back chiropractor – The baby did not exceed this age, parents had better not hold long, otherwise easy to hurt the spine

Influence a: go against the development of baby movement ability

If parents often hold their children in their hands, it is not only easy for them to hurt their spine, but also bad for them to do other aerobic exercise, which limits the development of sports ability, so we should let them lie in bed and play by themselves.

Tip: if you're worried that your baby will accidentally fall under the bed on his or her own, use a fence to stop him or her and mom will be more comfortable doing other things.

Influence two: affect brain development

In addition, holding children for long periods of time can have negative effects on their brain development. To know, only the baby's own continuous exercise can provide more oxygen and energy for the brain, so as to better promote intellectual development!

back chiropractor

Tip: in addition to holding babies for less time, mothers can also give them formula rich in dha, which is good for their brain development.

Impact three: affect the quality of children's sleep

What's more, mothers holding their babies in their hands for long periods of time is not good for their sleep quality. Because this will let them develop dependency psychology, as soon as they put on the bed they will immediately wake up, which will not only affect their sleep quality, but also make bao ma feel very tired.

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Above is long hold the child in addition to can hurt outside vertebra, can bring additionally 3 negative effect, do not do so again before darling is not full one year old treasure mom! If you have any questions or don't understand on the parenting path, please leave a comment below and we will give you the answer as soon as possible.

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sore back muscle relief – Strengthen back muscles and reduce pain | back pain clinic

1. While sitting or standing, place your thumbs on the bottom of your chest and your little fingers on the sharp bone on the front of your waist. Use the distance between your fingers as a measuring stick.

2. Chin back and chest forward. Complete three deep breaths as follows.

3. The distance between thumb and little finger should increase with inhalation.

4. As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles so your torso doesn't sag. This is the most important step: when you exhale, don't let your torso fall back toward your pelvis. It's hard to do, but be sure to use your abs as you exhale.

The purpose of each breath is to increase the distance between the thumb and the little finger and to increase the width of the upper back. You can do this when you elongate the back of the chest. Expand your chest with each inhalation and stretch and tighten your abdomen with each exhale. This way, you can fill your chest with each inhalation and maintain the height and width of your chest with each exhalation.

Repeat for five to ten rounds, holding three to four breaths in each round. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your posture will improve.

Quick back pain relief: 6 simple stretching techniques for back pain relief

Stretching is also crucial in addition to core strengthening exercises such as basic training, as tight and stiff muscles and a lack of flexibility can lead to back pain. There are countless ways to stretch, including the six highlighted below. If these stretches cause pain, stop immediately and consult your doctor, chiropractor, or chiropractor before continuing.

When you start to practice these stretches, you may feel a slight discomfort, especially if you are just starting or have long intervals between workouts. My advice is not to rush, but to build up your tolerance for these stretches gradually.

Baby cobra —Lie on your stomach with your legs together, arms bent, palms on your chest and pressed to the floor, elbows bent. Lift it off the ground from your forehead for the first time. Breathe in and lift your chest, keeping the back of your neck stretched and your chin relaxed. Exhale and return your forehead to the mat. Repeat several times and focus on your breathing.

lower back cramps

Bird hound —This stretch works your back, hips, and posterior femoris while working your core muscles and shoulders. Support with both hands and feet, then lift and straighten one leg and the opposite opposite arm. Hold three to five breaths in this position. On the other side, lift and straighten your hands and feet on the opposite side, holding three to five breaths.

lower back cramps

Cat/cow —Begin by landing on your feet and knees, placing your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees just below your hips. As you breathe in, lower your belly and look up toward the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your spine upward, letting your tailbone fall between your thighs and your head rise between your arms. Repeat several times, slowly, to increase spinal activity.

lower back cramps

Psoas major lungeYour psoas stretch from the bottom vertebra all the way to the top of your thighs, and if this muscle gets tight, it puts pressure on your lower back. The best way to stretch your psoas is through lunges.

Start with your left foot in front and your right knee on the floor. Place your hands on your left knee or hip. Move your hips slightly forward, holding three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

lower back cramps

The squat –Spread your legs slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees close to the ground.

Place palms together at chest level. Use your elbows to separate your knees. If this hip pose is too difficult for you, place a block, bench, or book under your hip. Hold three to five breaths in this position.

lower back cramps

Reverse –Twisting is good for rotating and lengthening your spine and can be practiced while sitting in a chair, in bed, or on the floor. First lie on your back with your knees up to your chest. Gently place your legs on one side of your body, while turning your torso to the opposite side and extending your arms. Maintain normal breathing for 30 seconds on this side, then repeat on the other side.

If you practice in a sitting position, lift your arms and gently rotate your torso. If you are sitting in a chair, you can hold the handle of the chair with one hand and place the other hand on the opposite leg. Extend your spine as you inhale, and twist as much as possible as you exhale. Repeat on the other side.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – Is lumbago between the waist dish outstanding? | how to get relief from lower back pain

Not all backaches are caused by protruding discs

Soft tissue lumbago: lumbago caused by soft tissues such as dorsal muscles, spines, interspinous ligaments and transverse process ligaments. Can be divided into traumatic: such as lumbar soft tissue injury, contusion; Inflammation: such as muscle fibrositis, fasciitis; Strain: such as lumbar strain, lumbar transverse process syndrome; Compression: piriformis muscle injury syndrome.

Bone joint sex lumbago: it is to point to vertebra column bone and joint, the lumbago that produces because of some reason. External injury: such as synovial incarceration, dislocation, fracture of facet joint of spine, etc. Inflammation: such as osteitis densification, ankylosing spondylitis: degenerative deformation: such as lumbar facet joint degeneration, hyperplasia, etc.; Structural instability: such as lumbar spondylolysis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, etc.

Spinal canal endogenous low back pain: refers to back pain caused by some reason in the spinal canal. Such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis, spinal canal tumors.

Other causes of low back pain: visceral disease reflex low back pain. In addition, kidney deficiency and wind chill and dampness can also cause back pain.

lower back pain

With age, symptoms of nerve compression in the lumbar spine increase. Pseudospondylolisthesis of spinal column caused by degenerative diseases is a relatively common disease, which is prone to cause lumbar spinal stenosis, compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to lumbago and radiating pain of lower limbs, and often vertebral collapse fracture caused by osteoporosis. Osteophyte formation in older adults can cause spinal stiffness and can also lead to persistent back pain.

Most people think sitting is more comfortable than standing, but the pressure on the lumbar spine can be as much as 140 percent of what it was when standing. When sitting, the waist should straighten, legs flat on the ground, avoid a long time to maintain a posture, or forced position for a long time, sit for a long time to get up and walk activity, ease the back muscle fatigue and tension.

In the meantime, should choose to have back of a chair as far as possible and the radian of back of a chair that back of a chair is close to lumbar nature to bend, the support that should have cushion for leaning on after the waist bears in order to reduce the weight that the waist bears. Cushion for leaning on should have certain hardness, want to be able to have certain prop effect to lumbar vertebra, slow the pressure of psoas muscle, make sit when lumbar muscle can maintain loosen.

After sitting for a long time, the waist is overtired or when morning rises, had better move waist, do before and after stretch, the action such as left and right sides turns, make the waist is unapt from static condition change immediately for the action that increases lumbar load. The same goes for computers, which keep their backs as straight as possible by adjusting the height of their chairs and desks so that the keyboard is in the most appropriate position.

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how do you relieve lower back pain – 【 shuguang · solar term 】 xiao man · "xiao pretty backache"

Xiao man May 21, 2019

"The 72nd pentad of the lunar calendar" : "in mid-april, the grain yield was small and full. The meaning of "grain full" is that plants in nature are fuller and more abundant at this time. The seeds of wheat are gradually plump, but not yet at their full height.

lower back pain

Solar terms

Keeping in good health

Xiao man is a good solar term, but recently, outpatient back pain, stiff neck, neck and shoulder pain patients increased significantly. Why?

The temperature rises before and after the grain filling. In the evening, thin quilts are used to cover them with heat. Then, when sleeping still cover quilt, arrived in the evening, "small pretty waist" dew outside, shoulder back also dew outside, day work overworked, long-term volt case USES computer mobile phone, long stand long sit immobile, lumbar back muscle is tense, suffer from a cold in the evening, can appear muscle tension ache. Many patients with back pain or inability to stand upright, or sciatica pain in one lower back or leg, or sore ankles in both lower extremities, or soreness in the medial scapula, etc.

lower back pain

The way to protect a small waist is to keep warm. But what if it's too hot to cover the quilt? There are many impatient handsome men and beautiful women have been unable to wait to put on the waist, shoulder, ankle show the clothes. Actually, have the crowd with lumbar discomfort at ordinary times, can wrap with small blanket in the waist in the evening, the patient that ankle joint has sprain history or joint has bone hyperplasia ache can wear stockings or wear kneepad to protect elbow, the friend of neck shoulder acid bilge can wear the vest shoulder of half body to keep warm. Beautiful and handsome girls and boys can take a coat, during the day subway supermarkets and other places with cold air conditioning at any time to keep warm.

lower back pain

Once the disease, we should seek the help of a doctor in time, and carry out relevant examinations, such as ct or mri, according to the severity of the disease, such as analgesic, acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, cupping, hot compress and so on.

By | wu huan

Traditional Chinese medicine

Deputy chief physician

lower back pain

lower back pain


Solar terms

Poppy xiao man

Xiao yu xin alight

Breeze stroked river Banks, egrets with fish to see.

Straight toward the moon hanging in the sky, road time a day and cistanche.

Aromatic stone green multiple petals, summer seed is not satisfied.

Small silkworm cocoon do new silk, more base world clothes brocade a floor.

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lower spine pain relief – Someone missed the college entrance exam because of scoliosis. Is your spine healthy?

In July 2017, xiao long, a 19-year-old boy living in guizhou, was fond of sports since childhood, guizhou city daily reported. At the age of 12, he developed idiopathic scoliosis after suffering from pelvic pain following a long run.

He was young and did not care about the severity of his illness. Conservative treatment was given, but it did not help. After the third year, xiaolong spinal curvature number reached more than 70 degrees, often appear because of sitting for a long time and leg hemp, cramps, hands and feet can not move and other phenomena, so missed a lot of courses, also missed the year's college entrance examination.

Get well quickly, little brother!The college entrance examination is still waiting for you

Maybe a lot of people don't pay as much attention as little dragons or their parents

Always think that children are developing

The bumps and bruises will soon heal

No problems left

Small make up to say: you ah, or

lower spine pain relief

Let's look at it first

What is spinal disease

In recent years, spinal diseases are becoming younger

Especially "sedentary" and "phubber"

Those who work at a desk for a long time are more likely to be hit

Here, give you some highlights

Here are the nouns explaining time


What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a common skeletal problem. When standing, whether from the front or the back, the normal alignment of the spine should be symmetrical to the left and right of the body, and the normal alignment of the spine should be in a straight line from top to bottom.

If you're standing and see your spine bending to either side of your body, it's probably scoliosis. Most scoliosis, however, does not involve a single plane of inclination. It is usually accompanied by rotation of the spine, which can also affect the movement of the shoulder blades, resulting in limited range of motion of the shoulder joints.

lower spine pain relief


What harm does scoliosis have?

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief


What causes scoliosis?

Most scoliosis is unknown, and most (more than 80%) clinically belong to idiopathic scoliosis, in addition to congenital scoliosis and neuromuscular scoliosis (such as cerebral palsy).

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

So don't be a phubber.It is a common phenomenon for modern people to play tablet computers, mobile phones and phubber for a long time. It is also a non-negligible cause of scoliosis.

Poor posture can cause the muscles and fascia next to the sides of the spine to pull because they are unbalanced, making the muscles tired and stiff. Poor posture over time can lead to chronic myofascial inflammation and spinal degeneration, resulting in scoliosis.


How do you know if you have scoliosis?

Adam testThis is the best and easiest way to measure your own scoliosis.

The patient stands with his feet shoulder-width apart, bending forward with his hands folded. The examiner examines the patient from the rear to see if there is any asymmetric protrusion on his back.

lower spine pain relief


How to correct scoliosis?

First you need to determine how severe your scoliosis is and there are different ways to correct it depending on the severity.

Low serious

Scoliosis exceeding 40° is a severe scoliosis and should be considered for corrective surgery.

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

After the skin is cut open, steel nails and orthotics are placed.Behind a sudden cold, look at all scary, you also dare to die?

Low to moderate

Scoliosis of 20 to 40°, which is a moderate scoliosis, can be treated with some rehabilitation training and requires the use of braces.

lower spine pain relief

Low light

For scoliosis of no more than 20°, there is no need to wear orthotics, and rehabilitation can be achieved simply through rehabilitation training.

Recovery can be divided into three parts, namely, changing breathing patterns, improving poor posture, and improving muscle balance.

01Change breathing patterns

Scoliosis, thoracic deformation, easy to oppress cardiopulmonary, cause breathing disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to perform labial breathing to correct the symptoms of low inspiratory volume on the concave side.

lower spine pain relief

02Improve poor posture

Poor posture and scoliosis cause and effect each other, and vicious circle. Therefore, the development of scoliosis control needs to pay attention to poor posture, raise the head, do not stoop hunchback, as far as possible to avoid long time cross legs.

lower spine pain relief

03Improve muscle strength imbalance

Scoliosis patients with bilateral muscle force imbalance, can be used to foam axis, fitness ball, pilates symmetry training to relax tense muscles, improve function, relieve symptoms, control the disease development.

● foam axis, fitness ball:


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief

● pilates:

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

Your wallet supports your spending,Your spine supports your body.

Thirty-three vertebrae are not only going to help you do that for a lifetime,

alsoProtect your little heart and love…

So inspirational and silent spine,

Alone through so many gnashing of teeth and no one CARES about the day,

The thought of his back being forced to hasten towards death,

Is it true that your consciences don't hurt?

lower spine pain relief

Please take good care of yourself.

So prevent scoliosis

The first step is to adjust your personal work and rest schedule

Regular life, work and rest

Usually to strengthen physical exercise

Exercise moderately

If you don't feel well

Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible

So as not to delay the disease

Source: "I know about safety", sichuan TV science and education channelAuthor: bao xin

Editor: huang

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lower spine pain relief – The muscles are pulled, the flesh is loose, the spine is straight, the body is thinner and longer

Sit to stand on mat, the body is straight up, double leg extends ahead, bend right knee, send right foot to left genu lateral, sole of the foot steps the ground, left hand extends to front side, bend elbow, elbow stands right genu lateral, forefinger thumb agrees to show wisdom handprint. Bend the left knee, tighten the instep, and bring the toe to the outside of the right hip. The right hand comes a palm's distance from the back of the hip, with the fingertips pointing to the back. Push the ground by hand, maintain spinal column to extend up, the head of lumbar bosom shoulder ministry turns round to right backward successively, the eye looks to rear.

lower spine pain relief

Squat on the mat with your hands on the front of your body, palms on the floor, elbows slightly bent. Slowly straighten your legs, take off and lift your legs to the left, bringing your right knee to your left elbow.

lower spine pain relief

The two of them face each other on the plank, palms to the ground, legs in, hips to the highest position, slightly bend both knees, inhale, abdominal power, take off, legs up, maintain core stability, bend both knees, straighten the instep.

lower spine pain relief

Starting from warrior ii with the right knee bent, place your left hand backwards, fingertips on your right thigh, right hand up to left, and stretch your right psoas muscle.

Look2: work back bends to stretch abdominal muscles

Back curve practice waist, reduce belly, practice waistline.

lower spine pain relief

Two people back to back, kneeling on the mat, knees together, hands hip, body slowly backward, open the chest, a left hand down to the ankle, right hand up stretch. (b) the same movement, the opposite of the hand), the two raised hands touch each other in a heart shape.

lower spine pain relief

Wheel. Can start from the handstand, continue to flip legs, came to the pad, hip chest up.

lower spine pain relief

Flip your legs upside down and touch your toes to the ground. Use your legs, belly and chest up.

lower spine pain relief

Choose to sit on the ground, hands at the sides of the body naturally down, fingertip point, exhale, open chest, head, shoulder slowly backward looking for the ground, make the upper body fish style, hands naturally on the mat, palms up. Close your eyes and feel the stretching of your neck and the opening of your chest.

Look3: stretch and elongate your legs

Stretch the hamstrings, relax the muscles and show the symmetrical lines.

lower spine pain relief

Bend your knees crus sign on the wall, stomach on the mat, double the ground on both sides of the chest, exhale, push, came to the cobra pose, left foot forward, to the left lateral, sole compaction pad surface, adjust the leg vertical to the ground, adjust the hip is on the front, both hands straight up, elbow flexion again, open the chest, fingers caught back toes.

Stand on the mat, knees closed, upper knees, arms extended, exhale, arms drive the body forward and down fold, relax the head, abdomen chest in turn close to the thigh, bend the elbow, fingers come to the back of the ankle.

lower spine pain relief

Stand side by side and wrap your arms around each other's lower back. Bend the outside of the knee forward, thigh parallel to the pad, return the toes, the outside of the palm of the toe and send the foot to the outside, slowly straighten the knee, stretch the inside of the leg.

lower spine pain relief

From the downward dog pose, raise the left leg, bend the knees, move the center of gravity forward, put the left leg on the mat behind the palm, put down the right knee, right instep, body back to the right, hands to the sides of the body, fingertips touch the ground, straighten the left knee, left leg forward extension, back to the toe, hip straight, come to hanuman monkey pose.

lower spine pain relief

Squat with your hands clasped together on the mat in front of you. Lower your head, slowly straighten your knees and bring your hips to the top. Take off, legs send up force, toe points to the sky, slowly open both hands, palms against the ground, to handstand.

Stretch yoga, build slim posture, let the body slender.

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lower spine pain relief – [welfare] look, there is a free clinic ahead, spinal joint sports injury, you are not alone in the fight!

Free clinics for details


Saturday, June 15, 2019

09:00 — 11:00

Yizhen site

Zhaoqing second people's hospital general outpatient hall

Yizhen range

Spinal surgery:Cervical, thoracic, lumbar disc herniation, spinal cord injury, spinal degeneration, osteoporosis, neck, shoulder, back pain, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and instability, etc.

Sports medicine and joint surgery:Hip and knee arthritis, femoral head necrosis, knee joint injury (ligament and meniscus injury), periarthritis of shoulder, rotator cuff injury, ligament injury, sports injury, etc.

Experts assemble

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief


lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

lower spine pain relief

Please have the need of the public friThe ends before free treatment to do all the relevant examination preparation, and in the free treatment on the same day with the results of the examination report, imaging data and medical records, so as to facilitate the expert diagnosis and treatment.

Telephone number:The 0758-2701482

Welcome the general public to consult and seek medical advice


Source: orthopedics

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lower spine pain relief – Be careful! Once the child has these symptoms! It could be scoliosis!

To prevent this from happening, several points should be taken into account.

Infants under 6 months of age are advised not to sit too long.Because of the baby's soft bones and lack of strength and support in the back muscles, sitting must be very difficult. It can cause hunchback or scoliosis, and it can affect the development of internal organs.

sharp pain in lower spine

After the baby's cervical spine bends, which is about one and a half years old, parents can consider selecting a suitable pillow for the baby.Before your baby learns to sit down, giving him a pillow will do the opposite and make his sleep more uncomfortable.

Be aware that bad habits such as backpacking affect spinal development. Some children like to carry a bag on one shoulder, in the long run, it is very easy to happenscoliosis, causing a difference in shoulder height.

sharp pain in lower spine

In addition, if the backpack is too heavy,Neck can unconscious forward tilt, long time can lead to scoliosis, hunchback, lumbar muscle strain, shoulder height and other diseases.We recommend: no more than 15% of your body weight.

The spine problem of the baby must be discovered and treated early! Wait until the point of the operation, uncomfortable is the baby, distressed is us!

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lower spine pain relief – Human spine model, human spine model – Shanghai chenyu | back chiropractor

We examined the scientific nature of the basic exercises of ballet to spinal training from the perspective of anatomy. Pelvis is the base of spinal column, its forward lean or not, it is the muscle group control by coxal, flabby when pelvis is forward lean, can cause the bad posture such as carry out a bosom, hollow waist, warped buttock, hump. Accordingly, want to reduce pelvic forward tilt, make flabby coxal muscle group is tense rise, ability corrects undesirable motion posture. We ask students to stand on both feet facing the pole. Lean forward slightly with your hands on the handle. The knees should be straight, the leg muscles should be tightened, the gluteus muscles should be tightened, the abdominal muscles should be tightened, the back muscles should be tightened, the shoulders should be relaxed and slightly opened back, the shoulder blades should be lowered, the head should be straight, the face should be calm, the breathing should be normal. One of them. The head maintains the straight request to have three points: first, cannot lower the head; Don't tilt your head: don't extend your neck forward. Abdominal muscle is tightened also answer from 3 respects to ask: 1, tighten lower abdomen to go up top; 2. Hold your stomach; 3. Hold the ribs. Inspire the students to think of their ribs as old-fashioned Windows. Fasten them with bolts and do not push them away. Prohibit the outward expansion of the ribs and form the wrong chest out movement.

In the dance. The "chest out" movement is controversial. "Chest out", "head up" this word, will appear in the middle and primary school classes, whether it is culture or physical education, the teacher will ask students: sit and sit. Stand still. The students who are so tired that they lean over their desks should "hold their heads up" and "hold their heads up"; Tired of hunched back, head bowed in the playground queue of students to "chest", "head up". Ballet training in the upper body of the standing posture is: upright, pull back, keep the head straight. Opera requires "upward qi", ballet requires "downward qi, upward idea".

Let's compare, "chest out" and "back out"; "Lift" and "sink". Two very different concepts. Two opposite training methods. Past and present, tradition and today, from which we get some enlightenment: the history is developing, the society is progressing, the big wave is washing away the sand, the unreasonable part in the teaching material is bound to be eliminated. According to professional requirements on the body to pull out requirements. Only the four physiological curvature of the human spine: cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, sacrococcyx vertebra are in the upright position, only in line with the standards of ballet training, the human body is artistic. At this time. The height of the human body is at least two centimeters higher than that of people without basic ballet training. Make the human body in an optimal, scientific state.


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lumbar backache – Postpartum lumbar backache, how does the heel ache reason reach nurse?

Postpartum mother, most will worry about the appearance of the disease, also very afraid of the disease. After all, we all know that the moon disease needs to be raised, some treasure mother, the moon disease will accompany a lifetime. We want to do, even if there is a disease, postpartum back pain and other conditions, we should know what causes it, and how to care for it?

Postpartum lumbar pain causes:

1. Lack of adequate exercise leads to heel pain and back pain during the menstruating period

Postpartum mom activity rarely, double foot does not fall to the ground, heel adipose pad appears degenerate, wait for the ground to walk when adipose pad cannot bear weight pressure and the vibration that walk, double foot appears adipose pad oedema and congestive etc.

2. Calcium deficiency

The pregnancy and the month period neglected to supplement calcium, calcium deficiency in the body. Inflammation of the ligaments can also lead to moon disease, heel pain and back pain. During pregnancy, weight gain, do heavy housework or period of rest is not enough, a posture for long time feeding, will cause ligament and bone joint position inflammation because of repeated friction, pain.

3. Postpartum qi and blood deficiency, cold coagulation and cold pain caused pain

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "cold qi stagnation, cold blood coagulation," postpartum pain may not do a good job with warm work oh! Especially summer open air conditioning, winter night up to feed night milk, maternal did not pay attention to the feet, waist warmth, or rest without a quilt did not cover the back… These seemingly everyday details are the cause of all kinds of pain. Postpartum is more deficiency and more blood stasis of the constitution, "jingyue quanshu" points out: "mortal qi and blood, like a source, sheng is smooth, little obstruction", so postpartum qi and blood operation is not free easy blood stasis, at this time in the cold, will aggravate the problem of blood stasis, leading to a variety of pain.

Methods to improve the prevention of lunar diseases:

1. Keep warm, especially in exposed areas.

2 diet should pay attention to qi and blood circulation, can be through black beans, agaric, eggplant, angelica, peach kernel, rose and other medicinal food conditioning.

3. Drink plenty of water, not less than 2000ml per day (including meals).

Puerperal fever besides can let the body pain, numbness, inconvenient flexion will occur, headache, dizzy, swelling, wood, food less boring, less urine acerbity, be afraid of cold, afraid of the wind, sweating, joint pain, encounter cold, meet wind pain symptoms worsen, well dressed, patients with severe symptoms of summer hot weather to wear cotton-padded clothes, etc.

Our broad pregnant mother, in the confinement of a child, must do a good job nursing work, and is to eat the diet, the disease is mainly these two aspects did not achieve a position. If the food can find a professional month child meal company to complete, nursing work can also find a professional mother and child care division to complete, hope every pregnant mother, under the guidance of professional nursing, spend a correct month, safely, put an end to the emergence of disease. The content comes from the public zhenyue yuezi meal.

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