lower spine pain relief – Guangzhou health vocational and technical college longchikang spine college enrollment brochure for 2019

Guangzhou health Long Jikang spinal institute of vocational and technical college, has been hailed as a one hundred – year – old school and the "cradle of modern medical" guangzhou vocational college of health and guangzhou Long Jikang medical technology co., LTD. Jointly founded, is in-depth university-enterprise cooperation, deepen the fusion product of production and education, it will become a child cure ridge therapy whampoa military academy. Longchikang spine college aims to promote professional, large-scale, characteristic and brand cultivation of talents in spine health industry.

lower spine pain relief

Guangzhou health vocational and technical college on the establishment of longchikang spine college

lower spine pain relief

Many experts, scholars and educators who are concerned about the development of the cause of treating ridges in China discuss the talent cultivation mode of longchikang spine college

According to statistics, the incidence of spinal diseaseSecond only to colds, has jumpedThe second most common human disease; According to clinical experience, the trend of young people with spinal cord diseases is becoming more and more intense. White-collar workers, teenagers and the elderly are becoming the group with high incidence. According to clinical research, spinal dislocation causes visceral related diseasesUp to 108 kinds of.

lower spine pain relief

Longchikang spinal college grade 17 students to longchikang visit study

Around the world, chiropractic medicine has long beenA basic subjectHowever, in China, such a high incidence of chiropractic diseases, the Chinese public's understanding is very lack, chiropractic treatment market is full of chaos, professional chiropractic talents is a serious shortage. Both the science and education of spinal diseases are in the early stages of development,Up to now, there has been no professional training base for chiropractic talents and no independent spine college.

The class of 2017 is studying resident theory · balance activation therapy, which originated in Japan

Longchikang has always been the mission"Be the communicator of spine health and the guardian of China's spine"To ensure that every chiropractic patient in China can receive the most professional treatment. It is in the mass spine disease incidence rate continues to increase, and the severe shortage of spinal ridge talents under the general background, longjikang holding the desire for spinal ridge talents and the enthusiasm for the cause of spinal ridge, take the lead to take the first step, and guangzhou health vocational and technical college jointly established "longjikang spine college.We will invite experts from the fields of rehabilitation and chiropractic to give special lectures to students. All teachers have rich clinical and teaching experience.Our talent training mode is:The theory and practice are seamlessly linked and deeply integrated, with rich theoretical teaching and hands-on clinical teaching, providing students with a lot of practical opportunities, aiming to make every student become an independent expert in ridgeback treatment upon graduation.

lower spine pain relief

Shen tong, President of longchikang spine college, zhang boqi, director of teaching department, and li ran, director of TCM rehabilitation teaching and research office of rehabilitation and health department, awarded longchikang scholarship for excellent students of grade 17

Introduction of TCM rehabilitation technology major

Traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation is mainly based on traditional Chinese medical means, assisted by modern rehabilitation technology, to carry out intervention on sub-health population and chronic disease population, in order to restore health, improve physical function, and prevent the occurrence or development of diseases.

lower spine pain relief

Professor shen tong personally taught the students of grade 17 of longchikang spine college

It has been more than 10 years since the establishment of TCM rehabilitation and health care major in guangzhou health vocational and technical college. On this basis, in response to national policies and social needs, TCM rehabilitation and health care major has been established, and a number of teaching backbones have been cultivated in the process of running schools for more than 10 years.There are 14 full-time teachers in this major, including 5 with senior professional titles, 9 with intermediate professional titles, 10 with "double-qualified" teachers, and more than 80 papers published, 15 books published, edited and participated in the compilation of teaching materials. The specialized training building of the rehabilitation and health care department is 720 square meters in total, and the experimental teaching equipment is worth 2.15 million yuan in total.

lower spine pain relief

Longchikang has become the practice base of longchikang spine college of guangzhou health vocational and technical college

This major and "longji health medical institutions" for in-depth school-enterprise cooperation. With rich clinical and teaching experience, longchiropractic doctors will systematically guide students to learn "longchiropractic therapy" and other advanced foreign technologies."Longshi chiropractic therapy" is a unique combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine bone-setting technique that integrates health care and clinical experience, and is designated by the ministry of health and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine as "national suitable promotion project" and "ten years key promotion project". Students of this major mainly work as interns and interns in the rehabilitation department of the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university and "longchikang medical outpatient department".

lower spine pain relief

Dr. Huang gengpei teaches the students

lower spine pain relief

Dr. Zhou zhenguo is teaching how to palpate cervical vertebra

TCM rehabilitation technology major enrollment brochure for 2019

collegeThe full name:Guangzhou health vocational and technical college

School nature:The publicColleges and universities

School type:full-time

School level:Junior college (higher vocational college)

College admission batch:Junior class

collegeThe admissions code:14592

Basic schooling:3 years

Enrollment plan:In the province57A person; Outside the provinceEight people

lower spine pain relief

For details, please refer to the official website of guangzhou health vocational and technical college "general rules for enrollment in 2019".See website:

http://www.gzws.edu.cn/gzwss/zsxxview1.aspx? Articleid = 5209,

lower spine pain relief

For details, please refer to the official website of guangzhou health vocational and technical college:

http://www.gzws.edu.cn/gzwss/zsxxview1.aspx? Articleid = 5210,

2018 and 2017 admission scores (rehabilitation technology of traditional Chinese medicine),See the following website for details:

In 2018: http://www.gzws.edu.cn/html/2018-11-29/2018112990647.html

In 2017: http://www.gzws.edu.cn/html/2018-11-29/2018112990322.html

Main courses:The foundation of TCM, the foundation of meridian acupoints, TCM acupuncture and moxibustion techniques, TCM massage techniques, TCM health maintenance and rehabilitation techniques, rehabilitation assessment techniques, physical therapy techniques, operation therapy techniques, spine etiology therapy, longshi chiropractic therapy, etc.

Training objectives:Training, to adapt to the development of China's medical and health undertakings comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, the United States has good humanistic spirit and professional quality, master the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the basic theory of rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation care, basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine traditional basic operation skills, rehabilitation treatment technology of basic skills, have able to skillfully use of TCM syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation rehabilitation post need assessment and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the core of basic technical ability, has the strong ability of practical operation ability, interpersonal communication, social work ability and sustainable development ability of the high-end technical rehabilitation technology talents of traditional Chinese medicine.

Professional qualification certificate:After graduation, I worked in clinical rehabilitation institutionsFor more than one year, the applicant may participate in the national health technical personnel qualification (professional title) examination and obtain the qualification of rehabilitation medicine therapist (bachelor).

Employment direction:Engaged in chiropractic treatment, rehabilitation after illness, sports injury rehabilitation, health care of traditional Chinese medicine.

Position:Medical outpatient service, nursing home, nursing home, health care center, sports hospital or sports team clinic, community health service institution, disabled persons' federation and other rehabilitation treatment, traditional Chinese medicine health care post, or the professional management post.

Enrollment plan:

1. Please refer to the catalogue of majors published by guangdong province for the enrollment plan and relevant requirements of the college.

2. The enrollment of our college in guangdong province consists of junior college, "3+ certificate" for higher vocational education and entrance examination based on academic achievement of ordinary high school.

Contact information for college admission consultation

1. Telephone number for consultation: 020-36081207, 81085046

2,Consult qq group: 345593893

3. College website: http://www.gzws.edu.cn

4,Teaching location: no. 18, dajiang road, conghua district, guangzhou (conghua campus)

College address:

1. No. 802, guanghua 2nd road, jianggao town, baiyun district, guangzhou 510450 (baiyun campus)

No. 18, dajiang road, conghua district, guangzhou 510925 (conghua campus)

No. 1, yushatan xikeng street, longdong, tianhe district, guangzhou 510925 (tianhe campus)

4. No. 604 renmin north road, yuexiu district, guangzhou (yuexiu campus)

Longchikang medical out-patient department

Longzhikang is a professional medical institution for the diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases, and it is a designated unit of basic medical insurance in guangzhou.

6 minutes introduction of video in longchikang medical out-patient department

Longzhikang has been recognized and fully supported by the founder of longzhihua chiropractic (longzhikang's chief consultant), and is committed to inheriting, researching and promoting longzhihua chiropractic. Longzhikang has rich working experience in grade a hospitals and clinical experience in chiropractic diagnosis and treatment, as well as doctors and therapists who graduated from regular medical universities and graduate studentsLongshi chiropractic therapy, stretching therapy, schroth therapy in Germany, resident theory of Japan, balance activation therapy, autobock and other top technologies in GermanyThe vast majority of chiropractic patients provide quality medical services.

The main problems we solve for patients are

1. Symptoms of cervical spondylosis:Neck and shoulder pain, headache, dizziness, upper limb numbness, stiff neck, insomnia, tinnitus and dry eyes, etc.

2. Symptoms of thoracic vertebra disease:Back pain, chest tightness, palpitations, dyspnea, shortness of breath and gastrointestinal dysfunction;

3. Lumbar spine symptoms:Waist and lumbosacral pain, lower limb numbness pain, knee pain, lumbar knee fatigue fatigue and acute lumbar sprain.

Professor shen tong, chief distinguished expert of longchikang

Mr. Chen Yang, a famous commentator on current affairs, was treated for cervical spondylosis

Introduction to longji chiropractic therapy

"Longshi chiropractic therapy" is a scientific research achievement that won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the whole army after more than 50 years' research by professor wei zheng and his wife professor longguanghua of the general hospital of guangzhou military region, a famous orthopedic surgeon.

The founder of longshi chiropractic therapy, professor longhanghua (middle), with professor shen tong (left) and professor duan junfeng (right)

This therapy is based on the "etiology of spine" as the core, through the unique "three-step localization diagnosis" to clarify the incidence of spine, aiming at different segments and different types of spinal joint dislocation, using the original "long's bone-setting technique" to correct spinal dislocation as the main means of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.This therapy is safe and painless, and its remarkable curative effect is recognized by patients at home and abroad. After 2000, it was approved by the ministry of health and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine as "national suitable promotion project" and "ten years key promotion project".

lower spine pain relief

Professor shen tong has been committed to promoting the promotion and research of longshi chiropractic therapy (the picture shows professor shen tong personally demonstrating cervical vertebra reduction technique)

The birth of a new therapy is inseparable from rigorous scientific attitude and solid experimental research. "Chiropractic etiology" and "longzhi chiropractic therapy" have proved that spinal dislocation is the most important cause of chiropractic diseases through autopsy studies, experimental studies on animal vertebrate dislocation, epidemiological investigations, and clinical studies of tens of thousands of spinal patients, making the diagnosis and treatment of chiropractic diseases reach a new level. Therapeutics of spinal etiology, edited by professor wei zheng and professor long yanghua, was published by the Hong Kong commercial press in 1987, which established the theory of spinal etiology first in the world. The study and treatment of spinal dieases, an English monograph edited by professor wei zheng, was released globally by Hong Kong united publishing group in 1995. Professor shen tong is the first deputy editor of practical spinal neurology (science press of China), and professor zhong shiyuan is the editor-in-chief of spinal diseases therapy and other works at home and abroad also have a great impact, and has been highly valued by the world medical community.The two professors have been invited to many countries in the world and many places in China to give lectures, and have held more than 100 training courses and taught more than 10,000 doctors.

Professor shen tong teaches longshi chiropractic therapy to overseas students

In 1996, with the support of academician zhong nanshan and the continuous efforts of professor shen tong, "longshi chiropractic therapy" was developed"I entered guangzhou medical university and set up the elective course of "diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases", which has become one of the most popular elective courses for students. In 2005, the department of rehabilitation therapy was established in guangzhou medical university, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of spondylosis. Professor shen tong served as the deputy director of the department and designed all the courses. In 2006, the Hong Kong polytechnic university (polyu) introduced the "long's chiropractic therapy", which became a compulsory course for the master's degree of physiotherapists in the university.

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