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Not all backaches are caused by protruding discs

Soft tissue lumbago: lumbago caused by soft tissues such as dorsal muscles, spines, interspinous ligaments and transverse process ligaments. Can be divided into traumatic: such as lumbar soft tissue injury, contusion; Inflammation: such as muscle fibrositis, fasciitis; Strain: such as lumbar strain, lumbar transverse process syndrome; Compression: piriformis muscle injury syndrome.

Bone joint sex lumbago: it is to point to vertebra column bone and joint, the lumbago that produces because of some reason. External injury: such as synovial incarceration, dislocation, fracture of facet joint of spine, etc. Inflammation: such as osteitis densification, ankylosing spondylitis: degenerative deformation: such as lumbar facet joint degeneration, hyperplasia, etc.; Structural instability: such as lumbar spondylolysis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, etc.

Spinal canal endogenous low back pain: refers to back pain caused by some reason in the spinal canal. Such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis, spinal canal tumors.

Other causes of low back pain: visceral disease reflex low back pain. In addition, kidney deficiency and wind chill and dampness can also cause back pain.

lower back pain

With age, symptoms of nerve compression in the lumbar spine increase. Pseudospondylolisthesis of spinal column caused by degenerative diseases is a relatively common disease, which is prone to cause lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lumbago and radiating pain of lower limbs, and often vertebral collapse fracture caused by osteoporosis. Osteophyte formation in older adults can cause spinal stiffness and can also lead to persistent back pain.

Most people think sitting is more comfortable than standing, but the pressure on the lumbar spine can be as much as 140 percent of what it was when standing. When sitting, the waist should straighten, legs flat on the ground, avoid a long time to maintain a posture, or forced position for a long time, sit for a long time to get up and walk activity, ease the back muscle fatigue and tension.

In the meantime, should choose to have back of a chair as far as possible and the radian of back of a chair that back of a chair is close to lumbar nature to bend, the support that should have cushion for leaning on after the waist bears in order to reduce the weight that the waist bears. Cushion for leaning on should have certain hardness, want to be able to have certain prop effect to lumbar vertebra, slow the pressure of psoas muscle, make sit when lumbar muscle can maintain loosen.

After sitting for a long time, the waist is overtired or when morning rises, had better move waist, do before and after stretch, the action such as left and right sides turns, make the waist is unapt from static condition change immediately for the action that increases lumbar load. The same goes for computers, which keep their backs as straight as possible by adjusting the height of their chairs and desks so that the keyboard is in the most appropriate position.

lower back pain

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