lumbar backache – Postpartum lumbar backache, how does the heel ache reason reach nurse?

Postpartum mother, most will worry about the appearance of the disease, also very afraid of the disease. After all, we all know that the moon disease needs to be raised, some treasure mother, the moon disease will accompany a lifetime. We want to do, even if there is a disease, postpartum back pain and other conditions, we should know what causes it, and how to care for it?

Postpartum lumbar pain causes:

1. Lack of adequate exercise leads to heel pain and back pain during the menstruating period

Postpartum mom activity rarely, double foot does not fall to the ground, heel adipose pad appears degenerate, wait for the ground to walk when adipose pad cannot bear weight pressure and the vibration that walk, double foot appears adipose pad oedema and congestive etc.

2. Calcium deficiency

The pregnancy and the month period neglected to supplement calcium, calcium deficiency in the body. Inflammation of the ligaments can also lead to moon disease, heel pain and back pain. During pregnancy, weight gain, do heavy housework or period of rest is not enough, a posture for long time feeding, will cause ligament and bone joint position inflammation because of repeated friction, pain.

3. Postpartum qi and blood deficiency, cold coagulation and cold pain caused pain

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "cold qi stagnation, cold blood coagulation," postpartum pain may not do a good job with warm work oh! Especially summer open air conditioning, winter night up to feed night milk, maternal did not pay attention to the feet, waist warmth, or rest without a quilt did not cover the back… These seemingly everyday details are the cause of all kinds of pain. Postpartum is more deficiency and more blood stasis of the constitution, "jingyue quanshu" points out: "mortal qi and blood, like a source, sheng is smooth, little obstruction", so postpartum qi and blood operation is not free easy blood stasis, at this time in the cold, will aggravate the problem of blood stasis, leading to a variety of pain.

Methods to improve the prevention of lunar diseases:

1. Keep warm, especially in exposed areas.

2 diet should pay attention to qi and blood circulation, can be through black beans, agaric, eggplant, angelica, peach kernel, rose and other medicinal food conditioning.

3. Drink plenty of water, not less than 2000ml per day (including meals).

Puerperal fever besides can let the body pain, numbness, inconvenient flexion will occur, headache, dizzy, swelling, wood, food less boring, less urine acerbity, be afraid of cold, afraid of the wind, sweating, joint pain, encounter cold, meet wind pain symptoms worsen, well dressed, patients with severe symptoms of summer hot weather to wear cotton-padded clothes, etc.

Our broad pregnant mother, in the confinement of a child, must do a good job nursing work, and is to eat the diet, the disease is mainly these two aspects did not achieve a position. If the food can find a professional month child meal company to complete, nursing work can also find a professional mother and child care division to complete, hope every pregnant mother, under the guidance of professional nursing, spend a correct month, safely, put an end to the emergence of disease. The content comes from the public zhenyue yuezi meal.

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