how do you relieve lower back pain – 【 shuguang · solar term 】 xiao man · "xiao pretty backache"

Xiao man May 21, 2019

"The 72nd pentad of the lunar calendar" : "in mid-april, the grain yield was small and full. The meaning of "grain full" is that plants in nature are fuller and more abundant at this time. The seeds of wheat are gradually plump, but not yet at their full height.

lower back pain

Solar terms

Keeping in good health

Xiao man is a good solar term, but recently, outpatient back pain, stiff neck, neck and shoulder pain patients increased significantly. Why?

The temperature rises before and after the grain filling. In the evening, thin quilts are used to cover them with heat. Then, when sleeping still cover quilt, arrived in the evening, "small pretty waist" dew outside, shoulder back also dew outside, day work overworked, long-term volt case USES computer mobile phone, long stand long sit immobile, lumbar back muscle is tense, suffer from a cold in the evening, can appear muscle tension ache. Many patients with back pain or inability to stand upright, or sciatica pain in one lower back or leg, or sore ankles in both lower extremities, or soreness in the medial scapula, etc.

lower back pain

The way to protect a small waist is to keep warm. But what if it's too hot to cover the quilt? There are many impatient handsome men and beautiful women have been unable to wait to put on the waist, shoulder, ankle show the clothes. Actually, have the crowd with lumbar discomfort at ordinary times, can wrap with small blanket in the waist in the evening, the patient that ankle joint has sprain history or joint has bone hyperplasia ache can wear stockings or wear kneepad to protect elbow, the friend of neck shoulder acid bilge can wear the vest shoulder of half body to keep warm. Beautiful and handsome girls and boys can take a coat, during the day subway supermarkets and other places with cold air conditioning at any time to keep warm.

lower back pain

Once the disease, we should seek the help of a doctor in time, and carry out relevant examinations, such as ct or mri, according to the severity of the disease, such as analgesic, acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, cupping, hot compress and so on.

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Traditional Chinese medicine

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lower back pain

lower back pain


Solar terms

Poppy xiao man

Xiao yu xin alight

Breeze stroked river Banks, egrets with fish to see.

Straight toward the moon hanging in the sky, road time a day and cistanche.

Aromatic stone green multiple petals, summer seed is not satisfied.

Small silkworm cocoon do new silk, more base world clothes brocade a floor.

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