is good, can put both arms in front of the chest, with the head and feet three points for support, arch waist exercise with force, repeatedly (the amount of exercise see five points support).

Four-point support method: on the basis of the former, use four points of both hands and feet as support and do arch bridge exercise repeatedly (see five points for the amount of exercise).

Raise head to hold out the chest to extend an arm method: lie prone, two upper limbs are clingy at trunk both sides unbend, make raise head to hold out the chest, repeat several times.

Unbend carry double leg method: before basic posture is same, rise to hold out bosom instead unbend lift double leg, repeat many times.

Repeated abortion easy kidney deficiency lumbago relief lumbago try 5 therapeutic prescription – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar disc herniation

A lot of women often can say oneself lumbago, some people are lumbar faint ache, the person that still has is lumbar some place is prickly and needle prick ache, what does these lumbago have after all? How should treat lumbago? Do not be nasty, recommend a few for everybody today about female backache dietotherapy square.

Female kidney Yang empty backache is the commonest

Women's physical characteristics and physiological characteristics, so the incidence of backache than men's many. And the ache of backache also has different, also representing different case.

It is the most common back pain in women. Its pain for the whole waist continuous pain, dull pain, soft and weak. Fatigue or room after aggravation.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the organ of the kidney, the main reproductive and female menstruation. The commonest is the backache that kidney Yang xu causes, lumbar cold pain, lumbar knee acid is soft and weak. Women lose too much blood every month, at the same time shoulder pregnancy, production, will damage the kidney. Women who have had children and who have had repeated abortions are more likely to have this type of back pain.

Cold wet back pain

It is the waist suffers wind chill to invade to cause basically, painful feeling is local (the waist is partial on) ache, performance is cold painful, overcast and rainy day aggravates.

Blood stasis back pain

Lumbar muscle strain or sprain causes local congestion and qi and blood to run not free, this kind of lumbago is more common also, painful expression is local pricking painful and needle pricks painful.

In this case, the first rule out organic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer. Low back pain caused by organic disease lasts for a long time. Early stage is difficult to distinguish from blood stasis and should be examined.

Lumbago caused by inflammation of the pelvic cavity

This kind of backache is completely different from that of men and is more common in women of reproductive age. Pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis caused by backache, clinical more common. Pain for the bottom of the waist acid pain, accompanied by abdominal pain, leucorrhea increase.

What does female lumbago eat good? Recommend 5 food therapy prescription

Women who want to relieve back pain can actually eat more goji berries, pork loins, pig feet and other foods. Recommend for everybody below 5 dietotherapy square, everybody can try to do.

Chinese wolfberry pork loin soup

Ingredients: 200 grams lean meat, 20 grams wolfberry, 2 pork loins, 2 slices ginger, 1 spring onion, salt, pepper, cooking wine.

1. Clean pork loin. Cut pork loin in half, remove white fascia, wash, marinate with salt for 10 minutes, wash and cut into small pieces, then soak in cooking wine for 10 minutes;

2, wolfberry, ginger, onion, lean meat wash, green onion cut, lean meat slice spare;

3, pour a bowl of water into the pot, put all the ingredients, fire to boil for 5 minutes, change to slow fire for 20 minutes, add salt, pepper seasoning can be.

Efficacy: according to Chinese medicine, Chinese wolfberry has a pleasant taste, which can relieve liver, lung and kidney channels. Its main function is to nourish liver and kidney.

Pig's foot soup with cuttlefish

Ingredients: dried cuttlefish 1, pig feet 1, 20 grams of beans, 50 grams of lettuce, ginger slices, white onion, pepper, salt 1 spoon, 1 spoon cooking wine.

1, pig feet wash and cut into pieces, dried cuttlefish, flower bean wash and soak, dried cuttlefish cut into pieces, lettuce skin wash and cut, hob;

2, flower bean, pig's feet, cuttlefish dry into the pot, add adequate water to boil after skimming floating foam, into the pressure cooker

3. Put ginger slices, scallion white, add wine and pepper and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Cook asparagus lettuce, remove ginger and spring onion, season with salt.

Efficacy: pig's foot has the effect of strengthening waist and filling knee, which can cure waist and knee ache caused by kidney deficiency.

Lean meat soup with radix rehmanniae ginseng

Ingredients: 12 grams of panax notoginseng, 30 grams of raw land, 4 dates, 300 grams of lean pork.

1. Break panax notoginseng.

2, and raw, jujube, lean pork into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, fire boil.

3, change the low heat to cook for 1 hour until the lean meat cooked rotten, put appropriate amount of salt. Eat meat in soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, relieve pain. Indications qi stagnation blood stasis type acute lumbar disc herniation.

Aconitum porridge

Ingredients: chuan wu (research end) 5 grams, amount of honey, 2 pieces of ginger, japonica rice 50 grams.

The above ingredients into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water slowly boil into thick porridge. Morning, evening take food, 1 dose 1 day.

Function: dispel wind, dispel cold and dehumidify. It is mainly used in treating cold and damp arthralgia of lumbar disc herniation.

Angelica ginger and mutton soup

Ingredients: angelica, ginger each 30 grams, 500 grams of mutton, mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube 10.

1, angelica, ginger cut large.

2, mutton into boiling water, cool, cut. Mutton, angelica, ginger, jujube into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water Fried, boiling after skim foam, change the slow cook to lamb cooked rotten. Eat meat with soup, 1 dose every other day.

Efficacy: warm after cold, huoxue dingtong. Yin cold internal sheng, qi and blood stagnation type of lumbar disc herniation.

What does the reason of female backache have? 7 tips to ease back pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/herniated disc/severe back pain

Female lumbago is the commonest kind of disease, the reason that causes female lumbago has a lot of kinds, for example lumbar muscle strain is damaged, lumbar vertebra is pathological change or it is urogenital system infection to wait a moment. So, what are the causes of backache in women? How should female lumbago alleviate? Let's see.

What does the reason of female backache have?

1. Cold and trauma

Suffer from rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis of women, mostly due to the menstrual period, delivery and postpartum wind, wet, cold attack, leading to spinal long bone spurs and induced back pain. If you have a sprain in your lower back, it may develop into a herniated disc, severe back pain, and even affect the curvature and rotation of your spine.

2. Lumbar spine lesions

More common in elderly women, as the growth of age, lumbar nerve compression symptoms will increase. Pseudospondylolisthesis of spinal column caused by degenerative diseases is a relatively common disease, which is prone to cause lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lumbago and radiating pain of lower limbs, and often vertebral collapse fracture caused by osteoporosis. Osteophyte formation in older adults can cause spinal stiffness and can also lead to persistent back pain.

3, lumbar muscle strain

People who have long been engaged in standing operations, such as textile, printing and dyeing, chefs, restaurant employees, hairdressers and salers, etc., may accumulate excessive lactic acid locally due to their weakened ability to stretch tendons and ligaments in the waist due to continuous standing, which inhibits the normal metabolism of psoas muscle and may also lead to back pain caused by lumbar muscle strain. Often carry weight on the back, lumbar burden is overweight, easy to produce vertebra side to bend, cause lumbar muscle strain and appear lumbago.

Urinary tract infection

As a result of female urethra short and straight, and urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, often escherichia coli parasitic, in addition to the characteristics of female physiological aspects, the chances of urinary tract pollution more, if neglect hygiene, easy to occur urinary tract infection. Lumbago is caused by acute and chronic pyelonephritis, which is characterized by lumbar distention and severe radiating to the perineum along the ureter. In addition to urinary infection, urinary stones, tuberculosis and other diseases, also cause back pain. Back pain is the most common ailment in most women, but many people don't pay attention to it, leading to worse back pain.

7 tips to ease back pain

1. Bridge movement

First in a yoga mat or bed, lie on your back, and then place in a yoga mat or on knees together on the bed, his hands flat on the yoga mat or on the bed, also can put in abdomen, head and shoulders to yoga mat or bed surface, by the waist strength to make the waist, hips and thighs parts leave the yoga mat or bed surface, the whole people into the arch shape, stay for 5 seconds. You can do 3 sets of 15 each after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. When it's easy, try lifting your shoulders off the mat, or even lifting one leg to make it harder.

2. Change your posture

It is very common for white-collar workers to have backache, mainly as a result of their irregular sitting posture. The position of the ischium is important to sit comfortably. Usually when many people sit down, the ischium is easy to move forward, resulting in bone disc back, increase the burden of the waist. Accordingly correct sitting method is: when sitting down, rear rear moves 3 centimeters again, can adjust the position of bone dish correctly so, bone dish stands to rise ability to maintain upright and upright correct sitting position.

3, breathing,

Proper breathing will help you concentrate, locate your workout area, and get twice the result with half the effort. Injury recovery exercise should not be too hasty, please take a deep breath, in the slow exhalation process to complete a static confrontation.

4, lateral neck

This is a great way to stimulate the trapezius muscle and the musculature between the shoulder and neck. As shown in the figure, put your hand behind the side of your head, and then slowly push your head toward the inclined bottom to the pole — and then use your head to force, and return your hand to the original position.

5. Switch feet

Standing for a long time puts a lot of pressure on your waist. It is recommended to put one foot on a stool or other object to have a support, and then change feet frequently to help reduce the burden on your waist. Wearing platform shoes or standing on a thick rubber mat can also help.

6. Lose weight

Obesity means more pressure on the waist muscles. Losing weight also protects the joints and muscles of the knees and hips. You need to know what you should avoid. Contact sports, swing sports, golf, weight lifting, dancing, running and sit-ups are generally not suitable for people with back pain. Stair climbing is also not suitable, especially for the elderly and those with knee problems.

Stretch in the morning

Wake up your muscles and joints with slow, gentle movements every morning, stretch, breathe deeply, and be careful not to make sudden movements in your spine. Low-intensity activities such as walking, stationary cycling or swimming are all good for the morning, while gentle stretches or yoga are also good for the lower back.

Hematuria plus lumbago watch out for signs of kidney cancer – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Hematuria plus lumbago be careful what the symptoms of kidney cancer are

Speaking of cancer, no one is not afraid of cancer. We should not only pay attention to the prevention of cancer diseases in our daily life, but also learn their onset signals. Kidney cancer has more obvious signs of onset, one is hematuria, the other is backache.

Kidney cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma, is more common in men than women over the age of 50 in a 2:1 ratio. Ureter, bladder and urethra communicate with kidney, which is also an important channel to report kidney information. So intermittent painless hematuria is the first red flag for kidney cancer.

Hematuria can be divided into microscopic hematuria and macroscopic hematuria. Microscopic hematuria shows only a few blood cells at high magnification. If the bleeding reaches 1 ~ 2 ml, the naked eye can see. The color of hematuria can have bright red, tawny or wash flesh water kind to make water, outflow blood also does not ache even. Rule out tuberculosis, stone and drug poisoning.

Hematuria may come from the kidney, bladder, or urethra. Bleeding from kidney cancer is caused by a swelling that compresses and destroys blood vessels. The "three cups of urine test" shows where the blood comes from. The urine in the first cup of urine contains blood, indicating that the symptom is in the urethra; The second, third cup urine has blood, the symptom may be in the bladder; All three cups of urine have blood and are uniform. The signs may be in the kidneys, one of the most important early signs of kidney cancer.

A second sign of kidney cancer is lower back pain, which is often dull in nature. Cancer may involve kidney bands or invasion of surrounding organs, pain may appear in the middle and late stages, when the abdomen is often accompanied by mass. The kidney has a strong compensatory capacity, and the removal of a kidney does not affect the physiological function. One side kidney cancer should be actively excised and can achieve better results.

Early signs of kidney cancer

The three main signs of kidney cancer are hematuria, pain and lumps. In particular, painless hematuria is the earliest symptom, often ignored by people. It is described as follows:

(1) hematuria: most of them are sudden gross hematuria without pain or any discomfort symptoms, which often occurs intermittently and can be stopped by itself without being noticed; Until repeated attacks, before going to the hospital for examination; At this time, repeated attacks indicated that the collection and arrangement of the network had invaded the renal pelvis and calyces and was not in the early stage. If attention is paid to the first hematuria, early treatment can obtain better results.

(2) lumbago: it is the result of tumor enlargement involving renal capsule and compression of peripheral nerve and intramuscular tissue. Be lumbar or on abdomen more blunt pain, occasionally clot is blocked when classics ureter eduction and produce violent colic, easy be mistaken for the stone that is kidney or ureter and delay diagnosis and treatment.

(3) waist mass: when the tumor tissue grows to a large size, the patient lies on the side, and the mass can be felt in the waist or upper abdomen. If the mass and surrounding tissue adhesion, fixation, not easy to promote, more is late.

Kidney cancer is often accompanied by other non-urinary symptoms, such as fatigue, lack of energy, loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, constipation, and fever, weight loss, anemia, and abnormal liver function. If you find the above symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination.

For kidney cancer

(1) routine examination of urine: about 10%-20% of renal cancer patients have only hematuria under the microscope: there is no hematuria visible to the naked eye, and there is still hematuria under the microscope during the intermittent period of hematuria, so the urine specimens should be sent for microscopic examination collected by the medical education network.

(2) b-ultrasound examination: this examination is safe and convenient, and it can detect the early renal cancer of 1-2 cm in size without any symptoms in the clinical flow. The accuracy of qualitative and positioning was 93.3%. Therefore, only a simple b ultrasound examination can be preliminary diagnosis.

(3) ct and mri examination: it can show different density of tumor and images of different sections, as well as the extent of tumor invasion or metastasis to surrounding tissues and adjacent organs. Provide important basis for surgical treatment.

(4) urography: including intravenous pyelography and retrograde pyelography. Urography is difficult to detect when the cancer is not pressing on the renal drainage system. The renal pelvis and calyces may be deformed, narrow, elongated, or filling defect if the renal drainage system is invaded or obstructed. If the tumor is large and severely damaged, the excretory angiography is not obvious.

Don't overlook a few tips for relieving back pain on holiday – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/lumbar spine

Don't neglect to teach you a few tips for relieving back pain on holidays

Lumbar muscle strain is a frequent occurrence and is more common in people who work or sit for long periods of time. Do you know what are the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain? What kind of care can you do during your vacation?

Symptoms of lumbar muscle strain:

1. Pain or swelling in the waist, partial tingling or burning pain.

2. Increase in fatigue and decrease in rest; Reduced with appropriate activity and frequent changes of position, increased with excessive activity.

3, can not insist on bending work. Often forced to stretch or hit the waist with a fist to relieve pain.

4. Tenderness points in the waist, mostly in the sacrospinous muscles, the back of the iliac spine, the sacrospinous muscle insertion behind the sacrum or the transverse process of the lumbar spine.

5. The waist shape and activity are mostly normal, and there is no obvious lumbar spasm. A few patients have limited waist activity.

One, lumbar muscle strain prevention

1. Straighten your posture: when working or studying, remind yourself to stand up straight and reduce the time you spend leaning on the seat. Avoid bending too long and cause or aggravate lumbar muscle tension, increase the possibility of lumbago.

2, timely activities: need to sit for a long time to work or study, you should get up regularly activities. Sit normally 30-45 minutes or so will rise to activity 5-10 minutes. Stretch the waist, beat on the back, such relief and relief of waist muscle fatigue and tension has a good effect.

3, moderate exercise: spare time to participate in appropriate sports, to enhance the strength and stability of the waist, reduce the occurrence of waist injury. Do not use too much force in labor or sports, do not change posture too violently, and pay attention to the preparation in advance when extracting heavy objects, to prevent sudden force injury and waist muscle caused by acute lumbago due to no mental preparation. The following exercises can help prevent lumbar strain:

(1) hips and waist movement

Ready posture: two legs open, slightly wider than the shoulder, the body muscles relax, hands akimbo, breathe evenly.

When activity, crotch is left first, forward again, to right, backward, around the axis of the waist, do horizontal turn motion. Turn crotch once a week, can be appropriate to do 15 to 30 times, and then do the same movement in the opposite direction, the rotation range, can gradually increase. The upper body should basically maintain an upright state, the waist moves with the rotation of the crotch, and the body cannot be excessively backward.

(2) the movement of turning waist and beating back

Prepare posture: two legs open, shoulder with width, the whole body is relaxed, two legs are slightly bent, two arms naturally hang down, both hands half clenched fist.

When moving, first to the left waist, then to the right. The left and right sides of two arms turns with the waist and before and after natural swing, borrow the force of swing, both hands one before and one after, knock the waist and abdomen alternately, strength size can decide as appropriate. Right and left turns the waist to be, can reach oneself circumstance according to the illness, do 30 ~ 50 times continuously.

(3) two-handed foot climbing exercise

Ready position: fully erect and relaxed, legs slightly apart.

When the activity, first two arms up, the body then backward, as far as possible to reach the maximum degree of backward, stop for a moment, then the body forward bend, hands down, hands as far as possible to touch the feet, stop, restore the upright position. So once, can do 10 ~ 15 times continuously. When bending forward, do not bend your legs. Bending will affect the effect. Elderly people or patients with high blood pressure, bending motion should be slow.

Two, lumbar muscle strain nursing

1, avoid cold and damp, hot and humid invasion to improve the cold and damp living and working environment, do not sit on wetlands, do not wade in the rain, sweat after the timely wipe the body, change clothes, or drink ginger soup water to dispel cold wind.

2, notice labor health waist exert oneself to do STH. Should be appropriate, cannot powerlifting, cannot bear for a long time go, sit, lie, walk to maintain correct posture, if need to make the waist exert oneself to do STH.

3, pay attention to avoid falling, falling, flashing, filing.

4, moderate work and rest, temperance sex, do not make kidney deficit, kidney Yang deficiency failure.

5, weak, can be appropriate to eat, take food and drugs with kidney tonic.

3 kinds of eucommia ulmoides porridge are recommended – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | backache

Eucommia ulmoides (eucommia ulmoides) is a famous tonic medicine in China. It has many effects, such as regulating blood lipids, enhancing immunity and treating kidney deficiency and backache. So, how do you eat eucommia ulmoides? Here's how to eat eucommia ulmoides.

The effect and function of eucommia ulmoides

Its taste sweet, warm. It has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones, conditioning chongren, and fixing jing and anchoring fetus. The lumbar leg that can treat kidney Yang empty to cause is painful or acid and soft weak, the tuplet that liver qi empty causes is not solid, scrotum wet urticant wait for a disease. Shennong Ben cao jing is listed as top quality.

Regulating blood lipid

Eucommia ulmoides leaves made of tea can be very good to reduce blood fat, hypertension is also a very good role.

Cure constipation, regulate gastrointestinal tract

The peach leaf coral glycoside that contains in eucommia ulmoides tea, can protect bowel wall, peel off the waste that bowel wall deposits, maintain normal metabolism, have very good effect to treating constipation, adjusting intestines and stomach.

Enhance immune function

Eucommia ulmoides male flower is rich in polysaccharides, which can enhance immunity and regulate cellular immunity.

Beauty to raise colour

The aging of the skin is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity of collagen protein between dermal cells under the skin.

It can delay the aging of original protein, accelerate the metabolism of collagen protein, improve the synthesis ability of collagen protein, thus prevent or delay skin wrinkling and aging, and increase skin luster.

In the meantime, take eucommia ulmoides for a long time, can promote blood circulation and metabolic function, promote brain cell activity change, prevent senile dementia.

Eucommia ulmoides is a common prescription for treating kidney deficiency and lumbar acid pain. Many chronic waist diseases, including chronic diseases of lumbar soft tissue, lumbar vertebra, retroperitoneal viscera, pelvic cavity, etc.

Be like lumbar muscle strain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, chronic kidney disease, chronic urinary tract infection, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic ankylosing | gives rise to spondylitis, chronic lumbar disc protrusion disease, have the symptom of chronic lumbar acid lumbago. Eucommia ulmoides and sichuan, buguzhi, tu si zi are used to improve symptoms.

Introduction to eating method of eucommia ulmoides

With all the benefits, how should eucommia ulmoides be eaten? In fact, eucommia ulmoides in water or porridge is a good choice.

Eucommia ulmoides porridge

1. Eucommia ulmoides lamb bone porridge

Materials: 1 section of goat bone, 10 grams of eucommia ulmoides, 50 grams of japonica rice.

Practice: sheep bone washed hammer broken, clean rice panning, duzhong beaten powder; Sheep bone, eucha powder, ginger, salt, caoguo, tangerine peel into the pot, add water right amount did not use the fire boiling, special simmer to thick soup, fish out the sheep bone, caoguo, tangerine peel, leave the soup. Another pot, put rice, sheep bone soup, with wu fire boiling, reoccupy simmer to rice rotten porridge can be.

Efficacy: strengthen bones and waist.

2. Eucommia eucommia magnet porridge

Materials: 40 grams of magnet, 10 grams of eucommia ulmoides, 100 grams of japonica rice, 1 pig kidney.

Practice: crush the magnet; Cut into shreds and put them into a casserole. Add some water and cook on high heat for 1 hour. Clean rice; Pig kidney is washed clean, eliminate waist bashly, cut small ding, boil for a short go its fishy taste; Rice, pig kidney ding, eucommia ulmoids, magnetite juice, put into the casserole, add scallion, ginger, water right amount, with stir-fry boil boiling, turn to small fire boiled rice rotten into porridge.

Efficacy: moistening and eliminating ruffian, temperature, appetizers and digestion.

3. Guizhu duzhong porridge

Materials: 9 g cassia twig, 18 g eucommia ulmoides, 30 g coix seed.

Practice: the first two flavor add water to fry take juice, add coix seed boiled porridge, white sugar seasoning.

Efficacy: warm channels, remove dampness and remove blood stasis.

Gutta-percha with water

Ingredients: eucommia ulmoides, boiled water

How to do it: wash eucommia ulmoides and put them in a teacup, then pour in some boiling water, cover the lid and drink for five minutes.

Efficacy: this tea can effectively restore the elasticity of blood vessels after entering the body, so it can well regulate the blood pressure of the body, and at the same time, it has a certain health care effect on the heart and blood vessels. It is recommended to take about 20 grams per day, and then half a month or so to see good results.

Although eucommia is good, but not everyone time, we had better be careful to eat.

Sitting for long periods of time? You should know that! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

We suffer from back pain

I also know that in between work and after work

The importance of taking necessary exercise

But how exactly

But there is no way

Today, action girl er is here with usPsoas anatomyThe translator

Famous physical trainer沈兆喆The teacher

Careful and professional guidance and solution

yoga for lower back pain


Master's degree in physical education and training, track and field, Beijing sport university;

Physical fitness trainer, assistant researcher, training bureau, general administration of sport of China;

Member of physical function training team for London Olympic Games and Rio Olympic Games;

American physical fitness association certified physical trainers (CSCS),

American physical fitness association certified personal trainer (nsca — CPT);

Long-term for synchronized swimming, swimming, table tennis, rowing and wrestling national teams to provide physical training guidance services;

Chief editor of physical function training action manual;

Research interests: physical training, running

How to understand "there are many ChineseThe problem is that the iliopsoas muscles are too tight

The first thing to know is that incorrect body posture and movement patterns can easily lead to tense or weak muscles. Modern work needs to sit in front of the computer office for a long time, after work and long time in the crowded road to drive, to home tired sit down to lie on the sofa to watch TV, soThe body will be in the hip flexion position for a long time, it is bound toCauses the iliopsoas muscle to be in a shortened, tense state"And the lack of muscle strength in the buttocks causes the pelvis to tilt forward, leading to a series of injuries related to lower back pain.

yoga for lower back pain

Can I chooseYoga or pilatesTo work out your psoas? bothWhich is better

No problem, of course.Yoga and pilates are two popular exercises in fitnessEspecially for women.Pilates focuses more on the body itself, the muscles, mainly to strengthen the core strength with small intensity, repeatability on the mat or machine strength exercise;Yoga is not just a flexibility exercise as we thinkIt is usually achieved through the coordination and connection of different postures, aided by consciousness and breathingHarmony and balance between body and mind. Some people say that,Pilates is more like science, yoga more like philosophy. If you areFor instant results, pilates. If you have emotional problems, choose yoga. In short, both of these exercises are effective for your psoas.

yoga for lower back pain

How to work in the office and at homeUse the fragmentation time to exercise your psoasTo achieveRelieve fatigue and prevent painThe effect of?

In the officeSince there is no cushion, we can adopt some standing posture exercises, such asLateral bending exercises, windmill exercisesAnd so on;In the home, can be on the mat, bed or sofa, use some lying or kneeling exercises, such asHip roll exercises, half-bridge exercises, psoas lifts, lunges

Lateral bending exercise

yoga for lower back pain

Practice skills: stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your body upright, bending left or right. canChoose sitting posture, kneeling posture or standing posture to carry on the exercise, it belongs to the strength of abdominal muscle and stretch exercise, raise one's hands over, willIncrease the difficulty of the exercises.

Windmill exercise

yoga for lower back pain

Practice skills: stand with arms extended to the sides of your body and right hand touching left ankleRepeat on the other side. This exercise completes all three movements of the external oblique, both as strength exercises and as exercisesStretch. This exercise is gentle because the body has little resistance to rotation and the knees are slightly bent to avoid itHyperextension of the knee.

– end –

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Psoas anatomy: an exercise in the protection and repair of psoas muscle to relieve pain

Human body has 3 lumbago strange point: treat lumbago to have wonderful effect! – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/chronic back pain/lumbar pain

In old people lumbago disease presses knead forehead waist sore point

Middle and old people make lumbago disease gradually increase, often point knead forehead median can alleviate lumbago.

According to the survey, more than 63% of the elderly suffer from varying degrees of chronic back pain. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks lumbago is caused by deficiency of liver and kidney, stagnation of qi and blood stasis more, the waist pain point in the middle of forehead can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, often press knead this point, have obvious curative effect on the lumbago caused by soft tissue injury, disc prolapse, acute lumbar sprain, lumbar muscle strain and so on.

Method: sit up, knead forehead waist pain point with thumb to point of abdomen (the midpoint of eyebrow center and hairline line), from light to heavy, gradually add force to forehead acid bilge is better. Next press clockwise and counterclockwise turn to knead each 1 minute, at the same time slowly activity waist, with pain can endure for degree. 3~5 times a day, two weeks or so can be effective, long-term persistence can gradually eliminate back pain symptoms.

Lumbar sprain presses the lumbar sore point on kneading arm

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Position: 2.5 "under quchi acupoint, 0.5" under sanli hand. The red acupuncture point in the picture. As long as it is lumbago, acute, chronic lumbago can be alleviated.

Acute back pain press pain point on the back of hand

how to relieve lower back pain at home

how to relieve lower back pain at home

Lumbar pain point is located in the dorsal side of both hands, two, three metacarpal bone and four, five metacarpal bone, from the metacarpal knuckles to the wrist horizontal line midpoint, left and right each two.

When acute lumbago, look for the most painful place near this 4 o 'clock, sore place is this lumbar sore point namely.

Instructions: press the acupoints vertically and vigorously with the fingertips of your thumb, releasing and then pressing for 3 to 5 seconds at a time. At the same time in the affordable range of activities waist.

Neck and shoulder ache does not take seriously, the consequence is too serious! Simple "twist ", no more pain – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | lower back/shoulder pain

Picture: beans | text: megan

Now a lot of people are constantly looking down at their phones, or sitting for long periods of time,

I have a pain in my neck from time to time.

So how do you relieve it?

Today by our "not serious" yoga –

Chuo chuo gives you five simple moves,

Give it a try

Is there anything wrong with your back?

Shoulder pain is it?

Or a chronic headache?

I know what causes the painResponsible for



That's yoursHand machine

neck and shoulder pain

Do you know:

When you look down at your phone (60 degrees),

Does it put up to 30 kilograms of pressure on the neck?

But don't worry!

We are going to teach you today5 simple yoga moves,

Free you from all kinds of pain!

This is actually a variant of the cat stretch,

This action opens up your chest,

Fix the hump in your upper back

This movement lets you through your arms,

To stretch and stretch your tight chest and back muscles,

If your hand can't reach the other hand,

You can use a towel or belt as an aid

Do you have a friend who sends messages all the time?


This will strengthen your lower back muscles,

In addition,

It also opens up your chest and shoulder muscles

This will stretch your chest muscles,

And stretch your shoulders

Do corpse pose on a block.

Just place the block under your back,

Gravity will do the rest!

Dear friends,

Do you have friends who spend their days glued to their phones and computers?

Share today's comics with them

Backache? Teach you how to measure your lumbar spine and protect it – FarinfraredHealingTherapy | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

Nowadays, there are more and more people suffering from back pain. About 60% of them have suffered from back pain, and the age of onset is getting younger.

how to relieve severe back pain

Today we are going to ask you to test your lumbar health and see if your lumbar spine is ok.

1, side waist pain, radiates to the thigh rear through the buttocks, until the calf and foot, sometimes there is numbness, cough aggravation.

2, in the acute waist sprain (that is, flash waist), the phenomenon of walking limp.

3, when lying down to sleep, back pain can not be straight, need to use the hand or pillow support, or side sleep.

4, back pain, sitting down pain can not be relieved, lying on your side rest can be relieved.

5, lower lumbar spine around 1 horizontal point, press down to have obvious pain.

6. Straight leg elevation test positive: the subject lies down, stretches the knee, another person raises the leg, lumbar disc herniation patient raises in less than 60° can appear waist, hip pain, known as straight leg elevation test positive.

If you have any 2 of the above 6 symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination, and the degree of lumbar degeneration can be detected by ct.

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

how to relieve severe back pain

Lumbar health must take seriously, and the reason that causes lumbago at ordinary times is varied, more complex, so once there is lumbar discomfort, need to go to a doctor as soon as possible what is caused by diagnosis, so that diagnose treatment in time.

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